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From Cradle To Grave Situation w/Jeremy Sherman, Ph.D.


Jeremy Sherman is a Ph.D. in evolutionary epistemology. He describes himself as a cradle-to-grave science researcher studying the unbroken chain, from the origins of life to humankind's grave situation today. He has written over 1,000 articles for Psychology Today’s 9 million readers on everyday practicalities. Jeremy also lived for 7 years in an eco-village commune in Tennessee known as “The Farm”, where its 1400 residents elected him to a leadership role at just 24 years old. For the past 25 years, he has been a close research collaborator with Harvard and Berkeley neuroscientist Terrence Deacon. Jeremy says he’s all about making advanced ideas intuitive, practical, and funny because from a natural science perspective, the human condition is pretty ironic. His latest book is called "What's up with Assholes? Advanced Psycho-Proctology For Beginners”Jeremy joins Rachel to share his unique insights into narcissistic leaders, the social and psychological dynamics of the high control groups they run, and the effect their pathologies have on followers. Jeremy offers his perspective of cultic dynamics through the lens of his field of evolutionary epistemology comparing notes with Rachel as she notices corresponding findings from her experience working with cult survivors.Before You Go: Rachel explores further Jeremy's ideas surrounding the dangers of shamelessness as a trait in leaders and the cumbersome nature of conscience. You can find all of Jeremy's articles, books, podcasts, and more here:https://jeremysherman.comThanks to all of our newest Patreon supporters:Kirsten Cole, ShaSha, Allison Yena, Becca Upshaw, Vibeke J. Gardsten, Jeff Nelson, Trish Gratson, Jessica Mitchell, Jodi Springberg,Bonni Howard, and, Sarah HindsTo help support the show monthly and get bonus episodes, shirts, and tote bags, please visit:www.patreon.com/indoctrinationPrefer to support the IndoctriNation show with a one-time donation? Use this link:www.paypal.me/indoctrinationYou can help the show for free by leaving a rating on Spotify or Apple/ iTunes. It really helps the visibility of the show!

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13 Jul 2022

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Jeremy Sherman - decision theorist

Super Little Challenges

Super guest Jeremy Sherman is a science researcher & writer studying the unbroken chain from the origins of life from chemistry to humankind's situation today. He's the author of the Columbia University Press book 'Neither Ghost Nor Machine: The emergence and nature of selves' & has published 1000 articles on Psychology Today. Jeremy Sherman: https://jeremysherman.com/ DT insta: https://www.instagram.com/dt_thoms/

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6 Jul 2022

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Psychoproctology: An Interview with Jeremy Sherman

Couples Therapy In Seven Words

Jeremy Sherman is a specialist in psychoproctology—the study of, well, the behavior of a**holes. He’s also a popular blogger for Psychology Today, a researcher who studies how life has emerged from chemicals, and a funny guy. Among other gems in this interview, Jeremy explains how he became happily married to solitude, when his lack of appetite finally caught up to his lack of aptitude. Here's the link for the Psychology Today post we mention in the interview: https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/ambigamy/202204/partnership-troubles-may-be-why Dr. Chalmer's book Reigniting the Spark: Why Stable Relationships Lose Intimacy, and How to Get It Back is available here, or wherever you get your books. Like this podcast? Review us, like us, follow us, and do all those other kinds of wonderful things to us! It helps people find the show. Visit us at ctin7.com! Music: Besamim (Spices) by Bruce Chalmer, performed by Fyre and Lightning Consort


10 Jun 2022

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Jeremy Sherman | How to speak to and deal with a**holes!


