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142 – Shanna Germain

Table Top Babble

James Introcaso chats with game designer and author Shanna Germain of Monte Cook Games! The post 142 – Shanna Germain appeared first on Geekspective.


22 Oct 2020

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Episode 66 – Lord Dunsany's "The Charwoman's Shadow” with special guest Shanna Germain

Appendix N Book Club

Shanna Germain joins us to discuss Lord Dunsany's "The Charwoman's Shadow", Dunsany's evocative prose, shadow magic, fairy tales, the impetuousness of youth, walking 25 miles in a day, love potions, esoteric prices, the lifelong pursuit of magic, the value of reading something you normally wouldn't, and much more!


23 Mar 2020

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The Kink & Gaming Crossover with Shanna Germain - Ep 109

American Sex Podcast

On ep 109 we explore the parallels between the kink and gaming cultures with Shanna Germain. It turns out these groups can learn a lot from each other-- especially along the lines of negotiation, consent, and aftercare. Shanna is doing her part to facilitate consent in RPGs (role-playing games) and offers a free resource for gamers. On the same token, those in the BDSM world can expand their horizons by embracing the spirit of play and roleplay gaming principles. We talk about misogyny in the gaming world and what’s being done to create room for diversity plus Shanna gives tips and guidelines to gamers that want to consensually include more adult themes in their games as well as for sex-positive folks that want to give gaming a try. She also talks about authoring many fantasy erotica books and we learn about ‘cozy games’ that facilitate emotional intimacy, vulnerability and sexy times between consenting adults.   Submit your BDSM & sex advice questions by email to americansexpodcast@gmail.com To support American Sex podcast, please visit patreon.com/americansex (plus you’ll get all episodes early, secret episodes, bonus stories from guests, on-air shout-outs, stuff in the mail & more!) Get friendly with us on Twitter at @AmericanSexPod or visit sunnymegatron.com or americansexpodcast.com Join our mailing list by visiting http://sunnymegatron.com/newsletter or texting MEGATRON to 444999  Sunny & Ken, xo! ______ Episode 109 Links Shanna Germain website http://shannagermain.com Monte Cook Games http://montecookgames.com Shanna Germain Twitter https://twitter.com/ShannaGermain Shanna Germain Facebook https://facebook.com/ShannaGermain Free Consent in Gaming PDF https://www.montecookgames.com/consent-in-gaming/ The coupon code "americansexpodcast" gets you $5 off in the MCG shop https://www.montecookgames.com/store/ TIP: Many titles like Love and Sex in the Ninth World are $3, so you can get those for free with the coupon! American Sex Podcast subreddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/americansexpodcast  Episode 109 Sponsor, Affiliate & Giveaway Info 30 day free trial of Dipsea Stories when you use code SUNNY http://dipseastories.com/sunny Get 20% off your first order of Native with code SUNNY at http://nativedeodorant.com FREE Sex Educator Skill Share online conference https://www.sextoyradio.com/sex-educator-skill-share-conference/ 10% off American Sex Podcast & Sunny Megatron merch with code SUNNY (t-shirts, mugs, phone cases & more) http://bit.ly/sunnyshirts Sunny & Ken’s classes on Kink Academy http://bit.ly/kinkacademyelectric  & http://bit.ly/kinkacademyhumiliation 15% off your order at Lovehoney when you use this link http://bit.ly/lovehoney15 15% off everything at Lelo.com with code SUNNY 10% off everything (with minor restrictions) online from woman-owned, feminist, trans & queer-friendly Early To Bed http://bit.ly/sunnyearlytobed At least 25% off BDSM gear & sex toys with Stockroom’s daily deal (there’s a new product each day!) https://www.stockroom.com/dailydeal/?acc=7c590f01490190db0ed02a5070e20f01

1hr 3mins

4 Nov 2019

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Episode 413 The Bridge by Shanna Germain

Nobilis Erotica

This month's Circlet Press sponsored story is "The Bridge" by Shanna Germain, which originally appeared in "Only in the City: Erotic Tales of City Life" edited by Nico Vreeland and Cecilia Tan. It's read by Nobilis Reed.


