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Ep.4 Brent Dykes: Data Storytelling: When and how to communicate your data in stories

MindSpeaking podcast - by Gilbert Eijkelenboom

Brent Dykes is the author of Effective Data Storytelling: How to Drive Change with Data, Narrative, and Visuals. He is also the founder of AnalyticsHero, LLC, a data storytelling consultancy.     He has spent over 16 years working in analytics and holds an MBA in marketing. He has spoken at some of the largest conferences in the world, published more than 35 articles in Forbes, and worked with some of the biggest companies in the world, including Nike, Amazon, Microsoft, Sony, and Comcast.    Effective Data Storytelling: https://www.effectivedatastorytelling.com/ LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/brentdykes/ Connect & free resources:   👨🏻‍💻 Gilbert’s Linkedin: https://linkedin.com/in/eijkelenboom/ 📙 People Skills for Analytical Thinkers: https://mindspeaking.com/buy-book 📈 Discover your maturity level: https://mindspeaking.com/maturity-model 🗣 Free email course for Analytical Thinkers: https://mindspeaking.com/conversation Highlights:   00:00:00 Introduction  00:00:24 Introduction of Guest  00:02:11 Brent in high school  00:03:36 Marketing: Fluffy Business Area?  00:06:56 Influence with Storytelling  00:08:19 How Data Professionals Foster their Curiosity   00:11:37 How to reach senior people   00:15:53 Data Storytelling  00:20:50 Mindset Shift  00:31:18 Benefits From Data Storytelling  00:39:44 Role of Presentation Skills in Data Storytelling  00:47:26 Brent's Book  00:55:34 Rapid Fire Round  01:02:13 Where to follow Brent Dykes 

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11 Jul 2022

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217. Data Storytelling With Brent Dykes

Believe you can because you can!

Customers don’t buy products. They buy stories. Apple and BMW create stories to sell products. How to write your story? Brent Dykes shares his valuable insights. Watch or listen to the entire episode to know a lot more. Wanna get more traffic? Submit your request on my website – https://unmiss.com/. Learn more about Brent Dykes…


8 Jul 2022

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Brent Dykes on data storytelling

Infinite Machine Learning

Brent Dykes is the founder of Analytics Hero where he offers workshops on data storytelling. As a Forbes contributor, he has authored more than 45 articles and spoken at some of the largest industry conferences around the globe. After publishing two books on digital analytics, his most recent book focuses on the importance of effective data storytelling.In this episode, we cover a range of topics including:- Why do we need data storytelling- What does storytelling entail- Data, narrative, and visuals- How to distill down complex topics- Step by step process of building a practical data story


16 Jun 2022

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Episode 9: The Importance of Data Storytelling with Brent Dykes

Talking Euretina

In this episode, we hear from Brent Dykes  about the importance of storytelling with data and how to implement it when communicating research. Brent is author of Effective Data Storytelling, founder of Analytics Hero and a regular contributor to Forbes.


20 Apr 2022

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A conversation with Brent Dykes

Discovering Data

When was the last time you had an important fact to share but nobody seemed to care? This is for you if you want to learn how to communicate insights effectively and make things happen. My guest today is Brent Dykes, a master data storyteller. You can follow Brent on LinkedIn or checkout his book here.--We have a new home at discoveringdata.com where you will find a forum to connect with data leaders like you, as well as episode transcripts, best quotes, and other material that can help you learn and apply your knowledge at work.

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14 Apr 2022

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Become an Effective Data Storyteller | Brent Dykes

The Artists of Data Science

Support the show: https://www.buymeacoffee.com/datascienceharp Find Brent online: https://www.linkedin.com/in/brentdykes Watch the video of this episode: https://youtu.be/QcihRq9ieWE Highlights of the show: [00:01:21] Guest Introduction [00:03:33] Talk to us a bit about where you grew up and what it was like there? [00:04:58] You're still involved in the technology field and still involved with 'Data' in a sense. So is life really different than what you imagined it might be? [00:08:36] ...the new indicating or talking or informing what is there,subtle differences is it glaring differences? Talk to us about that. [00:14:05] I love philosophy, and Aristotle is definitely one of my favorites. So I'm wondering what can Aristotle teach us about persuasion and storytelling? [00:15:18] "Telos" [00:20:55] System one and System twos. [00:21:00] If most of our decisions are very emotional, then how is it that we can make better decisions in spite of this emotional nature that we have? [00:24:09 How do you define the term "motivated reasoning"? [00:27:25] What are the differences in the ways that facts and stories activate our brains? Are some other differences in the ways that you know, facts and stories that activate our brain? [00:31:48] What is a Data story like? Isn't it just the same as a dashboard with visuals or is it something else? [00:37:19] What are the elements of an insight? How do we go from fact to insight? [00:40:08] Is there a distinction between just the old fashioned insight and like an actionable insight? How do we distinguish the two? [00:47:15] What is the "FOUR D" framework? [00:52:32] We might have an audience member that's a key audience member, and they just want the facts. How do we how do we handle that situation? [00:59:03] What's the difference between a Data story and a Data forgery? [01:04:41] You talk about Cognitive Biases, Logical Fallacies in your book, what are these and why are they important to watch out for? Why should we keep an eye out for these things? [01:10:45-01] It is this it's one hundred years in the future what do you want to be remembered for? [01:12:23] What are you currently reading? [01:12:43] What song do you currently have on repeat? [01:13:26] If you lost all of your possessions, but one, what would you want it to be? [01:13:48] What's your worst habit? [01:13:55] What's your favourite, candy? [01:14:12 What's one of your favorite comfort foods? [01:14:24 What's something you learned in the last week? Don't forget to register for regular office hours by The Artists of Data Science: http://bit.ly/adsoh Register for Sunday Sessions here: http://bit.ly/comet-ml-oh Listen to the latest episode: https://player.fireside.fm/v2/eac-KT9/latest?theme=dark The Artists of Data Science Social links: Support the show: https://www.buymeacoffee.com/datascienceharp YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/HarpreetSahotaTheArtistsofDataScience Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/datascienceharp Facebook https://facebook.com/TheArtistsOfDataScience Twitter: https://twitter.com/datascienceharp

