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Using your power of being an introvert to build a business with Krystal Covington Episode 83

H for Hustle Podcast

In this week's episode, I talk with  Krystal Covington's journey of being an entrepreneur started as a receptionist, eventually becoming a publicist while working as a publicist. She started building her brand women of Denver, and when she was given an ultimatum from her boss who said, you can't continue to do that woman of Denver thing, she decided to quit her job that day and go, full-time entrepreneur. We also have a great conversation about being an introvert and how to show up as a business owner while still being an introvert. In this episode, Krystal shares: How to build a business while still being an introvert How to build a business while still having a 9-5 job Guest Social Media Info https://www.krystalcovington.com/ https://www.linkedin.com/in/krystalncovington/ https://www.instagram.com/krystalgolead/ --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/hforhustle/support


17 Aug 2021

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Women of Denver ft Krystal Covington

Heidi's Colorful Colorado

Krystal Covington is the Founder of Women of Denver and a marketing consultant working with clients across the U.S. Krystal was recently honored as one of Denver Business Journal's 40 Under 40 award winners. In this episode, Krystal discussed how her own personal ambitions and human instincts culminate into the "secret sauce" of building an incredible network for women. Krystal brings the best of the best when it comes to the pioneering and trailblazing impact women are leading in the new Colorado landscape.  Connect with Krystal! Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | LinkedIn | Website Follow Heidi on Social Media! Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn | Spotify About Heidi As a homegrown Coloradan with a passion for keeping the spirit of our state alive and well, I started this podcast to bring the people of Colorado together to celebrate the amazing state we call home! Come along on this journey with me as I travel across our state in my vintage RV, interviewing folks who embody the true spirit of the Rocky Mountains. From the front range to the mile-high city, to the mountain towns and the Wild West of southern Colorado, we’ll celebrate the history, beauty, and Coloradans that make this place the colorful state it is! Each week, you’ll meet the people trailblazing the way for an even more colorful future for us all, and who are making a huge difference along the way. Visit heidiganahl.com to learn more about the podcast and where we are headed! Submit a guest to Heidi's Colorful Colorado! CLICK HERE!


2 Jun 2021

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BE#117: Stay away from people that are trying to keep you safe! Says our guest "Krystal Covington".

BE-Bonfire Entrepreneurs

Our amazing guest "Krystal Covington" is a marketing strategist working with small and large companies, tech firms, consultants and retail.Featured on numerous TV networks, featured in Forbes, Wall Street Journal, Business Insider, and (if published in mid-March) featured as a Denver Business Journal 40 under 40 winner this year.In this episode we discuss:-Her journey into marketing and supporting women to grow their businesses.-Every time we find an expertise and we become really great at it, it builds our confidence.-“Some people just make a leap and that's very scary to me, it is stressful to have that financial burden over your head”.-Circumstances can create opportunity.-If you can plan, it is very viable to do so.-“I think that everyone can learn and I think it's a matter of taking your desire and pairing that with connecting with people that care and support you with training”.-My education didn’t teach me to do basic small business activities.I learnt to be an entrepreneur mostly from podcasts. No one show will tell you everything you need to know.-People usually start off expecting that there is an answer.-Understand the basic numbers that you need to hit in your business in your first six months.-If they’ve never done what you are about to do, they don’t have any advice for you.-Stay away from people that are trying to keep you safe.-Focus your energy on one thing at a time and try to avoid allowing yourself to get into that four screen in front of you and so many things in your mind because clarity really helps to make life more fulfilling.All this and much more from Krystal in the full episode, do listen to it and please leave us your reviews as it means the world to us.To get in contact with Krystal find her at:https://www.krystalcovington.com/----------------------------------------------------ABOUT THE HOST:I am your host Kajal Khurana - KK, Author of best selling book on Amazon, Mindset & Health Coach, Nutritionist and a Reiki Healer.I am very passionate about helping entrepreneurs achieve their desired goals faster by using tools and techniques which will help them stay energized, focused so they can feel good with their body and mind and make better business decisions.If you enjoyed the episode, if it helped you in any way, or if you had ONE aha moment, please let me know, hit the subscribe button, rate the show and leave me a review. You will make my day :).My new book is launched on amazon here is the link please grab your copyhttp://mybook.to/whymefirst Get the 5 hacks to escape burnouts, including free weekly planner and a bonus of free 30 minutes consultation call with me, all inside the ebook:https://bit.ly/2yfhjIH Let me know what topics you want me to cover in my future episodes at info@bodymindsolution.com Or visit my website: https://bodymindsolution.com


4 May 2021

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Ep #72: Growing Your Business by Galvanizing Your Current Customer Base with Krystal Covington

Soul Guide Radio with Allyson Scammell

In today’s episode we explore:Krystal's top tips to creating connections to your audience,The biggest missed opportunities Krystal sees when people don't galvanize their customer base, andHow the energy we bring to our customer relationships can impact how we feel and perform in our business.Resources: Visit Krystal’s website HERE.Learn more about the Women of Denver HERE.Download your FREE Checklist to Being Seen HERE – And remove the 5 visibility blocks preventing your ideal clients from finding you.Join our community at She Grows Nation of over 1,000 soul-guided entrepreneurs HERE.


