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Why It's Better to Be Transparent, Not Perfect - Todd Caponi, Author, The Transparency Sale

Stories of Selling Human

Summary:Todd Caponi fell into sales, then fell in love with the decision science surrounding it. He turned that into a career encompassing multiple sales leadership roles. He's building the revenue capacity of one tech company from the ground-up into Chicago’s fastest-growing, another where his efforts helped drive the organization to a successful IPO followed by an acquisition worth almost $3B, and another where his turnaround efforts were rewarded with the American Business “Stevie” Award for Worldwide Vice President of Sales of the Year. He left his role as the Chief Revenue Officer to write his first book, The Transparency Sale; which has since earned 2019’s “Best Book Award” in the “Business: Sales” category at the American Book Awards, while also earning International Best-Seller status. Todd also hosts The Sales History Podcast, bringing the incredible (and sometimes strange) brains from the earliest days of sales' past into the present. Much of the sales wisdom from the past hasn't changed.Key Moments:03:00 - Is saying "yes" always the way to go?09:15 - Expectation inflation25:00 - "How are they better than us?". How Todd turned the question of tell me why your better than your competitor into a transparent conversation and disarmed a meeting.27:00 - Lead with your strengths and reveal your weaknessConnect with ToddLinkedINConnect with Us!LinkedIN: Website:


27 Oct 2021

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230: Todd Caponi on Radical Transparency to Build Trust in Sales

Make It Happen Mondays - B2B Sales Talk with John Barrows

Todd Caponi joins John once again on Make It Happen Mondays almost 2 years after his first appearance (Episode 112) to talk about radical transparency and leading with one’s flaws in sales. “Perfection isn’t a thing”, and Todd goes on to explain why talking about what you can’t do or don’t have can actually create a stronger foundation for a relationship in sales. This episode includes tactical ideas you can utilize to build trust and reduce sales cycles. Grab your copy of Todd Caponi’s “The Transparency Sale”, one of John’s favorite books, and pre-order his upcoming book, “The Transparent Sales Leader”, available Spring 2022.

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9 Aug 2021

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Ep 184 Todd Caponi - The Transparency Sale

The Sales Development Podcast

Buyers are more empowered and knowledgeable than ever before. The voice of your customer holds more weight than ever before. What does this mean for sales professionals?Todd Caponi, Author of The Transparency Sale, talks about the power of transparency and how great sales professionals understand how vital it is to a successful customer relationship. Listen in on David and Todd’s conversation and walk away with true insight on how to become more transparent with your prospects and customers!NEW Research Report Sales Development Benchmarks 2021. Grab full report here: https://tenbound.mykajabi.com/research_report NEW BOOK: The Sales Development Framework: by David Dulany and Kyle Vamvouris, we lay out a proven methodology for running a high performance Sales Development program, now available here in paperback Grab it here: https://www.amazon.com/Sales-Development-Framework-Productive-Program/dp/1736768905/#SDR #BDR #salesdevelopment #tenbound #podcast #sales #marketing #salesengagement #salesenablement #research #prospecting


30 Jul 2021

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Finding Business Purpose Post-Pandemic (feat. Todd Caponi, Sales Author & Thought Leader)

Growth Enablement Madness

In case you’ve been living under a rock, the COVID-19 pandemic caused rampant disruption within the business community. As offices closed and some employees began to work remotely, businesses rapidly began looking for ways to compensate for the uncertainty impacting everyone’s lives.Industry expert, author, and thought leader Todd Caponi says that we’re now in an era where the emotional cost of change is “zero.” Changing jobs is like changing your cable provider. So, how do businesses create a work environment that matters to their employees?In this episode of the Growth Enablement Madness Podcast, our host Jim Ward and BrainSell’s VP of Marketing Sarah Reed chat with Caponi about how business leadership changed over the last 16 months. The group also shared their thoughts on the importance of creating strong business functions with a mission-based work environment to help employees like the work they do.Other topics discussed during the episode include: How a desire for certainty impacts employee — not just customer — relationships. How to create a mission-purpose work environment within your company. Examples of companies that created a mission-purpose work environment. An in-depth look at Todd’s new podcast that chronicles the history of the sales profession. RELATED LINKS Connect with Todd on Twitter and LinkedIn. Learn more about Todd’s work here. Listen to Todd’s new “The Sales Historian” podcast here. Check out the BrainSell blog for all things Growth Enablement!    Intro and Outro music by Sam Ward.


