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Episode 194: Dr. Jamie Seeman and Dr. Brad Winterstein

Low Carb MD Podcast

Thank you for joining us for another episode of the Low Carb MD Podcast. Dr. Jamie Seeman is a Board Certified OB-GYN and the host of the Fit and Fabulous podcast. She earned a B.S. in Exercise, Nutrition, and Health Sciences and earned her Doctor of Medicine degree at Nebraska School of Medicine. She completed her residency in Obstetrics and Gynecology at the University of Nebraska Medical College and is a fellow in Integrative Medicine at the Center for Integrative Medicine at The University of Arizona. Dr. Brad Winterstein is a Bariatric and General Surgeon practicing at Nebraska Methodist Hospital. He is Board Certified in General Surgery and completed his training and surgical residency at the University of Nebraska Medical Center. In this episode, Brian, Tro, Jamie, and Brad discuss Upgrade Performance Institute (Brad and Jamie’s new joint project), Dexa Scan analysis, supplements and the supplement industry, and a medical care system that puts the power to be healthy back into the patients’ hands. For more information, please see the links below. Thank you for listening! Links: Dr. Jamie Seeman: Upgrade Performance Institute Mid-City OB-GYN Instagram Email: info@upgradepi.com Dr. Brad Winterstein: Upgrade Performance Institute Nebraska Methodist Hospital Email: info@upgradepi.com Dr. Brian Lenzkes: Website Twitter Dr. Tro Kalayjian: Website Twitter Instagram


20 Sep 2021

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Dr. Fit and Fabulous - Jamie Seeman OBGYN talks all things hormones, keto, carnivore, carb cycling, intuitive eating, iodine and MORE

The Carnivore Yogi Podcast

This episode is sponsored by Let's Get Checked - https://trylgc.com/carnivoreyogi code YOGI20 for 20% off!  Get lab work done from home! Thyroid, hormones, kidney, liver, essential vitamins & minerals and MORE!  No more waiting for your doctor to get labs - take your health back into your own hands. Join me for this amazing episode with Dr. Jamie Seeman - Dr. Fit and Fabulous, where we talked all things hormones, thyroid - carnivore - keto - carb cycling, intuitive eating - iodine and MORE!  Follow her on Instagram - @doctorfitandfabulous - Website - www.doctorfitandfabulous.com - YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5V8mfAe3DDPpDZmzJgIGSA


17 Mar 2021

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EP22 - Dr. Jamie Seeman, metabolic health, ovulation, pregnancy and nutrient dense nutrition.

Human Nutrition & Lifestyle

Dr. Jamie Seeman aka @doctorfitandfabulous tells us how important nutrition is for fertility, pregnancy and a womens general health. We look at ovulation, birth control and monthy cycles. The importance of protein and nutrient dense foods as well as strength training and building muscle for metabolic and cardiovascular health.


12 Feb 2021

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007: Dr. Jamie Seeman, creator of Doctor Fit & Fabulous, Discusses How Hormones, Keto, & Glucose Impact Sleep!

The Sleep Is A Skill Podcast

In this episode, we discuss:* Dr. Jamie Seeman breaks down the correlation between glucose and sleep*How and why it is transformative to get a continuous glucose monitor and new startups that allow you to bypass the red tape on getting the prescription*Advice to those shifting over to a keto or carnivore diet, particularly what to expect regarding their sleep*Why women especially need to be more mindful during this transition*Hormones for women post-menopause*Suggestion regarding women that suspect that their cortisol levels might be imbalanced. Working with their ob-gyn and how to go about the inquiry for testing*The most exciting transformational findings that Dr. Jamie Seeman has seen since wearing her continuous glucose monitor and eating keto.*Discussions on the activated charcoal, apple cider vinegar, "naked carbs," night-time protein, and berberine to impact glucose levels.LINKS: Follow Dr. Jaime Seeman: https://www.instagram.com/doctorfitandfabulous/https://www.facebook.com/doctorfitandfab/https://www.doctorfitandfabulous.com/Continuous Glucose Monitor: Nutri Sense, https://www.nutrisense.io/*Code DRFIT for a discount on Sign Up Virta Health if they are a diabetic:  https://www.virtahealth.com/ To learn more about Sleep Is A Skill: Website: Sleep Is A SkillSleep Reset Course: Sleep Is A SkillWeekly Newsletter: Sleep Is A SkillPodcast: Sleep Is A SkillLinkedIn: Sleep Is A SkillInstagram: Sleep Is A Skill Facebook: Sleep Is A SkillTwitter: Sleep Is A SkillPinterest: Sleep Is A SkillYouTube: Sleep Is A Skill ACTION STEPSFed up with your sleep? Here are 5 ways I can help you transform it starting today:1. Subscribe to The Sleep Is A Skill Podcast Get guidance from experts on all things sleep! We’ve got you covered from light, darkness, temperature, sound, meals (type & time), exercise, gadgets, etc. 2. Take our Free Sleep AssessmentReceive personalized feedback on where your sleep is at and what it will take to turn it around3. Check out the Sleep Is A Skill Sleep Resource RecommendationsInspired to transform your sleep but aren’t clear what sort of resources will help? These will help. 4. Join our Sleep Reset Cohort and be a Case StudyI’m putting together a new sleep cohort at Sleep Is A Skill for June... stay tuned for details. If you’d like to work with me on your sleep and health... just send me a message with the words “Case Study”. *Sleep-tracker is required.5. Book a 15 minute CallWe have something for everyone, no matter where you’re at with your sleep. Book a quick call to discuss what the next best steps are for you. 


1 May 2020

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MBB 30: Dr. Fit and Fabulous-Jamie Seeman MD, FACOG: Regaining Hormonal Balance


Dr. Jaime Seeman, is a board certified Obstetrician-Gynecologist with a background in Nutrition, Exercise and Health Science. She is also a current Fellow in Integrative Medicine. Dr. Seeman is a wife and a mom to three little girls, with a passion for low carb nutrition and ketogenic therapy. As a former college athlete Dr. Seeman got away with poor nutrition most of her life, until the ultimate stress test of her health…PREGNANCY! Weight gain and fatigue became a constant battle. Low thyroid function, hormonal imbalance and pre-diabetes crept into her life. After finally finding a sustainable way to optimize her health, Dr. Seeman realized we have had it wrong for too long. Today she has never looked, felt or lived better and is here to help you with your HUMAN OPTIMIZATION! You were not put here to suffer, its time for you to SHINE, it’s time for you to be FIT & FABULOUS! Dr. Seeman can found on Instagram as @doctorfitandfabulous and her website www.doctorfitandfabulous.com Save on your BLUblox glasses with code: CKCOACH at linktr.ee/carnivoreketocoach. Save 15% on Redmond Real Salt with code: PALEOPHARMACIST & for additional Butcher Box savings visit: linktr.ee/thepaleopharmacist.--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/mindbodybreakthroughs/message


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