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Mark Herbert – “I’m A Leader” – helping people understand their uniqueness and release their full potential

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(Some of) The main points for listeners:·       No one has a thumbprint just like you and that’s just the start of your uniqueness·       Valuing people for who they are ·       We can learn from everyone we meet… ·       Why there’s been a 40% increase in young people seeking help·       I’m ‘just’ a binman!·       The role of Mark’s mentor and how he stands alongside as a peer…·       The benefit of having a mentor younger than me·       Why Mark wrote “I’m Not A Leader” and what he learned from it·       Seeing the world as it is AND as others see it·       Chapter 46 it all about Getting out of your box…·       Where do you go to get your inspiration?·       Is the pace you are doing [things at] stopping you from reaching your peak?·       To be a quality leader we may need to slow down·       How you can build white space into your day / week·       Diary management for improved productivity? ·       What we can learn from Ernest Shackleton·       Growing through failure·       The only failure in life is to not learn from our mistakes·       Creating and leaving a legacyLearn More: visit the Ignium https://www.igniumconsult.comSubscribe for more exclusive content in the Ignium Spark Tank https://www.igniumconsult.com/the-spark-tankListen to the show: https://sparksbyignium.transistor.fm/episodesMore about Mark Herbert: www.leader-full.co.ukConnect with Mark here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mark-herbert-897648b0/Books Referenced in this Episode I'm [Not] a Leader, Mark Herbert, https://amzn.to/3g7fYGyShackleton's Way: Leadership Lessons from the Great Antarctic Explorer, Margot Morrell and Stephanie Capparell, https://amzn.to/3ACmGw2First, Break All the Rules - What the World's Greatest Managers Do Differently, Marcus Buckingham & Curt Coffman https://amzn.to/3skVWgqThe Inner Game of Tennis: The Ultimate Guide to the Mental Side of Peak Performance, W Timothy Gallwey, https://amzn.to/3xUBoMV Leaders eat Last: Why Some Teams Pull Together and Others Don't, Simon Sinek, https://amzn.to/3xUwK1AFancy Running? The How to Guide to Fancy Dress Marathon Running, Phil Rose, https://amzn.to/3iNWRTuSign Up to the Ignium Bi Monthly Newsletter https://sparksbyignium.transistor.fm/subscribe Connect on LinkedIn Phil Rose https://www.linkedin.com/in/coachphilrose/ Kerry Jarred https://www.linkedin.com/in/kerry-jarred-jarredconsulting/ Join The Building Better Business Facebook Group https://www.facebook.com/coachedbyphil Follow us on Twitter https://twitter.com/malabarman

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17 Aug 2021

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Homer Robertson (Guest Host Mark Herbert Schmidt): Homer The Vet, Life After High School, Being Deployed, Life After Military, Rap Career, TackleBox Talk Podcast, Casino Stories


Homer Robertson (Guest Host Mark Herbert Schmidt): Homer The Vet, Life After High School, Being Deployed, Life After Military, Rap Career, TackleBox Talk Podcast, Casino Stories


25 May 2021

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Halfy Hour with Mark Herbert Scmidt: Joey Diaz, Bonney Lake Roof Couch, Super Bowl Luck, Beater Truck, Disney #2 on Ice, Crazy Laugher


Halfy Hour with Mark Herbert Scmidt: Joey Diaz, Bonney Lake Roof Couch, Super Bowl Luck, Beater Truck, Disney #2 on Ice, Crazy Laugher


9 Mar 2021

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Episode 16 - Mark Herbert from The Wandering Bartender


