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Walidah Imarisha | Oregon’s Black Pioneers | Pontypool | Arthur Bradford & Matt Sheehy | Art Policy Shift In Portland

OPB's State of Wonder

It’s all about perspective. Does anything ever really change, or do we — the observers — merely shift our thinking? On this week’s show, we examine how Oregon’s artists, historians and public employees are rewriting our collective story. From pioneer history to contemporary arts policy, big changes are underway.


9 Feb 2019

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Ep 36 || Matt Sheehy of Lost Lander

I Love Music Podcast with Jen Fodor

Matt Sheehy is an artist from Portland, Oregon.  Matt is a touring multi-instrumentalist for Ramona Falls and EL VY and has an indie rock project called Lost Lander.  We talk about so many great things from where he grew up, to his one-man show called ABERDEEN. It’s a fascinating tale of a snippet of his life living in a remote cabin near the logging village of Aberdeen, Washington. It’s part rock concert, part podcast and part Twilight Zone. Check out this episode.


29 Jan 2019

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#29. Chi Running, Injuries & Listener Questions with Matt Sheehy PT

Full Body Fix Radio

This week an extended show with Matt Sheehy, PT. He's an avid long distance runner and certified Chi Running instructor here in San Francisco. He breaks down the Chi method and answers a bunch of your questions. ----more---- 1. Intro 2. Sponsor: Equip Foods 3. Matt Sheehy, PT 4. What is Chi Running 5. How do you use it to help athletes in pain? 6. What other techniques do you use? 7. Sponsor: Siete Family Foods 8. Listener Questions:  Cali.happy.life - I ran Long distance for 8 yrs, but stopped in 2016 with patella tendons “on fire” in both knees. Still have discomfort if I run 3 miles and sometimes walking up / down stairs. Any advice? MollySquad - My hip flexors say “nope you are done” at 5.5 miles. Should I keep pushing through or is there something I can do? Loveatfirstdice - I have an old shoulder injury that gets aggravated when I run. The swinging seems to inflame it. Anything I can do for that? Squatcleanqueen - how can you tell the difference between shin splints and stress fractures? Best treatment for each? 9. Where can people find Chi Running instructors?


3 Jul 2017

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July 26 Segment 1: Matt Sheehy, Arthur Bradford

OPB's State of Wonder

July 26 Segment 1: Matt Sheehy, Arthur Bradford by OPB's State of Wonder


28 Jul 2014

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Domains of Influence with Matt Sheehy and Brent Knopf

The Titanium Physicists Podcast

Some famous singing clowns once sang a song about magnets. The world looks down on a singing clown's ignorance, but how many of us can actually explain how magnets work?  the question is rhetorical, though, because the answer is obviously "yes I can do it because i am a physicist and i have clever physicist friends who also know a lot about it." i recruited my old pals Brian Sullivan and Fiona Burnell!  Our guests today are Matt Sheehy from the band 'Lost Lander' and Brent Knopf from the band 'Ramona Falls'.  the show is super extra long and we talk about everythinggg! from how magnetic fields are generated, to how magnets work, to how to levitate a frog, to how the sun and earth's magnetic fields work, to how guitar pickups work. it's a good episode. you should note that a lot of the topics we mention (solar flares, superconductors) have their OWN EPSIODES all about them. 

1hr 11mins

1 Jul 2014