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Conversations With Dez - talking with Val Bercovici, Founder & CEO - Chainkit

Conversations with Dez

I had the pleasure of catching up with Val Bercovici, Founder & CEO at Chainkit, a Software-as-a-Service company that builds cyber security solutions, with a corporate mission to eliminate blind spots in cyber security and data privacy. Today we discuss Chainkit & Data Protection, Chains of Custody, and Blockchains - topics CXOs are unlikely to have ever faced in their careers thus far, but now have no option.#1 - Cyber attacks & Ransomware incidents continue at eye watering levelsWe discuss the significant increase in Cyber attacks & Ransomware incidents - we kickoff with Val sharing his take on the current state of what appears to be a tsunami of new incidents of cybersecurity challenges and resulting ransomware incidents, particularly focused on the healthcare industry which understandably was set to occur in light of the fact that the world is dealing with a global pandemic with COVID19, cyber criminals are never slow to take advantage of any opportunity where chinks in the armour appear in any place they can see a way to profit from any type of security exposure.#2 - The huge impact of COVID19 and life before and after 2020COVID19 has had a huge impact but didn’t this issue exist prior to 2020, so much so that I don’t think anyone would argue that the impact the COVID19 global pandemic has had is beyond significant with regard to the increase in data protection & cybersecurity, be it the shift to Work From Home for many, or the increased shift to Mobile technology in the likes of hospitals, retail, and service industries as a whole - but the risks and impacts around this space of cyberattacks and ransomware have been around for decades now. We discuss how in Val’s view the current state of the world has changed the landscape of data protection and digital risk and what are you seeing as you spend time with organisations faced with the need to respond.#3 - Are we at a point now where technology exists to solve this problemCyberattacks, cybersecurity, ransomware, data risk and data protection as a whole are not new topics, nor are they new risks, albeit they have seen significant increases due to our pivot to organisations being Data Driven and we live an increasingly Always On, Always Connected world - so the massive growth in risks related to the massive expansion of the attack surface should come as no surprise to anyone, but the question I keep getting in boardrooms is “is there a solution to this, does the technology exist to solve it?” - I ask Val to delve into this, we break this into two parts.We start with the first part and I ask Val for his take on this, i.e. should it come as a surprise to any bona fide business or technology professional that there has been a significant increase in cyberattacks and ransomware incidents.And to the second part, I ask Val if the technology exist today, to address and solve the challenge of securing & protecting data and even in the case of successful hacks, have in place chains of custody as it’s called, to be able to track and trace the perpetrators.We wrap up with a little crystal ball gazing - organisations are now having to navigate their way out of 2020 and ease into 2021 as we reach the end of a long and challenging year, and safely get through the upcoming Christian holiday period Christmas and unknown waters.I ask Val to share his insights and advice around how organisations should prepare to address the immediate future, as they look to develop business & technology strategy & supporting plans for the next 12 to 18 months?Tune in now for all of these amazing topics and more, and enjoy a great fireside chat with one of the most innovative thinkers in the world of cyber security, and indeed on of the leading forces in thought leadership in the war against cyber crime.This podcast was made in partnership with Chainkit.For more information please visit:- Chainkit website: https://bit.ly/chainkit-homepage#sponsored #chainkitinfluencer.


19 Jan 2021

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#29: Chainkit CEO Val Bercovici On What You Need To Know About The Solarwinds Breach

