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Novelist Tim Parks on Pelvic Pain to Inner Peace

In Your Pants with Dr. Susie G

What happened when British author Tim Parks wrote down his personal experience with pelvic pain? A major US publisher said nobody wants to read about prostate and bladder concerns. They were wrong: Teach Us to Sit Still by Tim Parks was one of the first books I read on male pelvic pain and has empowered others to make their own journey out of pain. Tim shares his own struggles, triumphs, and gems in this episode. He’ll encourage you to drop the worry, be open to new possibilities for what can change pain, and to enjoy the journey out of pain.

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17 Aug 2021

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483: Tim Parks!

The Drunken Odyssey with John King: A Podcast About the Writing Life

In this week’s show, I interview a writer I'm obsessed with, the prose writer Tim Parks. We talk about walking and its relationship to composition, plus the historical vision of Garibaldi, and the provoking contradictions of historical record.


31 Jul 2021

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Teaching Us to Sit Still with Tim Parks

The Sword Guy Podcast

The Sword Guy Podcast, episode 42 Tim Parks is a prolific novelist, non-fiction writer and translator and perhaps most importantly from my perspective, he wrote a fantastic memoir on getting into meditation, called Teach us to Sit Still. Those of you that train with me know that meditation is one of the core parts of my practise and in this episode Tim explains the circumstances that led to him going to his first meditation retreat, how it changes people, and how he does it. Tim has lived in Italy for many years, and we also talk about translating texts and about horribly illegible Renaissance handwriting. Discussing his book, Medici Money, leads us into a fascinating digression about the meaning and morality of money. To find out more about Tim Parks and his work, visit https://timparks.com/ For more information about the host Guy Windsor check out his website at https://guywindsor.net/ And to support the show, come join the Patrons at  https://www.patreon.com/theswordguy


8 Apr 2021

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Life's Work CEO Tim Parks Goes Live on Business as Usual

TechVibe Radio

Life's Work of Western Pennsylvania is one of region's most valuable assets helping people with physical and mental disabilities find meaningful and lasting employment.  We are excited to welcome Life's Work President and CEO Tim Parks to Business as Usual to talk about his organization's impact, how it works with local tech companies to place talent and how it has navigated the impact of COVID-19  Tim will surely explain how "it's all about the work” and Life's Work's commitment to "making lives work better."


18 Nov 2020

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"Il libro di tutti i libri" di Roberto Calasso, raccontato da Tim Parks