How do you deal with buttheads without becoming a butthead yourself?My guest Jeremy Sherman has been studying multiple disciplines in human sciences in several of the top US homes of academia. As a self-proclaimed psychoproctologist, he helps us explore the asshole mindset and how to counter the tactics they often employ in arguments and why not countering assholery could be the end of us all. This and much more in a fun but adult conversation.(You will notice in this episode the US/UK divide. In the UK we call people arseholes as a derogative and in the US it's assholes. They mean exactly the same thing, so please consider them interchangeable for this episode and this is my unique rendition of the Gershwin classic 'you say asshole and I say arsehole, let's call the whole thing off!')In this episode:Why Yoda was wrong in Star WarsWhat is psycho proctology?What allows us to say someone is an asshole?Do assholes know they are being assholes?Irony as a tool of persuasion?How to tackle trollsand more besides.You can find out more about my guest at JeremySherman.com and his book is called What's up with Assholes. Jeremy's book recommendations are Style: lessons in clarity and grace by Joseph Williams (definitely not in everyone's budget, sorry) and Building Great Sentences By Brooks Landon available in audio as part of Audible's Great Courses series.Please do check out our show sponsors Brand Face and for a limited time you can take their Brand Score Quiz to find out if your brand is being seen the way you want it to. Go to BrandFaceScore.com and find out today for free.This episode contains strong language in this episode that may not be suitable for everyone.Did you enjoy the show? Did you learn anything new or useful? If you did, then the best way to show your appreciation is by sharing the show to your online network. Tag me and I'll give you a shout out on an upcoming episode. Leave a review and I'll read it out on the show.Of course, if you REALLY liked it, you're welcome to support the show financially too using the link below.Support the show (https://speakinginfluence.supercast.tech/)


13 Feb 2022

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084 with Science Researcher, Writer, and Biosemiotician Jeremy Sherman - The Trying Self

The Junkyard Love Podcast

Jeremy has a PhD in Decision Theory, a Masters in Public Policy, and is an author of over 1,000 articles for Psychology Today. He's friends with famous intellectual thinkers, has been a close research collaborator with Harvard/Berkeley neuroscientist Terrence Deacon for over 25 years and is a one-time elected elder on the world's largest hippy commune. Jeremy is the author of these three books:'Neither Ghost Nor Machine - The Emergence and Nature of Selves''What's Up With Assholes? - How To Spot And Stop Them Without Becoming One''Negotiate With Yourself And Win! - Doubt Management Skills For People Who Can Hear Themselves Think'In this stimulating chat, we touch on science, evolution, the birth of language, The Stoned Aped Theory, 'Trying', Free-will, Natural Philosophy, the third scientific revolution, love, panpsychism, virtual virtue, the second self, social media, technology and much, much more. Access all things Jeremy here - https://jeremysherman.com/Please consider giving a positive review, thumbs up, and a subscribe if you enjoyed the episode.

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4 Feb 2022

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108: Jeremy Sherman, PhD | Can You Calculate Your Chances Of Success? Calculating Your Potential with Jeremy Sherman, PhD

The Nick Lugo Show

In this fun episode of The Nick Lugo Show, Jeremy Sherman answers this question: can you calculate your chances of life success? He’s a super fun guy, here to answer some serious questions. I loved this episode. SPONSORSSneakerCreatures: https://www.sneakercreatures.com/USE PROMO CODE: NICKLUGO for 10% discount on all sneakersJeremy Sherman is a lead researcher on one of today's most prominent and promising topics: trying and how it started. In other words how mattering emerged from matter, how the struggle for existence emerged from aimless chemistry. He’s close collaborator for 25 years with Harvard/Berkeley neuroscientist/biological anthropologist, Terrence Deacon. He’s the author of Neither Ghost nor Machine: The Emergence and Nature of Selves. He is also the host of several podcasts, namely “What’s up with A**holes,” where he defines his new field of research, psychopractology (if you don’t get the joke, look it up). He’s reached over 15 million people in his writing and audio. Here are some of his quirks:A pioneer psychoproctologist – 25 years working to explaining total jerks and how to stop them without becoming one. A one-time elected elder on the world's largest hippy commune.A shamelessly honest introspeculator, who uses funny personal examples to illustrate and explain the stuff we all do. Quotes: “Life is like playing piano with oven mitts on”CHECK OUT JEREMY SHERMANWebsite: https://jeremysherman.com/ (https://jeremysherman.com/)Book: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B071LMB9NV/ref=dbs_a_def_rwt_bibl_vppi_i0 (https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B071LMB9NV/ref=dbs_a_def_rwt_bibl_vppi_i0)Podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/whats-up-with-a-holes/id1558542485SPONSORSSneakerCreatures: https://www.sneakercreatures.com/USE PROMO CODE: NICKLUGO for 10% discount on all sneakersPODCAST INFO:Podcast website: https://nick-lugo.com/Apple Podcasts: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/lugos-journey/id1527159307?uo=4Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/show/1OrMPWEyIGIdQpBkNEZqe0RSS: https://anchor.fm/s/3ffb95d4/podcast/rssYouTube Full Episodes: www.youtube.com/NickLugoShowYouTube Clips: www.youtube.com/channel/UC_IEc5zSq7grb4lgGGEcqUwSUPPORT and CONNECT:– Twitter: https://twitter.com/NickLugooo– Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/nick.lugo/– LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/nick-lugo-2a7124208/– Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nicholas.lugo.311– Email: nicholasanthonylugo@gmail.com