FUTRtech Podcast

Check Below for links and additional information mentioned in this episode! There have been some very high profile hacks in the news lately. Some of these have even been hacks of security vendors themselves, from Microsoft to FireEye, but perhaps one of the most disturbing was the recent SolarWinds hack that we are just starting to come to grips with. If you are not familiar with the details of this attack, you need to be. Today we are going to talk security so buckle in. The scope of the recent Solarwinds hack is massive and the true depth of this attack is still being discovered. This is one of many disturbing recent security breaches. Businesses are being faced with trying to defend from a myriad of attacks that are growing more persistent and sophisticated every day. They are constantly trying to guard against everything from data exfiltration to ransomware attacks, and more insidious data manipulation attacks, but how do you do this if you can’t trust the information you are working with? Today we have with us Val Bercovici founder and CEO of Chainkit, a company that is working to build chains of custody to simplify trust in the world’s information. He is here to tell us how establishing chains of custody around data can help to identify and protect against attacks. Val is going to help us make sense of what has been going on. eXtended Integrity Monitoring (XIM) white paper: https://chainkit.com/xim-whitepaper This is a great primer on our technology, the why, how, and the 6 design principles that uniquely address the challenges of safeguarding data in the 21st century. Schedule a demo: https://chainkit.com/schedule-demo CISA Alert (https://us-cert.cisa.gov/ncas/alerts/aa20-352a) for practitioners of CISA Emergency Directive CISA Emergency Directive Jan 19 & 25, 2021 reporting deadlines: https://cyber.dhs.gov/ed/21-01/#supplemental-guidance-v3 CISA Insight for Leaders (section 3b): https://www.cisa.gov/sites/default/files/publications/CISA%20Insights%20-%20What%20Every%20Leader%20Needs%20to%20Know%20About%20the%20Ongoing%20APT%20Cyber%20Activity%20-%20FINAL_508.pdf 60+ references by CISA to Volexity (Dark Halo) Research Report: https://www.volexity.com/blog/2020/12/14/dark-halo-leverages-solarwinds-compromise-to-breach-organizations/ Top Conclusion from Volexity Report: Volexity believes that Dark Halo is a sophisticated threat actor based on the following characteristics of their attacks: Generally, the attacker displayed a reasonable level of operational security throughout the attack, taking steps to wipe logs for various services used and to remove evidence of their commands from infected systems. Additional explicit CISA Requirement for SolarWinds customers: (h) Configuring logging to ensure that all logs on the host operating system and SolarWinds platform are being captured and stored for at least 180 days. (j) Configure logging to ensure that all logs from the host OS, SolarWinds platform, and associated network logs are being captured and stored for at least 180 days in a separate, centralized log aggregation capability.


18 Jan 2021

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Conversations With Dez - talking with Val Bercovici, Founder & CEO - Chainkit

Conversations with Dez

I caught up with Val Bercovici, Founder & CEO at Chainkit, a Software-as-a-Service company that builds cyber security solutions, with a corporate mission to eliminate blind spots in cyber security and data privacy. In this show we discuss the every present and increasingly mission critical topics of Cybersecurity, Cyber war, and the over arching theme of Cyber crime in today's increasingly digital and "always on" / "always connected" modern world, with the added challenge of a global population challenged with living through a global pandemic in the corm of the COVID19 novel derivative of coronavirus.We kick off with a fun introduction to Val and his early life and inspirations, through to his academic and career path which lead him to this amazing challenge to build and run a business which aims to help solve what for want of a better description is ( as we discuss on this show ) a "digital World War 3".Val also gives us great insights as to why the war against Cyber Crime and Cyber Security requires thinking akin to Playing Chess with a strategic approach rather than playing Checkers in reaction mode.We also discuss the emergence of what are in effect now Military-Grade Cyber Weapons being used more often than not by "state actors" as well as highly organised professional cyber criminals and cyber crime organisations - hacking is a well oiled business now, it's no longer the realm of "script kiddies" and bulletin board modem dialup phreakers.Val shares his thoughts around why we’re seeing unprecedented growth in Cyber Attack headlines over the past few years, and in particular what’s changed to bring this about.In keeping with the great Chess vs Checkers analogy, Val also covers why he and his team recommends CxO's need to thin like a Cyber General, that is Play chess, anticipate adversarial counter-measures (i.e. to address the reportedly now %39 undetected attacks) to prepare / react.I also ask Val for his thoughts on where we are head and his recommendations regarding "next Steps", in particular around the likes of Audit Trails, why they are the lifeblood of any modern Cyber Defence strategy & solution, knowing that still today, most organisations unfortunately only have event logs to fall back on.And we wrap up with Val's "over the horizon" views on what's coming over the next 12 to 18 months, what big topics organisations need to be discussing today in board rooms, what actionable takeaways they can immediately consider putting in place, as Val's view is:"The Future is already here, but unevenly distributed. We saw this with income gaps pre-COVID19 and now with business growth OR failure in the coronavirus era. InfoSec maturity will play out the same way. Companies that don’t evolve their InfoSec rapidly to the reality of COVID and associated Cyber Risk, simply won’t survive (due to Ransomware + Cyber Insurance financial pressures)."Val's very much of the view that these are national economic and international security priorities right now, which will foster public-private sector partnerships for the likes of:1. Increased national Cyber Warfare (defensive & offensive) investment & transparency2. New government cyber policy/regulation (that transparency part) and3. More direct law enforcement coordination with the business sector and their insurers.Tune in now for all of these amazing topics and more, and enjoy a great fireside chat with one of the most innovative thinkers in the world of cyber security, and indeed on of the leading forces in thought leadership in the war against cyber crime.This podcast was made in partnership with Chainkit.For more information please visit:- Chainkit website: https://bit.ly/chainkit-homepage- Chainkit on LinkedIn: https://bit.ly/chainkit-linkedin- Chainkit on Twitter: https://bit.ly/chainkit-twitter- Chainkit on YouTube: https://bit.ly/chainkit-youtube#sponsored #chainkitinfluencer.


