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12 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Sean Morrison. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Sean Morrison, often where they are interviewed.

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12 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Sean Morrison. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Sean Morrison, often where they are interviewed.

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Episode 9 - Sean Morrison

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Episode 9  of the In The Den Podcast, this week with Sean Morrison
Sean's Instagram: @seanmorrison64 

Craig's Instagram: @denhamcp 

Twitter: @InTheDenPodcast

Aug 29 2020 · 1hr 13mins
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Advance Care Planning is Wrong: Podcast with Sean Morrison

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Sean Morrison dropped a bomb. It's a perspective I've heard before from outside of palliative care, most clearly by bioethicists Angie Fagerlin and Carl Schnieder in their landmark article Enough: The Failure of the Living Will. But Sean Morrison, Director of the National Palliative Care Research Center and Chair of the Department of Geriatrics and Palliative Medicine at Mt. Sinai, former President of the American Academy of Hospice and Palliative Medicine, is about as inside palliative care as one can get. Sean argues in his Journal of Palliative Medicine piece that we should stop putting resources into making advance care planning and advance directives work. For decades, we have tried and tried, pouring $300 million dollars into research, untold intellectual capitol, at the expense of those resources going toward other areas of need such as disparities in access and outcomes for people with serious illness. And what do we have to show for it? 1660 studies and 80 systematic reviews providing weak low quality evidence that advance care planning and advance directives impact outcomes. Sean likens this to his family's efforts to fix their fundamentally flawed Ford Pinto, an analogy we take to new heights in this week's podcast. We challenge Sean about his perspective in the podcast, as I'm sure many of you are eager to do. We love it when people write perspectives or do research that challenges accepted geriatrics or palliative care practice/dogma. This article should force us to think deeply and do some serious reflection about our clinical and research priorities, and the extent to which advance care planning and advance directives should be ranked highly among them. And, of course, great song choice: Won't be Fooled Again by the WHO. If you watch the Youtube video to the end, you get to see me do my best Pete Townshend impression. Enjoy! -Alex Smith
Aug 27 2020 · 46mins

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Sean Morrison

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*WARNING: Some swearing can be heard within this episode*

Recorded during the Lockdown and just before returning to action with Cardiff City, Sean Morrison joined me to discuss his Town career plus some other bits and pieces.

He was great! I hope you enjoy the story of how Sean went from being shown the door at Plymouth Argyle to playing 50 times in the Premier League.

This episode is sponsored by the STFC Official Supporters Club. SUH-WIN-DON!
Jun 22 2020 · 1hr 33mins
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Episode 29 The Value of Palliative Care in Healthcare with Dr. Sean Morrison

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Dr. Sean Morrison discusses the role and value of palliative care in healthcare. This topic is more relevant now than ever. During this discussion, Dr. Morrison also has to manage an emerging situation with a home bound patient further illustrating the issues discussed.
Apr 29 2020 ·

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203 - The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (with Sean Morrison)

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Corona virus has demolished the slate of movie releases we had episodes planned to tie into, so we scrambled for something else to do and asked Patreon which trilogy they'd like us to cover out of the ones we haven't done yet. The Lord of the Rings was the overwhelming winner, so here we are: the first of three episodes covering the first of three movies (no one mention The Hobbit).
Apr 19 2020 · 1hr 34mins
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Tim Hudak & Sean Morrison of OREA - How Realtors Can Get Through the COVID-19 Crisis

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We're speaking with Tim Hudak, (CEO of Ontario Real Estate Association), and Sean Morrison (President of Ontario Real Estate Association), about the the impact of the Covid-19 crisis to real estate professionals.

We talk about how real estate professionals are expected to work during this crisis, how Realtors can continue being productive, what OREA is doing to help get the real estate market back on its feet, and how Realtors can navigate through these times stronger than ever.

A great episode you don't want to miss. Enjoy.

Go to orea.com for the latest resources for members about COVID-19

Apr 01 2020 · 23mins
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SEASON 2: The Real Estate Addition Podcast - Meet Your 2020 OREA President, Sean Morrison!

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On this episode, OREA President Karen Cox sits down with incoming OREA President, Sean Morrison. Tune in to hear Sean make a special announcement about season three of The Real Estate Addition, and talk with Karen about what inspires him to get up every day.

Feb 11 2020 · 19mins
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#90 - Healthy People, Healthy Planet - Sean Morrison, Co-founder of Pulsitos and Social Entrepre

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The environmental issues we are faced with today are quite shocking. I in the past have been quite oblivious / ignorant towards them. However over the past 18 months I have had my eyes opened by certain people around me. Doing my research for Sean Morrison, the cofounder of Pulsitos, gave me another opportunity to learn more around particularly the issues surrounding plastic pollution and other environmental issues.

Pulsitos are a healthy snack that leads to healthy people and a healthy environment. Their product is good for the environment and it’s packaging does nothing to harm it. With 8 billion tonnes of plastic polluting our oceans every year... something has to be done. If more companies operated line Pulsitos then the world would be a better place.

This was a great episode to record as I got on really well with Sean. A really switched on man who really cares about what he is doing. Along with his wife I believe they will do some amazing things with Pulsitos!

It was great to meet him and I am so glad he got the chance to be a part of the Redbull Ampahiko Academy.

On that note going up and seeing what the Redbull Amaphiko Academy was all about was pretty sensational!! For those that don't know what it is the Red Bull Amaphiko is a programme to help Social Entrepreneurs create innovative and sustainable change in their communities. 
This episode is part of a 3 part series I recorded. I also interviewed to other great guys with two other great business.  
The link for the Pulsitos is below here.


Also follow their instagram page - @pulsitos_uk
Oct 22 2019 · 39mins
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EP 77 Sean Morrison, Legacy Fight Club

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In this episode we talk with Sean Morrison. Police officer in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) and BJJ Coach moving his focus to combatives.
Jan 27 2019 · 49mins
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Sean Morrison on the Current State of Palliative Care

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Today's GeriPal podcast features Sean Morrison, Geriatrician and Palliative Medicine physician, director of the National Palliative Care Research Center and the Hertzberg Palliative Care Institute at Mount Sinai in New York. We talk with Sean about a new report titled, "How We Work: Trends and Insights in Hospital Palliative Care." This report was co-produced by the National Palliative Care Research Center and the Center to Advance Palliative Care. The report summarizes the current state of palliative care practice in the US.
Apr 18 2017 · 22mins