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Avdi Grimm - Don't Be Too Clingy To Your Tests


Robby has a candid conversation with Avdi Grimm, a software developer, consultant, coach, speaker, and author of the books, “Confident Ruby” and “Exceptional Ruby” He is also the creator and head gardener of Graceful.Dev. Avdi’s opinion on well-maintained software is that it’s more about teams than code and the fact that more attention need to be paid on documentation. He emphasizes the value of useful commit messages and conveying the why over the how. He also shares examples of executable documentation. Robby and Avdi dive into what technical debt looks like for different teams and how it can either be taken as a serious course of action or just as a term for areas of friction in a codebase. Avdi shares his experience in organizing technical debt-type tasks and highlights the importance of teams being able to articulate and quantify friction. As organizations continue to adopt the DevOps mindset, there is lingering debate as to whether it is more of a philosophy or a role. Avdi believes that DevOps is less a role and a philosophy, an approach to lifecycle management and how teams are organized around that outlook. Stay tuned to sample more of what Avdi had to share in this resourceful 44-minute episode.Book Recommendations:The Hidden Life of Trees: What They Feel, How They Communicate – Discoveries from a Secret WorldResources Mentioned:The Phoenix Project by Gene Kim, Kevin Behr, and George Spafford Team Topologies - by Matthew Skelton and Manuel PaisThe Field Guide to Understanding 'Human Error'  by Sidney DekkerConfident Ruby By Avdi GrimmExceptional Ruby By Avdi Grimm Helpful LinksAvdi’s LinkedInAvdi’s TwitterAvdi on GitHubAvdi on YouTubeGraceful.DevSubscribe to Maintainable on:Apple PodcastsOvercastSpotifyOr search "Maintainable" wherever you stream your podcasts.Join the discussion in the Maintainable Discord Community


11 Apr 2022

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Joined by Avdi Grimm

Remote Ruby

Avdi Grimm's Website Avdi on Twitter RubyTapas Master the Object-Oriented Mindset in Ruby and Rails Enough With the Service Objects Already Alan Kay, on Quora, Answers the question: "Why is functional programming seen as the opposite of OOP rather than an addition to it?"


15 Mar 2019

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Gourmet Ruby Chef Avdi Grimm


Avdi is a prolific Ruby developer with deep ties to the community. A well-known speaker and educator, he created Ruby Tapas and has led a successful career as a consultant. Avdi shared his experiences with imposter syndrome and talked about the importance of acknowledging privilege where it exists in the software industry.Avdi's internet home: https://avdi.codes


1 Feb 2019

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185: The Transactional Fallacy (Avdi Grimm)

The Bike Shed

On this week's episode, Chris is joined by Ruby Hero Avdi Grimm. They discuss Avdi's history of guiding the Ruby and broader programming communities, his thoughts about where we're at with object-oriented programming, and where he's looking to next for our industry. This conversation touches on a variety of topics both technical and personal. Avdi shares some of his thinking around where we've failed with our approaches to object-oriented programming and viewing the world as transactional, and instead offers ideas around modeling our systems as processes. Avdi & Chris also chat about some of Avdi's my recent explorations into the world of JavaScript & React, as well as the growing "resilience engineering" mindset. Ruby Rouges Podcast Confident Code Avdi's Keep Ruby Weird Keynote Alan Kay - Creator of Object Oriented Programming Actor Model Kafka Ruby Tapas - Avdi's Weekly Ruby Screencast Series Greater Than Code Podcast Mastering the Object Oriented Mindset Pair Program With Me Avdi - Ruby Duck Sessions Avdi and Jess stumble through modern web development Glitch TypeScript Australian Disaster Resilience Conference Chaos Monkey from Netflix avdi.codes Thank you to One Month for sponsoring this episode.Support The Bike Shed


25 Jan 2019

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Episode 46: 20 Years of Web Development with Avdi Grimm and Sarah Mei

