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VOC 233 | The Courage to Tap into Your Divine Genius | Adam Hall | Ken D Foster

Voices Of Courage

Guest Adam C Hall will explore the consciousness template to apply Quantum Physics and help you tap into your divine genius on the Voices of Courage Show with Host Ken D Foster. Since 2007 Adam has been conserving land and working with global evolutionary leaders as the Founder of the Earth Keeper Alliance. Adam’s teachings integrate Science, Spirituality and Success. A Trained Shaman and Teacher of A Course in Miracles, he is the creator of the Genius Process and the Founder/CEO at the Genius Studio. Adam has 4 decades of experience as an impact investor and entrepreneur. #VOC #voicesofcourage #KenDFoster #AdamHall #podcast See the full podcast video: https://youtu.be/mDkaQP5Zr5w Like || Comment || Share ----------------------------------------------------------- Enjoy & stay connected with us! ► Visit us: voicesofcourage.us ► Like us on Facebook: facebook.com/VoicesofCourageRadio ► Follow us on Instagram: instagram.com/kendfoster_ ► Follow us on Twitter: twitter.com/KennethFoster ► Contact us on Linkedin: linkedin.com/in/kendfoster


1 Oct 2022

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The Unlearning Curve with Adam Hall

Zen Success

Interview with entrepreneur, humanitarian and author Adam C. Hall.Adam C. Hall is committed to helping individuals, companies and organizations unlearn the beliefs, behaviors, and habits that shield them from discovering their purpose, mission and cause.In his book Divine Genius: The Unlearning Curve, Adam shares the 13 Universal Wisdom Teachings and the Genius Process that led to his transformation, discovered on the extraordinary journey that took him from the shores of Santa Barbara, CA to the jungles of Peru. He is passionate about sharing this knowledge and wisdom with the world.https://Ht1352--hteam.thrivecart.com/global-oneness-summit-2022/62cd9fc6f97e1/


26 Sep 2022

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Destiny and Fate Contrasted, Embracing Community to Survive Chaos, Terminal Seriousness and More with Genius Studio CEO Adam Hall

The Superhumanize Podcast

We are living in times of uncertainty and great challenges. The economic systems as we know them are shaken to the core and the ecology of the entire planet is threatened due to our doing.There is the saying that a tiger can not change its stripes, meaning we can not change our essential nature. I do believe in the power and the possibility of profound change that lies within each one of us. Currently we are witnessing a dramatic shift within human consciousness in the midst of these tumultuous times. And evolve we must, if we are to remain as a viable species on a healthy planet. The story of today's guest is one of profound change. On the outside Adam Hall had achieved the American Dream. He was a financial power broker on the pinnacle of material achievement. He had founded three successful real estate development companies, before personal devastation forced him to reassess his life. Adam met his misery by undertaking a life-changing metamorphosis that altered his mindset from Earth Conqueror to Earth Keeper, becoming an author, speaker, futurist, impact investor and conservationist. As the CEO of Renaissance Capital, Adam raised $1.5 billion in capital investment helping conserve natural landscapes in-perpetuity. He spent two decades as an impact investor dedicated to the quadruple bottom line: People, Planet, Profits with Purpose -- and founded the The EarthKeeper Alliance.Adam has dedicated himself to fostering conscious evolution. Through his books — Divine Genius: The Unlearning Curve, The Little Book of Genius: Abundance and the first book in his autobiographical trilogy The Earthkeeper: Undeveloping the Future Adam continues share ways to elevate consciousness and create optimal inner wellness.He is the founder and CEO of the Genius Studio, creator of the Genius Process and works with accomplished leaders who are seeking more contentment, alignment and personal meaning in their lives.Committed to helping others get in touch with their innate power for personal, professional, and planetary transformation, Adam's mission in life is to help change a billion minds about how we do business and our relationship with ourselves, each other and the planet.In this episode with Adam Hall, you'll discover:-Changing ideals regarding the archetypal warrior...04:15-From Earth Conqueror to Earth Keeper...07:45-Realizing the conventional definition of "success" isn't everything success entails...14:08-How we're perceived by ourself and others when we truly seek Wisdom to guide our lives...18:50-Why the "unlearning" curve is just as important as the "learning" curve...25:52-Forgiveness is a process, not an event...32:35-Terminal seriousness v. terminal joy...36:08-Reframing thought processes regarding ethical business dealings during tumultuous times...41:05-Connecting with community to find inner peace in times of crisis and chaos...52:05-Predictions for humanity in the next 10-20 years...1:00:25-The difference between "destiny" and "fate"...1:07:38-How to get out of this lifetime alive...1:10:54-Adam's most profound personal practice...1:14:45And much more...Resources mentioned:Adam's websiteBOOKSDivine Genius, The Unlearning CurveThe Earth Keeper: Undeveloping the FutureThe Little Book of Genius: AbundanceGuest's social handles:LINKEDINFacebook

