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14: Jason X w/ Jessie Harris

Horror At The Store

Follow us on Instagram: @kthetty @horroratthestore @thecomedystore @comedystorestudios Special thanks to our sponsor, FYE! Check them out in-store or online at FYE.com for all the coolest horror merch including limited edition and exclusive products!


14 Oct 2022

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The Social Commentary of JASON X (w/Cameron D. Blackwell)


Cameron D. Blackwell joins us to discuss JASON X. We're looking a corporate greed, the intersection of scifi and horror, the terrible plan to have one guy guard Jason, and discussing how the novelizations of the film are WAY more insane. Spirited Giving -  Libsyn -  (Use code NECRO) Fright Rags -  (Use code NECRO10)

1hr 32mins

8 May 2022

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Script Supervisor Daniela Saioni (Shazam/Jason X/Boondock Saints/Suicide Squad)

The Good, The Bad, and The Sequel

The next sequel we are reviewing is "Jason X” and that has given me the chance to interview Script Supervisor Daniela Saioni, who is the 1st script supervisor I have ever chatted with.  Daniela is from Toronto and had an interesting journey to becoming an internationally known script supervisor which was inspired by Jim Morrison, started with a job in editing, Boondock Saints, and so much more.  I loved picking her brain about what a script supervisor does and IT IS A LOT.  Great chat. This is a video interview you can watch at sequelsonly.com/danielasaioni Links mentioned in this episode: Daniela's International Script Supervisor Online Class "Director Whisperer"  https://comedywriting.samcart.com/referral/bfDlx1d3/tECIOgO2RUaDlSSO Daniela's IMDb https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0756797/ Daniela's Youtube Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_ad8eRqGWYreiPCfxqslZA Next up is "Jason X".   This should be a fun one to discuss because it's Friday the 13th and NOTHING beats a Jason Voorhees flick. Follow us on all social media @sequelsonly and our website is sequelsonly.com Review, rate, and share us with your friends, enemies, neighbors, exes, and even that annoying supermarket clerk!


5 May 2022

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Jason X | Uninformed Movie Commentary

Uninformed Movie Reviews

It's 20 years of Jason X! How did you like Jason in Space? uninformedmoviereviews@gmail.com Facebook.com/uninformedmoviereviews @uninformedmoviereviews https://linktr.ee/uninformedmoviereviews

1hr 32mins

26 Apr 2022

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MEGA Crossover Episode (The Bike Shed x Rails with Jason x Remote Ruby x Ruby on Rails Podcast)

Code with Jason

This is a "mega" episode featuring guests from The Bike Shed, Remote Ruby, The Ruby on Rails Podcast, and this podcast, Rails with Jason.


11 Aug 2021

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MEGA Crossover Episode (The Bike Shed x Rails with Jason x Remote Ruby x Ruby on Rails Podcast)

Remote Ruby

[00:01:02] Chris, Jason, and Andrew tell us the story behind Remote Ruby and how it started.  [00:03:42] Jason Swett tells us the origin of where Rails with Jason came from. [00:04:42] Chris Toomey and Stephanie share the story behind The Bike Shed. [00:07:10] Brittany tells us her story behind The Ruby on Rails podcast. [00:08:07] We find out how Remote Ruby and The Bike Shed are put together and planned out week to week. [00:10:50] Jason Swett and Brittany tell us how they select guests for their podcasts. [00:12:20] Brittany is curious to know if any of the panelists could host the podcast they are currently hosting now if they weren’t actively working in Ruby.[00:16:00] Brittany wonders if Steph has ever had a client from thoughtbot say, Hey, were you talking about me, whenever she’s talking about her current client on the podcast.[00:16:44] Andrew fills us in on how things have changed for him since he’s not working at CodeFund which was an open source thing and people could see what he was actively working on. Now he’s working for a company where it’s closed source and you might not be able to reveal as much as much what he’s working on at any given time.[00:19:32] The topic we discuss here is if there is a way to market the podcasts so that other developers will listen to it, and if there’s a way we can make our podcasts accessible to the general software community as opposed to just Ruby.[00:22:23] The panelists share their views on if there is room for more Ruby on Rails Podcasts outside of the ones that are on this episode today. [00:25:15] Brittany is curious and wonders if anyone ever had the funny experience of realizing that you’re not just podcasting into the ether and what you’re saying and doing matters. [00:28:15] The conversation shifts to legacies which is a good one!  We find out if anybody puts any thought into the legacy of their podcast, whether or not they will stay with it to the end, if they will eventually pass it off, and whether or not they think about it’s their responsibility to the community to make sure that it keeps going. [00:32:54] We wrap up this fantastic mega episode with everyone telling us where you can listen to their podcast and where you can follow them online.Host:Brittany MartinPanelists:Chris OliverJason CharnesAndrew MasonStephanie ViccariChris ToomeyJason SwettSponsor:HoneybadgerLinks:Brittany Martin TwitterThe Ruby on Rails PodcastJason Charnes TwitterAndrew Mason TwitterChris Oliver TwitterGo RailsGo Rails TwitterRemote RubyRemote Ruby Twitter Chris Toomey TwitterStephanie Viccari TwitterThe Bike Shed PodcastThe Bike Shed Podcast TwitterJason Swett WebsiteThe Rails with Jason PodcastUpload-Amazon Prime


