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Shoot The Shit | Dr. Sean Pastuch

WTF Gym Talk

So here we are with the third episode of Shoot The Shit, my attempt at having long form conversations with people doing awesome stuff within the fitness industry and on this episode, I have someone who is most certainly inside of my inner circle of professional colleagues and friends, Dr. Sean Pastuch, the founder of Active Life. Sean hosts several of his own podcasts and has been interviewed on numerous others, so if you're looking for his background and the repetitive stuff he's been asked a thousand times, you won't get that here. We kick off the conversation discussing his need to walk around half-naked outside, a deep dive into his business model and future exit strategy, some girl dad advice and a whole lot more. The thing I love about Sean is that we probably align on 98% of things from a business standpoint, but even that 2%, we hold our ground when arguing, we still respect the shit out of the other person's point of view - and that's exactly the kind of people I want to associate myself with...firm believers in their thing, with a willingness to partake in a good debate and then get beers afterwards. OK, enough of me talking, let's get to it... Ladies and Gentlemen, Sean Pastuch. IG: @drseanpastuch https://www.activelifeprofessional.com/ --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/wtfgymtalk/message

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26 Apr 2021

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013- Turning Pro with Dr. Sean Pastuch of Active Life- Fortitude Radio

Fortitude Radio

On the latest episode of Fortitude Radio, we sit down with mentor, friend, and founder of Active Life Rx and Active Life Professional Sean Pastuch to discuss growth and Turning Pro.

1hr 21mins

22 Apr 2021

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EP11 | Dr. Sean Pastuch: What it takes to scale ourselves to the next level

The Ultrahabits Podcast

Dr. Sean grew up around the fitness, health, and wellness industry. And when he graduated Chiro school, he ended up opening a clinic and a CrossFit gym. He didn’t want to be that Chiro who tells you, “You need to this exercise and be on “X” program.” Then, pat you on the back and say see you next week. He works with people and athletes, who don’t want to deal with pain and injury anymore. And at the same time, don’t want to stop their training or don’t want to keep modifying their workouts every time there’s a workout that has overhead movements. With hands-on experience running a gym that does functional movements and treating people with injuries or previous injuries, which surface from having to move functionally, Sean started getting busier. And because of his unique approach he started getting requests from clients that used to see him but moved to another city asking for workout programs. In this episode: The importance of making ourselves obsolete. Why it’s important to work on yourself five times more than your business. Why Sean uses the saying “start and then move out of your fishbowl” as a guide to mentorship Follow Sean’s Journey: Facebook - https://www.linkedin.com/in/sean-pastuch-02ba88109/ Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/drseanpastuch/ Follow & Subscribe to the Ultrahabits Journey: Anchor - anchor.fm/ultra-habits Apple - podcasts.apple.com/podcast/the-ultra-habits-podcast/id1551339373 Spotify - open.spotify.com/show/0eWBOT8L1ShaRy5aoPxOHp Facebook -  facebook.com/ultrahabits Instagram - instagram.com/ultra.habits/ LinkedIn - linkedin.com/in/rj-singh-801a0436/ YouTube - youtube.com/channel/UC6Wx-9NQ81K_4mZYCmoNGvQ Website - ultrahabits.co/

1hr 7mins

22 Apr 2021

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EP. 22 | How to Build a Successful Fitness Business | Dr. Sean Pastuch | The Jono Show Podcast

The Jono Show

Thanks for checking out The Jono Show on YouTube! We are a team of content creators bringing you personal development coaching, tutorials, tech reviews, and business coaching videos. For a look at all things motivation, mindset, podcast interviews, and more...this is the place to be!  On this episode, Jonathan Aymin interviews Dr. Sean Pastuch, Founder of Active Life RX!  Dr. Sean specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of any mobility dysfunction that limits athletic performance as well as gym owner and fitness coach coaching and helps create more successful, mindful gym owners. xZSsKNs1zA5aOUPt6bcH --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/thejonoshow/support


24 Mar 2021

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Connecting Fitness to Healthcare Could Change Fitness Over 50, with Dr. Sean Pastuch of Active Life

The Optimal Aging Podcast

Dr. Sean Pastuch, a former gym owner and chiropractor, founded Active Life to create better solutions than the modern medical model can provide. It manages physical pain without considering the emotional ramifications of the proposed intervention, he says -- like when a doctor tells a patient to stop running, playing golf, having sex, enjoying life etc....“It's unacceptable,” Sean says. “We take an oath to ‘do no harm,’ but how is harm defined? I believe it is harmful to tell someone they have to stop doing what gives them great joy so that they can eliminate pain. So I came up with a replacement, a solution.“We are the only company in the world helping thousands of people to get out of pain WITHOUT going to the doctor or missing the gym. We also educate health care providers and fitness professionals on how to provide solutions to their clients the way we do for ours.”Resources and Links:Active LifeSean on FacebookPurple CarrotGreen ChefBest Face Masks article in Runner’s WorldBetty White in People


