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Meet Ebony Williams - EPIC Applications Supervisor at Johns Hopkins

Find Your Flame

In this episode, meet Ebony Williams, an EPIC Applications Supervisor at Johns Hopkins Health System. Not only does she have a fulltime job in Health IT, but she is also a thyroid disease coach, personal trainer, nutrition coach, aromatherapist, and professor.  She talks about how she got interested in health informatics and patient advocacy, as well as how she manages to balance everything, her advice for finding your why, and so much more! You don't want to miss this episode. 


12 Mar 2021

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How to maintain a healthy lifestyle and why it’s so important – Interview with Ebony Williams

Rocking Female Entrepreneurs

Ebony Williams is a thyroid disease coach that helps individuals, specifically women, live a happy, healthy and joy-filled life through food, fitness and fun. She focuses on thyroid diseases and Hashimoto’s disease because she has personal experience with it. She wants to show people how to live a happy life, how to maintain a healthy lifestyle and be well. In this episode, Ebony talks about the importance of a healthy lifestyle and shares her own story. She was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease 10 years ago and started sharing her journey online. She talks about the symptoms of thyroid diseases and why people need to take them seriously. It was a long struggle until she felt healthy again and she wants to make it easier for others. Ebony shares tips on how to live healthily and have a good work-life balance. She believes that it’s important to have a routine and focus on self-care. “You can’t be someone else’s something if you’re nothing for yourself.” Favorite book or podcast: -       “Thyroid Warrior Podcast” her own podcast, “Cultivate Your Life” by Lara Casey, “Business Life & Joy” by Shunta Grant. They all have interesting approaches to life. -       “Mastering the Sales Game” by Susan McVea who is her mentor and made her understand how important it is to make serving her business to help other people. Quote Ebony is living by or feels inspired by: -       “You can’t be someone else’s something if you are nothing for yourself.” Magic wand with a gift to people: -       She would give people good health because she has seen what it does to people when you are in poor health. She took her own good health for granted and she knows that you can change the world when you are in good health and you are able to do much more. Link to Ebony’s website https://joyfulebony.com/ Links to Ebony’s social media https://www.facebook.com/joyfulebony https://www.instagram.com/joyfulebony/ Link to Ebony’s freebie https://joyfulebony.com/healthybasics If you are ready to rock your life and business get your complimentary coaching call with Lisa! Schedule your free coaching call now. https://go.lisa-evoluer.com/call Grab the free "Rising Business Rockstar Guide" https://go.lisa-evoluer.com/risingbusinessrockstar Get your s** done! Easy steps to get the results you want in your life and business right now, how to be more productive and create your healthy, vibrant dream-life.


23 Jun 2020

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Interview with Ebony Williams: Making More Sales As A Thyroid Health Coach Even Now During Times Of Crisis