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3 Aug 2022

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Type 2: Episode 024 - Adam Hall

Looking Sideways Action Sports Podcast

Type 2 is a podcast from Looking Sideways in association with Patagonia that explores the intersection between the outdoors, action sports and activism.This week’s guest is a surfer and activist Adam Hall. He’s Head of Sustainability for Surfdome, a trustee for POW UK, and is part of the team that just successfully ran the campaign to have the North Devon coastline designated one of only 12 World Surfing Reserves in the world, putting this much loved corner of the British surf world on a par with places like Noosa, Malibu and Ericeira, All of which would be reason enough to have Adam on as a guest for Type 2. But Adam’s story is really about how a passionate, driven individual has found a way of - yes - parlaying his own passions into positive actions on a wider scale. Which really is a key question when you get down to what it actually means to be an ‘activist’. How can we make it personal, yet impactful on a wider scale? How can we think big when we’re starting small? After all, it can be overwhelming, especially in the face of the sheer scale of some of the challenges we face, to work out how to make a difference. This is a conundrum that Adam has cracked, both through the projects that personify his take on activism, and through his passion for surfing, which is really at the heart of all his work. For me, this is what Type 2 is really about: the chance to hear from passionate, articulate, fired-up people who are out there making a difference and calling it out for what it is. We recorded this one at the Wave in Bristol after a really fun surf (it won’t surprise you to hear that Adam rips, by the way); and all-in-all it was a great day capped off by a brilliant, thought-provoking conversation with somebody who wears his principles on this sleeve and is out there making it happen in every way he can. New episodes of Type 2 are released every four weeks through my Looking Sideways channel. Hear it by subscribing to Looking Sideways via ApplePodcasts, Spotify or any of the usual other podcast providers. Thanks to Ewan Wallace for the theme tune, and to my editor Fina Charleson. This is a public episode. If you would like to discuss this with other subscribers or get access to bonus episodes, visit lookingsideways.substack.com


7 Jun 2022

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Rob Olsen from the Adam Hall Group

All Around the Fretboard

Very happy to introduce y'all to Rob Olsen from The Adam Hall Group. I was contacted thru the tomatkinsband.com website to set up an interview with Rob, and we had a great time! 


25 Mar 2022

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Ep. 475 – “Divine Genius” with Adam Hall

Going North Podcast

“We need solutions. We don’t need kinda sortas.” – Adam C. Hall Today’s featured author is serial entrepreneur, speaker, futurist, social architect, impact investor, advisor, and conservationist, Adam Hall. Adam and I have a chat about his book, “Divine Genius: The Unlearning Curve”, making joy your job, and tons more!! Key Thing’s You’ll Learn: What is a Divine Genius? The 4 Types of Life Experiences What is unlearning and why does it matter? The difference between a “divine doing” and a “divine being”. Adam’s Site: https://www.adamhall.solutions/ Adam’s Books: https://www.amazon.com/Adam-C.-Hall/e/B00CYU0YO6?ref_=dbs_p_pbk_r00_abau_000000 The opening track is titled, "Pure White Field (SfEX2)" by Rukunetsu aka Project R. To listen and download the entire track, click the following link. https://soundcloud.com/rukunetsu/pure-white-field-sfex2 You May Also Like… 242 – “The Celestine Prophecy” by James Redfield (@James_Redfield): https://www.goingnorthpodcast.com/242-the-celestine-prophecy-by-james-redfield-james_redfield/ 256 – “When You Realize How Perfect Everything Is” with Bernie Siegel, MD and Charlie Siegel (@BernieSiegelMD): https://www.goingnorthpodcast.com/256-when-you-realize-how-perfect-everything-is-with-bernie-siegel-md-and-charlie-siegel-berniesiegelmd/ 95 - "L.I.F.E." with Jim Phillips (@inspired10): https://www.goingnorthpodcast.com/95-life-with-jim-phillips-inspired10/ #GNPYear2 Episode 2 - "Lead An Uncompromised Life" with Lori Spagna (@LoriSpagna): https://www.goingnorthpodcast.com/gnpyear2-episode-2-lead-an-uncompromised-life-with-lori-spagna-lorispagna/ 196 – “In Search of More with Less” with Dennis Pitocco (@bizmasterglobal): https://www.goingnorthpodcast.com/196-in-search-of-more-with-less-with-dennis-pitocco-bizmasterglobal-chaostoclarity/ 104 - "Heart Reconnection" with Lee McCormick (@spiritrecovery): https://www.goingnorthpodcast.com/104-heart-reconnection-with-lee-mccormick-spiritrecovery/ 169 - "The Second Wave" with Kerri Hummingbird (@KerriHummingbrd): https://www.goingnorthpodcast.com/169-the-second-wave-with-kerri-hummingbird-kerrihummingbrd/ 68 - "The Ultimate Paradigm Shift" with Dr. Phillip Mountrose (@HolisticDrPhil): https://www.goingnorthpodcast.com/68-the-ultimate-paradigm-shift-with-dr-phillip-mountrose-holisticdrphil/ Ep. 398 – “Awaken Your Greatest Potential” with Lori Ann Spagna (@LoriSpagna): https://www.goingnorthpodcast.com/ep-398-awaken-your-greatest-potential/ #M2M Bonus – “From Disco Queen to Divine Angel” with Sister Dr. Jenna (@americameditate): https://www.goingnorthpodcast.com/m2m-bonus-from-disco-queen-to-divine-angel-with-sister-dr-jenna-americameditate/ #M2M Bonus – “An Alcoholic’s Progress from Mayhem to Miracles” with Sharla Charpentier (@The_Llove_Llama): https://www.goingnorthpodcast.com/m2m-bonus-an-alcoholics-progress-from-mayhem-to-miracles-with-sharla-charpentier-the_llove_llama-m2m/ Ep. 426 – “Success Left a Clue” with Robert Raymond Riopel (@RobRox69): https://www.goingnorthpodcast.com/ep-426-success-left-a-clue-with-robert-raymond-riopel-robrox69/ Ep. 435 – “Breaking the Code” with Rusty Gailliard (@RustyGaillard): https://www.goingnorthpodcast.com/ep-435-breaking-the-code-with-rusty-gailliard-rustygaillard/ Ep. 415 – “Intention” with Dr. Ian Brooks (@DrB_Intention): https://www.goingnorthpodcast.com/ep-415-intention-with-dr-ian-brooks-drb_intention/ Ep. 411 – “Name That Mouse” with David Wood (@_focusceo): https://www.goingnorthpodcast.com/ep-411-name-that-mouse-with-david-wood-_focusceo/ Ep. 462.5 – “Beacons of Leadership” with Chris Voss of The Chris Voss Show (@ChrisVossShow1): https://www.goingnorthpodcast.com/ep-4625-beacons-of-leadership-with-chris-voss-of-the-chris-voss-show-chrisvossshow1/ Ep. 461 – “Live for Joy” with Anne Scottlin (@AnneScottlin): https://www.goingnorthpodcast.com/ep-461-live-for-joy-with-anne-scottlin-annescottlin/