Welcome To The Gin Ignite PodcastWhether you want to party or have a quiet night in gin will igniteNewsHello and Welcome to Episode 16Small Gin September - second week.Please support this event. Last week it was the fabulous Anfield Gin and this week it is Mark from the wandering bartender.We still have two more to goThe Wandering Bartender - Please support the competition. Only two more rounds to go. Very close at the top.My clothing sample came today and I am wearing it on the video and really well packaged in a paper, recyclable packaging.Really enjoyed myself with Merlin over the weekend at The Edge Gin distillery and we have been creating cocktails all week. Thank you to Mike and Clare for their support.I am a Craft Gin Club virgin. Not sure why I did not join sooner. Love the magazine, the gin you get, the serving suggestions, the garnishes. Amazing value. If you have not already joined you should definitely consider it. Would love to have you on the podcast !!Weekly Gin RecommendationThis weeks gin recommendation is Pitwheel Distillery Raspberry and Vanilla GinThe Pitwheel Distillery were the first craft gins that I discovered purely by accident and because of a hilarious post they put out.As I wanted to try all of their gins I was really pleased that they did a miniatures pack. I really did not know what to expect but all I can say is wow and thank you.Their gins are superb and whilst I have bought the Original spiced the Raspberry and Vanilla is definitely on my gin budget in the future.The nose of this gin is alcoholic raspberry and is really strong.I have to say that whilst I find it hard to pick out the vanilla the depth of the raspberry is phenomenal.So much so that my go to Whitley Neill Raspberry gin has lost is badge and spurs !! and there is a new sheriff in town and it's name is Pitwheel Raspberry and Vanilla gin.I tested with my normal Fever Tree Mediterranean gin but I think this would also pair well with a standard or Elderflower gin.I think it would make a very interesting dry martini and would be great in cocktails especially with some fresh raspberries as a garnish.Well done Pitwheel for turning out another amazing gin.Mark Herbert from the Wandering BartenderEarly Career NavyMark joined the Royal Navy because it was raining and the nearest shelter was the forces recruitment centre !He joined his ship in the Falklands primarily for drug patrol.Part of crew who apprehended a boat in 2006 with 250 million pound of cocaine.Biggest in naval history until 2 years agoBased at one island in the Caribbean which had only one barStarted to drink cocktailsAberdeen, Southampton, Australia and New ZealandAfter three year in the navy came back to AberdeenStarted work at a desk but decided not for him.Worked in couple cocktail bars and realised had a flair for it.He was good with flavours and peopleGot bored and through a dart into map of Britain.Landed in Southampton and after a nineteen hour bus ride he had applied for a job, got and interview and then started a job and made friendsEventually opened up a cocktail business with a friend called Mix It.After passing of his grandfather went back up to Aberdeen to be with his MumGot the wandering bug again and this time a bit large and moved to AustraliaHis boss did not pay his taxes and so he had one day to back up and leave for New ZealandLucky he went there because that is where he met his wife.Aberdeen, Cumbria and Commercial LubricantsCame back after six month on a holiday to Spain and then Aberdeen.His wife loved it so much that they cancelled the return flights and stayed.Although his wife did get in trouble with her parents because they did not say goodbyeMark worked as assistant bar manager in most prestigious hotel in AberdeenThen his wife got wedding business opportunity in Cumbria but said would only move if Mark made bar manager. This is the number one wedding venue in the north.Mark was asked to do a job selling commercial lubricants in Norfolk because he was good with peopleThen they were pregnant and no family network so decided to move back to Aberdeen to get supportThe Wandering BartenderHis wife is an elopement planner.She saw a gap in the market where people would get married beside a Loch or on a hillside say their ‘I do’s' and then would have nothing else to do.Her idea was to send Mark up with a rucksack and cocktail making equipment and he would make them a bespoke cocktail.They get to keep recipe for the rest of their livesThe Wandering Bartender Bar and ServicesMark has constructed his own home made bar in lockdown which he showed on a live.He got someone local to him to make a sign which looks fabulousMark has a professional collapsible bar which takes 10 mins to put upFor covid it now has a perspex sheet in front of itHe goes out to houses or events.Either choose cocktails from an agreed list and Mark will make themOr do master class where have 3 cocktails. 