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36. Personal Gnosis with the Planets: A Conversation with My Teacher Adam Sommer of Holes to Heavens

Moon to Moon

In this special episode, I share an interview with my astrology teacher Adam Sommer.  Adam has been working in the realm of astrology for 13 years now. That's a long time! He is a trove of information and leaps between concepts and modalities with ease. Adam is a Virgo Rising with a Gemini Sun and Scorpio Moon. His mind is quick, sharp, and agile. He is a wordsmith, a trickster, and a storyteller. And he intuits deeply and bravely into the hidden and mysterious.  Before our conversation begins, I share some thoughts on teachers, teaching, learning, and influencing here in this Hierophant year (I define that in the episode) as a bridge to my talk with Adam.   In our conversation, we cover the following:  How I came to choose Adam as my teacher (sneak peek: it has to do with Chiron) How Adam encouraged me to develop personal intimacy with the planets through personal gnosis, magic, and tracking patterns in my life Astrology as soul-making Astrology as a journey of trust to find connections between people: friends, students, clients, teachers, and other companions Adam’s wild, unexpected journey since Uranus entered his 9th House that he’s called The Wyrd Road Refining what you love about astrology over the years How to answer the question: “What kind of astrologer are you?” Adam’s story of getting claimed by astrology despite early resistance - thank yous to Bob Dylan, Richard Tarnas, and Ari Moshe How in 2009 Adam started his podcast Holes to Heavens, previously known as Exploring Astrology Why he loves working with the synodic cycles and tracking patterns over the years Inviting in magic to work with your astrological practice Adam’s affinity with Mercury as the planet to which he feels most naturally connected (Adam is Virgo Rising with a Gemini Sun!) The importance of locating stories and rewriting stories with their chart - including recognizing that “we aren’t our stories” Living with and appreciating the paradox and mystery in the chart and in astrology genrally His love for bringing people together at retreats that weave his diverse, multi-disciplinary (Gemini) interests How the Gemini-Sag lunar nodes seem to be teaching Adam now (that’s his 4th & 10th House axis) His current project to write the astrology book for The Wooden Book series If you haven't already, please go find Adam Sommer through his podcast Holes to Heavens, at his website, through his Patreon community, and on writings on Medium. If you enjoyed our conversation and/or you love this podcast, please rate and/or review it today. Thank you so much!  +++ Sign up to find out more about Charting Your Course: A Wayfinding Journey to Access the Navigational Tools of Your Birth Chart. This is my once-a-year foundational astrology course and I won't offer it again for a year. Come with me to learn to walk with the planets and to understand astrology in a heart-led, intuitive way. Join my Patreon community for regular guidance. Podcast music by Jonathan Koe. Podcast art by Angela George.

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1 Aug 2021

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Astrology and Cryptocurrency in 2021 w/ Adam Sommer

The Astrology Hub Podcast

In this episode of the Astrology Hub Podcast, Astrologer Adam Sommer and Amanda ‘Pua’ Walsh discuss: Astrology and Cryptocurrency in 2021 Tune in and learn… How Adam’s interest and study of Cryptocurrency began. What is unique about Bitcoin and the intention behind its creation. Insights into the Astrology surrounding Cryptocurrency, and what this indicates for its direction and longevity. Astrology In Your Pocket! Sign up now for Astrology In Your Pocket with Anne Ortelee.  Your Daily Dose of Astrological Guidance via Text!  It’s More Than A Text Knowing “When” and “Why” is a Powerful Tool Sign up for TEXT here! Now available via email as well! For show notes & links from this episode, visit astrologyhub.com/podcast


30 Jun 2021

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My Holes to Heaven Interview with Adam Sommer

The Storyteller's Night Sky with Mary Stewart Adams

I had a terrific time at Spring Equinox taking a deep dive into everything under the stars with Adam Sommer: astrology, astronomy, astrosophy, Mother Goose and more! Check out Adam's site at www.HolestoHeaven.com

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26 Mar 2021

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128 | Astrology of CRYPTOCURRENCIES: what the Birth Charts of BITCOIN + ETHEREUM reveal about FINANCES in 2021 and beyond w/ Adam Sommer

The Magic Kathi Show

Happy Birthday Bitcoin! To celebrate the Solar Return of one of the hottest topics in finances right now, I had a chat with Adam Sommer all about Cryptocurrencies. We had a deep dive into the Natal Charts of both, Bitcoin and Ethereum and looked into Bitcoins Solar Return Chart for 2021 - which happens to activate 22 Capricorn, the very degree point that triggered everything 2020 was all about. What that could mean for the financial market and the future of Crypto will be answered in this episode. So get excited and join us in our conversation about Crypto through the lens of Astrology! Lots of love, Kathi LINKS MENTIONED: Connect with Adam Sommer Website Instagram True meaning of the Age of Aquarius Episode Saturn Return in Aquarius / Leo Polarity Video 🌟NEW OFFERS for 2021 --> I'd love to connect with you! 🌟 🌟🌌Learn Astrology in the ABRACADABRA ASTROLOGY SCHOOL & find out more about the 3 SCHOOL LEVELS! 🌟🌌 _ YouTube Video on Saturn + Depression Click for more content on YouTube _ Connect with Kathi: > BTS, DM me & more magic on IG here> FB Lives, downloads from the universe & so much more here

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4 Jan 2021

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A Conversation on Eclipses & Dragons with Adam Sommer

Deep Journeys Podcast.. Astrology & so much more ...

