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Ep. 46: We need more supervisors like Mike Rosa: How introspection leads to greater achievements

Real Talk with Caleb

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30 Apr 2022

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BITESIZE | The Bigger The Ego The Harder The Fall | SSgt Mike Rosa


Josh and Mike discuss one of the most embarrasing moments of their career.The day they ruined the Wing's change of Command.


11 Aug 2021

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Episode #118: Anabolic Aliens' Mike Rosa RETURNS

Jake's Take with Jacob Elyachar

It is a pleasure to welcome one of my favorite people, Anabolic Aliens founder Mike Rosa, back to The Jake’s Take with Jacob Elyachar Podcast. I have watched Mike, and the Anabolic Aliens brand evolve and grow since I first sat down with him in 2017. Since our initial conversation, he created the fitness app Exerprise, a workout generator that uses advanced filtering technology to give users the best workout possible regardless of time or equipment availability. Also, Mike and the Anabolic Aliens team developed a paid monthly membership called the Invasion. The Invasion contains over 1,000 exercise videos, goal-based diet plans, and equipment-specific workout programming. Mike also offers a plethora of plans that range from workouts and full fitness to dieting and consulting. Community members can also get informative content on The Signal, the Anabolic Aliens’ official blog. Topics include exercises and fitness training, nutrition, and workouts.In this edition of The Jake’s Take with Jacob Elyachar Podcast, the Anabolic Aliens founder spoke about the Exerprise app and the Invasion. He also spoke about his decision to travel to Istanbul, Turkey, for a hair transplant surgery.


21 Jun 2021

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22 - Mike Rosa - Anabolic Aliens

231 GO!

On this episode Josh and Matt are joined by Mike Rosa of Anabolic Aliens.  Mike is the CEO and founder of Anabolic Aliens, which is a great fitness company.  Anabolic Aliens has a ton of workout videos on Youtube, and they also offer exclusive workout videos, 1-on-1 training and goal-based diet plans.  They also have a fantastic workout app called Exerprise, that makes it very simple and convenient to generate your own workout routine based on your needs.  Topics discussed; Mike's viral workout videos on Youtube Matt's experience with Mike's workouts on Youtube How Mike got started in working out and how he started Anabolic Aliens Mike's take on dieting Checkout Mike and Anabolic Aliens here; Anabolicaliens.com Get the Exerprise app on Google Play Store or Apple App Store on Youtube at https://www.youtube.com/c/AnabolicAliens1 Tiktok at https://www.tiktok.com/@anabolicaliens?lang=en Workout playlists referenced in the pod;  30 Days to Six Pack Abs for Beginner to Advanced 30 Days of Dumbbell Workouts At Home for Bigger Arms 30 Days of Leg Day At Home Without Equipment Intro/Outro Music; Positive Hip-Hop by Maxkomusic --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/231go/message


18 May 2021

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281: Top Transformation Tips, All About Home Workouts & Consistency With Anabolic Aliens (Mike Rosa)

Fit, Healthy & Happy Podcast

In today's episode we interview Mike Rosa from Anabolic aliens.  Mike is the founder of Anabolic Aliens a youtube channel with nearly 1 million subscribers, the founder of Exerprise app, a workout builder app that has over 500,000 users and a gifted athlete. ➢Follow Mike on IG: @anabolicaliens https://www.instagram.com/anabolicaliens/➢ Mike's App https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.anabolicaliens.exerprise&hl=en_CA&gl=US➢Anabolic Aliens YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/AnabolicAliensQuestions w/ timestamps:(1:00) - How have you been?(2:40) - What tips do you have to accomplish home workouts?(9:10)- I know you were getting ready for a physique competition, did that go through?(9:58) - What's the background on your hair growth experience?(12:00) - What would you say has lead to your overall success?(13:35) - Can you tell us more about your experience with the Arnold expo and losing your money?(17:10) - What are some things you wish you did differently along the way?(21:20) - What tips do you have for anyone looking to start or grow a youtube channel?(23:25) - What typical transformation tips do you have for the average person?(26:30) - How do you balance your time?(28:48) - How do you stay consistent with your 6:00am workouts in?(34:15) - Where have you found the best info in your learning?(36:00) - Tell us more about your youtube series and what you have available?(38:52) - What's your favourite quote? "What matters most is how you see yourself"Thanks for listening! We genuinely appreciate every single one of you listening.➢Join our Inner Circle Group for FREE: https://m.facebook.com/groups/1714255235504738/?tsid=0.7112165249974131&source=result➢Follow us on instagram @colossusfit➢Apply to get your Polished Physique: https://colossusfitness.com/Support the show


5 May 2021

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SSgt Mike Rosa: Being New and Staying Authentic EP 4


SSgt Rosa dives into the uncertainty being a new Airman brings and how to stay authentic and true to yourself during that transition.

