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Robert Carter, Ep 132

the stickboys podcast

This week Dalton and Maribeth sit down with Robert Carter of Southern Georgia.  With decades of bowhunting and woodsmanship in the South Georgia swamps, Robert is a treasure chest of great information, and it doesn't stop with pigs!  Great conversation with a great guy!!  You can check out his youtube channel at "Robert Carter" for more great stuff!

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30 Jul 2022

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Columbia Professor Emeritus, Robert Carter, The Lies Leaders Tell Themselves

Imperfect Leaders

Ever wonder why an astounding 95% of CEOs in Corporate America are white males?  Why do so few black people - and other minorities - make it to the corner office? Most companies talk a good game about building a robust and diverse leadership pipeline. Organizations claim to create cultures that inspire and enable people to reach their full potential. The best ideas win. Everyone has equal opportunity. Executives gain power through hard work and intellect. The best people will rise to the top.  But these are just the lies we tell ourselves, according to Dr. Robert Carter, the country’s most renowned expert on these topics - an acclaimed author and distinguished professor emeritus of psychology at Columbia University It makes us feel good. It makes us feel worthy. But there are deeper, psychological forces and invisible barriers at play. And even though we can’t see these barriers with the naked eye, they exist, and they are causing real harm and economic pain.  Agree or not, Professor Carter shines an interesting perspective on this complex topic, and helps us understand the root, psychological causes and structural barriers to achieving progress.  Perhaps we should take his advice seriously. Until we do the hard work necessary to become more self aware and empathic, we won’t be able to capitalize on the economic benefits of diversity and inclusion. Click on www.imperfectleaders.com for free weekly episodes delivered to your inbox and the opportunity to join live discussions with top leaders.


18 Jun 2022

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YEC Scientists: Dr. Robert Carter PHD (Marine Biology)

Youngearthcreationchurch.com[OFFICIAL PODCAST]

Unpopular scientists that teach the earth is around 6,000 years old--- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/appSupport this podcast: https://anchor.fm/christopher-silvius/support


1 Jun 2021

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Dr Neale Towers and Robert Carter: Facing up to Facial Eczema

Scene + Herd: Podcasts from Beef + Lamb New Zealand

On this RMPP conference call from 16 November 2016, we discuss facial eczema – its causes, and how farmers of sheep, cattle and deer can avoid, remedy or mitigate its impacts. Robert Carter is Chair of the Facial Eczema Working Group that brings together sheep, beef, deer and dairy industries, and Dr Neale Towers has worked on FE matters for most of his career. As well as detailed discussion of the fungus that causes the problem and the risk factors, we discuss what farmers should be monitoring for pastures and animals, and the methods that are proven to make a beneficial difference.

1hr 6mins

17 Feb 2021

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Episode 5. A World of Pearls - Robert Carter and Seif el Rashidi

Arts In Isolation Series - Asia House

Professor of Arabian and Middle Eastern Archaeology at UCL, Robert Carter, tells us about the importance of pearl trade in the Gulf and India, and with over 7,000 years of history defining and shaping the global economy. This podcast is part of Asia House Arts in Isolation Series and Converging Paths, an initiative organised in partnership with the Barakat Trust that promotes the arts and cultures of the Islamic World.


4 Nov 2020

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Robert Carter – scientist for Creation Ministries International, on how the Scopes “Monkey” trial shaped a century.

His People interviews by Pilgrim Radio

09/28/2020 - Robert Carter Scientist for Creation Ministries International, on how the Scopes “Monkey” trial shaped a century.


29 Sep 2020

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Opening Day Success and Robert Carter on Public Land Hog Hunting and Getting Started with Traditional Archery

Hunt the South Podcast

In this episode of the Georgia Afield Hunting Podcast, we're once again talking with South Georgia traditional bowhunter Robert Carter. In this episode, he walks us through what it takes to consistently kill hogs on Georgia public land, as well as some great tips for anyone interested in getting started with traditional archery.Listen to the Podcast at:
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1hr 41mins

16 Sep 2020

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Ph.D. Marine Biologist says Evolution is DEAD in the Water: Interview with Robert Carter from CMI

Current Topics in Science

Christ Jesus Ministries hosts Dr. Robert Carter from Creation Ministries International. Dr. Carter is a Ph.D. scientist who studied Marine Biology at the University of Miami. Delving into controversial topics, Dr. Carter speaks his mind, and speaks from his heart, based on what the Word of God says. You will hear interesting scientific facts. You will hear the truths of Scripture. You will also hear a part of the story of Dr. Carter, a kindhearted man who gave his heart to Jesus to be made new. Do not miss this one!Evolution's Achilles Heels Book and Documentary Sales Pricehttps://usstore.creation.com/product/762-evolutions-achilles-heels-pack

2hr 7mins

14 Mar 2020

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Episode 301: Black Boy Blue Feat. Robert Carter

Hung Up Podcast

☎️ Episode 301 : Black Boy Blue featuring Robert Carter, Creator of Black Boy Blue, Owner of R Carter 📸 Studios, Commercial Photographer, Artist, Critical Thinker, & Joyful Black Boy.**IG: @rcarterphoto & @black_boy_blue Website: www.blackboyblue.com**This episode is dedicated to Trillificent of the Gayside Stories Podcast, RIP**Show Ending Credit: Margaret Cho**Subscribe, rate, and review this podcast on Apple Podcasts, Soundcloud, Stitcher, & iHeartRadioIG, Facebook, & Twitter: @HUNGUpPodSend your listener letters to: HUNGUpPod@gmail.comHost IG & Twitter: @edantecole

1hr 1min

7 Mar 2020

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Brain Hacks That Get PhDs Hired W - Dr. Robert Carter, III EP87

Transition Report On Demand

You can execute all the right steps, but you still need to master the right mindset to get hired in industry as a PhD.In terms of focus, motivation, and even how you present in interviews, the right mindset can make or break you.Starting your day with a winning mindset is more than just positive thinking. There are science-backed strategies to hack your mind out of autopilot and actionable tactics that will set you up to win your day. Developing these habits can decrease your time spent job hunting and increase your odds of success. This week on the Cheeky Scientist Radio Show, we are joined by Dr. Robert Carter, III, US Army Officer, Professor Adjunct, and Author of The Morning Mind: Use Your Brain To Master Your Day And Supercharge Your Life.Dr. Carter is an expert on integrative human physiology and performance, and he will share his neuroscience-based strategies to create your action plan for setting up and winning your day. We’ll also be joined by Ramya Raman, PhD, Medical Science Liaison. Ramya will share her transition journey into the MSL role and provide valuable tips on how other PhDs can do the same.

1hr 15mins

2 Mar 2020