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Living DRASTIC with Toni Harris Taylor

Beyond the Culture

#033: How do you move forward in a crisis? How do you master the tenacity to keep walking past the dark cloud? Sometimes you have to take some drastic baby steps because we all have adversities, and it is how you handle yours that differentiates you.  In this episode of Beyond the Culture with Dr. David M. Walker, we have Toni Harris Taylor, an international speaker/trainer. She is also a certified sales and marketing coach and a certified networker also known as ‘the networking queen’. Her brand is about taking drastic steps like networking and speaking to be successful. Listen in to learn how to dig deep and find what’s within you to come out of adversity a winner. You will also learn the power of being drastic to build and scale your business.“Embrace the change because you can’t change the change.”- Toni [7:38]What you will learn in this episode: ·       [2:21] Toni talks about her TV show Drastic Results with Toni Harris Taylor which was inspired by entrepreneurship.·       [4:31] She narrates her diverse childhood and her personal life and entrepreneurial experiences. ·       [12:27] Teaching entrepreneurs how to use relationships building skills like speaking and effective following-up to grow their business. ·       [15:52] The power of being drastic in your sales and marketing to grow and sustain your business.·       [17:37] She explains in detail what Drastic Results training and coaching is about. ·       [21:45] The importance of surrounding yourself with the right people, listening to positive people, and digging from within to overcome when going through adversity. ·       [27:54] Toni describes her mom as her motivator and entrepreneurial inspiration as a 40-year entrepreneur.·       [30:29] Why divorcing her first husband is her biggest personal regret and failing to start business earlier as her professional regret. ·       [36:10] Her networking organization for bringing entrepreneurs together to build relationships and bring each other referrals.  ·       [39:02] Toni advises people to keep moving through the cloud without getting stuck. Relevant Links:·       Website: ·       https://www.drasticresultswithtoniharristaylor.com/·       https://www.drasticresultstraining.com/ ·       LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/toniharristaylor/ Books Mentioned:·       The Miracle Morning for Entrepreneurs by Hal Elrod·       Strategic Entrepreneurship by Toni Harris Taylor


1 Feb 2021