Tech Done Right

20 Years of Web Development with Avdi Grimm and Sarah Mei TableXI is offering training for developers and product teams! For more info, visit http://tablexi.com/workshops. Guests Sarah Mei: Founder of RailsBridge, Director of Ruby Central, Software Architect at Salesforce. Avdi Grimm: Creator of the RubyTapas Screencast Series and author of Exceptional Ruby and Confident Ruby. avdi.codes. Summary What has changed in web development in the last 20 years, and what do those changes say about the next 20? I recently realized that Avdi Grimm, the head chef of Ruby Tapas, Sarah Mei, of Ruby Central and Salesforce, and I all began our professional careers within a couple of weeks of each other in August 1998. I wanted to talk to them about what’s changed and what’s stayed the same. I was curious as to whether our different career paths led to similar observations. We talk about open source, agile, dynamic languages, distributed systems and how they’ve all changed or haven’t changed the developer’s experience. Notes 02:19 - First Software Job Education and Experiences 09:25 - What has changed? What is easier/harder? 20:16 - What has changed in Product Management? 27:22 - Processor Speed 32:24 - What has stayed the same? 40:20 - Typed Languages 42:48 - What is going to change over the next 5-10 years? Code Complete: A Practical Handbook of Software Construction by by Steve McConnell Related Episodes Rubyists in Other Languages with James Edward Gray II and Steve Klabnik Ruby Tapas and Avoiding Code with Avdi Grimm Livable Code With Sarah Mei Special Guests: Avdi Grimm and Sarah Mei.


19 Sep 2018

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Episode 38: Avdi Grimm

Indiedotes Podcast

Podcast RSSShow Notes:Software developer, screencaster and author Avdi Grimm gives Indiedotes a look behind the scenes of the creation of Ruby Tapas and Master the Object-Oriented Mindset in Ruby and Rails. “You can delegate more than you think…the only really essential part of what I do is my taste.”  Avdi talks about how he determined what to delegate and what to keep for himself, the importance of taste when creating something and what to do when your product becomes a hamster wheel. He also shares how he made the decisions about what to include in the MOOM course, how he determines pricing of a product and talks marketing his products. Show Links: Avdi codesRuby TapasIra Glass on taste


8 May 2018

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069: Identity Is An Arrow with Avdi Grimm

Greater Than Code

Greater Than Code Episode 002: Neutralizing Impostor Syndrome with Avdi Grimm 01:52 – Avdi’s Superpower: The Power of Inspiration, RubyConf India, and International Conferences vs Domestic 04:28 – The Pursuit of a Fixed Life: Achieving or Avoiding Stasis Blog Post: I was trying to end my life 08:40 – Living in the Future and Having Goals 16:36 – Hitting Career Stasis vs Identity Stasis 25:23 – Becoming a Visible Person in Tech 31:27 – Encouraging and Inspiring People to Find Their Potential and Value 44:23 – Being Authentic and Transparent to the World Reflections: Coraline: Identity matters. Rein: How identity and society interact: Symbolic Interactionism. Also, having therapeutic relationships. Jessica: Two energies, internally, of being ‘grounded’ and ‘inspired’ and those feeding into ‘connection’, together. Also, we have identity in the now and in the future. The Lathe Of Heaven by Ursula K. Le Guin Janelle: Being present and listening, connecting, and internalizing to form new thoughts you wouldn’t have had otherwise. Avdi: Identity in the now and identity in the future forms an arrow. This episode was brought to you by @therubyrep of DevReps, LLC. To pledge your support and to join our awesome Slack community, visit patreon.com/greaterthancode. To make a one-time donation so that we can continue to bring you more content and transcripts like this, please do so at paypal.me/devreps. You will also get an invitation to our Slack community this way as well. Amazon links may be affiliate links, which means you’re supporting the show when you purchase our recommendations. Thanks!Sponsored By:O'Reilly Media: Support for the Greater Than Code podcast comes from the O’Reilly Fluent and Velocity conferences. Join over 4,000 developers and engineers in San Jose, California, June 11 – 14th. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to attend 2 essential technology conferences under one roof! Learn more about the Super Bronze pass at oreilly.com/bettertogether. Promo Code: GTC20Support Greater Than Code

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28 Feb 2018

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Episode 24: Ruby Tapas and Avoiding Code with Avdi Grimm