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11 Mar 2022

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Connecting the dots between data and insights through storytelling in finance | with Brent Dykes, Chief Data Storyteller, AnalyticsHero

CFO 4.0

This episode of CFO 4.0, sees Hannah Munro, chatting to Brent Dykes, Founder, and Chief Data Storyteller at AnalyticsHero.Brent Dykes has spent more than 15 years in the analytics industry, consulting with some of the world’s most recognized brands, such as Microsoft, Sony, Nike, Amazon, and Comcast. Brent brings a unique perspective on data storytelling, and how to communicate data effectively.Brent is a regular Forbes contributor, publishing more than 30 articles on various data topics. He has also published his latest book, 'Effective Data Storytelling: How to Drive Change with Data, Narrative, and Visuals'.What's covered in this episode?What is a Chief Data Storyteller?Brent's journey to AnalyticsHeroHow to communicate insight within finance teamsFrameworks that are being used to share insight throughout finance teamsHow to convey financial data through storiesTop tips for getting into data storytelling for finance leadersLinks mentioned in this episode:Brent's LinkedInBrent's Forbes articles


22 Feb 2022

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SEASON 2 - Episode 1 - Brent Dykes, Data Analytics Superhero and Author of a FANTASTIC Book called Effective Data Storytelling joins us to share tips on how to drive change with DATA!

Don't SUCK at AI

SEASON 2 - Episode 1 - Brent Dykes, Data Analytics SuperHero and Author of a FANTASTIC Book called Effective Data Storytelling joins us to share tips on how to drive change with DATA!John provides Intro on Brent and shares his Background:   00:37 – 02:42 Brent gives some additional info on his background and shares with us his journey    02:43 – 03:03 Don't SUCK Fun Fact about Brent – And in this episode, we actually have a Trifecta of fun facts for Brent from superhero comics collector, to being tri-lingual to supporting his Ironman triathlete wife!  He is a man of many interests and talents! :  03:04 – 04:53 Brent shares the VALUE that data could provide for organizations if used properly.  He refers to it as understanding the “language of data” and tells us a little bit about what that is and how he has developed that concept into developing these Data stories.   :   04:54 -  06:47Brent discusses how for AI & ML to be successful, data is the necessary fuel…and the more you have the better you can train the models companies build.  He explains how data points become the building blocks of every data story and how relevance and trustworthiness play into this equation:  06:48 - 10:09Brent takes a quote from his book “Without knowledge, action is useless, and knowledge without action is futile.” , and share this as a preface to talk about Actionable Insights.  He then discusses how to go about determining if an insight merits becoming the basis of a data story and what that means to your audience.:  10:10  -  13:40 Brent shares his “state of the industry” opinion in regards to corporations ability to leverage the data they are collecting today?:  13:41 – 17:53Brent wraps up by providing a look into the future & pull out his Dr. Strange SuperHero Crystal ball to share where he sees all this going in the near future…and what he thinks based on his years of experience and wisdom in the analytics space?: 17:54 – 21:49 23:15 Brent’s Contact Info: LinkedIn – Brent Dykes:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/brentdykes/Book Website:   https://www.effectivedatastorytelling.com/  (You can buy the book there as well)Twitter:  https://twitter.com/analyticshero Conclusion:  25:30 Bob Miller Intro with Music Fade


13 Jan 2022

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Best practises for Data-Driven Advertisement with Brent Dykes

The Datapreneur Podcast

Data-driven marketing is the approach of optimising brand communications based on customer information. With data-driven advertising, you can gain more insights into how buyers engage with your brand. You have the ability to create highly-targeted campaigns with personalized messaging to resonate with consumers. Learn from Brent dykes and his experience of working in enterprise analytics for the past 16 years as an analyst, consultant, manager, and evangelist. Throughout the journey, he worked with cutting-edge analytics vendors (Omniture, Adobe, and Domo) and a broad base of Global 2000 companies, including many industry leaders such as Nike, Amazon, Microsoft, and Comcast.


5 Jan 2022

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Brent Dykes (DATAcated Conference Feb 2021)

DATAcated On Air

Brent Dykes (DATAcated Conference Feb 2021) - Data Storytelling--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/datacated/support


5 Mar 2021