13 Jul 2021

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Todd Caponi Author of The Transparency Sale, The Transparent Sales Leader and from Sales Melon


Todd Caponi joined Jason Ferrara and Pete Jansons to talk about his book The Transparency Sale: How Unexpected Honesty and Understanding the Buying Brain Can Transform Your Results Topics: Chicken or Egg with RFP Process Sympathy vs Empathy Nerdometer Flossum Ways to get a discount: 1) Volume 2)Timing/Cash 3)Length of Commitment 4) Forecast Sales Role: 1)Learn Product 2) Empathy 3) Add Value Ideal for a topic or show? pete@saasholes.net

1hr 2mins

28 May 2021

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Episode #61 - The Transparency Sale - Todd Caponi

The Biz with JK

Be transparent about what you're not great at with your customer....?What? Really? YES! This is the message from Todd Caponi, the best selling author and owner of Sales Melon.Todd, a self proclaimed sales nerd, quit his job as CRO and wrote his best selling book, The Transparency Sale, after his success in a meeting where he presented what his company is NOT capable of doing!He was blown away with how quickly he closed a multimillion dollar deal by being transparent about his incapabilities and basically decided to quit his job and write a book!This episode he explains how buyers think and how you can create more trust, quicker, by being transparent and showing your customers what you can and cannot do!https://www.linkedin.com/in/toddcaponi/https://www.transparencysale.com/


9 Apr 2021

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What is Transparency In Sales with Todd Caponi

Sales POP! Podcasts

Behavioral and decision science shows that being transparent in showing that your product is imperfect sells better than falsely representing it as perfect. Thus, today’s guest in the Expert insight Interview is Todd Caponi, and he explains the benefits of transparency in sales.


16 Mar 2021

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Zoom Fatigue with Todd Caponi #364

Sales Babble Podcast

Zoom Fatigue with Todd Caponi #364


16 Mar 2021

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42: Removing the friction from your sales cycle (Todd Caponi, Sales Melon)

30 Minutes to President's Club | No-Nonsense Sales

Todd shares tips to remove friction from your sales process to make it easier for both you and your buyer. Four Actionable Takeaways:Remove all the bs from the journeyGet price out early, and use it to disqualifyAcknowledge your competitors’ strengths + highlight where your features match needsKeep negotiation simple by anchoring pricing and trading value for dollarsTodd’s Path to President’s Club:Founder of Sales MelonAuthor of The Transparency SaleFormer sales leader @ ExactTarge/SalesForceFormer VP of Worldwide Sales & Field Operations @ SAP======================Outreach: Efficiently and effectively engage prospects to drive more pipeline, close more deals: https://click.outreach.io/30mpc======================Gong: Improve your win rates, clone your best sellers: gong.io/30mpc======================Vidyard: Free Screen Recording and Video Creationists: https://www.vidyard.com/30mpc======================Dooly: Instantly stop your CRM suffering: https://bit.ly/3kSahgE ======================Skipio: The Sales Rep's Playbook for Texting in the Sales Process: https://www.skipio.com/30mpcFocus Areas: Sales ProcesSee Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.


10 Mar 2021

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Hypergrowth Banter - Todd Caponi

The Talent, Sales & Scale Podcast

The magnificently talented and insightful Todd Caponi joins Bryan Whittington for another episode of "Hypergrowth Banter" Todd and Bryan break out the white board for a comprehensive session on motivating sales professionals and much more! Todd's LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/toddcaponi/ Todd's website: https://www.transparencysale.com/ Bryan's LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/brywhittington/ ebs/growth's Website: https://ebsgrowth.com/


20 Feb 2021