We are finally getting out of Eclipse Season's influence and are hopefully beginning to extract the wisdom from the changes and activations that took place. In this episode, Adam and I explore the nature of Eclipses and Dragons as understood in terms of shadow. There are cultural differences in how we approach these archetypal images but there is a pervading quality to all of them from which we can all learn so much.Barbara Yuruvich Ariaswww.deep-journeys.comAdam Sommerwww.holestoheaven.com

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27 Jul 2020

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[SPECIAL EDITION] Astrological Perspectives & Invitations for These Times: A Conversation with Astrologer, Adam Sommer

The Astrology Hub Podcast

This is a special edition episode featuring a conversation between Astrologer Adam Sommer and the Founder of Astrology Hub, Amanda ‘Pua’ Walsh.    They Cover... The convergence of cycles that are happening right now and the short-term, mid-term and long-term impact. The lessons of Saturn, Pluto, Capricorn, the North and South Nodes of the Moon, Mercury and Mars. The invitation we each have right now to work with these energies and turn this into a time of opportunity and possibility.  If you're looking for a compelling way to understand the cosmic energy of today, and what 2020 is forecasted to bring, this episode is for you! LINKS:  Find out more about Adam Sommer Here Free Webinar: How Your Astrology Chart Reveals Your Soul Purpose: 5 Chart Placements that Reveal Your Unique Destiny Get your FREE 2020 Astrology Hub Guide Book Find Astrology Hub on Instagram  Astrology Hub's Global Forecast FaceBook Community  Get Notified! Thanks so much for joining us this week. Want to subscribe to The Astrology Hub Podcast? Have some feedback you’d like to share? Connect with us on iTunes and leave us a review! iTunes not your thing? Find us on Spotify, Stitcher, or TuneIn.


14 Mar 2020

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The Power of Planetary Cycles to Help You Create More of What You Want in Your Life: An Interview with Astrologer, Adam Sommer

The Astrology Hub Podcast

You're in a SEASON of your life. Seasons begin and end…but ALSO move in cycles reminding us of the past as they move us forward. If you know the cycles, reading the "signs" of life becomes easier. Today on the Astrology Hub Podcast, Astrologer Adam Sommer and I speak about the cycles of planets and how they reveal key signatures in the unfolding story of your life. LINKS:  Join the waitlist for the weekend workshop we’ll be doing with Rick at the end of October!  Want to be part of a powerful community of Astrology Lovers? Get on the List - bet the first to know when the Inner Circle re-opens.  Adam Sommer's Podcast Holes to Heaven Get Notified! Thanks so much for joining us this week. Want to subscribe to The Astrology Hub Podcast? Have some feedback you’d like to share? Connect with us on iTunes and leave us a review! iTunes not your thing? Find us on Spotify, Stitcher, or TuneIn. 🎧 to this episode on iTunes, Spotify, Tuneln & Stitcher. For show notes & links from this episode, visit astrologyhub.com/podcast


3 Oct 2019

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How To Do What You Love & Attract Your True Fans with Adam Sommer

Subscription Entrepreneur

What if you could spend your time, energy, and effort doing what you love most in life AND earn a living at the same time.Can you imagine that?For many people, it seems that work and play are at odds with each other.But not for Adam Sommer, our guest on this episode of the podcast.You see, Adam is a blogger, podcaster, and professional astrologer. Over the past ten years, he’s built up an engaged following and a business around his primary passions in life.Now, he has a robust website where you can buy his products, book an astrological reading, and even join his apprenticeship program.But things weren’t always this way.In fact, after 7 solid years of creating content, growing his audience, and putting a lot of time, energy, and effort into his podcast, Adam found himself feeling like there was an imbalance in his work. He was fulfilling the needs of so many people, but wasn’t being reciprocated in a meaningful way.And that’s when Patreon came out.From there, Adam successfully launched his Patreon account and provided an easy way for his audience to support him and his work. Over the past three years, he’s grown and developed his offerings on Patreon to the point where he’s just about able to support himself completely from this community.What is really special about this conversation is that Adam isn’t your typical entrepreneur. He doesn’t think in terms of “branding,” “metrics,” or even follow a traditional business plan. Instead, he has more of an artist’s approach to operating his business and it was really refreshing to hear his perspective.If you’ve ever wondered what actually goes into creating a legitimate business around your passion, you won’t want to miss this episode. Adam shares with you how to know if you’re starting the right business for you and whether or not to continue down the path you’re already on. We hope you enjoy and benefit from our conversation!


3 Sep 2019

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Ep. 81 // Venus+Mars Rx Part 1 with Adam Sommer + Danielle Polgar

Accessible Astrology Podcast with Eugenia Krok, MA - Astrologer Trained in Psychotherapy

In today’s episode, I invite back onto the podcast, Adam Sommer of the Exploring Astrology Podcast and Danielle Polgar of www.daniellepolgar.com to discuss Venus + Mars Retrograde.  The past few months have been particularly unique, as Mars and Venus have, and will both Retrograde back-to-back.  We muse about these transits while enjoying reflection and conversation about our heartstrings, reviewing past transits and being bold.  Be sure to listen to this episode and Part 2 on Exploring Astrology Podcast.  You can support my work at patron.com/bridgingrealities and receive this week’s BONUS EPISODE on the Shadow Side of Venus.


6 Sep 2018

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Ep. 71 // Part 3 Trialogue with Chris Brennan + Adam Sommer

Accessible Astrology Podcast with Eugenia Krok, MA - Astrologer Trained in Psychotherapy

Welcome to the final episode of 3 with astrologers and fellow podcasters, Chris Brennan of “The Astrology Podcast” and Adam Sommer of “Exploring Astrology.” In this episode we cover LOTS of different material. Chiron + whole sign house system + ethics in astrology + much more! I am honored to have spent time with these men and am grateful for this wonderful send off for my new journey! Enjoy!

1hr 12mins

16 Apr 2018