1st cocktail and 2nd cocktail shown and get to make and 3rd cocktail made themselves from whatever is in the barTraining as well all over Scotland. Create menus for hotels and bars but mainly bars.Most hotel bars get it wrong. Need to make sure simplifyIf constructing menu would split down the middle.20 cocktails on menu. 10 standard. 10 new age cocktails. Bar tender creations. Take input from staff and Mark’s twistIf were to do the Ritz in London. More in depth. Stick to about 20 cocktails. Every single one a bespoke cocktail.Always encourages staff to talk to customer.Make the cocktails all about the personHow would get started with cocktails ?Remember two, one and halfTwo shots of alcoholOne shot citrusHalf shot of sugarBasic EquipmentBoston shaker e.g. two shakers or one glass and shakerHawthorn StrainerFine StrainerMeasureNormal ice is fine don’t need to have crushed iceCreating a bespoke cocktail for couple for weddingHow they met ?What did you drink ?Where they are from individually ?Specific drink on a dateFavourite holiday destination ?How drink Milk and no sugar - citrus cocktail dacquiri etcTea with no link - Manhattan, Martini, old fashionedSugar - fruitier sized cocktailIf from Sweden for example what drinks, what botanical.Creative ProcessUse nose a lotSniff alcohol first and then mixer and then both togetherAbout personal tasteTaste individual componentsTry not to drink too much. Save taste buds for other people.Always taste cocktail before giving out.The Wandering GinMost cocktails are gin based and could not find gin for cocktails. Was not perfection looking forCity of Aberdeen distillery. Go in and taste gins. Describe them and then 106 botanicals to choose fromWent in with what wanted. Citrus sweet led. Wanted Dacquiri based ginContain orange peel, lemon peel, kaffir lime, moroccan coriander and elderflowerAlan head distiller at City of Aberdeen distillery. Had to wait 2 weeks before could taste. Took 3 attempts.Also uses organic neutral spirit. Twice as expensive but twice as good. No burning sensationThe Wandering Gin Flavour profile Elderflower comes through when neat and soon as add tonic citrus is there. Every gin should work with lime and tonic.CocktailsSome bar people are very pretentious and will not serve cocktails because beneath themAll about serving something someone wants and then educating them to give them what they actually wantMark shared an interesting story about an old bar manager.If someone is drinking rum and coke all night. First serve this to them and if it is quiet enough ask why likes rum.Then pour rum in a glass and ask to taste. Normally would say that is strong. Then add ice. Then add lime. Then apple juice. Then Dandelion and Burdock bitters.Then go with that drink all night.Taste something and trust.Encourage that side of thingsGive wider varietyWhy did you start to sell The Wandering Gin ?Was not intending to sell ginWould always take with him and was very proud to talk about it and serve with Walter Gregors tonic.Everyone wanted to buy.Went to City of Aberdeen distillery and asked if could sell.Now sell on their website.First time this was doneHoping to be in some local small stores soonThe Wandering Bartender Cocktail CompetitionCompetition still running at the moment.2 more rounds.Ran competition anonymously.Non-cocktail making accounts.Theme a week for 6 weeks.This week outdoors.Take a cocktail and take a photoCocktails produced are fabulous.All participants have helped out and promoted it.Small Gin SeptemberVanessa messaged him and asked if this would work. First to agree to be involvedVanessa sent list of timing and when to post.How to build up tension.Just posted 1st day