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Episode 143: Peter Bouckaert & Frezi Bouckaert of Purpose Brewing & Cellars

Barley & Me

Host Ben Rice travels to Fort Collins, CO, to talk to Purpose Brewing & Cellars's owners/brewers Peter & Frezi Bouckaert about their distinguished history in beer and world travel. We delve into beer history, personal history, and their star-making roles in the 2020 beer documentary Beer: A Love Story. They are instantly captivating, lovely, knowledgeable, and adventurous as individuals, as a couple, and as brewers. Sit back and listen to them regale you with tales of success and failure, experimentation and hard-won wins. Oh, and the beers are phenomenal - 5 new recipes released each week, likely never to be seen again. Enjoy this episode as much as I did. Cheers!Get the skinny on Purpose and their weekly releases at www.purposebrewing.com and follow their IG for beautiful beer footage @purposebrewingFind out more about Beer: A Love Story on IG @beermovie2020Barley & Me can be found across social media @barleyandmepod.Also, during this crisis, 100% of profits from sales of Barley & Me shirts via Zen-Threads.com will go to Another Round, Another Rally, a charity that supports front- and back-of-house members of the service industry whose wages and benefits may be affected. So grab a shirt and help a good cause and people you love! https://zen-threads.com/collections/beer-wine/products/barley-and-me-podcast-mens-crew-tee?fbclid=IwAR1G_5HJ3NCoWTRgmG6Q2PVALEiJsb1KtHClCaDli0NhsjZsc4KPmWCp_osBen is also posting #Chugs4Charity videos weekly-ish on Instagram (@barleyandmepod), to help raise funds for those affected by this shutdown. You can Venmo Ben ($comedianbenrice) or hit his PayPal (@barleyandmepod) and all money will go to support the NAACP, ACLU, Black Lives Matter, and other civil rights helpers. Charities will change with the times and as emergencies arise. But the point is: all donations will go to help those who need it.Do you have a story about racism, sexism, homophobia, or transphobia in the beer industry? You can submit your story anonymously, to be read on a future episode of Barley & Me at https://forms.gle/SmDuBT3zGKxNCVZ757Intro Music: “Functional Alcoholism” by Be Brave Bold Robot (@bebraveboldrobot)Interstitial music: "JamRoc" by Breez (@breeztheartist)Logo by Jessica DiMesio (@alchemistqueen)Thanks so much for listening.

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3 May 2021

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Episode 111: Brewmaster Peter Bouckaert on Brewing With Wood, Creativity in the Brewhouse, and the New Belgium Sale to Kirin

Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine Podcast

You’d be hard-pressed to find a more bombastic, opinionated brewer than Purpose Brewing & Cellars’ Peter Bouckaert. But with decades of experience in both Europe and the US, leading the brewhouse for iconic breweries, he’s earned the right to speak his mind. In this episode, he shares thoughts on a range of technical brewing subjects, from using wood as a spice, to malt biotransformation, using yeast to unlock the flavors of ingredients, his decision process behind ingredient additions, toxicology screening when using new ingredients, and more. But the conversation really heats up when Bouckaert hops on his soapbox and delves into the philosophy behind brewing, from style constrictions to inspiration from the culinary world and the ways brewing is far superior in a creative sense to winemaking or distilling. “I love the brewing process and think we should treat [brewing] as more important than any winery,” says Bouckaert. “Opus One? That’s a joke. That’s a marketing ploy. Compared to Purpose? There’s way more happening here, flavor-wise.” Throughout, Bouckaert remains committed to the new. Moving things forward, trying new ingredients and processes, and building a better, higher touch experience for beer consumers. In this episode, he discusses the hows and whys of this different approach. This episode is brought to you by: G&D Chillers (https://gdchillers.com): As the brewing industry’s premier choice for glycol chilling, G&D Chillers has set the standard on quality, service, reliability and dedication to their customer’s craft. For 25 years G&D has led the way with innovative solutions for the craft brewing industry. Contact G&D Chillers today at 800.555.0973 or reach out online at Gdchillers.com. Mention Craft Beer and Brewing podcast and you’ll receive up to $1000 worth of glycol with the purchase of any new G&D chiller unit. Tavour (https://about.tavour.com): Tavour makes it possible to access and discover the highest-rated craft beers from all over the world through the free mobile app. Twice a day you get access to a new limited beer from an independent craft brewer. Imagine sipping a Vanilla Ice Cream Stout from Wild Leap Brewing in Georgia or Juicy Bits IPA from WeldWerks in Colorado. Join the independent beer community today and get $10 in beer money with code “brewing”. Clarion Lubricants (https://www.clarionlubricants.com): Clarion Lubricants, balancing barley and hops is your expertise, food-grade lubricants is ours. The team at Clarion knows that when it comes to making great beer, you’re the expert, and when it comes to supplying food-grade lubricants backed by service-oriented professionals, they're the experts. Clarion will work with you to create an efficient lubrication program that helps protect your brewery. To speak with an expert dial 1-855-MY-CLARION (855-692-5274) or visit clarionlubricants.com. Clarion Lubricants. The expert that experts trust. Oktober Can Seamers (https://oktoberdesign.com/podcast): Whether you’re a full-scale production brewery, a taproom, or a homebrewer striving for the ultimate setup, Oktober Can Seamers has THE small-scale canning solution. They’ve proven that breweries increase revenue through to-go sales with Oktober Can Seamers, and everyone loves to sell more beer. You’re only a few clicks away from selling more beer, just head over to oktoberdesign.com/podcast and use offer code “jamie” to save $50 on any can seamer purchase.Support Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine Podcast