il posto delle parole

"Il libro di tutti i libri"di Roberto CalassoAdelphicon Tim Parks al Salone del Libro Extrawww.salonelibro.itwww.adelphi.itRoberto Calasso conversa con Tim Parks intorno al Libro di tutti i libri, e decima parte di un’opera in corso iniziata nel 1983 con La rovina di Kasch. 16 maggio, ore 16. In collaborazione con Adelphi.Questo libro racconta una storia che comincia prima di Adamo e finisce dopo di noi, attraversando la Bibbia da capo a fondo, come un mondo a sé. Dove un uomo, che si chiamava Saul, può diventare il primo re di un popolo perché il padre lo aveva mandato a cercare certe asine smarrite. Dove la regina di un remoto regno africano guida per tre anni una carovana foltissima, composta da giovani e giovanette vestiti di porpora, nonché da animali e spezie in quantità, per rispondere all’invito del re di Gerusalemme e porgli alcune domande. E dove un altro uomo, che si chiamava Abramo, udì queste parole da una voce divina: «Va’ via dal tuo paese, dalla tua patria e dalla casa di tuo padre verso il paese che ti mostrerò». Parole che rintoccano in tutta la Bibbia, storia di un distacco e di una promessa, seguiti da altri distacchi e nuove promesse. Il succedersi dei nomi e dei fatti è turbinoso, spesso sconvolgente. E ogni volta la grazia e la colpa, l’elezione e la condanna appaiono intessute nelle vite dei singoli e della loro stirpe.Roberto CalassoNato a Firenze, vive a Milano ed è presidente e consigliere delegato della casa editrice Adelphi. È autore di un work in progress di cui finora sono apparsi: La rovina di Kasch (Adelphi, 1983); Le nozze di Cadmo e Armonia (Adelphi, 1988); Ka, (Adelphi, 1996); K., (Adelphi, 2002); Il rosa Tiepolo, (Adelphi, 2006); La Folie Baudelaire, (Adelphi, 2008); L’ardore, (Adelphi 2010); Il Cacciatore Celeste, (Adelphi 2016); L’innominabile attuale, (Adelphi 2017); Il libro di tutti i libri, (Adelphi 2019).Tim ParksScrittore e giornalista inglese. È autore di molti romanzi e di saggi. È stato traduttore di romanzi dall’italiano in lingua inglese per autori quali Alberto Moravia, Italo Calvino, Antonio Tabucchi e Roberto Calasso.Ha scritto romanzi, tra cui Lingue di Fuoco, Destino e La doppia vita del giudice Savage, Il silenzio di Cleaver, Bontà, La fortuna dei Medici, tre libri di non-fiction, in cui descrive la vita nel nord Italia (il più recente è Questa pazza fede), e una raccolta di saggi intitolata Adulterio e altri diversivi. Nel 2019 pubblica Ma cosa ho in mente? Viaggio di un ignorante tra i misteri della mente (Utet).L'ultimo libro, pubblicato in Italia, è "Coincidenze" Sui binari da Milano a Palermo, pubblicato da Bompiani.Tim Parks"Coincidenze"Bompianiwww.bompiani.euAscolta la conversazionehttps://ilpostodelleparole.it/tim-parks/tim-parks/Tim Parks"Il sesso è vietato"Bompianiwww.bompiani.euAscolta la conversazionehttps://ilpostodelleparole.it/libri/tim-parks-3/IL POSTO DELLE PAROLEascoltare fa pensarewww.ilpostodelleparole.it


14 May 2020

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Tim Parks: A Season with Verona

Between The Lines

Welcome to a new episode of Between the Lines.This is Martin's conversation with Tim Parks about his 2002 book A Season with Verona.It is a classic of football literature and one of the most referenced whenever we ask for people's all-time favourite sports books.Tim is not your average sports writer. He is a celebrated author of fiction and was once shortlisted for the Booker Prize.He brought all his creative imagination to this project, attending every home and away Verona game in the 2000-2001 season. That it turns out to be a dramatic campaign like no other, only adds to the story.Enjoyp.s. If you enjoyed this episode, check out our documentary on another classic, The Miracle of Castel di Sangro, just a few episodes down on this feed See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


12 Feb 2020

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The Value of Idling – Verity Sharp meets Tim Parks

One to One

What happens when you become obsessed by words? What happens when this obsession becomes so severe that your life becomes a frenzied narrative filling your every waking moment ? How do you escape? Verity Sharp meets Tim Parks who shares his experiences of a painful chronic condition brought about by a constant mental and physical tension, related to his work as a writer. When doctors couldn’t explain his symptoms, he was forced to look elsewhere. He didn’t give up writing. He has learned to be idle. Producer Sarah Blunt.


4 Feb 2020

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Episode 30: An Exploration of Consciousness with Dr. Riccardo Manzotti and author Tim Parks

