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Episode 217 with Ryan Skinner

Busy Living Sober

5 Nov 2020

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EP121 | I’m Not Wired for Jail with Ryan Skinner

Entrepreneur Perspectives

From Addiction and Prison to Success and Mentorship. A second chance story that you need to hear. In this episode, Eric Kasimov chats with Ryan Skinner, President of Summit Financial Partners, a Massachusetts based firm and the author of “Taking Stock“.  Ryan’s story includes a serious battle with addiction. His addiction and behavior landed Ryan in prison and lead him to almost take his own life. Now, with a second chance at life, he is succeeding with his family and his business. Ryan also regularly speaks to high school students and inmates enrolled in a drug program at the Middlesex House of Corrections.   Ryan Skinner is living proof that survival from a dark, downward spiral is possible. We hope you enjoy this episode titled, “I’m Not Wired for Jail with Ryan Skinner” on the Entrepreneur Perspectives Podcast.  Ryan’s team had scheduled this episode with us well in advance. As a result, we all wanted to stick with the recording time. During the episode, Ryan had to be in his car as he had to pick up his daughter early from school. The pandemic has changed so much and with that, we all do our best to roll with the punches. So we carried on with recording the conversation. The sound quality is not the best, so we apologize for that. The conversation is worth it and we are grateful Ryan found some time to join us to talk about his story and philosophies. —– KazCM is a content marketing company in Charlotte, NC. We believe content is at the core of your business. We work with business leaders to create content assets that assist with employee retention, customer relationships, and business growth | Learn More Do you like sports? If so, we have a content marketing brand niched for you | Visit SportsEpreneur If you are in the insurance industry? Check out the content from our insurance brokerage group, KazSource Insurance.  Useful links from this episode: Podcast Production by KazSource KazCM SportsEpreneur Summit Financial Partners Ryan’s Website Other important links: RAV | Helping and Healing with Theo Fleury “Taking Stock” by Ryan Skinner Connect with us: Ryan Skinner: LinkedIn Eric Kasimov: Twitter, LinkedIn Wrap Up: Thank you so much for listening to this podcast, “I’m Not Wired for Jail with Ryan Skinner”.  This podcast episode of Entrepreneur Perspectives exists because of the content marketing brand inside KazSource | Check it out.  SportsEpreneur | The platform where sports & entrepreneurship collide! Come join us. Content Matterz. Entrepreneurs often need help communicating their story. That’s where the Content Matterz Podcast comes in! Listen: Content Matterz.  Music, “Here for the Win” provided by Songwriter Jess Subscribe on Apple: Apple Podcasts The post EP121 | I’m Not Wired for Jail with Ryan Skinner appeared first on KazSource.


11 Sep 2020

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Ryan Skinner - Addiction and Deadmen on Vacation

The Addiction Podcast - Point of No Return

Ryan Skinner is currently the co-owner of the Woburn based Summit Financial Partners. His journey into and slow burn out of a hell of multiple addictions is living proof that with deep faith, the encouragement of loving friends, sponsors, mentors and family and a 12-step program, anything is possible. Whether he is buying lunch for the police department that arrested him multiple times, or getting together with fellow addicts in recovery - "Deadmen on Vacation"; he is living his best life.


23 Jul 2020

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From Wealth to Addiction and Back Again, With Ryan Skinner

Worth Listening

We’re wrapping up our series on Men & Money today with guest Ryan Skinner. Ryan is the founder and co-owner of Summit Financial Partners, a Massachusetts based firm working with clients aged 55+ to help them build secure income for life. He’s also the author of Taking Stock: Protect Your Wealth and Create Reliable Income for a Happy & Secure Retirement. Ryan’s been featured on Fortune, Forbes, USA Today, and the Wall Street Journal.  But more than that, Ryan is living proof that survival from a dark and downward spiral is possible. I don’t want to ruin too much of his story before he has a chance to share it with you, but he went from riches to rags and back again. And because of his experience, he’s able to offer a unique perspective on some of the struggles that he sees men facing.  Today Ryan will share with us more about how he went from living the high life to being homeless and addicted to drugs and how he rebuilt his life from the bottom up. In This Episode We Discuss: How Ryan got his start in the stock market before graduating high school.  The impact that insecurity and the pressure to provide can have on men. What Ryan sees as some of the reasons why men are incarcerated at a much higher rate than women.  How his drug addiction took him from having multiple houses, cars, and a six-figure bank account to losing everything Why it’s not about what you have but what you do with what you have. The advice that he gives to men that are struggling with insecurity, loneliness, or struggling with the pressure of life. You can learn more about Ryan’s business here: http://www.summitfinancialpartners.org/ or follow him on Facebook @SummitFinPartners Learn more about Ryan's story here: http://www.ryantakingstock.com/ Explore your options for financial planning: https://www.worth-winning.com/