28 Feb 2022

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Enthusiastic about Your Divine Genius with Adam Hall

Enthusiastically Spiritual

Wherever you are at right now you are tied to the current earth cycle. Even though there are many challenges going on around us and inside of us, we are all called to step forward and into our divine genius. and that is exactly what my guest today has done and he is here to share some wonderful wisdom and support for the journey of others.His name is Adam C. Hall and he is committed to helping individuals, companies and organizations unlearn the beliefs, behaviors, and habits that shield them from discovering their purpose, mission and cause In his book Divine Genius: The Unlearning Curve, Adam shares the 13 Universal Wisdom Teachings and the Genius Process that led to his transformation, discovered on the extraordinary journey that took him from the shores of Santa Barbara, CA to the jungles of Peru. He is passionate about sharing this knowledge and wisdom with the world. He is committed to helping others get in touch with their innate power for personal, professional, and planetary transformation, Adam consults on Inner Wealth, Wellness and Inner Leadership working with people and companies to enrich their Inner and Outer Wealth Portfolio by integrating Science, Spirituality and Success. Insights to add to your spiritual toolbox from this episode:1.  Living in auspicious times2. Aliveness through the journey3. Punctuated Evolution4. Quantum leap5. Midlife point6. Reflecting life deeply7. Book, Divine Genius- The Unlearning Curve8. Relationships for growth9. Striving hard for the American dream10. Being invited to show up for this new shiftFind out more about Adam C. Hall. Buy his book Divine Genius: The Unlearning Curve. Follow him on Instagram. Thank you for listening to another spiritual mini morsel.Subscribe on PODCAST ADDICT, APPLE, like us on FACEBOOKand follow us on INSTAGRAMBelieve it or not, you were enthusiastic when you arrived back for your life. If you have lost that enthusiastic feeling, there is a way to ignite it again.  It is by getting a bigger spiritual picture of your life as a soul.   The Wayshowers College has created a series of free videos that can help you recapture the enthusiasm you have within you for your unique journey.Support the show"Life is too short to not be enthusiastic about YOUR UNIQUE JOURNEY!"Need support for YOUR UNIQUE JOURNEY?Then check out: Spiritual coaching sessionshttps://tntspiritworks.com/beginning-spiritual-coaching/MERCH shop for inspiring gifts to give to others or for yourselfhttps://merch.tntspiritworks.com/UPCOMING events https://tntspiritworks.com/spiritual-events/


