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Episode 130: The Student Becomes the Teacher (with Gary Wilson)

The TEC Talk Podcast: Presented by Natural Encounters, Inc.

Ari and Chris are joined by one of our most frequently-requested guests: former professor and co-department chair of the Exotic Animal Training and Management Program at Moorpark College, Gary Wilson! Gary talks about his path towards becoming a student - and later a faculty member - of the program, his history with (and the EATM program's connection to) the Navy's marine mammal training program, and how the EATM program fits into today's professional animal care field. We're calling this episode "Part 1", because we're definitely going to get Gary back soon to expand on some of the stuff we got to - and hopefully dive into a lot that we didn't!  To see some of Gary's photography on Instagram, check out @garygwhiz.  If you have any questions for Gary - or about anything you'd like us to discuss on a future episode of the show - let us know at podcast@naturalencounters.com!

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13 Oct 2022

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#177 Expert Mentors Live - The #1 All Time Best Strategy for Realtors to Implement Now with Gary Wilson

Coach Code Podcast

EDUCATION + INFORMATION + ACTION = RESULTS It's no secret that success in the world of real estate requires a certain mindset. You need to be able to see potential where others see only problems, and you need to be comfortable with risk. But education is another essential ingredient for success in real estate. Whether you're just starting out or you've been in the business for years, investing in your education is one of the smartest things you can do for your career. And there's no better time to do it than now. The real estate market is undergoing a major shift, and those who are prepared for it will reap the rewards. By educating yourself about the latest trends and technologies, you'll be positioning yourself for success in the months and years to come. And isn't that what we all want? To be successful in our chosen field? So if you're serious about making it in real estate, don't wait any longer - start investing in your education today. If you want to be successful in real estate, it's essential to have the right mindset. But it's also important to have the right business model. After all, your business model should match your market. If you're in a slow market, for example, you need a different business model than if you're in a hot market. In a slow market, you need to be more focused on getting listings and working with buyers who are serious about making a purchase. In a hot market, on the other hand, you can be more relaxed and take a more relaxed approach to working with buyers and sellers. Of course, there's no one-size-fits-all approach to real estate. But if you want to be successful, it's essential to make sure that your business model matches your market. Otherwise, you could end up struggling to sell homes and wasting valuable time and resources.


15 Sep 2022

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4 Key Ways to Limit Risk, with Gary Wilson

Managing Commercial Real Estate Risk

Welcome to the Managing CRE Risk podcast with Jeremy Goodrich. Today, we talk about the risk of falling behind in real estate. Our guest, Gary Wilson, has been an investor for over 30 years and shares how he has stayed on top of the industry. We talk about the 4 ways to limit real estate risk, how to build your property management team, and how to keep up with rapid market changes. You definitely don’t want to miss out on this episode!  Learn more about Gary and his story at shineinsurance.com/managing-commercial-real-estate-risk! “Many property management companies are used to traditional long-term rentals. They're not used to Airbnb and corporate housing, and that’s a risk.” 4:58 Gary has been investing in real estate for over 30 years. At the beginning of the conversation, he shares what he sees as the biggest risk in the current market. The world is changing and evolving rapidly and real estate investors have to keep up with all the changes in order to stay in business. One example of that is Airbnb as corporate housing which is a fairly new concept. Another real estate risk is financing. There are new options for alternative financing for bigger properties, but investors need to be cautious and well-informed about them. “Your lender, your insurance guy, your attorney, they're all partners. So select your partners wisely.” 10:20 Gary shares his risk management process. He has 4 key ways to limit his real estate risk. Be a good landlord.Make sure your property is up to code, safe, clean, and reliable. This is not only beneficial to your tenants but good for your reputation in the industry as well. Have solid property insurance.Avoid injury or death on your property by making it as safe as possible. However, make sure to properly insure yourself if something does happen despite all of your efforts. Use an LLC for your real estate business.LLC gives you anonymity and one degree of separation from liability. Any lawsuit will go to the LLC first and not you personally. A good rule of thumb is to not have more than $1M in assets in any one LLC. On higher levels, you can use trusts instead of LLCs as well. Have good property management.Many people self-manage their properties. However, there’s some risk in that because if you're the owner and the manager as well, you automatically tie yourself directly to the tangible asset. To avoid that, build a good property management team incorporated in a separate LLC.  About our Guest, Gary Wilson At age 40, retired as Corporate Vice-President, Mergers & Acquisitions in National Banking; In the first 6 months after earning a real estate license, created 6 figure income working with Investors Completed over 100 transactions per year consistently every year without a sales team or assistant, with virtually no marketing costs Traded over 3,000 Investment properties in less than 5 years Developed five real estate holding companies, owning more than 250 Rental Units Self-made multi-millionaire by building a real estate enterprise including: brokerage, rental management, investment services, settlement services, and appraisal services Award winner and accepted into Andron Apiphenon Order of Excellence for Real Estate Author of FIVE Real Estate Investment books: Rental Profits Without The Pain, Flipping For Profits Without The Risk, Turning Rental Problems into Real Estate Profits, Wholesaling For Profits so Everybody Wins, Investor Agent, Make More Money Not More Work Founder, Trainer and Coach of Path to Profit System, teaching more than 8,000 Agents and Investors; Mentioned in the show: https://globalinvestoragent.com/ https://www.myinvestmentservices.com/ His LinkedIn Shineinsurance.com www.shineinsurance.com/managing-commercial-real-estate-risk Jeremy’s LinkedIn Need an instant insurance ballpark for your next Multifamily deal?! Answer 9 simple questions and we’ll give you a sense of what insurance should be. Visit us here for everything you need to know: https://www.shineinsurance.com/ballpark/  Special thanks to Gary Wilson for taking the time to share so many great insights with us   If you enjoyed this podcast, there’s a couple of things we need you to do right now:    SUBSCRIBE to Managing Commercial Real Estate Risk on Apple Podcast, Spotify, or wherever you listen to podcasts    While you there, please RATE & REVIEW the show    SHARE with friends   Finally, please, JOIN the Managing Commercial Real Estate Risk Facebook Group Then, please share the show with whoever you think it will inspire. Until the next time, We truly appreciate you listening. Need the CRE Insurance Guy? More great stories & information at: Youtube – Blog – Podcast If you enjoyed this episode, then you’ll love these ones: 126: Private Lending & Cashflow, With Alex Breshears 125: Mindfulness & Professionalism, With Terrie Schauer 118: Elevate Your Operations