20 Apr 2021

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"Focusing on Digital Strategy After the Pandemic" with Krystal Covington

Listen by Jean Ginzburg

"Focusing on Digital Strategy After the Pandemic" with Krystal CovingtonJoin my Digital Marketing Method Group Coaching Program. Grow your business and your social media following. Go to www.DMGroup.Online to sign up today for only $29/mo!Link to my website: www.jeanginzburg.com


12 Apr 2021

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Ep 154: Being Adaptable to Overcome Challenges with KRYSTAL COVINGTON

THE EMPOWERED WOMAN |Personal Growth | Visibility | Entrepreneurship | Profit | Mental Health | Self-love

Founder of THE WOMEN OF DENVER and a business growth strategist with a focus on lead generation and sales, Krystal shares her journey learning to be flexible as a person and entrepreneur, finding ways to adapting to different challenges and circumstances life throws at us, like starting from scratch in a new city, becoming a mom, dealing with a pandemic and so much more! Connect with Krystal: www.thewomenofdenver.com www.krystalcovington.com 


6 Nov 2020

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#61 Krystal Covington, Women of Denver

Women, Wine & Leadership

I was walking through Costco the other day and there it was, Krystal's favorite Meiomi Pinot Noir. Now you know where to get it. And when you listen to this podcast, you will know how one mover and shaker is making history for the Women of Denver with this amazing organization. Krystal is a dynamic working woman and a mom creating a stage for women to influence leadership in our town. There are different membership levels, so you have no excuse not to take a look at upcoming WOD events and sign up now.


12 Feb 2020

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S3E8: Startup The Fire with Krystal Covington

That's What She Did Podcast

Contact the Show: ThatsWhatSheDidPodcast@gmail.com Send your questions, comments, and suggestions for women to feature to Tangia Renee. Featured Guest: Krystal Covington Krystal Covington is the CEO & Founder of Women of Denver, a social enterprise association helping professional women develop their business skills, build confidence, and earn their worth as business leaders. Launching in 2014, Women of Denver now has a community of thousands and continues to grow. The group has over 40 events per year ranging from 15-150 attendees. In This Episode: How moving to a move city from Detroit lead Krystal to start a business based on connecting women The power of connecting women  Why being a WoC is one of her best assets The many ways starting her business has helped her grow and walk in grace Learn More About Krystal and Women of Denver: Startup the Fire Summer Summit Women of Denver Krystal Covington  Social handle: @KrystalGoLead Follow The Podcast: Don't forget to leave us a review and follow us on Instagram and Facebook.


26 Apr 2019

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We’re All Ears Interview Series: Building Community with Krystal Covington

We're All Ears

Building & Growing Community Through Women of Denver One of the secrets to success is surrounding yourself with people who are moving in the same direction.  Krystal Covington understands that full well as she has built up a successful women's professional group in Denver.  In the process, she's seen herself change and grow as well.  Can't wait to share with your our discussion!  Who is Krystal Covington? Krystal is a visionary leader based in Denver, Colorado.  After moving to Denver, she formed Women of Denver, a professional networking group for women from all walks of life.  Krystal is a PR expert and has grown a great personal brand as well.  She has a lot of great insights to share about building a tribe and growing community.   What Did We Chat About? How people can grow using a group like Women of Denver Tips for personal branding Golden Nuggets From Our Conversation: People are looking for a place where they can find people like themselves.  People want to develop and grow.  The deepest connections happen in person, but if you're active and intentional you can nurture relationships on social media.  Use personal messages to deepen relationships.   Branding is about being visible on a regular basis and to a growing number of people.  That could be live in-person conversations or a discussion on an online group. Share your expertise and tag others to help grow your reach. Building your own platform allows you instant leadership and visibility.  Many doors open by organizing and building your own network - even if most of the events are not featuring you.  "Great opportunities come from creating community." Consistency is key to building influence.  It takes time to truly build a strong and powerful brand that gets you the results you want. Consistency ultimately means continuous visibility. Recommended Links: KrystalCovington.com Women of Denver If you liked this podcast, please leave a review on iTunes! Click HEREto discover the iTunes page. If you found value in this episode, help a friend out and share this episode on Social Media.  


18 Mar 2019

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Starting a Large Women's Organization with Krystal Covington, Founder of Women of Denver

Real Women's Work Podcast

It's easy to think people are born with the skills they are good at, but something that looks easy or natural may have taken a lot of work to develop. This is true for Krystal Covington, founder of Women of Denver. As an introvert who has lived with shyness, Krystal now leads events and an organization for hundreds of women. Listen in as Krystal shares her wisdom, experience, and tools for developing those things we wish we were good at!


2 Oct 2018