19 Jan 2021

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I May Be Wrong But I Doubt It: Stu vs. Sean Pastuch

WTF Gym Talk

In the newly revamped segment of I May Be Wrong But I Doubt It - a podcast where I debate individuals on various topics within the fitness industry, And on this episode,  I've got my friend and colleague Sean Pastuch, founder of Active Life Rx, to come on as we debate my stance that fitness professionals need to embrace the idea of being the BEST GENERALIST, that being the 'best coach you can be' is a probably a big waste of your time - depending on where you are on your business journey. Sean respectfully disagrees with several of my core tenants here and we're gonna get into a healthy debate and unpack this topic, so sit back, relax and watch how two ridiculously good looking and intelligent humans can disagree with one another, and still be friends. --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/wtfgymtalk/message


6 Nov 2020

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Dr. Sean Pastuch | Active Life

Whiteboard Weekly

Dr. Sean Pastuch is the Founder and CEO of Active Life where he is on a mission to change the way Active people improve their soft tissue and joint health. Dr. Sean believes that the way to make healthcare inspiring again is to get it out of the doctor’s office and into the gym. With help from his team, Dr. Sean has been able to help people remotely, from all walks of life avoid surgery and work towards elite performance through coaching and programming. In this episode we talk about what it takes to be an entrepreneur and operate a successful business.--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/whiteboardweekly/support

1hr 6mins

2 Nov 2020

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Active Life & The Evolutions from Fitness To Health Profession - Dr. Sean Pastuch

Future of Fitness

Dr. Sean Pastuch is an entrepreneur, coach, medical professional, and is leading a tribe. He has hit a lot of adversity through the process but has managed to work through it and create Active Life Professional.  Dr. Pastuch now focuses all his time, effort, and energy on being an entrepreneur. A year ago, he had 18 members on his team, but he now has 41 people helping him reach for success.  What are the rules of 3’s and 10’s?  This is a business rule that every time your revenue starts with either a three or a 10, it is time to change your entire business - if you are making $100,000 a year, but you want to make $300,000 a year, you will need to change some things.  Things will need to change, from who your clients are, how you find them, what you’re charging, and anything else that needs to be altered for you to reach the next three or ten. Can you describe your business’s qualities from two months ago and then explain what you are working towards two months from now? What does that transition look like? Dr. Pastuch says two months before this recording; they were willing to take on whatever punches that were going to be thrown their way and take any challenge head-on. The business is now moving more towards martial artistry, where everything happens on purpose and through patterns, which ensures there are reasonable next steps to take.  They had to build a corporate structure because there was a lack of accountability and responsibility. After someone goes through your pro-coach program, how do they start those relationships with the medical profession? Are you helping them facilitate that? Dr. Pastuch helps people by giving them a vocabulary that is backed by substance and is working towards bridging the gap better in the future.  Dr. Pastuch had a client that was in a coma and lost 80lbs, he came to Dr.Pastuch to help return him to his former body and increase his muscle mass. Dr.Pastuch then wanted to speak to every doctor that worked with his client, and together they worked together for a year.  How do you think the fitness industry is going to change over the next year? Dr. Pastuch hopes that a year from now, hobbyists in the fitness space will be worked out because they are not professional trainers. Professional trainers realize the way they work needs to change.  The people who have the most skills with marketing and sales will win, and it might not have anything to do with their ability to coach.  There may be many professionals that will be left out because they refused to learn those skills.  Resources: LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sean-pastuch-02ba88109/ Instagram: @drseanpastuch @ActiveLifeRx, @ActiveLifeProfessional Websites: Active Life Professional  


2 Sep 2020

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TIME: Quality or Quantity??? What is more important to kids? - Kim and Sean Pastuch

An Unreasonable Podcast

This episode, we chat to friends Kim and Sean Pastuch. We discuss 'work/life' balance and what it means to their family. We also briefly discuss the realities of postpartum depression and how they navigated their way through it with their third child.


1 Sep 2020

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039 - Turning Pro - Without Vision You Can Not See w/ Dr. Sean Pastuch

The Active Life Podcast

*** We're going back into our vault for this one.  This episode originally aired on another network in 2019 but is even more applicable now *** There is a great expression that goes like this; “If you want to build something big, you need a vision big enough for other people’s vision to fit inside of it.” And it’s true. On this episode of the show, Dr. Sean sits down with the microphone, and you, to discuss how you can take steps to have a better day every day. He does that by explaining the reason why what Active Life is doing, and plans to do, is so important to him and should be to you. The vision for the impact that Active Life will have on the world is most definitely big enough for you to fit inside of it, and in this episode, Dr. Sean talks to you about how you can take immediate, free, steps to make it a reality. Podcast Resources: Are you ready to Turn Pro? Connect with us! Dr. Sean @DrSeanPastuch Active Life Professional @activelifeprofessional


17 Aug 2020