1hr 38mins

17 Mar 2021

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Turning Your Hobby Into a High-Growth Business with Mike Rosa

Science of CX

In this episode of Science of CX, Steve and Angela speak to Mike Rosa, owner of Anabolic Aliens an online Fitness Empire. Mike discloses many of the tools and techniques he used from Social media to a massive youtube channel to build his company, app called Exerprise and line of products. For More Info: Mike's Instagram Anabolic Aliens Mike's Twitter Anabolic Aliens Mike's Email: mike@anabolicaliens.com


18 Sep 2020

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Episode #47: Anabolic Aliens founder Mike Rosa Visits!

Jake's Take with Jacob Elyachar

It is always a pleasure to welcome one of my all-time favorite fitness entrepreneurs, Anabolic Aliens founder Mike Rosa, to Jake’s Take. However, this marked the first time that Mike Rosa visited The Jake’s Take with Jacob Elyachar Podcast. Every time that I sit down with Mike, I am always impressed with how he increases the Anabolic Aliens brand. Recently, he launched the membership subscription program: The Invasion. Several of the benefits included exclusive workout courses, goal-based diet plans, and a six-week interactive fitness course. The Anabolic Aliens franchise also added fitness rehab with Sam North. Under Fitness Rehab, Sam divided into several categories: physical wellness, functional training, pre- and post-workout, and consulting.Also, literally months after our previous conversation, Mike Rosa decided to compete on a reality TV competition. The Boston Globe reported that Mike was one of the people that tested his strength against several grizzly bears on the short-lived Discovery Channel show: Man vs. Bear. In this edition of The Jake’s Take with Jacob Elyachar Podcast, Mike Rosa talk about how he saw the coronavirus as a blessing in disguise and launching the Anabolic Aliens membership program: The Invasion. He also revealed why he went on Man vs. Bear and told which fitness entrepreneurs he would want to collaborate with for future videos.


23 Jul 2020

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Building Your Mind & Body with Mike Rosa of Anabolic Aliens | The MGTOW Academy Show Season 3 Premiere