9 Aug 2022

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EP-27- How To Create Multiple Income Streams featuring Gary Wilson

Wealth Architect Podcast

Today I have a very special guest. At age 40 he retired as a corporate vice president in mergers and acquisitions in international banking. He completed of over 100 transactions consistently every year in real estate without a sales team or an assistant. This guy's all about maximizing profit. He traded over 5000 investment properties in less than five years, developed five real estate holding companies owning more than 250 rental units, he's a self made multimillionaire by holding and building real estate enterprises, including brokerage firms, rental management investment services. He's the author of seven real estate investment books. This guy's a superstar, you won't want to miss out! Gary's Episode link:  GlobalInvestorAgent.com Cash Flow Machine Details: CashFlowMachine.io


8 Jun 2022

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Episode 61 - Gary Wilson (Reloaded)

The Talking Balls Podcast

We bring back our chat with Gary Wilson in pre-season for 2021/22. Since that chat he almost toppled Mark Williams to win the British Open and has had some highlights in the season. He talks here about his career and love of gaming. Good chat.


25 May 2022

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Episode 264 - Gary Wilson - Wicked Smart Gentlemen

The Most Dwanderful Real Estate Podcast Ever!


17 May 2022

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Drinkin at MO’s w/ Gary Wilson of Paradigm Pro

Drinkin at MO’s

As they get ready for So far to go this Friday I sit with one of the guys incharge of Paradigm Pro as we discuss not only that show but also the unique UWFI rules. --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/drinkinatmos/message


11 May 2022

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S4E063 Attorney GARY WILSON weighs in on a variety of current topics - including the recent woke statements by Disney.

Afternoons With Mike PODCAST

Gary Wilson is many things, including articulate, well-read, and one who possesses great common sense. All that adds up to one interesting discussion on current affairs, including the hot topic of the week-the recent statements by the Disney company that was very critical of the Parental Rights law, and their Tweet that backs the LGBTQ+ agenda. Buckle your seat belt for this one!


4 Apr 2022

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Selling a £2 million business age 24, now investing in property using Facebook Ads with Gary Wilson

Scottish Property Podcast

In this episode, Nick and Steven chat to business owner and property investor, Gary Wilson.   Gary, 24 sold a Google SEO business for £2 millon and is now building his portfolio as well as setting up another business selling tenanted property to other investors.  It's a great interview with an inspiring young entrepreneur!We talk about the following:How Gary built a Google SEO business and sold for £2 million at age 24 How he became involved in building his own property portfolioWhere is the best place to spend your advertising budget to bring in leadsFacebook ads and how much do you need to spend to bring in property dealsDealing with off market vendors and how to solve their problems Why landlords are selling up and how Gary is finding a solution for an easy sale process with his new estate agency buisness.Check out Gary on Social media:Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/garywilsyLet property sales website:  https://www.letpropertysales.co.uk/PROPERTY NETWORKING:  Book your ticket for a Scottish Property Podcast networking event near you.Aberdeen: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/scottish-property-podcast-live-networking-event-aberdeen-tickets-204482170677?aff=erelexpmltGlasgow:     https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/scottish-property-podcast-live-networking-event-glasgow-tickets-204499382157?aff=ebdssbdestsearchDundee:      https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/scottish-property-podcast-live-networking-event-dundee-tickets-204502952837?aff=ebdssbdestsearchEdinburgh:  https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/scottish-property-podcast-live-networking-event-edinburgh-tickets-205537366797?aff=ebdssbdestsearch⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Hope you find it useful and we would appreciate it hugely if you could find time to leave a review on Apple Podcasts.  Connect with us on social media:  Join the Scottish Property Podcast Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/628274537711227/Steven Clark on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/stevenclark84/Nick Ponty on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/nick_ponty/ Email us: Steven@steven-clark.com Nick@arcproperty.uk


10 Mar 2022

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||World Famous Wilson's Pizza || Gary Wilson || GoodDays GreatNights Podcast||

GoodDays GreatNights

Recorded September 29th 2021 This week Gary Wilson came and broke bread with us and shared the importance having a business mind frame. Gary spoke about his day to day balance of life and running family business for so many years. All while being a pillar for the community, he trying to save the up and coming generations .Thanks for coming and sharing a part of your story for the world. 📲 Follow GoodDays GreatNights Podcast On These Platforms Instagram: @gooddays_greatnights Facebook: @gooddays greatnights Twitter: @GGreatNights Youtube: @ GoodDays GreatNights Podcast --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/gooddays-greatnights/message Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/gooddays-greatnights/support


27 Jan 2022