8 Sep 2018

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#13 - Kicking It With Kickstarter Record Breaker Shanna Germain

Music Business Hacks

An interview with author and crowdfunding success story, Shanna Germain. An award-winning writer and editor, she has published more than 350 stories, novellas, novels, articles, essays and books. She is an Associate Fellow at the Attic Institute and has taught classes in writing, publishing, media and photography at a wide variety of places. She is also co-author of Kicking It: Successful Crowdfunding from Stonebox Press Show Notes: Introduction: song - From the Heart (instrumental) by The Slants) (04:26): Why use Kickstarter instead of other platforms? (07:57): The pros and cons of working with collaborators (09:24): How to use stretch goals to raise extra money (13:15): The momentum cycle with crowdfunding campaigns (13:45): How to avoid failure (15:37): The make it or break it point in a campaign (20:22): Using a tool like BackerKit (21:00): Budgeting/goal setting (22:28): Best practices for creating backer rewards (24:36): How to provide incentives so people give more (31:35): The typical day/routine for creative work (37:28): Most influential books (40:00): Best Advice for a Young Creative Resources: BackerKit Crowdfunding Resource Kit Book: Story: Substance, Structure, Style, and the Principles of Screenwriting by Robert McKeeBook: Swimming Sweet Arrow by Maureen Gibbon Book: A Poetry Handbook by Mary Oliver Book: Dog Songs: Poems by Mary Oliver Book: The Lure of Dangerous Women by Shanna Germain


13 Feb 2018

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Shanna Germain on Writing and Advocacy in the Gaming Community

Ego Check with The Id DM

My guest for Episode 9 of Ego Check with The Id DM is Shanna Germain, co-founder of Monte Cook Games, and an acclaimed writer and game designer. She covered many topics during our discussion, including her work as an activist and advocate in and out of the gaming industry. She speaks about her work with Monte Cook Games and how she balances the demands of writing novels and designing games. We spent an extended amount of time on the concept of grief in gaming, and this led into a discussion of politics and the recent statement by Monte Cook Games titled, Our Core Values. We conclude by talking about her roleplaying game for young children, No Thank You, Evil. If you are interested in coming on the show for an interview, or would like to become a sponsor, contact me to make arrangements.


21 Feb 2017

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Episode 365 Skin Deep by Shanna Germain

Nobilis Erotica

This week, our illustrious Patreon donors have enabled us to bring you a BDSM retelling of "The Beauty and the Beast" by Shanna Germain, read for us by Veronica Giguere.


11 Feb 2017

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35. Shanna Germain

Talking TableTop

This episode features a very special guest in Shanna Germain. Shanna is most well known as the co-owner of Monte Cook games and her amazing work on games like Numenera and No Thank You Evil. During this episode we discuss how she got into gaming, her passion for writing, her career as an EMT, what it was like professionally writing erotic, how she met Monte Cook, and the genesis of Monte Cook Games.


10 May 2016

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7. Shanna Germain


Shanna Germain, co-founder and Creative Director of Monte Cook games, joins Alex for a deep dive into her creative process and bevy of current projects. We chat about everything from the challenges and rewards of designing games for kids to the interesting parallels between the role-playing and kink communities. What could be more intriguing than that? Shanna Germain's Website Monte Cook Games The Numenera Kickstarter Digipen No Thank You, Evil The Cypher System Bunnies and Burrows Hero Kids Faery's Tale Adventure Maximus Predation The Strange The Poison Eater


31 Mar 2016

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Interview with Shanna Germain

How to Succeed in Evil

A lovely interview with the Vorpal Blonde herself. More about Shanna and her work here: ...

7 Oct 2015