30 Jun 2020

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Ryan Skinner - Life insurance and Annuities in Exit Planning

Exit Coach Radio

Ryan Skinner, Founder and Co-Owner of Summit Financial Partners, is in the business of dedicated retirement consulting. Ryan also is the author of best-seller “Taking Stock.” He took an early interest in the stock market and sought to help people find financial security. Ryan eventually decided retirement planning was his passion and he now helps ensure families can protect their wealth and live comfortably when retired.  In his interview, Ryan shares a variety of reasons why business owners can benefit from using insurance policies. There are so many different types of insurance policies, and it is crucial to use a competent professional who can build a plan that best fits your needs. Careful planning can protect and create a legacy for your loved ones. Ryan truly puts people first in his work, tune into his expertise for an overview on how insurance can impact exit planning.1-Minute Sections:7:53-9:01: Comments on the many reasons why business owners should use insurance policies. 12:34-13:22: People who fail to plan are planning to fail - importance of estate planning.  15:18-16:33: Using life insurance to plan a legacy for your loved ones. 16:50-17:45: Discussing his book “Taking Stock: Protect Your Wealth and Create Reliable Income for a Happy and Secure Retirement” We've built a special collection of 20 minute interviews from members of Provisors and Vistage speakers. To see the directory and choose an interview visit ExitCoachRadio.com Are you and your Company Transition-Ready? Click Here for a free report & assessment!


26 Jun 2020

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LIFT ATL 2020: Todd DiMatteo & Ryan Skinner, Good Word Brewing and Public House (Season 3, Episode 4)

Atlanta Born & Brand

This week we’re going to spotlight Todd DiMatteo and Ryan Skinner of Good Word Brewing and Public House. A few ways you can help Good Word Brewing right now are: purchase gift cards, and to-go packages or meals! Good Word is also selling crowlers of Never Sleep (It's a beer, y'all). Lastly, a GoFundMe has been set up to directly support Good Word employees. You can find the link to that on their website goodwordbrewing.com.  If you know of a small business in need of help at this time, please share their story with us! Use the hashtag #LIFTATL2020. We are building a database of social media posts, graphics, and audio clips for you to download, share and use how you see fit. We hope all of you will latch on to this cause and share the needs of those in our community. For more information visit liftatl2020.com. We understand that many of you are struggling and want to help the community of business owners that we have grown to know and love over the last 2 years. Right now we’re all in a season of uncertainty with the virus and the small businesses in our community need your support now more than ever. 


27 Mar 2020

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Episode 27: Ryan Skinner, Forrester - How to Treat Content as a Business Asset

The Content Strategy Podcast

Ryan Skinner is the principal marketing analyst at Forrester, where he advises enterprise clients on content marketing activities through a strategic lens. In this episode, he and Kristina talk about the blind spots marketers (or sometimes entire companies) have when it comes to the customer experience, specifically in creating content that ties back to both the user needs and business goals. Ryan offers advice for those tasked with shifting an organization to a more strategic approach to content as a business asset, including specific examples of things to start on first. Kristina also pitches an exciting new idea for podcast merch. (Okay, we’ll tell you. It’s a bobble head.)


24 Sep 2019

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Todd DiMatteo & Ryan Skinner: Good Word Brewing & Public House

Atlanta Born & Brand

Sports bars and chain restaurants are a dime a dozen, even in Atlanta. But today, we’re sitting down with a couple small business owners who are trying to take the corporate cookie cutter model and turn it on its head. Todd DiMatteo and Ryan Skinner are owners at Good Word Brewing and Public house in Duluth, and they want to replace the monotony of the chain with a unique look and feel, and some good ole fashioned friendly conversation.


27 Feb 2019

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Ep. 2 – Featured Speaker Interview: Ryan Skinner, Forrester

Omnichannel by OmnichannelX

An interview with Ryan Skinner, Senior analyst serving B2C marketing professionals for Forrester, that spans topics from the challenges around organizational silos that most organizations deal with every day to how to prepare for artificial intelligence now to keep ahead of the curve in years to come. Twitter:@OmniXconf


18 May 2018

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Episode 9: Screenwriter and Filmmaker Ryan Skinner

Transmitter Podcast

Ryan Skinner, screenwriter, filmmaker, and creator of the dark comedy mockumentary "The Falls," stopped by the podcast. In addition to "The Falls," Skinner is part of the Nailed It Network, which is the creative force behind shows such as "Cure" and "The Lilac Plan." You can check out these shows and more from Skinner and the Nailed It Network on YouTube. Skinner can also be found on Twitter at @therskinner.

1hr 31mins

20 Apr 2017