11 Aug 2021

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Episode 379: MEGA Crossover Episode (The Bike Shed x Rails with Jason x Remote Ruby x The Ruby on Rails Podcast)

The Ruby on Rails Podcast

The episode you wanted and deserved! Brittany teams up with her favorite Ruby podcast hosts: Chris Oliver, Jason Charnes, Andrew Mason, Chris Toomey, Steph Viccari and Jason Swett in an epic crossover to discuss the origins of their shows, experiences as hosts, why podcasting is so important in keeping the Ruby community thriving and their shows' legacies. Show Notes & Links: Remote Ruby The Bike Shed Rails with Jason Chris Oliver (@excid3) | Twitter Jason Charnes (@jmcharnes) | Twitter Andrew Mason (@andrewmcodes) | Twitter Chris Toomey (@christoomey) | Twitter Steph Viccari (@SViccari) | Twitter Jason Swett (@JasonSwett) | Twitter Sponsored By: Scout APM Try their error monitoring and APM free for 14-days, no credit card needed! And as an added bonus for Ruby on Rails listeners: Scout will donate $5 to the open-source project of your choice when you deploy. Learn more at http://scoutapm.com/rubyonrails. Honeybadger Honeybadger makes you a DevOps hero by combining error monitoring, uptime monitoring and check-in monitoring into a single, easy to use platform. Go to Honeybadger.io and discover how Starr, Josh, and Ben created a 100% bootstrapped monitoring solution.


11 Aug 2021

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Episode 2: Jason X

Little Pod Of Horrors

On this episode of the podcast the boys review, rate, and give some behind the scenes facts about Jason X a 2001 sci-fi slasher


13 Jul 2021

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Episode #93 – Jason X

The Multi-Media Men Podcast

Here is the super spectacular 91st episode of the most fun horror podcast under the MULTI-MEDIA MEN banner called ‘My Bloody Podcast‘, where the show is related to all things HORROR! Here on this new episode, hosts  Bryan Kluger from Boomstick Comics, High Def Digest, and Screen Rant, along with Preston Barta of Fresh Fiction and the Denton Record-Chronicle and James Cole Clay from Fresh Fiction and Consequence of Sound talk about everything we love about horror movies, tv shows, and horror-themed music. Our Feature Presentation this week is all about the 2001 film JASON X!In our ninety-third episode, we discuss what to expect from SXSW Horror, new Arrow Video and Scream Factory releases, and some new MONDO LP releases.  MY BLOODY QUESTIONIn the vein of Jason X, what other horror monster or franchise needs a sequel in space? Head over to Reddit to read our listener’s responses.MY BLOODY TUNESThis Segment called Bloody Tunes, which is where we pick a song that reminds us of the film we are discussing and that we want you to listen to. And you’re gonna love this week’s picks for sure, so get to downloading…Our big topic, of course, is the 2001 film JASON X as Preston, Cole and Bryan discuss what makes it work and not work. It was so much fun. This episode is guaranteed to thrill you, chill you, and fulfill you.And don’t forget to visit iTunes , Stitcher , I Heart Radio, and Spotify to subscribe to our podcast. You can also email us at mybloodypodcast@gmail.com. Enjoy the show and see you next week! Thank you for listening.https://boomstickcomics.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/02/my-bloody-podcast-jason-x.mp3

1hr 14mins

26 Feb 2021

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Slashers in Space: Leprechaun 4 & Jason X – Collateral Cinema: Director's Cut! Halloween Edition (SPOILERS)

Collateral Cinema Movie Podcast

Featured Movie Reviews: Leprechaun 4: In Space [Wikipedia] [IMDb] Jason X [Wikipedia] [IMDb] PROMO: Trial by Error Variety Show (@tbevarietyshow) SHOWNOTES: Happy Halloween from Beau and Robert on the Director's Cut! We celebrate our favorite horror-themed holiday by reviewing two of our favorite "slashers in space" movies: the so-bad-it's-amazing fourth installment of the Leprechaun series set on a space mining expedition, and the greatest fan movie ever made, that catapulted Jason Vorhees into the cold void of space known as Jason X! Are these movies practically the same exact film? Do both movies hold up after all these years? Finish your trick-or-treating and have a listen now to find out! Collateral Cinema: Director's Cut! is on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. We are also available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, iHeartRadio, YouTube and wherever you get your podcasts. Also, look for us on Patreon, and become a patron at our $1 and $5 levels! (Collateral Cinema is a Collateral Media Podcast. Intro song is a license-free beat. All music and movie clips are owned by their respective creators and are used for educational purposes only. Please don’t sue us; we’re poor!)


31 Oct 2020