trivia.The Wandering Bartender brandStarted with his wife’s elopement business and wandering up mountain sides to serve bespoke cocktailsDecided a bit too niche.Also do master classes, parties and training and bring all under one umbrellaWhat does the Wandering Bartender brand mean for you ?Everything to me.Do for Family.Meant to be fun.Not meant to be serious because drinking is meant to be fun.Show people right content and drink sensible.High standards.Marks personality.Mark describes it best as “Me on a label.”What is next for the brand ?Contemplating franchise in England.Use brand to help out. Kit out with brand and gin.Do what he does in England.Different Wandering bars in UK. Split England into 6. Always want cocktail and tapas bar.Worked out how to ship gin round EU.Too difficult to ship to Austrailia. The Wandering Tavern, in Wandering where his sister lives wanted some Wandering Gin but would cost £85 per bottle !!!New FlavourOne last question.Potential new flavour.Currently talking with the City of Aberdeen distillery for Sloe gin.Waiting for Sloe berries to appear.Need 10kg of Sloe berries.Get in touchWebsite: https://www.thewanderingbartender.co.ukInstagram: @the_wanderingbartenderFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/wanderingbartender1What is your favourite gin other than your own and how would you serve it ?Macintosh Gin Old Tom - great family businessJim and Deborah got married recently.Congratulations to them.Best with Lemonade and pineapple.3 products at the moment. London Dry, Old Tom, and Navy StrengthWhat does gin mean to you ?Changed perception.Nice for cocktail.Wide variety of flavours and profiles.50 in your bar no one the same.Great gin community online apart from a few fractures.Variety and communityGin Community Shout OutA lot has been happening this week.Gin_Meets_Girl - Sorry about car accident but I loved your post about a go to gin. I have seen a live withglassofgin_packetofseeds with the Otterbeck distillery Cotton gin. I am not surprised either that it is all over Instagram at the moment. Otterbeck distillery if you want to come on the podcast just say !!Craft Gin Club - I have been paying more attention to their posts given that I have just joined and I really want to thank those people who welcomed me on my first post on Facebook.I also wanted to talk about one of the post they put out until I am unable to download gin I will remain unimpressed with technologyFour Pillars also grabbed my attention again with another new product Rare dry Gin Organic Dark ChocolateStockport gin - staying in is the new going out trying to encourage you to a virtual tasting. What is your view on virtual tastings. Some people love them and others want to go to the distillery directInstagram Community Shout OutInstagram shoutout this week is Bev from @gin_meets_girl. She is a recent discovery for me but I love the fact first of all she works for are amazing NHS. I would like to thank you and your colleagues for keeping us safe. We really do appreciate it.I really love her posts. They are really down to earth and tell a great story and always ask for engagement.I have not really engaged. Will do in the futureLoved your last post about Stranger and Sons, from this months Craft Gin Club, and the fact it got you to order curry because it is an Indian ginYour posts are always so vibrant and so well presented.I think they must take you ages. All I can say is that it is all worth it.Please continue to post your fantastic content and I will be a lot more engaging in your posts in the future.Get In ContactIM me at @ginignite Instagram or @ginignite on TwitterE-Mail me at gin.gossip@ginignite.comIf you have ideas IM me or e-mail at podcast.ideas@ginignite.comIf you want to be on the show then IM me or e-mail me at podcast.star@ginignite.comFinal ThoughtThe thing that I like about the gin community that I have met so far is that no one judges anyone for what they believe, what they look like or who they choose to be.The world would be a better place if everyone took that view.Grab your drink, toast those you love, enjoy your weekend and whether your decide to party or stay in I will be with you in spirit !!!Seriously though enjoy your weekend and I look forward to joining you for another episode next Friday.Cheers