Tech Done Right

Ruby Tapas and Avoiding Code with Avdi Grimm Follow us on Twitter @tech_done_right, and please leave us a review on Apple Podcasts! Guest Avdi Grimm: Creator of the RubyTapas Screencast Series and author of Exceptional Ruby and Confident Ruby. avdi.codes Summary Avdi Grimm has been creating the RubyTapas screencast series for five years. In this episode Avdi and I talk about why he decided to do RubyTapas, and what makes a good episode. We also talk about the resources that helped us when we were learning to code. Then Avdi talks about his experience building the RubyTapas web site and explains how sometimes avoiding code can be the best business decision of all. Notes 01:20 - Starting and Sustaining RubyTapas 04:59 - Shorter Episodes Vs Longer Episodes 08:00 - Creating an Example for a Topic 10:49 - Future-proofing Episodes 12:51 - Helpful Resources When Avdi and Noel Were Learning How to Code Programming Perl (The Camel Book) The Pragmatic Programmer Code Complete Smalltalk Best Practice Patterns Ruby Midwest 2011 Confident Code by Avdi Grimm 18:31 - Learning New Things Now; Online Marketing Copyblogger 26:12 - Avoiding Code


15 Nov 2017

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19: Gourmet Ruby with Avdi Grimm

The Art of Product

This week Ben Orenstein is interviewing guest Avdi Grimm, Founder of RubyTapas, which is a subscription service that provides screencasts of “gourmet” ruby programming. Avdi discusses the topic of his talk at Southeast Ruby in Nashville, which was the value of avoiding code and strategies to bypass the need to write unnecessary coding. Join us as he shares his advice on optimizing workflows and his experiences building RubyTapas. Today’s Topics Include: The value of avoiding code Hidden complexity in building out content platforms Using Wordpress for publishing content Code as a liability Episode production and future of RubyTapas Finding leverage in business and creative work Delegating workflows Views on side-hustling and product development If you’re enjoying the show please give us your ratings and reviews in iTunes. Links and resources: RubyTapas WordPress Spacemacs, Emacs, Vim, Neovim Side-hustle mindset versus product-business mindset by Avdi Grimm Avdi.codes VirtuousCode.com RefactoringRails.io


12 Oct 2017

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Episode 002: Neutralizing Imposter Syndrome with Avdi Grimm

Greater Than Code

00:16 – Welcome to “The Meta Four!” …we mean, “Greater Than Code!” 01:30 – Chef Avdi Grimm’s Introduction 02:19 – RubyTapas; Production, Typing, and Editing 10:52 – Real World Programming: Episode #346: User; LiveCoding.tv 12:24 – Neutralizing Impostor Syndrome 13:32 – Break time and getting to know our new panelist, Astrid Countee! "I've never met a junior who wasn't extremely senior in some area of life I know nothing about" @dbrady @greaterthancode— Jessica Kerr (@jessitron) October 5, 2016 24:15 – Neutralizing Imposter Syndrome (Cont’d) 25:42 – Live Coding 28:29 – What non-Ruby technologies have you been exploring lately? ~ Darin Wilson 29:05 – PHP 35:56 – Should a screencast series like RubyTapas also go beyond code? Talk about topics like dealing with frustration when programming, for example? ~Lucas Dohman “Programming can be an incredibly judgmental culture and environments can be really poisonous.” ~ Avdi Grimm Bias in Computer Systems Carina C. Zona: Schemas for the Real World @ SCNA 2013 Carina C. Zona: Consequences of an Insightful Algorithm @ JSConf EU 2015 Reflections: Sam: You can use your ego and your attachment to the code, but make it not about yourself. Instead, try to focus on what your code is bringing to other people and maybe that can help you try to figure out how to make it better without getting stuck. Coraline: We got to see a glimpse into the whole person behind a persona. Even heroes are people with vulnerability, human flaws, anxieties, and weaknesses. Astrid: Bring your whole self to everything. Jessica: What we show matters. Jay: Don’t be too quick to compare yourself to others. David: Put your ideas out there and get them in front of other people. That is how you manufacture authority. Avdi: Hidden Figures This episode was brought to you by @therubyrep of DevReps, LLC. To pledge your support and to join our awesome Slack community, visit patreon.com/greaterthancode. To make a one-time donation so that we can continue to bring you more content and transcripts like this, please do so at paypal.me/devreps. You will also get an invitation to our Slack community this way as well. Amazon links may be affiliate links, which means you’re supporting the show when you purchase our recommendations. Thanks!Support Greater Than Code


6 Oct 2016