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Ep4: Concept Generation with Brooke Hawkins

Voice This!

In this episode, we look into concept generation with Brooke Hawkins - Conversation Designer at MyPlanet and voice tech ethics researcher with the Open Voice Network. Brooke leverages her unique perspective as we explore how to transform research insights into early concepts, as well as how to stay mindful of your audience and the potential blind spots in your data throughout that process. Other topics involve inclusivity in the design process, and how the value of automation may be shifting in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic.--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/voicethis/message


30 Jun 2021

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Ethics in Voice - Brooke Hawkins

Design for Voice

There are many different ethical issues that arise when computers behave or replace humans, and as designers and developers for voice we must be constantly thinking about the implications and side effects of our voice experiences. Brooke Hawkins joins this episode to tackle questions about how to identify ethical issues, think through them, and emphasizes the importance of bringing ethics up early and often.--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/design-for-voice/messageSupport this podcast: https://anchor.fm/design-for-voice/support


19 Dec 2019

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Voice Ethics with Brooke Hawkins

Voice in Canada Podcast

In this episode, Teri welcomes Brooke Hawkins, the senior voice user interface designer at The Mars Agency, a voice technology ethicist, and speaker. Welcome, Brooke Hawkins!Brooke has a tremendous background in voice user interface design and has become a thought leader on the ethical implications of artificial intelligence and voice technology. She comes on to the show to talk about all the ethics surrounding the development of voice applications for a future of living in a voice interface mediated world.BackgroundShe has been in the voice space for all of her career as a UX designer.Started out working for a health technology company. The voice ecosystem blew up when she was there and she ended up taking a role at Nuance Communications working on chatbot solutions for companies.She has had experience working with both startups and corporate giants.She now works for SmartAisle, a small startup in Detroit, designing an interactive voice-first shelf in retail specifically for shopping in stores. This product will generally consist of a smart speaker with Alexa or Google Assistant talking to shoppers and recommending products to them.Becoming a Voice EthicistShe has used her many years of experience in different voice technology oriented industries to look into the ethics problems that face the voice field. Voice Ethics in Healthcare and other VerticalsIn the healthcare space, voice ethics came into play when they were designing IVR calls. They had a lot of personalized information about the patients they were calling, and could design their calls to be as personal as possible to try and convince the patients that it was not robo-calls and it was personalized to them. They took a lot of ethical considerations into account there.In the marketing space, a lot of the same challenges apply. Marketing technology is becoming more sophisticated, partnering voice experiences with facial recognition tools and cameras. There are companies working on smart marketing where they evaluate a person’s gender, race, and other things, in order to provide them with a more customized shopping experience.She sees a need in educating voice designers on ethics principles so that ethics can be something that is infused in voice design processes much higher up like in sales or business development.Companies Embracing the Ethical Side of Voice TechnologyA few companies are concerned about it, but it’s a relatively new field which is why Brooke is very interested in writing more and more about it so that companies can have access to resourceful content about implementing ethics in their voice design processes.Cases of Pushback from ConsumersAn example is a pilot Google did in the marketing space where they piloted automated advertisement voice coupons that would come up in people’s voice devices, and trigger an interactive coupon that a person could use at a particular retailer. The feedback for that was very negative. Google pulled those coupons almost immediately, and are now researching on how they could launch that in the future.Users may not necessarily want to hear advertisements on their voice devices. They are becoming savvier about what they do and do not want to hear via voice devices. The Mars AgencyThey are educating and working with retailers to come up with innovative and useful ways that they can engage with shoppers via voice.There are some betas that Alexa and Google offer to different companies to launch voice apps, and the Mars Agency works with them to advise those companies on a development cycle that includes a lot of learning and research built in.They advise companies to start small while collecting a lot of research and data so they can know that they are being effective, and then infuse those insights moving forward so they can ensure that they don’t put out voice apps that users will hate.List of resources mentioned in this episodeBrooke Hawkins on TwitterOther useful resources:Voice in Canada: The Flash BriefingComplete List of Alexa CommandsAlexa-Enabled and Controlled Devices in CanadaTeri Fisher on TwitterAlexa in Canada on TwitterAlexa in Canada Facebook PageAlexa in Canada Community Group on FacebookAlexa in Canada on InstagramPlease leave a review on iTunesShopping on Amazon.ca See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


