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Facing Trauma & Finding Self Love with Kaylyn Gooslin

Pocket Coach

Trauma is a more common experience than one may think. Many face traumatic situations, but become so stuck in the belief of "this is the only way" that they feel they can't even tell a family member about their struggles. It's such a dangerous place. Self love, alongside various other healthy attributes were lacking in Kaylyn's life at one point. There was a massive gap in where she was believing her road was meant to go, to where her intuition wanted to take her. She discusses a few not-so-talked-on topics on the healing that she has been through and how she coaches her clients to heal. It's essential to not just understand that healing is possible, but to be open minded as to how you can go about it. Follow Kaylyn Gooslin IG @k_gooseee Be sure to subscribe to the Pocket Coach for some more incredible upcoming interviews. IG: @hedleyfitness YT: Kieran Hedley--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/pocketcoach/message

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12 May 2019

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Crystals and Holistic Healing With Kaylyn Gooslin

Evolve Your Life Podcast

Join SWITCHIIT UP HERE: https://evolveyourlife.teachable.com/p/switchiitupKaylyn’s Instagram: @k_gooseeeCrystal Book Kaylyn Suggested: Crystals for beginners by Corrine KennerGabby’s Instagram: @gabbymaleMy website: www.gabbymale.com


24 Mar 2019

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How To Unlock and Understand Your Spirituality With Kaylyn Gooslin

Evolve Your Life Podcast

My guest today is Kaylyn Gooslin! Kaylyn is 24 years old and graduated with a Dietetics degree from Eastern Kentucky University. Kaylyn is an online health coach, owner of healthEVO, and an overall amazing woman. She is someone I personally look up to, come to for guidance, and have learned so much from during the past year of our friendship. Listen as we unlock and discuss the topic of spirituality, religion, and how being connected to a “higher power” can literally save your life.**DISCLAIMER: In this podcast we will discuss religion and topics on God. We use the words God, Universe, Energy, Spirit Guide, Higher Being/Power interchangeably to express our personal beliefs and open the floor to yours. This podcast is free of judgement, and we hope that you can listen no matter what your beliefs are, and be open minded to everything we discuss.Some of the questions asked/discussed in this episode:Tell us a little bit about your spiritual beliefs and how you got to this placeWhat is some advice you’d give to someone who is seeking to be more spiritual, or just figure out “what” they believe How did you get out of your lowest point and find clarity and happiness again?How do you define your spirituality? How did you develop your relationship and what is your opinion of religion in general?How do we go through life with less judgement of other people’s beliefs? Ending question: What are your top tips for self development and self growth?

1hr 15mins

9 Sep 2018