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27 Jan 2022

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224 Jeremy Sherman: How to deal with A@#$holes - Interview with a psychoproctologist

Steps To Sobriety

Jeremy Sherman PhD has been on many of the rides in life's amusement park. For example, in his 20’s he was an engineer getting water to poor Guatemalan villages and was also an elected elder in the world’s largest hippy commune. During a juicy midlife crisis, he pivoted to academic research on the questions that were eating at him. He now calls himself a cradle-to-grave researcher, collaborating with a Berkeley neuroscientist on everything from the chemical origins of life to the nature of assholes and cults today. Sherman is the author of a Columbia University Press book about life's origins but also 1000 articles for Psychology Today about everyday doubts and decision making.3 top tips for my audience:1. Commit yourself to fallibilist irony, the adaptive response to a wiggly world. 2. Watch out for “I once was lost but now I’m blind” syndrome.3. Don’t panic, it’s organic. If you understand how we got here life gets more interesting and you get more comfortable in your own skin. Social MediaJeremysherman.com https://linktr.ee/Jeremysherman

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21 Jan 2022

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84 - What's Up with As$holes with Jeremy Sherman

Better Than Fine With Darlene Marshall

Support the show by snapping up your copy of the Better Than Fine Workbook - www.darlene.coach/workbook Jeremy Sherman has a Masters in Public Policy from UC Berkeley, a PhD in Decision Theory and is the author of two books on the self and self management, writes regular articles for Psychology Today - and some of my favorite work is in what he calls psychoproctology: the study of what makes people act like "jerks".  In this episode we explore what makes some people act like A-Holes, how to deal with them, and how to meet life's challenges with humor.--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/betterthanfine/message


16 Dec 2021

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Interview with Jeremy Sherman - On the Power of Language to Enlighten or Destroy