Master the Sales Game

In this episode, I speak to my good friend and client, Ebony Williams, a personal trainer, certified holistic nutritionist and a thyroid disease coach. She’s on a mission to help individuals. Specifically women learn how to live healthy, happy lives through food, fitness and fun. She also works as a supervisor at John Hopkins Medicine in the Company Information Systems, Education Department.  We talked about so many different pieces that are related to sales, including why she struggled to sell, even though she was a door to door salesman back in New York (which I didn’t know about until this conversation!) and how she got serious about her business in a whole new, different way. Ebony also shares about how she is currently making more sales, even now during times of crisis, why she needed to get so serious about selling and what happened so she could live that happy, healthy, joy-filled life for herself. Biggest Takeaways: There are a lot of folks who are watching and doing everything behind the scenes to really pay attention to you. They're not the ones who comment or respond back to you. They're not always the ones that are liking your content or showing up or the most vocal. Are you consistent? Are you actually in integrity with what you do and you say and you are? That's really important for all of us to remember now as we do the work that we do and as we're selling. My audience is the most valuable asset that I have. I asked some questions like, “Hey, what do you think about this? Is there something that you're struggling with?” And they tell me. If I'm going to create something, I ask them first. There has been a lot of market research to see what they want and need. That’s how I've developed all of my products and services.  One of the things that I needed to let go of was realizing that it wasn't about me. The more I put time and energy and thinking about that one person that I would serve, the easier it became, the more fun I started to have. When you turn your focus outward instead of inwards, things just shift and they just start to “happen” for you. Highlights: Why Ebony took the leap to start her own business even when she still has her 9-5 job [01:51] How she got serious about her business in a whole new, different way after realizing that her business was turning into an expensive hobby [07:07] Why she made the decision to live happy, healthy, joy-filled life for herself when everything was falling apart [24:31] What happened when Ebony made the decision to learn how to sell [28:29] How to set boundaries and recognize that your time is valuable [39:13] How Ebony has sold and made money on every single thing that she has put out [45:10] Bonus Resource: Top 5 Secrets To Get More YES’es - Get the exact same secrets I’ve only shared with my premium VIP 1:1 clients paying multiple 5 figures. Learn how to turn connections into conversations and conversations into a waitlist of dream clients. Grab your very own copy and start hearing more YES’es on your sales calls. Join Sell With More Ease: If you're done with wasting time on tire kickers and desire to increase the closing rate on your sales calls and get your dream clients to work with you so that you can grow and scale your business faster than you ever have, click here to join the waitlist for Sell With More Ease and be the first to know when doors open! Send me your burning questions: Send me your questions and I will profile you here on an upcoming show. Find out more about me here:  Facebook Facebook Group Instagram Website


21 Apr 2020

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Transform Don’t Conform: The Power of Surender - With Ebony Williams

The Fit in Faith Podcast

It’s the holidays…everything is in abundance…I know even in just the last weekend, I have over indulged too much. What if we switched our mindset…if we adjusted our concept of “need” and turned this season into one of obedience. No, I’m not legalistic, trying to strip away all the fun and joy…even your sweet peppermint and chocolate delights…simply asking you to take a step towards positive transformation…which is exactly what today’s guest has done in the larger scheme of life. Ebony shares about her own life transformation, both in relationship, health and overall mental wellness. She has walked out a subtle process of surrendering…and believe me when I tell you…it was much more than a diet shift. It was a full life variation in life approach. And I’m already seeing the fruits of the spirit blossom as a bystander to her choice in having God direct her compass instead of herself adjustment. I hope she blesses your holiday season with her naturally instinctive joy! Connect with her here: https://www.facebook.com/joyfulebony/ Connect with me, Tamra Andress - The Fit in Faith Podcast Host! I’d love to get to know you. https://www.facebook.com/tamraleighandress/ https://www.instagram.com/tamra.andress/ https://www.instagram.com/fitinfaith_podcast/ https://www.pinterest.com/Tamra_Andress/ www.tamraandress.com Tag #fitinfaithpodcast or @tamra.andress Until next time…Prayers towards your joy, health, wealth and wholeness

1hr 9mins

5 Dec 2019

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For Ebony Williams, the Story Is in the Movement

Sounds of Berklee

Dancer and choreographer, Ebony Williams (B.F.A. '05, contemporary dance), noted for her work with Beyoncé, was recently honored with an Alumni Achievement Award. She talks here about her road to a dance career and how she uses stories to inform her choreography. (Image by Nikita Alba)


30 Apr 2019

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Voices with Pebbles: Ebony Williams

Voices with Pebbles Podcast

This week, I’m talking to Ebony Williams. Ebony is a dancer and choreographer who began her career at a young age right here in Boston. She’s a versatile performer with a love of dance in all genres. She studied at the Roxbury Center for the Arts, The Citi Dance Program, Boston Ballet, and Boston Conservatory before signing with the renowned Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet. Since then you’ve seen her on tour alongside Beyonce and in her Lemonade, Formation and iconic Single Ladies videos. She’s also been in movies, TV shows, live shows AND she’s not done yet. From Boston to Beyonce and beyond, listen to the full interview here... Get more info on Ebony Williams on her website HERE, or on Instagram HERE. See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


8 Jul 2018