The Consciousness Podcast

In this episode, I welcome back previous guest, Riccardo Manzotti, along with his friend and co-author, Tim Parks. We discussed their new book, Dialogues on Consciousness, in which the two discuss the nature of consciousness.  Buy at O/R Books TIM PARKS, novelist, essayist and translator, is the author of nineteen works of fiction, including Europa, shortlisted for the Booker. He is a regular contributor to both The New York Review of Books and The London Review of Books. He lives in Italy, where he teaches literature and translation studies at IULM in Milan RICCARDO MANZOTTI is a philosopher, psychologist, and robotics engineer who has written more than 50 scientific papers and several books, among them The Spread Mind: Why Consciousness and the World Are One. A former Fulbright Visiting Scholar at MIT, he is now visiting professor at UAEU University (Emirates). We had a great conversation. Please enjoy this episode with Dr. Riccardo Manzotti and author Tim Parks. We discussed:  Please tell us about these dialogues between you two. How did they come about? Tim, you want to start us off with that?Tim, I’m curious about your curiosity with consciousness. Where did that come from?Riccardo, any new revelations in the book for you, anything that builds on the Spread Mind, beyond it?Okay, let’s start off like your book. What is consciousness?You use the term “internalist”, whereas I’m used to terms like “physicalist” or “materialist”. Is there a difference?You can’t deduce “mind” from looking at neurons. What does that tell you/us?Is mind within the skull? What about memories and information? How exactly are memories stored and recalled?If the mind is not internal, how do changes in the physical/internal brain affect consciousness? What is the connector between internal brain and external mind?Red/white square experiment…It’s fascinating to essentially eavesdrop on your conversation in this book. Over the years that you two had these conversations, did either of you experience a change in how you understand consciousness?What do you two agree on, and where do you disagree with each other?I’d like to ask you about “The Now.” Dreams, hallucinations, even thoughts in my mind, are made up of experiences I’ve already had. But don’t I experience those in my consciousness right now? Even if the sun shined eight minutes ago, aren’t I experiencing it, phenomenally, right here, right now?Sensory events are not simultaneous, right? Light hits my eyes before sound enters my ears. My brain puts the model together, combines the consciousnesses of multiple properties of an object (say, a train). Then, I experience the train in my now. Isn’t that “the now” of all of my phenomenal experiences? No? There is no “now”?The body facilitates, or selects, the objects and their connected experiences. What is different in this selection/facilitation process during altered states of consciousness, such as dreams or psychedelics or meditation?Somebody asked you, Tim, about the properties of objects floating “through the air” to the brain. That sounds too literal of a way to describe this. But let me put it another way. I hear about the brain being like a radio receiver, and the transmitted signal is a greater, universal consciousness that we tune in to. The brain as a receiver sounds compatible with Spread Mind. Is it? Anything there? Do objects “transmit” their properties via a universal consciousness medium? Is there a source?So, what is the ego? What is one’s self?What’s happening when I have a thought? How does that relate to objects? And what about creativity or inspiration?Do I have any control at all over my thoughts, my actions, my desires?Are you two still having these conversations? Is there more to come for us fans of consciousness? What other topics are you exploring?Looking to the future of our understanding of consciousness, what are you two excited for, what breakthroughs or discoveries or advancements?What else? The post Episode 30: An Exploration of Consciousness with Dr. Riccardo Manzotti and author Tim Parks appeared first on The Consciousness Podcast.


15 Dec 2019

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Little Atoms 534 - Tim Parks' Out of My Head

Little Atoms

Born in Manchester, Tim Parks grew up in London and studied at Cambridge and Harvard. In 1981 he moved to Italy where he has lived ever since. He is the author of novels, non-fiction and essays, including Europa, Cleaver, A Season with Verona and Teach Us to Sit Still. He has won the Somerset Maugham, Betty Trask and Llewellyn Rhys awards, and been shortlisted for the Booker Prize. He lectures on literary translation in Milan, and writes for publications such as the New Yorker and the New York Review of Books. His latest book is Out of My Head: On the Trail of Consciousness. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


10 Sep 2018

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Out of My Head: Tim Parks and Laurence Scott

London Review Bookshop Podcast

Out of My Head tells the highly personal and often surprisingly funny story of Tim Parks' quest to discover more about consciousness. It seems not a day goes by without a discussion on whether computers can be conscious, whether our universe is some kind of simulation, whether the mind is unique to humans or spread out across the universe. Out of My Head aims to explore these ideas via metaphysical considerations and laboratory experiments in terms we can all understand and invites us to see space, time, colour and smell, sounds and sensations in an entirely new way. Parks was in conversation with Laurence Scott, author of The Four-Dimensional Human and Picnic Comma Lightning: In Search of a New Reality (Heinemann). See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


5 Sep 2018