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5 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Vera Jo Reigle. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Vera Jo Reigle, often where they are interviewed.

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5 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Vera Jo Reigle. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Vera Jo Reigle, often where they are interviewed.

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Episode 96 - Mothers' Day Special: The Murder of Vera Jo Reigle

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Pete and Chris tear another one to shreds with a Mother's Day Special episode, featuring the horrific murder of Vera Jo Reigle.  It's a horrible story of a white trash family gone gangster that torture and murder a young special needs woman. In the center of it all is Sugar Babe, the toothless ringleader of the madness.  They're joined in studio by Joey Goremonger, and Pete's daughter, Katie Altieri, who has a master's degree in criminal investigations.

CK calls in to talk about the Plastmatics and other metal news.  Plus, a new metal chick Killer Cage Match, a funny mayhem story by Pete, karaoke destruction, and much more.

Music by the Plasmatics, Exodus, and Skinless.

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CK Intro music by Crisix.

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Karaoke by I Kill Karaoke

May 07 2020 · 2hr 17mins
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Vera Jo Reigle

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One very messed up case out of Findlay Ohio. A very preventable murder had people just said something and had others done their freaking job!!!


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Mar 29 2020 · 1hr

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30: Vera Jo Reigle

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The intellectually disabled are among the most vulnerable within the community. While many can lead normal lives, including holding down a job and raising a family, there are a number that sadly suffer in silence and need that extra bit of help. In an ideal world, those that struggle mentally would have a mentor or a guardian that have their very best interests at heart and assist them with their life decisions.

However, sadly for 24-year-old Vera Jo Reigle from Findlay, Ohio, she was truly alone in the world and those who appeared closest to her, were – in reality – her number one enemy. Poverty, drugs, neglect and abuse made up the four walls of a literal house of horrors for Vera Jo and in 2011, her disturbing death reverberated in a community which prides itself on being caring and compassionate and led to a discussion about what could be done to better identify and assist those who may be unwilling or unable to ask for help.

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Density & Time - Water Lillies
Jan 13 2020 · 55mins

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Episode 34: The Killing of Vera Jo Reigle/ The Curse of Benedict Canyon

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Incest, rape, torture, a pig in a cupboard & murder are just a few words to describe the Brooks family from Findlay, Ohio. In this episode, Falon covers the heartbreaking story of Vera Jo Reigle. Vera was held as a slave, beaten, tortured and ultimately killed by the family who she not only trusted, but loved. The Brooks family only needed Vera for one thing- to give birth to a baby girl, which she did- and later named her Willadean. Her short life and murder will forever leave a scar in this little Ohio town.


We rap up the episode with the story of The Curse of Benedict Canyon. High on the top of a mountain overlooking Beverly Hills California, sits a patch of land once priced at $1 Billion dollars- marked down to $100,000-yet no one wants to live there...but why? Could it be that the infamous Manson murders took place just a short stroll away? Or is there something more sinister dwelling deep within the 90210 zip code? Listen & find out!

Sources for this episode include: "Goodnight Sugar Babe": The Murder of Vera Jo Reigle documentary. (You can watch NOW on Amazon Prime!!) Wikipedia, Red Handed Podcast & Lit Up Paranormal Podcast. 

Thanks for your support! Happy Holidays! -DAP

Dec 24 2019 · 1hr 5mins
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Episode 106 - Train Tracks: The Murder of Vera Jo Reigle

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Vera hadn't had it easy; she was a vulnerable woman who had coped with ADHD, serious learning difficulties and sexual abuse all her life. At the age of 22 she began dating a 16 year old boy named Zachary Brooks. And while this may sound predatory, it wasn't Vera who was the dangerous one. It was the matriarch of the Brooks family - Cheri Brooks aka "Sugar Babe". 

When Vera got pregnant, Cheri's determination to meet her grandchild created a horrifyingly dangerous situation for the young mother. 

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Aug 08 2019 · 41mins