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BPI Presents A Pronoun Discussion With Dr. Marilyn Volker

ACB Events

Join BPI for this timely informational and sharing discussion. Dr. Marilyn K. Volker, Sexologist for the past thirty-two (32) years is a Diplomat of the American Board of Sexology and an Associate Fellow of The American Academy of Clinical Sexologists. She sits on the faculty of four South Florida universities— University of Miami, Florida International University, St. Thomas University, Barry University—as well as is Associate Professor at The Institute For Advanced Study of Human Sexuality, San Francisco, California, where she received her doctorate in 1991. Dr. Volker trains counselors to become sex therapists through the Florida Post-Graduate Sex Therapy Training Institute and The Joint Doctoral Program in Clinical Sexology for Sex Therapists. She has served as sexuality consultant for a variety of addiction treatment facilities state and nationwide and has written articles addressing sexuality issues in recovery. Dr. Volker teaches in the sexuality programs for two medical schools— University of Miami and Ross University and is a doctoral committee member for Union Institute. For more information on Dr. Marilyn Volker, go to:https://www.therapycertificationtraining.org/about-us/instructors/91-mar...

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3 Aug 2020

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Dr. Sophia interviews Dr. Marilyn Volker about her 8 Types of Intimacy

Sex and the Bull City

Dr. Marilyn Volker explains her original work of 8 types of Intimacy.


15 Jun 2020

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Ep 53: Love Over Fear: Spiritual Sex Workers & Sex Surrogates! Eve Eurydice w Dr Marilyn Volker

Speak Sex with Eve

Eve Eurydice speaks with Dr. Marilyn Volker, founder of Fringe Clergy & Institute of International Sexology. She worked for Masters & Johnson’s in St. Louis in 1969. She led the work for gay, bi & transgender folk in Miami in the 70s & AIDS patients in the 80s. She was a counselor, teacher, & minister when she became a sexual surrogate under the supervision of a psychiatrist. She surrogated for 50 people, then began training & supervising other surrogates. We discuss: Body Mapping; Observational, Nurturing, Playful, Sensuous, Sexual Touching; Eye Gazing; Showering; Cuddling. How Does this Feel Feedback (Speak Sex!). Our language is Patriarchy’s Language & it’s designed to be understood by the lowest common denominator & highest numbers. Love is what gets you out of the darkest spots where words don’t help. & Step by Step Touch is the Hack. Liberate yourself from the Beauty & Sexual Success from the Standards of the Establishment. Let Go of Goals, Develop your Skills & Get your Questions Answered. Respect our Elders! PS Marilyn married one of her patients. ⚡️ our truths & healing ourselves. ⚡️Speak Sex Podcast is Listener Supported. Go to https://anchor.fm/Speaksexpodcast/Support⚡️Want to Speak Sex? Go to https://speaksexpodcast.com ⚡️ https://Eurydice.net ⚡️Video onhttps://m.youtube.com/SpeakSexwithEveEurydice/@speaksexpodcast @eurydiceeve --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/speaksex/message


15 Mar 2020

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Valuing All People with Dr. Marilyn Volker

Sex, Love, and Addiction: Healing Conversations for Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Men

Dr. Marilyn Volker, Sexologist for the past thirty-two years, Diplomat of the American Board of Sexology and Associate Fellow of The American Academy of Clinical Sexologists, joins the show today. Dr. Volker helped to establish the Health Crisis Network, Florida’s first community-based AIDS project and has educated thousands over the past 20 years about HIV/AIDS nationwide. Dr. Volker also helped to establish the first gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgender youth group in Miami-Dade County in 1975. In this week’s episode, she talks about what it was like to be active in the frontlines of not only the HIV epidemic but dealing with sexual minorities. She addresses areas where we have made progress, and where we still have a lot of work to go. Dr. Volker shares humbling stories that are close to her heart of people turning struggle and fear into bravery, connection, and community. TAKEAWAYS: [2:05] Dr. Volker began her career teaching deaf children and continues to work with special education programs and communities. [3:12] Dr. Volker’s family were way ahead of their time in the way they encouraged her and her siblings to value all people, and be proud of their own bodies. [4:02] In the 1970’s, four young gay teenage men showed Dr. Volker that they needed her assistance and support. They only met in what she refers to as the 5 B’s: bars, beaches, bathhouses in bookstores and bushes. They felt marginalized and scared, and they needed a group for their safety and self esteem. [8:51] Dr. Volker made it her life’s work to provide a safe place for LGBT people to go to discuss their fears and concerns. At first HIV was referred to as GRID, or gay-related immune deficiency. It was also thought to only affect people in the Four H categories: homosexual, Haitian, hemophiliac or heroin user. [12:22] In the early days of an HIV support call center there were two lines that came in, and the second line went either to the Gay Men’s Health Crisis Centers in New York or Los Angeles. There was very little training, and everyone was learning as they went. [15:55] Many of the sufferers felt alone, ashamed and unable to talk about what they were experiencing because of the stigma that surrounded being in both the LGBT community and being infected with HIV. [17:14] Despite the very little structure and education available at the time, Dr. Volker and her “dream team” stepped up and created a cultural shift in discussing and accepting human sexuality. [21:44] It was one of Dr. Volker’s greatest honors to help people express how they wanted to be remembered through the Quilt Project. In very painful circumstances these heroes showed tenderness and humor to still celebrate their life. [28:07] Dr. Volker is known as the “Condom Queen” or “Condom Lady” because she was always seen handing them out, or had them ready for anyone that may be interested. [29:17] What really helps people when they are scared and feeling lonely: faith, family, love, compassion and a sense of humor. RESOURCES: International Institute of Clinical Sexology International Transgender Certification Therapist Certification Association besafemv@gmail.com QUOTES: “Everyone is part of the dream team.” “It’s the shoulders we stand on.” “I can’t tell you how many people were willing to be visible so we can make these moves.” “Behind anger is so much fear.”


13 Jun 2019

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Sex Talk & More with Dr. Marilyn Volker

Tie a Knot & Hang On! Help has arrived!

On this "We Are the World Day," (January 28th), Camille Sanzone talks with Dr. Marilyn Volker, sexologist, therapist and professor. Topics include her life growing up the daughter of a minister, getting beyond your past, embracing our differences, transgender issues, same gender marriage, and hope. It’s always an interesting conversation when Marilyn and Camille get together! Give a listen.This show is broadcast live on W4WN Radio – The Women 4 Women Network (www.w4wn.com) part of Talk 4 Radio (http://www.talk4radio.com/) on the Talk 4 Media Network (http://www.talk4media.com/).


2 Feb 2015

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Sex Talk & More with Dr. Marilyn Volker

Tie a Knot & Hang On! Help has arrived!

Camille Sanzone talks with Dr. Marilyn Volker, sexologist, therapist and professor, about the newest sexual identification: the Pansexual. A pansexual differs from a bisexual in that he or she is attracted to not just men and women, but also people who identify as transgendered, androgynous and/or gender fluid. Dr. Volker also responds to listener’s questions about sexual fantasies and trust in relationships.This show is broadcast live on W4WN Radio – The Women 4 Women Network (www.w4wn.com) part of Talk 4 Radio (http://www.talk4radio.com/) on the Talk 4 Media Network (http://www.talk4media.com/).


11 Dec 2014

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Patti Black, Chere, Marilyn Volker


Okay listeners,here it is! Today's guest is Dr. Marilyn Volker, Sexologist. Learn how extra infomation can increase your pleasure during those intimate moments. This show will touch apon personal topics so be prepared...and enjoy the show!


8 Mar 2010