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29 Nov 2019

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The PorchCast Ep 59 | Peter Bouckaert & Dick Cantwell

The PorchCast – PorchDrinking.com

In episode 59 of The PorchCast recorded during the Craft Brewers Conference, we were honored to welcome two legends who literally wrote the book on barrel-aged beers. While recording from Ratio Beerworks in Denver, the PorchCast team was joined by Dick Cantwell, co-founder of Elysian Brewing and current head brewer at Magnolia Brewpub and Peter Bouckaert renowned former head brewer at New Belgium Brewing and now co-founder of Purpose Brewing in Fort Collins to share stories from travels when they were researching Wood & Beer: A Brewer’s Guide. We also spoke with both on their current projects and touched a little on CBC 2019. This post brought to you by On Tap Credit Union, providing banking solutions for Colorado, breweries and beer lovers alike.Special thanks to our show sponsor On Tap Credit Union. With locations in Golden & Arvada, On Tap Credit Union, has supported brewery employees for over 64 years. They listen carefully to your needs and make sure you have the right services, low-cost loans and expert financial advice for you, your business and your employees. Whatever your needs may be – tap into the services at On Tap Credit Union. www.OnTapCU.org Thanks to Denver band, Bud Bronson & the Good Timers for allowing the use of their song, Denver Rock City, for our opening and closing themes. Like what you’re hearing and want to support The PorchCast? We are looking for new sponsors to join the PorchCast family. If you are interested in sponsoring the show please reach out to tristan {at} porchdrinking {dot} com! The post The PorchCast Ep 59 | Peter Bouckaert & Dick Cantwell appeared first on PorchDrinking.com.


25 Apr 2019

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Belgians on Belgians w/Peter Bouckaert & Steven Pauwels

Taproom Talks

This month, Peter Bouckaert of New Belgium Brewing Co. and Steven Pauwels of Boulevard Brewing Co. call in to chat with us about brewing, Belgians, beers, and brewing Belgian beers! Listen as these industry giants weigh in on what craft brewers can learn from the big guys, why obsessing over beer styles is missing the point, and the market potential of a particular ‘only legal in certain jurisdictions’ herbal additive. This episode goes to some... dank places. Email: podcast@lakewoodbrewing.com Lakewood Brewing is turning 4, and we’re throwing a 2-day party to celebrate! Get your tickets to the 4th Anniversary Get Down- https://lbcturns4.eventbrite.com/


12 Jul 2016

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Wood and Beer with Peter Bouckaert – BeerSmith Podcast #127

BeerSmith Home and Beer Brewing Video Podcast

This week it is an honor to host Peter Bouckaert, the brewmaster at New Belgium Brewing to discuss his new book Wood and Beer.  Peter has been at New Belgium for over 20 years, and has just finished his book on wood and barrel aged beers with co-author Dick Cantwell. You can find the full […]


7 Jun 2016

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Wood and Beer with Peter Bouckaert – BeerSmith Podcast #127

BeerSmith Home and Beer Brewing Podcast

This week it is an honor to host Peter Bouckaert, the brewmaster at New Belgium Brewing to discuss his new book Wood and Beer.  Peter has been at New Belgium for over 20 years, and has just finished his book on wood and barrel aged beers with co-author Dick Cantwell. You can find the full […]


7 Jun 2016

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CBR Interview: Peter Bouckaert - New Belgium Brewing Company

Craft Beer Radio Savor Coverage


22 Jul 2008

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06-28-07 Basic Brewing Radio - NHC Keynote: Peter Bouckaert

Basic Brewing Radio

Peter Bouckaert, brewmaster of New Belgium Brewery, addresses the National Homebrewers Conference in Denver and takes Charlie Papazian to task on beer styles.


28 Jun 2007