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EP1: “Creating order to deal with the chaos in my head” Sarah Bickers, Professional Organiser, talks about organising spaces to manage her ADHD Symptoms.

Sorry, What Was The Question?

In this episode, Alex talks with Professional Organiser, Sarah Bickers and her colleague Caroline Rogers. A busy mum of three and running a successful organising and decluttering business, it took Sarah over 50 years to realise she has ADHD.Sarah was one of six children growing up in a rather chaotic and messy home life. As a result she was always drawn towards order and a simpler life. She starter her career as a physiotherapist specialising in neurology- she’s always been interested in how the brain works! She later trained as Professional Organiser working mainly with ADHD clients and training other Professional Organisers to be more ADHD-friendly.Sarah and Caroline both started their organising businesses around the same time, meeting through the Association of Professional Declutters and Organisers (APDO). They first met over coffee at the APDO conference in 2014 and made an instant connection, deciding to become business accountability partners.Caroline also came from a rather chaotic home life. She’s a positive psychology researcher and practitioner, providing professional organising services, coaching, mentoring and training. She has a particular emphasis and interest in wellbeing and is training to be a meditation teacher.Topics discussedWorking memory and menopause (03:17)Talking with your GP (05:25)Right to choose (07:01)Coping and masking (10:30)Medication and titration (12:10)Organising and ADHD (14:07)Boredom (16:44)Kindness and Compassion (20:00)Myth of focusing (20:54)Welcoming Caroline (22:10)Diagnosis before and after (25:25)A family with ADHD (27:00)Hyper focusing (29:44)Imposter Syndrome (31:55)Emotional regulation (33:88)Curing ADHD? (34:38)Same experience but different responses (35:56)Disclosing your ADHD (40:00)Resources & linksSarah Bicker's website - freeyourspace.co.ukCaroline Roger's website - roomtothink.net Psychiatry UK (Right to Choose) - psychiatry-uk.com/right-to-choose/Podcast transcript (to follow)Connect with AlexWeb - adhdpodcast.fmInstagram - instagram.com/adhdpodcast.fmTwitter - twitter.com/adhdpodcast_fmFacebook - facebook.com/adhdpodcast_fmPodcast theme song & audio editingAndrew Swarbrick, Music Composerandrewswarbrick.com See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information. Get bonus content on Patreon See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


30 Aug 2021

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#114: Helping clients diagnosed with ADHD, with Sarah Bickers

The Decluttr Me Podcast with Shelina

Our guest on the latest episode of the Decluttr Me podcast, is my awesome friend and fellow professional organiser, Sarah Bickers, to talk about her work helping clients diagnosed with ADHD to get organised. In the episode, Sarah discusses her life before becoming an organiser, how having ADHD helped her to help her clients and also shared some awesome tips and tricks to get organised especially if you have ADHD. To listen to this new podcast by Amaeya Media, click play here or you can find the podcast on your favourite players. Thanks for listening as always! If you love, please leave a review. Shelina Professional Organiser and Podcaster Learn more about DeCluttr Me on website Follow Decluttr Me on Social Media Facebook Twitter Instagram


15 Jul 2020

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74 Guest expert Sarah Bickers shares her insight into ADHD and clutter

The Declutter Hub Podcast

In this podcast, Ingrid talks to professional organiser Sarah Bickers, who specialises in working with clients with ADHD. If you are interested in the relationship between living with ADHD and having clutter or untidiness in your home, this is the podcast for you. Sarah Bickers is a Professional Organiser working in South East London and shares her insight into ADHD and whether it links in to clutter. For detailed show notes go to declutterhub.com/podcast/adhd-clutter.


28 Feb 2020