The MGTOW Academy Show

Hey everybody it’s MGTOW Academy, and I got the privilege of having Mike Rosa from Anabolic Aliens on my show to help kick off Season 3! We discussed the topic of building your mind and body, how they go together, how you can get started with exercise, actionable steps to build your mind and body, plus a Q&A for the Anabolic Aliens Family! I have personally used Mike’s videos for almost 3 years at this point, and it’s been an honor to be able to interview him. We both hope that you can derive some value from this podcast :) Timestamps: 00:37 - Honored to be with Mike Rosa (and of course you guys) 00:57 - Theme of Season 3 of The MGTOW Academy Show 1:16 - Purpose of this podcast and what we aim to do 1:38 - Shout out to my Twitter followers who asked questions :) 1:52 - Something special for the wonderful Alien family   2:06 - How does Mike feel about the podcast? 2:14 - My personal story with Anabolic Aliens and how an arm wrestling contest got me started 3:45 - How I've progressed after beginning working out with Anabolic Aliens  3:55 - How much MGTOW Academy can bench ;) 4:12 - A truly tested resource 4:24 - How Anabolic Aliens helped me achieve more in life 4:42 - I grew up with Anabolic Aliens 5:19 - What I think of Mike 5:54 - Mike introduces himself, Anabolic Aliens, how he got started, and why 8:02 - Anabolic Alien’s first upload Questions for Mike 9:48 - How has consistent exercise improved your life mentally and physically? 10:46 - What is it like going against the crowd and what can our audience learn? 11:56 - One of my goals with The MGTOW Academy Show 12:20 - If you were young again, what advice would you give to your youngest self? 13:20 - What is your biggest regret in life, and what can the audience learn from it? 14:32 - Mike is NOT 5’6; get it right people... 14:53 - What are some of your insecurities and how do you deal with them? 15:48 - Mike’s scar on his stomach and how it pushed him to get abs 16:36 - MGTOW Academy’s biggest insecurity  16:50 Everybody’s got their own demons to fight 17:39 - Actionable steps to build discipline 19:07 - Mike’s 3 step process to build discipline  19:56 - What advice would you give to people who are having a bad day? 22:16 - Besides exercise, what are your favorite ways to build your mind? 24:27 - Has Mike ever tried cold showers, the Wim Hof Method, etc.? 24:59 - MGTOW Academy explains the Wim Hof Method and its benefits 26:34 - How YOU can start exercising consistently without any equipment (bodyweight only) for FREE with Anabolic Aliens and Exerprise 28:44 - Can you track reps with the 5 minute routines for measuring progression? 30:00 - How you can ALWAYS get better with the workouts from Anabolic Aliens 32:19 - What advice would Mike give to people embarking on high risk, high reward opportunities? 35:15 - A message from MGTOW Academy and Anabolic Aliens 35:48 - How would you deal with the naysayers and doubters of your dreams? 38:09 - What would you say to the people who think that Exercise isn’t meant for them? 39:55 - How can you remain motivated through exercise? 41:15 - Don’t just set any goal; set SMART goals! 42:00 - Did Mike ever have an addiction? If so, how did he beat it and what advice could he offer? 42:24 - UNH represent! 44:36 - What’s your worst bad habit and how are you progressing against it? 46:48 - Does Mike meditate? Why or why not? 48:37- What are some distractions that Mike faces, and what are some actionable steps to stay focused? 50:22 - Mike, what was the worst day of your life and how did you bounce back? 53:29 - Who is the most influential person in your life and why? 55:45 - Mike, what is something you want to share with the world? It can be anything… 57:53 - How did Anabolic Aliens get its name? 58:55 - When you were a kid, did ever expect to start something like Anabolic Aliens? 1:02:12 - Regardless of the field, there are some skills that EVERY leader should have. In your opinion, what would those skills be and why? And how can our audience build on those skills? 1:03:58 - Name a situation where you let your ego get the best of you and how you learned to push your ego aside. 1:05:16 - What was the most mean, demotivating thing someone did, or say to you, and how did you handle it? What advice would you offer to someone who would have to deal with that stuff constantly? 1:07:12 - All hail Mike lol 1:08:00 - Since you’ve hung out with the wrong crowd in the past, what are some red flags to look out for, and what should the audience specifically look for? 1:09:53 - MGTOW Academy reflects on Mike’s perspective on balance and compares it to hustle culture 1:10:52 - Mike elaborates on the importance of finding balance between ‘fun’ and ‘work’ 1:12:47 - At what point should you take a “break day”? What are some signs to look for? Now it’s time for questions that the Anabolic Aliens family!!! 1;14:30 - Mike, at what point did you realize that Anabolic Aliens could become your career, and how did you react to it at that point in time? 1:15:04 - How much ad revenue does Mike get from YouTube? 1:15:55 - Mike explains what went down with his old partner Eric more in depth, and why Eric left Anabolic Aliens 1:17:38 - Eric calls Exerprise a ********** of an app 1:20:09 - Do Mike and Eric hold bad blood? 1:20:43 - If Eric were listening to this right now, is there anything you’d like to say to him? 1:21:19 - At what point did you feel that Anabolic Aliens was too big to manage alone, and that you needed to hire a team? 1:22:08 - What was your most embarrassing gym moment? 1:22:41 - Do you fart during ab work? 1:23:15 - MGTOW Academy discusses his ab work farts+state of the art fart sound effects 1:23:49 - Mike, tell us something that the Anabolic Aliens doesn’t know about you? Something that’s never been revealed publicly before… 1:26:19 - What comes after the 30 day follow-along programs? 