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5 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Michael Geller. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Michael Geller, often where they are interviewed.

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5 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Michael Geller. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Michael Geller, often where they are interviewed.

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At Home with Michael Geller

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Join the ICAA for the latest installment of Classicism in Conversation, featuring architect Michael Geller, who works at ICAA Member firm G.P. Schafer Architect. Michael shares the story of his carefully crafted renovation of his own 495 square-foot apartment in Greenwich Village, New York City. See photos of how they transformed this space on classicist.org

Jul 07 2020 · 22mins
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VREP #210 | When the Vancouver Real Estate Market Shifts with Michael Geller

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We’ve had SFU Profs, Journalists, Architects, Developers, and public intellectuals on our show, but never all at once! And we haven’t amassed a panel. Ladies & Gentleman: Michael Geller. This conversation is wide-ranging. Full stop. We discuss how top developers tackle tough times, how Michael’s ideas about real estate investing have shifted, and how those struggling with affordability can catch a break in the toughest of markets. This is a lifetime of experience in under one hour. Get your PADI Level 2, cause we’re going DEEP!

Mar 05 2020 · 1hr 9mins

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Michael Geller, President, The Geller Group

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OZ BUZZ MOVER AND SHAKER PODCAST - Ozzie meets with Michael Geller and discusses his eclectic views on parking (why minimums, why not maximums?), co-living (young people love it), micro suites (it's working), zoning changes (better designs and better uses). Also, how laneway and coach houses may affect your tax-free principal residence exemption. All in order to make our lifestyle even better. Michael is a Vancouver-based architect, planner, real estate consultant and property developer with five decades’ experience in the public, private and institutional sectors. He also serves on the Adjunct Faculty of Simon Fraser University and is a regular contributor to the Vancouver Courier and Vancouver Sun and frequent commentator on urban issues across Canada. As president of The Geller Group, he specializes in planning and real estate consulting for large and small-scale residential and mixed-use projects. He also undertakes small property developments on his own, or in partnership with others. Michael has been honoured as a Fellow of the Canadian Institute of Planners and Life Member of the Architectural Institute of BC. Michael Geller Architect AIBC, FCIP, RPP, MLAI. President, The Geller Group, Adjunct Professor, SFU Centre for Sustainable Development; Resource and Environmental Management, Columnist, The Vancouver Courier. (1) 778 997 9980 Website: http://www.michaelgeller.ca, Blog: http://www.gellersworldtravel.blogspot.ca, FOR HIS LATEST PROJECTS: GO HERE: http://www.VinsonHouseResidences.com and http://www.AmblesideMews.com. See ozbuzz.ca for more Ozzie Jurock columns and interviews.
Nov 18 2019 · 36mins
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VREP #78 | How Owning a Home in Vancouver Could Land You in Jail with Michael Geller

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Matt and Adam welcome Architect and SFU Adjunct Professor Michael Geller to the podcast for a chat about the recently implemented City of Vancouver Vacant Homes Tax and other policy changes that could unwittingly affect homeowners in our city and across Canada.

Jul 19 2017 · 39mins

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#3 – Michael Geller – Let’s Rezone Vancouver

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If you follow real estate news at all in Vancouver you’ve probably heard of this week’s guest – Michael Geller.
Michael is architect, planner, real estate consultant and property developer with four decades of experience in the public, private and institutional sectors. He serves on the Adjunct Faculty of the SFU Centre for Sustainable Community Development and writes a bi-weekly civic affairs column in the Vancouver Courier.
Michael Geller is an ideas machine – especially regarding housing affordability in Vancouver. He has presented numerous housing affordability ideas while lecturing at SFU including at a speech last week where he offered ideas on how to increase density without adding more towers, citing examples from many European cities.
Prior to his public lecture, he was interviewed on CBC and featured in Malcolm Perry’s “who’s-who” column in the Vancouver Sun.
Our talk with Michael was particularly timely, as he has had a busy couple of weeks in the public eye commentating on real estate policy changes and housing initiatives. His commentary on container houses was featured in The Georgia Straight.
His column in The Vancouver Courier this week discusses the City of Vancouver’s new proposal to retain character houses. I suggest you read the whole thing, but this quote sums up his opinion well, “If we are going to make more zoning changes in Vancouver’s single-family neighbourhoods, why aren’t we addressing both retention of character houses, but also construction of smaller duplexes and townhouses?”
With so many wonderful ideas, I’m sure Michael will be a guest on the show in the future, as well. If you would like to learn more about Michael Geller, visit his website, check out his blog and follow him on Twitter.
Hope you enjoy this episode of The Vancouver UnReal Estate Show.
If you have any questions about the show or guests you would like to see, email us at podcast@keithroy.com.
Keith Roy – Personal Real Estate Corporation – RE/MAX Select Realty

Feb 20 2017 ·