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#25 Jennifer Fleck: Part 2

Convos On The Pedicab

Lawyer, voting rights activist, former TX State Rep Candidate and conservative firebrand Jennifer Fleck comes back on the pedicab in order to talk about voter fraud and election irregularities in both Texas as well as in the United States.--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/alex-strenger/support


5 Dec 2020

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Emergency Exit 180 - Guardians of the Election with Jennifer Fleck

Emergency Exit Podcast Network

Carlos and David are joined by Jennifer Fleck, the attorney that was arrested while trying to expose potential voter fraud while acting as a poll watcher explains to us, what she witnessed and the circumstances herself and other poll watchers experienced.  The guys also start the first of many rounds in the Brew World Order, tournament of Beers. Who will win? Check out the matchups and fill out a bracket for a chance at a prize!  https://challonge.com/6u3wp5i2/predictions https://www.kxan.com/news/your-local-election-hq/republican-poll-watcher-arrested-after-accusing-travis-county-clerk-of-election-violations/


14 Nov 2020

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Attorney Jennifer Fleck, Arrested for Criminal Trespass on the Election Day Explains

The Lone Star Plate

And as you all know, we pride ourselves with having differing opinions on the podcast and this was no different.   We have a very intense episode today! My guest is attorney Jennifer Fleck, and this was the first time that the guest abruptly cut the interview short, hanging up mid-interview and mid-sentence. And we have done over 100 episodes.   From running for office to running from the law. Jennifer Fleck is a licensed attorney in the state of Texas who ran to represent the 47th district in Texas’ House of Representatives only to claim widespread fraud coming from the Travis County Clerks office, specifically Dana DeBeauvoir, the County Clerk, who has been in office since 1986. Fleck accuses Dana of being an “operative” in a larger conspiracy that is pushing socialism and working for a higher power who is feeding her orders, and having Dana and her staff fraudulently count votes and suppress poll watchers. She also claims that Austin will be burned down in two years if things don’t change.   Fleck makes these claims with zero proof, nor does she provide any evidence for her allegations besides three photos which she illegally obtained and show nothing.   In her latest attempt to bring to light what she believes is a rampant fraud, Fleck was arrested on November 3rd, the Election day at the Travis County Clerks Office for criminal trespassing after disobeying several orders from a police officer. In her vigilante style and still a licensed attorney, she claims it’s ok to break the law to expose what you believe is wrong.   My intention for this conversation was to let Jennifer get her peace out, and that we enter into a discussion, as we usually do on this podcast. It’s interesting to hear people say things without any evidence and throw around accusations, so that is why I pushed back on Jennifer. But it seemed that she didn’t expect I would challenge her on her claims, so she walked away from the interview.    Please let me know in the comments if you think I was too aggressive. Either way, we do our very best to not let misinformation get out on this show.   Enjoy this half-interview! Time Stamps: 2:09 - What this episode is about. 6:45 - What happened on the election day and why Jennifer Fleck got arrested. 9:30 - Why Jennifer claims that there was obstruction of pole watchers when she ran for the House of Representatives. 12:00 - Jennifer explains how she witnessed cheating on the election day and how she got arrested for recording it. 16:45 - The follow up to this event and what Jennifer's goal is. 19:40 - Discussion about the alleged conspiracy to advance a more socialist candidate in every race. 21:40 - Who 'they' are, who are obstructing the elections and working with Travis County Clerk Dana DeBeauvoir. 22:30 - What evidence Jennifer can offer for her claims. 24:04 - Jennifer's support for police, despite disobeying the police orders on the election day. 27:00 - Why it is dangerous that people want to break the law in order to prove the law. 29:00 - Allegations against Dana DeBeauvoir. Resources: Texas Real Food Connect with Jennifer Fleck: Website Facebook Connect with Patrick Scott Armstrong: Instagram Facebook Email


10 Nov 2020

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#ExposingCommunism Don Jans #ElectionFraud Jennifer Fleck @SaveChaps #StolenElection @JohnSolomonReports #Technocrats @stoptechnocracy

Pastor Greg Young

#CommunistsExposed Don Jans discusses how Communists use Chaos to overthrow nations. What does all the apparent fraud tell us? #ElectionFraudWitness #ReligiousLiberty Chaplain Gordon "Chaps" Klingenschmidt Pray in Jesus Name Host and Jennifer Fleck Poll Watcher from Travis County Texas join to discuss the rampant voter fraud. Jennifer was arrested for "trespassing" because she demanded to watch the voted being counted in Travis County per the State of Texas Laws. What is at stake are the lives of millions of Christians at home and abroad. #StolenElection #UpdateElection2020 Joe Weber News Editor Just the News with the latest breaking information. #TechnocratsAssault #CFFS Patrick Woods President of Citizens for Free Speech discusses the influence of Technocrats on this election and the chilling impact the censorship is having on free speech.

1hr 59mins

6 Nov 2020

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#9 Jennifer Fleck

Convos On The Pedicab

State Rep Candidate for HD 47 Jennifer Fleck hops on the Pedicab and discusses her thoughts on Austin's sex ed curriculum, voter fraud, disdain for mask wearing and so much more.--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/alex-strenger/support


1 Nov 2020

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#71 Activist & Freedom Fighter: Jennifer Fleck

Starter Girlz Podcast

Jennifer Fleck made her introduction into politics in 2012 when she initiated the removal of a graphic sex education program from a school in Houston. She continued fighting for education issues at the State Legislature, the State Board of Education, and various statewide efforts. During this time, Jennifer recognized that the political office leaders did not represent the people, and therefore she decided to run for Texas State Representative House District 47. She led in the March primary but lost in the July runoff. Upon investigating, Jennifer determined there was election fraud and decided to contest it. In this episode, we discuss her journey into politics and what keeps her in this fight. No one gets out without the rapid-fire questions. So we do some of those too. Jennifer is passionate about personal responsibility and standing for the liberty of people. She is a mom to three grown children, has been married for 24 years, and serves as the General Counsel for an oil and gas company. Welcome to episode 71. To learn more about Jennifer Fleck visit https://www.flecktexasstrong.com/.


4 Sep 2020

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Ep 8 - Jennifer Fleck (HD47)

The Big Texas Podcast

This is the fourth and final episode in our series interviewing candidates in the race for Texas House District 47. Jennifer Fleck is an attorney and mom looking to address the attack on family values in public schools, specifically related to sex education materials. Find out about her advocacy starting in 2013 and what policies she's fought for in the Texas Legislature.   LEARN MORE   For more on Jennifer Fleck, her policies and stance on the issues, go to: http://www.flecktexasstrong.com/ https://www.facebook.com/JenniferFleckTexasStrong/ --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/the-big-texas-podcast/support


16 Jan 2020

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TVR 2019 - 10 - 04 Jennifer Fleck

The Texas Values Report

Jennifer Fleck joins us on the Texas Values Report this week to talk about the radical and hyper-sexualized sex education Austin ISD is trying to sneak past parents.


8 Oct 2019

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Battleground 2020: Jennifer Fleck, Candidate for HD 47

The Texan Podcast

In this interview, Senior Editor Drew White sits down with Jennifer Fleck, one of several Republicans seeking to reclaim House District 47 from Democrat incumbent Vikki Goodwin. Fleck discusses her life as a mother and lawyer, why she decided to run, and what she plans to prioritize if elected to office.


2 Sep 2019