1 Feb 2022

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Adam Hall - 'Divine Genius: The Unlearning Curve'

Sound Health Options - Richard O ~ TalkToMeGuy & Sharry Edwards

Adam is committed to helping individuals unlearn the beliefs and habits that shield them from discovering their Divine Genius, the key to acknowledging and activating their true Divine selves. In his new book Divine Genius: The Unlearning Curve, he shares the 13 Universal Wisdom Teachings and the Genius Process that lead to his transformation. He is passionate about sharing this information with the world.An author, speaker, futurist, social architect, impact investor, advisor, and conservationist, Adam began his professional career as a self-described Earth Conqueror, ultimately turning to the role of EarthKeeper. He was the founder of three successful real estate development companies before personal and professional devastation forced him to reevaluate everything in his life.Ultimately, he began to integrate a deeply spiritual and more authentic and natural approach, becoming a trained shaman, and teacher of The Course of Miracles. It was then he chose to focus on creating a company that protected the planet, particularly open space at risk of development. As the CEO of Renaissance Capital, Adam raised $1.5+ billion in capital investment to rescue and conserve premiere natural landscapes. He spent two decades as an impact investor dedicated to the quadruple bottom line: People, Planet, Profits with Purpose -- and founded the EarthKeeper Alliance.Adam has dedicated himself to fostering Conscious Evolution and culture over the past two decades. Through his books, his 40 keynotes, and the more than 60 radio and television show interviews he has done, Adam continues to seek ways to elevate consciousness.To purchase Divine Genius: The Unlearning Curve: https://amzn.to/3Gl6l28Visit Adams website: https://www.adamhall.solutions/

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16 Jan 2022

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”Dying Consciously” with Adam Hall...

Empowering Chats with Susan Burrell

Ep #163 - What does it mean to die consciously? It may not be what you think. In this episode of Empowering Chats I have a powerful conversation with Author and Speaker, Adam Hall. We dive into his book, Divine Genius: The Unlearning Curve and investigate the power of surrendering in order to transform. Adam's adventure into divine genius began in Santa Barbara, CA. He was a successful Real Estate Agent with a wife and 3 beautiful daughters. He was living the "California Dream" with a country club membership and a million-dollar home. He had all the traditional American ingredients for the "perfect" life. Except it wasn't perfect. One moment he had everything and in the next it was all gone! His business collapsed, his marriage fell apart, ending in divorce, and he became estranged from his daughters. It was then that Adam had to take a long pause and look for answers that lay beyond his success and the money and prestige that had been dominating his life, and which his ego still craved. Ultimately his journey took him to the jungles of Peru where he experienced a transformative Ayahausca Ceremony that led him to life-changing choices and radical shifts in his life.  In his book he explores what he learned and how he came to unlearn that which no longer served him. And he helps people speed up their "Unlearning Curve," through his book, coaching and speaking engagements.  Adam's goal is to help people access their Divine Mind to reach their unlimited wisdom and guidance. Adam has a FREE Giveaway on his website for his eBook "The Little Book of Genius" - To get this offer visit: www.adamhall.solutions/ebook For information about Adam Hall visit: www.adamhall.solutions To Purchase Adam's book visit: www.adamhall.solutions/books To learn more about how I show up in the world I invite you to visit my website: susanburrell.com


29 Oct 2021

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Boulevard Brewing w/ Adam Hall

Better on Draft | Craft Beer Podcast

CRAFT BEER PODCAST INFO: Adam from Boulevard Brewery in Missouri sits down to talk to us about Tank 7 (and how everyone in KC has a Tank 7 Story), we review some amazing beers including Space Camper and 7 Percent, Adam takes the time to break down the timeline with Boulevard and takes the opportunity to explain what the did, what they're doing, and what they will do to be better and more inclusive in the community, and we end the show with a donation competition where Adam needs to guess what beers match the Untappd Reviews. Sponsors: North Center Brewing - https://northcenterbrewing.com/ Zetouna Liquor - https://www.facebook.com/Zetouna-Liquor-Fine-Wine-Cigars-146021445420374/ PCI BrandCraft - https://www.facebook.com/PCIBrandCraft Baffin Brewing - https://www.baffinbrewing.com/ Join The Michigan Beer Discord - https://discord.gg/vEEDyzwdjT Download the MI Beer Map - http://www.mibeermap.com Subscribe to Better on Draft - https://plnk.to/BOD Spotify - https://open.spotify.com/show/6AlzP1BH0iykayF856bGRc?si=xXZzdd3CTPqgUq_KYTnBKg iTunes - https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/better-on-draft-a-craft-beer-podcast/id1091124740 Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/betterondraft Untappd - https://www.untappd.com/bodpodcast YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/c/betterondraft Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/betterondraft Twitter - https://www.twitter.com/betterondraft


23 Oct 2021