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11 Sep 2020

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Mark Herbert, Vice President for Small Business Majority: Empowering Small Businesses During COVID-19 Episode 5

Hack My Business

Mark Herbert talks with hosts Jesse & Sid about what it means to advocate for policies that are important to entrepreneurs as well as making sure they have access to all the funds and tools they might need during their small business journey.  About The Guest: Mark Herbert directs Small Business Majority’s operations throughout California. (Small Business Majority is a national small business advocacy organization.) As Vice President in California, Mark oversees the policy, outreach and development efforts across the state while also directing the work on responsible small business lending issues nationwide. Mark was appointed to the California Small Business & Innovative Startups Recovery Working Group, which will advise and support the small business priorities of the Governor's Jobs and Economic Recovery Task Force. Previously, Mark served as the organization’s California Director, Project Manager and Outreach Manager in California where he developed strong relationships with small business owners and business organizations across the state. Prior to joining the organization more than six years ago, he worked for state and federal lawmakers where he directed business operations and built relationships with small business owners and key stakeholders as they pertained to public policy issues. An entrepreneur himself, Mark runs a small consulting business specializing in volunteer management and organizational capacity building. He also serves on the advisory boards for both the Northern California and the San Diego and Imperial Valley Small Business Development Centers networks, which oversee a total of 22 SBDCs in California, serves on Covered California's Marketing, Outreach and Enrollment Advisory Group and serves on the board for the California Association for Micro Enterprise Opportunity (CAMEO). More From Mark Herbert: Visit the website Small Business Majority Email directly at mherbert@smallbusinessmajority.org Connect on LinkedIn *If there is a specific resource you would like to see on covid19biztools.com you can reach us HERE. *If you would like to be featured in our Q&A segments of the show, email us your business questions info@covid19businesstools.com *Thank you for listening and please share the show or an episode you love with someone who might need it during this challenging time. We believe that when you succeed we all succeed, so let’s share the knowledge and resources! 


29 Jun 2020

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Building Employee Engagement with Mark Herbert

Mission Matters Business with Adam Torres

Employee engagement can mean the difference between the success and failure of an organization. But how many of us have a specific strategy to cultivate employee engagement? In this episode,  Adam Torres and Mark Herbert, Managing Principal at New Paradigms LLC, explore the employee engagement and what employers need to know.  Follow Adam on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/askadamtorres/ for up to date information on book releases and tour schedule.Apply to be interviewed by Adam on our podcast:https://missionmatters.lpages.co/podcastguest/


22 Jun 2020

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#12 - Mark Herbert, producer of This Is England. Co-CEO of Warp Films

FRAHM Jacket Podcast

Mark Herbert has created many of the landmark British movies and TV shows of the last 20 years. Long time collaborator with This is England and The Virtues director Shane Meadows and leading lights like Chris Morris, he's a genuine hero of mine.As co-CEO of legendary independent film makers Warp Films, father to 3 kids, 2 of which are adopted, 1 of which is disabled; he describes his life and mental health struggles in total matter of factness - yet it's all fascinating and inspiring.This podcast with Mark is just about as FRAHM as it gets, and is a great listen. Thank you so much Mark. This confirms, yet again, that life is indeed beautiful, fascinating and tough - and that there are kind, fragile, strong and ambitious men we can look up to.

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13 Dec 2019

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20 Minutes to Leave Your Mark, 100 First Dates with Mark Herbert Schmidt (Mark Herbert Schmidt)


In this episode, the newly single Mark is back on the "Mark-et" and I am taking him on a date.   I am asking all the questions you get on a date and see how he does. The recording was a bit choppy, but so is dating. I also am doing a very good job watching my kid as I try to record a podcast.  I must say I never lose it while I date Mark, record a podcast, and watch  my 3 year old that wants to get into everything.  Thanks for listening!


10 Jun 2019

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fullbobbycast: the one with Mark Herbert Schmidt, Deserted Island, MMA, Random Conversations (Bobby Martinez and Mark Herbert Schmidt)


In this episode, Mark Herbert Schmidt joins Bobby and Travis as they discuss MMA, they talk knives and what to bring on a deserted island. Mark does a good job throwing in random jokes and movie quotes, but Bobby is undaunted as he continues to provide the fact based and peer reviewed evidence of using a big knife to open a bag of chips.  Thank you for listening!


20 May 2019

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20 minutes to leave your Mark: Best getaway driver, Movie Remakes, CSI episode idea, and a new shirt idea (Mark Herbert Scmidt)


The 4th installment to 20 minutes to leave your Mark.  Mark hits us with some more thoughts including his interesting choice of movie remake, best getaway driver, his idea for a CSI episode, a new shirt idea, plus more.  Beat your Monday blues by diving into Mark's mind.  Please subscribe and thank you for listening.


25 Mar 2019