24 Jun 2020

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Val Bercovici & Jason McGee | Cyber-Security

IBM Developer Podcast

Stealth attacks and new types of cybersecurity exploits are being discovered daily.  Without monitoring your data and pipelines, you may not even know you have been hacked.  This is where chain-of-custody-as-a-service and enterprise-grade hosting comes into play.  Our guest Val B from PencilDATA and Jason McGee, CTO of IBM Cloud Platform discuss the changing face of Cyber-Security threats and how we can plan for the unpredictable.https://chainkit.com


30 Jan 2020

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Episode 204 - Chainkit with Val Bercovici


This week on the podcast, an old friend joins us to talk about his newest venture into blockchain and security. Join us as we discuss Chainkit and PencilDATA with founder Val Bercovici and how you can use it to protect your enterprise environments.


16 Aug 2019

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re:Invent Roundup Roundtable 2018 with Dave McCrory and Val Bercovici - TWiML Talk #205

The TWIML AI Podcast (formerly This Week in Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence)

For today’s show, I’m excited to present our second annual re:Invent Roundtable Roundup. This year I’m joined by my friends Dave McCrory, VP of Software Engineering at Wise.io at GE Digital, and Val Bercovici, Founder and CEO of Pencil Data. If you missed the news coming out of re:Invent, or you want to know more about what one of the biggest AI platform providers is up to, you’ll want to say tuned, because we’ll discuss many of their new offerings in this episode. We cover all of AWS’ most important ML and AI announcements, including SageMaker Ground Truth, Reinforcement Learning and New, DeepRacer, Inferentia and Elastic Inference, ML Marketplace, Personalize, Forecast and Textract, and more. For the complete show notes for this episode, visit https://twimlai.com/talk/205.

1hr 8mins

3 Dec 2018

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Val Bercovici on why Lawyers and Insurance Companies drive to good IT Practices


Joining us this week is Val Bercovici, Founder & CEO of PencilDATA at KeyBank Emerging Tech Summit. About PencilDATAPencilDATA is a software-as-a-service startup embracing data governance allowing users to see and manipulate data easily. It achieves this with a blockchain ledger that accounts for all data activity, Highlights  0 min 48 sec: Introduction from Val Bercovici o Post – Blockchain in the Cloud by Rob Hirschfeld o Robotic Process Automation (RPA)  4 min 47 sec: What do you use Blockchain for? o Core to the value but is just an enabler  5 min 52 sec: Don't confused Blockchain with ICO/Crypto-currency o Blockchain rollouts in 2018 have paused ~ Gartner quote o HOMEWORK – Podcast with BlockChain Technology Partners o PencilDATA has built the S3 of Blockchains  10 min 08 sec: Blockchain Service or Acting on BC with distributed service? o Useful Zero Trust Solution o Autonomous Vehicle Taxi Service Use Case o Same workflow and processes needed for medical equipment  15 min 59 sec: Why Distributed Ledgers for these Use Cases? o Centralized authorities can be a single point of failure  19 min 51 sec: Data security issues around Veracity & Authentication o Data poison can train AI poorly o Explainable AI ~ Data Reproduce-ability; prove data is valid  25 min 54 sec: SalesForce Use Cases o Live on the SalesForce App Exchange o Launching at DreamForce 2018 with Customer References  27 min 18 sec: How PencilDATA provide value to SalesForce Customers? o SaaS Turnkey Solution that hides the behind the scenes work o Costs for Etherium usage  37 min 14 sec: Industrial IoT Use Case  37 min 31 sec: Wrap-Up