Unconditional Healing with Jeff Rubin

Jeremy Sherman is an out-of-the-box thinker who has made it his life’s work to contemplate and write about humanity’s most challenging dilemmas. He has spent decades of study on the human condition, and is an expert on the many ways we employ language to advantage and also to make our lives more difficult and painful. Jeremy has invented over 2000 novel terms for those times when current terminology just doesn’t suffice. He has also published over 1000 articles on Psychology Today and written two books.  His insight and irreverence really shine through in his newest book, titled “What’s Up With Assholes? How to Spot and Stop Them Without Becoming One”, which is due out this year.  Using Jeremy’s writing and quotes as jumping-off points, our conversation runs the gamut from whether humans possess innate wisdom, to working with fear skillfully. We also discuss the two prime directives of every organism, the need to protect against things that degenerate it (us), and the need to repair what does degenerate.    This underlying principle applies to language and concepts as well, which leaves us humans with a confirmation bias, favoring those things that reinforce what we like to hear and filtering out concepts/language that we think threaten us. While some of us treat this as a problem to manage, others take it as a license to simply avoid things that bring up doubt. On that topic, Jeremy discerns the difference between healthy doubt and useless doubt.  Of language, Jeremy says “We worry emotionally, the way other animals do, but we get these feedback loops going where we rev out because we can remember past horrors, and we can anticipate future horrors, we can imagine all sorts of unreal horrors.“   He adds, “That’s one thing that language does, it overwhelms us and makes us anxious.  The other thing it does is affords us easy ways to deflect that which makes us anxious.  So we’ve got climate change, but then we’ve got all these people who are worried about Dr. Seuss books being canceled, that would be an example of threat displacement.”  There’s a lot more in this episode that we cover, of course, sprinkled throughout with Jeremy’s wry sense of self-deprecating humor.   ************ Before you leave, a few considerations. ·      Why not subscribe to the Unconditional Healing newsletter here with announcements, podcast links, events, etc.  ·      You can learn about and register for our next online Healing Circle here.  It's free, and you’ll find like-minded folks with whom to practice meditation and share the journey toward unconditional health and well-being. ·      Much of my work with Unconditional Healing, like the Healing Circles, is free and I’d love to keep it that way. If you’d like to help support this podcast and my other projects, while also receiving access to my talks on Unconditional Healing and admittance to events not available to the general public like group meditation instruction and practice, please check out my Unconditional Healing  Patreon Page. ·      Thoughts?  Guest suggestions?  Email me at jjrubin@gmail.com.

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21 Nov 2021

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WFS #62: The Mystery of the Human Experience with Jeremy Sherman PhD

Wired For Success Podcast

EPISODE SUMMARY Join scientist and mindset & high-performance coach Claudia Garbutt and science researcher and writer Jeremy Sherman PhD as they explore the mysteries of consciousness, language & the human experience. In this episode you’ll learn about: - The hard problem of consciousness - Meditation, psychedelics & higher states of consciousness - The role of language for experiencing your subjective reality    EPISODE NOTES Jeremy Sherman, PhD is a cradle-to-grave science researcher and writer studying the unbroken chain from the origins of life from chemistry to humankind's grave situation today. He's the author of the Columbia University Press book Neither Ghost Nor Machine: The emergence and nature of selves but also 1000 articles with 9 million readers for Psychology Today on everyday practicalities, including how to deal with Total Jerks. For 25 years, he has been a close research collaborator with Harvard/Berkeley neuroscientist Terrence Deacon. His latest book is called "What's up with Assholes? Advanced psychoproctology for beginners. Sherman's all about making advanced ideas intuitive, practical, and funny, because from a natural science perspective because the human condition is pretty ironic. You can find him here: Latest book https://psychoproctology.libsyn.com/website Website https://jeremysherman.com/ LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/jeremyshermanphd/ ----------------------- If you enjoyed this episode, learned something new, had an epiphany moment - or were reminded about a simple truth that you had forgotten, please let me know by leaving a review and a comment! I’m always open to suggestions – maybe you have a specific topic in mind that you would love to learn more about or you know someone who would be a fantastic guest for this show – leave a comment and let me know! Oh, and make sure you subscribe to the podcast so you don’t miss out on any of the amazing future episodes! If you’d like to connect more, you can find me here: Website: www.wiredforsuccess.solutions Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/wired_for_success/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/claudia.garbutt.1 LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/claudia-garbutt/ HELPFUL RESOURCES Worried you might be headed for burnout? Take my quiz to identify common warning signs and assess your current burnout risk: https://ivlv.me/aX1ZF Wanna find out how I can help you leverage the power of your mind and tap into the wisdom of your body to feel fully aligned, trust your intuition, and achieve your goals with ease and joy rather than with constant hustle and pushing yourself to the point of exhaustion – book a free 20min Strategy Session with me: https://bit.ly/2YemfIe Are you too busy to enjoy your life and would like to free up more time to do all the things you love? Check out my “5 Days to Getting Your Life Back” productivity course that teaches ambitious, mission-driven entrepreneurs how to win back 1-2h of precious time each day tOrKGj6dPSYpZnlxLWs2

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19 Nov 2021