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International Women’s Day Special with Figen Murray and Baroness Helen Newlove

Events That Made Me with Liz Taylor

"It was just a normal Friday night. And Garry never came back through the door and that's something we have to live with"Liz Taylor marks International Women’s Day on March 8, 2021 by exploring the impact of life-changing events on her business and personal life, and that of her two guests, Baroness Helen Newlove and Figen Murray.Both women experienced the most unimaginable tragedy of family members being murdered and have turned those experiences into a journey that has challenged society’s culture of safety and campaigned for legal change.  Liz Taylor’s 30-year career in event planning has built an impressive portfolio of events, including celebrity weddings, charity fundraisers like Children in Need with Gary Barlow and huge gala dinners such as Winter White Gala at Kensington Palace for HRH Duke of Cambridge, as well as the Manchester United Champions League winning after party in Moscow and Coronation Street’s 40th anniversary celebrations. During lockdown in March, with the events industry on hold, she turned her attention to launching her own consultancy and realised a lifelong ambition in launching her own podcast. Liz TaylorInstagram - @liztaylorconsultancyTwitter - @ConsultancyLizFacebook - facebook.com/LizTaylorConsultancy LinkedIn - linkedin.com/in/liztaylor-tlc Website - liz-taylor-consulting.co.ukFigen MurrayTwitter - @FigenMurrayWebsite - figenmurray.co.ukBaroness Helen NewloveTwitter - @baronessnewloveInstagram - @baronessnewloveLinkedIn - linkedin.com/in/baroness-newlove


5 Mar 2021

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From Pain to Compassion - Figen Murray Ep. 14

Beyond Barriers Podcast

On this episode of #BeyondBarriersPodcast, Figen Murry joins #JeffSchoep and Acacia to discuss healing from tragedy, Martyn's law and how we can keep our humanity in the most horrific of circumstances. #lovenothate #compassion #empathy #dialogue #diversity #love #hope #MartynsLaw #counterterrorism #CVE #PVEFind out More about Figen Murray-https://www.twitter.com/FigenMurrayhttps://www.figenmurray.co.uk


21 Nov 2020

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Counter-terrorism, forgiveness and saying ‘no’ to hate with Figen Murray

Tales to Inspire

Content notes: bereavement, terrorism ‘I am not prepared to hate’ On 22nd May 2017, Figen Murray tragically lost her son Martyn in the Manchester Arena terrorist attack, a devastating event that changed her forever. When almost a month later at the Finsbury Park Mosque attack Figen saw images of men, including the imam of the mosque, protecting the attacker from being harmed, she was moved by their response. It struck her that people decide how to respond to a situation, and that she wanted her response to be forgiveness. She went on national news and publicly forgave the perpetrator for the killing of her son. Since then, Figen has dedicated her life to counter-terrorism, and understanding the minds of those who commit terrorist acts so as to help to prevent future attacks. After being shocked at the young age of the perpetrator of the Manchester attack, she knew young people was the best place to start to make an impact. She has presented to over 7,500 school students about the dangers of terrorism and online radicalisation, focusing on ‘promoting kindness, and respect, and tolerance’. Standing up for justice, Figen is also campaigning for the implementation of Martyn’s Law, which would require increased security in public venues in order to deter terrorist threats and keep the public safe. Currently halfway through her Master’s degree in Counter-terrorism, Figen talks Krish through the role society has in creating terrorists, and how we need to understand the role we play in order to help prevent further harm. She stresses that ‘kindness is important, tolerance is important’ and that we need to celebrate rather than fear difference; one act of kindness a day is a good place to start. See more about the work Figen Murray is involved with here:   And for more on Tales to Inspire head to


5 Nov 2020

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From Pain to Compassion - Ep. 14 - Special Guest Figen Murray

Beyond Barriers Radio

On this episode of #BeyondBarriersPodcast, Figen Murry joins #JeffSchoep  and Acacia to discuss healing from tragedy, Martyn's law and how we can  keep our humanity in the most horrific of circumstances. #lovenothate #compassion #empathy #dialogue #diversity #love #hope #MartynsLaw #counterterrorism #CVE #PVE    Find out More about Figen - https://www.twitter.com/FigenMurray  -  https://www.figenmurray.co.uk https://beyondbarriersusa.org --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/beyondbarriersradio/message Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/beyondbarriersradio/support


2 Nov 2020

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Forgiveness After The Manchester Bombing with Figen Murray

Grief Encounters

This week’s guest is a mother from Manchester who’s life was turned completely upside down, on the night of May 22nd 2017. Figen Murray’s son Martyn Hett was one of 22 innocent concert-goers killed at a suicide bombing that devastated Manchester and beyond, as Salman Abedi, detonated an explosive device in the foyer of The Manchester Arena. Speaking to Sasha, she described the night of the terrorist attack, as they excruciatingly awaited some positive news, as information trickled into their family home. Figen’s maternal instincts sadly proved to be true in this case. “He’s dead. I just know, because it is like somebody has just taken this giant pair of scissors and cut off any presence of him. It feels like he’s suddenly gone, it doesn’t even feel like he is on the planet any more ”  She continued, ”call it mum’s intuition or something, but I just absolutely knew that there was suddenly no sense of him whatsoever. It was quite weird” It’s clear that Martyn had something extraordinarily unique about his personality and character. The 29-year-old was a self-professed superfan of Coronation Street and had garnered many connections with the thousands of followers subscribed to his social media channels. Although thinking back about memories of her beautiful son sparks a certain level of pain, Figen still delights in telling Sasha about just how loved he was. “ A lot of his friends were moaning that they had to make an appointment with him to even spend time with him, he was so popular. He lived life a hundred miles an hour really, and I don’t know where he got the energy from”.On the podcast, Sasha and Venetia have spoken a lot about taking action in grief, and how a devastating loss can often spur a loved one on, to channel their energy into something new. This is no different for Figen, who at the age of 59 has begun a Masters Degree in Counter-Terrorism, in a bid to try and understand why and how an act like this is possible. Unlike the majority of death’s that have been discussed on the podcast, there was someone accountable for Martyn’s death, which makes the grieving process much more complicated. Remarkably, Figen has acknowledged in the past that she forgives her sons attacker, something requiring a huge amount of empathy and emotional intelligence. Through her Masters and advocacy work, she is determined now to focus her efforts into preventing radicalisation from an early age, which she believes is the root preventing terrorism claiming more lives.If you're looking for a safe haven to express how you feel, Share articles, photos ,memories and more,Join the Grief Encounters Facebook Group,A place for support, compassion and empathy for those grievinghttps://www.facebook.com/groups/GriefEncounters/See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


11 Feb 2020

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30 - Noel's Travelling Teddy. Edmonds' 6-pack; O2's data fail; Figen Murray - Mother of Martyn Hett

Chewing the Cud

In "Noel's Travelling Teddy" - 💃 Rupaul's Drag Race is coming to the UK🏋️ Noel Edmonds has a great body📱 O2's data problemsAnd we meet Figen Murray, Mother of Martyn Hett - one of the 22 victims who died at the Manchester Arena terror attack.Catch up now with Cudcast 30!Recorded on Sunday, 9th of December 2018. Join us live at 2pm every Sunday afternoon at cudcast.com

1hr 4mins

11 Dec 2018