22 Sep 2018

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Imagine if the data you shared was written in pencil - Val Bercovici - Ep54

Tech Interviews

One of my favourite phrases is that "those who make the most of their data, will be the success stories of the future" and I think that is echoed by our obsession with data as a new all-powerful resource for us to mine and exploit.But, it's not quite that straightforward is it? There is no getting away from the importance of security and privacy when it comes to our data. Be that keeping it from unwarranted access, data leakage or maintaining compliance with ever increasing regulatory requirements, maintaining our data in a secure environment is a primary concern.That is the focus of this weeks show, as I'm joined by Val Bercovici, a well-respected technology leader, who is today working on a new project with his start-up company Pencildata, a company who's mission it is to try to address this very challenge.In a fascinating chat with Val, we explore the growing tension between getting value from data while maintaining its security. We examine some of the interesting problems that come with A.I. systems, how do you address the "cold start" problem? or ensure that your A.I. systems have a wider range of data, beyond academic and publicly available data sets to learn from?We discuss why organisations find it hard to unlock the value of their data and effectively share it, not only with 3rd party providers but even with others inside their organisations.We wrap up by looking at how to change this, how do we give an organisation the ability to maintain control of their data regardless of where it is shared and crucially the ability to change their minds, so when they no longer want to share that data they can withdraw authorisation, regardless of where that data resides. We also look at the importance of an immutable audit trail so that you always know who, where and how your data is used.I hope you enjoyed this show and discussion of the fascinating topic.For full show notes visit :- https://wp.me/p4IvtA-1xk


23 Jan 2018

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CTO Advisor 053 - The Rise of AI with Val Bercovici

The CTO Advisor

On this week's podcast Keith and Mark are joined by Val Bercovici. Val is the former CTO of NetApp Solidfire. Val has been a thought leader in IT infrastructure for a very long time. Val left his role of CTO for AI startup Peritus.AI. We discuss the major factors in IT Infrastructure that prompted Val to make such a bold career move. We also discuss the impact of AI on IT infrastructure teams and the role of IT vendors moving forward.  Subscribe iTunes | RSS


10 Jul 2017

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#WomenInLinux CTO Series: Val Bercovici, SolidFire

Women In Linux Podcast

#WomenInLinux CTO Series: Val Bercovici, SolidFireValentin (Val) Bercovici, a longtime NetApp executive and member of the Office of the CTO, is SolidFire CTO. The SFOCTO engages with and explores the latest technology communities, ecosystems and stacks, delivering strategic technical guidance in support of SolidFire’s largest and most complex customer and partner deployments. Bercovici, a pioneer in the Cloud industry, introduced the first International Cloud Standard to the marketplace as CDMI (ISO INCITS 17826) in 2012 and has several patents pending around data center applications of augmented reality.Additional Links: Website: https://www.netapp.com/us/products/cloud-storage/index.aspx http://netapp.io/Lean Cloud: https://twitter.com/valb00/status/719614776519725057Gartner Catalyst Conf: https://www.gartnereventsondemand.com/ ***Update: Val is now the Founder of Peritus.ai - a virtual expert which automates the workflow of your most critical support cases led by your most scarce escalations experts.Now Hiring: Data Scientists, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Full Stack & Distributed Systems Developers


25 Jun 2017