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Episode Five - Om Arvind, Real Madrid and the Role of Tactics at Elite Clubs

A Podcast About Tactics

In Episode Five, we're joined by Om Arvind (@OmVAsports on Twitter) to talk about Real Madrid, Carlo Ancelotti, Zinedine Zidane and the role of tactics at the elite level. Om is the editor of the Managing Madrid channel, the host of the Las Blancas podcast, he runs a Substack called Tactical Rant and he has written for various outlets such at Analysis Evolved, Analytics FC and the Woso Collective. In the course of the episode, we talk about the context surrounding Real Madrid the club, the impact this has on the tactical, whether or not Zidane was a good manager, and then investigate the topic of tactics at an elite club. Enjoy! Further Reading suggested by Om or mentioned by him in the episode: Zinedine Zidane the Manager: How Zizou positioned himself to lead Real Madrid - Andrew Murray, FourFourTwo Applying 'Floor Raising' & 'Ceiling Raising' to Football Coaches - Om Arvind, Tactical Rant Substack Pep in the Knockouts - Grace Robertson, On Football Substack

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30 Mar 2022

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Om Arvind (Real Madrid)

The Sporticos Football Stories Podcast

On this episode of The Sporticos Football Stories Podcast, Craig Hanson chats to Om Arvind, Real Madrid fan, editor Managing Madrid, a Real Madrid SB Nation community, and host of the Las Blancas podcast. As well as being a huge football fan, Om is also a tactical analyst. He’s extremely knowledgeable when it comes to matters on and off the pitch at the Bernabeu. The boys take a trip down memory lane to talk about his first moments as a fan and his favourite era at the club, as well as getting into more contentious topics like the European Super League and the state of La Liga in 2021.Thanks so much for listening!Please leave a positive review on Apple Podcasts if that’s where you’re listening, and share the episode far and wide! We really appreciate it!Send us questions about your favourite teams and we will put them to our future guests - show@sporticos.comHead to Sporticos: Football Today for news, data and live streamingFollow us on Twitter:Sporticos: @SporticosComCraig Hanson: @CraigSporticosOm Arvind: @OmVAsportsManaging Madrid: @managingmadrid Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

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6 Sep 2021

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No Gods, No Heroes--the CR7 Episode (ft. Chloe White, Jess Houwen and Om Arvind)

Let's Fix Football

*TRIGGER WARNING: This episode contains discussions about sexual violence that might be painful for survivors of sexual assault and might nnot be appropriate for all audiences.*Hosts Gabe Lezra and Evan Mateer speak with their friends Chloe White (an attorney who has worked on sexual violence and women's issues), Jess Houwen (read Jess's fantastic article about the Ronaldo allegations here: https://www.managingmadrid.com/2018/10/17/17977576/irresponsible-responses) and Om Arvind (read Om's meditation on what it feels like to be betrayed by an idol here: https://medium.com/@supersain5/on-ronaldo-mayorga-the-rape-allegations-the-issue-with-idolization-ba6891bda340) about the Cristiano Ronaldo rape allegations. The crew takes a very deep dive into the allegations, and unpacks why it's important that we believe survivors of sexual assault, what it means when we say that, and how rape culture can pervert our understanding of sexual violence. They discuss how survivors are reacting to the accusations, and why it's so painnful for survivors to have to hear the horrific responses from Ronaldo fans that diminish and degrade woman who have come forward. They discuss why it's crucial to center women, and the victim's pain, in any discussion about sexual violence--rather than immediately labelling the alleged perpetrator a victim, we should strive to make sure the real victim isn't brushed aside (as often happens in sports media). And they discuss why it's appropriate--in fact, crucial, to underline the heroism and courage of the people who have come forward with their stories, and why it is so important to stand up and say enough. They finish by discussing what it feels like to have your idol, your hero, fall from grace, betray you like this. Is this a way in to discussing these issues with people that might otherwise be unreachable?

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16 Oct 2018

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Let's Fix Football 203: Moneyfootball ft. Jamon Moore and Om Arvind

Let's Fix Football

People liked our talk about stats last week so much that we had to do another one. This week: we brought on Jamon Moore of American Soccer Analysis, and one of the minds behind Expected Possession Goals (xPG) to break down the new cutting edge of soccer analysis. Om Arvind joins hosts Gabe Lezra and Evan Mateer -- and they break down how analytics can help make the experience of wathcing soccer more fun, and what the new era of analytics means for the casual fan.Jamon walks us through the intricacies of xPG (and some of the other stats he and his colleagues at ASA are working on), and helps explain how it allows fans and pundits to get a deeper understanding of how teams play, and how individuals within the team play. They discuss how xPG can help analysts visualize and quantify the style a team plays--and whether the style they want to play lines up with how they actually play.Then, Gabe, Om and Evan talk about ex-Real Madrid president Ramón Calderón having an extremely normal one, and break down Gabe's article about Real Madrid's nonexistant women's team (and the super regular response to it).

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23 Sep 2018

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Let's Fix Football 202: Ronaldo and the Analytics Wars to Come ft. Om Arvind

Let's Fix Football

Gabe Lezra and his Managing Madrid Podcast co-host (and worst account on football twitter-nominee) Om Arvind talk about the Financial Times' article about Juventus' Cristiano Ronaldo gamble (from a financial angle). Juve is banking on a massive increase not just in their own publicity but in Serie A's publicity--but how smart is that gamble? Is the "Cristiano Ronaldo effect" as pronounced as they think?They also talk about the ongoing soccer analytics revolution and the fact that some of the friving forces behind the movement are American. Big shoutout to American Soccer Analysis, and their fantastic article on negative and positive Expected Possession Goals (xPG): https://www.americansocceranalysis.com/home/2018/8/28/expected-possession-goals-part-1Also, Gabe wrote about the coming revolution back in like 2012 for The Atlantic, so read that, too: https://www.theatlantic.com/technology/archive/2012/08/make-way-for-the-soccer-geeks/261634/AND you know we had to do it! Checkin IN on our main man Registability and football Twitter generally. As always we're #TeamAdam. It's Evan's 30th birthday so he's having a third-life crisis and jumping out of a plane (with a parachute), so happy birthday buddy.

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16 Sep 2018

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Episode 5: Real Madrid & Positional Play feat. Om Arvind


Om joins us to discuss Real Madrid's triumphs and failures in the absence of attacking structure.


21 Feb 2018