1:27:36 - Mike’s TV Show/Netflix Season idea 1:27:59 - Mike talks about appearing on Discovery Channel’s Man vs. Bear 1:28:33 - When you were a kid, could ever predict ending up on TV? 1:28:55 - Anabolic Aliens movie??? 1:29:40 - Mike, tell us what you have planned in the future? Meal planning, self defense, fitness rehab, user profiles, AI? 1:32:33 - How do you get 10 years ahead of everyone else technology-wise? (Shout out to Mohit) 1:33:42 - MGTOW Academy’s recommendation on Indian food 1:34:22 - How is Exerprise doing now compared to your previously held expectations? Better? Worse? 1:35:36 - 2 years already? Wow, time flies 1:36:12 - No limits ;) 1:36:22 - What are the names of the intro and outro songs to your workout videos on YouTube? 1:36:59 - Is the song copyrighted? 1:37:34 - How was it made? 1:38:00 - In your older videos, you used songs from artists such as Logic, Lostprophets, and Moufy-did those songs get copyrighted? 1:39:38 - Mike, what is your favorite music genre that you listen to? 1:40:03 - Mike is a lucky ass bitch-I’m jealous lol 1:40:45 - Does Mike listen to Green Day (MGTOW Academy’s favorite band) 1:41:42 - Has Mike ever heard of Big Time Rush? (MGTOW Academy grew up with them-and still listens to them. No shame…) 1:42:46 - Does Anabolic Aliens plan to cover more informational types of videos in the future? 1:43:40 - Mike, what are some growing pains that you predict Anabolic Aliens to face as the company expands? 1:44:50 - What would Mike do if he farted during a video? (once again featuring our state-of-the-art sound effects) 1:45:47 - How has Anabolic Aliens evolved throughout the years, and how do you think it will change in the future? 1:46:41 - Anabolic Aliens grows into a corporation? 1:47:03 - Happy late 25th birthday to Mike Rosa :) 1:47:44 - Name the best “Oh heck yeah I proved you wrong” moment of your life 1:48:00 - A title so impressive it takes two tries to pronounce 1:48:33 - MGTOW Academy asks a question about a certain “peer”, and if he used steroids… 1:50:31 - MGTOW Academy almost breaks into a laugh attack from farting while his mic was muted 1:51:14 - Mike talks about his relationship with Scott Herman, filming together, and shooting in the old studio 1:52:28 - Scott lives near MGTOW Academy? 1:52:45 - What is a red flag to look out for when exploring a new fitness YouTube channel? 1:54:57 - When was the last time that Mike was in the old studio that he and Scott Herman recorded in? 1:55:36 - Has anyone from Mike’s highschool recognize him after he became successful?  1:56:03 - Mike talks about how people made fun of Anabolic Aliens, and then how he made the ultimate comeback… 1:56:34 - On a scale of 1 to 10, how satisfying was that? 1:56:50 - Do people approach Mike at the gym and say hello? 1:57:38 - Does Mike record his latest videos in his own house, or his parents’ house 1:58:18 - What are some charities and causes that Mike advocates for and why? 2:01:45 - Mike, is there anything you want to share specifically with male mental health? 2:03:50 - How did Mike meet Mohit? What advice would you offer to people who are looking to hire others from the internet? 2:05:14 - Shout out to Mohit (again) 2:05:28 - Does Mike have any shout outs he’d like to give? 2:05:56 - We’re not a community, we’re a FAMILY! 2:06:09 - What advice would Mike offer to any content creator, regardless of their field? 2:06:48 - Shameless self promotion about MGTOW Academy’s series on how he creates his content to help content creators 2:07:33 - What is your current bench, squat, and deadlift record at the moment Mike? 2:07:56 - Who is Michael DeRosa from one of your first videos? 2:08:54 - Michael DeRosa sucks lmao 2:09:41 - Mike, do you prefer HIIT Tabata Cardio, or jogging for endurance? 2:10:15 - How do you track homemade meals with MyFitnessPal 2:11:02 - Have you ever gotten into a fight? If so, how badly was the other person beaten up? 2:11:30 - Mike, do you have anything you want to say before we end the podcast? End out with a big bang? 2:12:33 - How can people find Anabolic Aliens? 2:13:15 - MGTOW Academy’s final words and thank yous before ending 2:14:36 - How you can contact MGTOW Academy 2:15:11 - Mike and MGTOW Academy prepare to end the first episode of Season 3 together-aww yeahh! Subscribe to Anabolic Aliens on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/AnabolicAliens1 Download the Exerprise app for FREE to elevate your fitness training: https://www.exerprise.com/ Want to access more of Anabolic Aliens? Check out their website: https://www.anabolicaliens.com/ Need motivation? Check out Mike’s Motivational Podcast “No Limits”: https://soundcloud.com/anabolicaliens Anabolic Aliens Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/anabolicaliens Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/anabolicaliens/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/anabolicaliens MGTOW Academy’s fitness advice (about 7 mins long): https://youtu.be/2WqlYsqme6k MGTOW Academy’s one minute temporary cure for distal bicep tendonitis: https://youtu.be/xvM69Aopbz8 Contact MGTOW Academy: Twitter: @MGTOWAcademy  Email: mgtowacademy.media@gmail.com MGTOW Academy is ad-free, consider supporting my work here: PayPal donations: mgtowacademy.media@gmail.com  Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/join/MGTOWAcademy Need a mug? I got you: https://teespring.com/support-the-mgtow-academy-show#pid=522&cid=101870&sid=front My playlist to help you start making your own content: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL9TrDZUlc_lVAMMo9bqHUf_UqLxRFGNki Music by INOSSI:  https://www.youtube.com/user/INOSSItv (remember to support rising creators) Thanks for listening, we will talk soon-peace! Support this podcast at — https://redcircle.com/the-mgtow-academy-show/donations

2hr 16mins

15 Jul 2020

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EP 3 ft. Mike Rosa

Thicc Heads

A conversation with an Alien


23 Jun 2020