28 May 2019

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Voice in Canada - Voice Ethics with Brooke Hawkins

Voice in Canada Briefcast

May 28, 2019 See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


28 May 2019

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Smart speakers increase in-store sales with Bree Glaeser and Brooke Hawkins

VUX World

Diving deep into the usage of smart speakers in-store, finding out how a voice assistant is helping with product selection and driving sales, with The Mars Agency's Bree Glaeser and Brooke Hawkins.If you've had your ear to the ground, you might have come across this example of how voice is being used to help people shop for whisky in-store. It's called SmartAisle. It's an interactive voice assistant that takes away the paradox of choice by guiding users through a conversation to find the right whiskey for them.It's a sterling example of how voice could and should be applied in-store and is proving to increase sasles.Today, we're speaking to the team that designed it to find out about:The opportunities of voice in-storeHow it's driving salesDesign considerations for designing in-store voice assistantsTechnical challengesThe future of voice shoppingEarn monthly recurring revenue from your skills/actionsIf you build skills/actions for clients, then you can earn money from them each month through Speebly.Speebly let's your client's skill/action be accessed and interacted with via your client's website.Sign up your client to Speebly and you'll get a share of the monthly subscription fee.Plus, if you've already built the skill/action, it'll take you 5 minutes to set up.Find out moreWhere to listenApple podcastsSpotifyYouTubeCastBoxSpreakerTuneInBreakerStitcherPlayerFMiHeartRadioAbout Bree GlaeserBree is an innovation strategist, currently focused on helping brands prepare for a voice-first world. Bree leads the voice practice at The Mars Agency, and is a core member of the team responsible for dreaming up and bringing to life the first-of-its-kind voice assistant at brick and mortar retail, SmartAisle (SM).Bree got into the voice and conversational commerce space via a background in design thinking and innovation. She has acted as a coach/industry expert supporting the Berkeley Entrepreneurship Program and other innovation groups in the Bay Area, to help students and professionals identify insights and ideate consumer/user-driven solutions.About Brooke HawkinsBrooke started her career in voice designing interactive phone calls and voice assistants for healthcare. Since then, she’s helped co-write the Intro to VUI course at CareerFoundry, designed chatbots for Fortune 500 clients at Nuance, and now works with The Mars Agency designing voice shopping experiences for brands. When she’s not designing for brands, Brooke writes about the burgeoning field of voice ethics, and is always thinking about the new ways voice interfaces are changing our lives for better or worse.About The Mars AgencyThe Mars Agency is a global marketing practice, specializing in marketing to shoppers, consumers and retailers across the ever-expanding omnicommerce environment. Mars uniquely refers to this environment as the A-to-V Commerce space, which incorporates everything from Autonomous to Voice commerce.Mars, proud of its independence and growth-for-clients focus, operates internationally across the Americas, Europe and Asia through its network of 13 offices.LinksVisit The Mars Agency websiteConnect with Bree on LinkedInConnect with Brooke on LinkedInFollow Brooke on TwitterRead more about Smart Aisle from the Marketing Dive See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


4 Mar 2019

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VOICE Round-Up: Brooke Hawkins on the need for ethical design as we build the talking internet

Machine Yearning

This chapter is an excerpt from our interview with Brooke Hawkins at the 2018 VOICE Summit - the largest gathering of the conversational technology world. Brooke is one of the many folks we interviewed, people who are thriving at the front edge of brand, UX, research and design. Brooke is a content designer at NUANCE and in this excerpt she presents a compelling view on why an understanding of ethics, philosophy and the liberal arts is going to be a competitive advantage in designing useful voice technology.  This is just a taste, so make sure you grab the full episode and subscribe so you never miss a single Machine Yearning.


13 Aug 2018