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Talkin' Van Halen with Cameron Brown LIVE! 4/30/21

The Johnny Beane Podcast

Watch Now - https://youtu.be/33Q9mAnX3j0

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1 May 2021

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Episode #21 - "AGL Discs feat. Cameron Brown"

ToeJam Disc Golf

Welcome back to yet another episode of the ToeJam Disc Golf Podcast! We are lucky to be accompanied by Cameron Brown aka @hyzermotions of Team AGL for an episode where we simply walk through the AGL lineup. Want to know about their discs? Want to know about their plastic? Make sure to listen! BIG NEWS! I now have a discount code through AGL! Make sure to use "toejam10" when you check out to receive 10% off your entire purchase (www.agldiscs.com). Thanks Josh for making this happen! If you liked this episode then make sure to follow our podcast on all platforms to stay up to date for any new content. Thanks for listening! 


30 Apr 2021

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TASCAHRD: CEO Cameron Brown Chats Red Thread Charity Gala

Jimmy & Nath - Hit Hobart 100.9

Jimmy & Nath were joined by the CEO of TasCAHRD, Cameron Brown to chat about this weekend's Red Thread Charity Gala for the Andrew Shaw Foundation. See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


6 Apr 2021

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Episode 5: A New Wave of Guitarists with Sophie Burrell & Cameron Brown


Cassius sits down with two UK-based guitarists by the name of Sophie Burrell and Cameron Brown. They discuss how they first picked up the guitar, the grind between making music and creating content for social media, who their favourite guitarist is of all time and Cameron shows off his awesome Eddie Van Halen collection!(1:15) How did Sophie and Cameron first meet?(3:24) Wait...you began playing the guitar when you were how old?(5:41) Musical Influences(8:23) Has sticking to music been difficult or is it second nature?(17:02) Eddie Van Halen...the inspiration(19:04) Meeting idols live(22:06) Creating content for social media vs actually making music(24:41) The legato technique(27:24) Cameron's extensive collection(31:12) Is Eddie the best guitar player of all time?(33:34) Creating during the pandemic & outro


21 Jan 2021

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From Son of a Preacher Man to High Powered Producer with Cameron Brown

Power Producers Podcast

In this episode of The Power Producers Podcast, David Carothers and co-host Kyle Houck interview Cameron Brown, Agency Principal at Insurance Brokers of Arizona. Cameron discusses what drives the success of his agency and how he started his independent agency. Episode Highlights: David introduces Cameron Brown. (1:31) Cameron shares his background. (2:03) Cameron shares that after three years of working in the big companies, he decided to open up his own Independent Agency in April 2005. (6:02) What made Cameron want to go independent? (6:08) Cameron mentions that at present, they have over 90 captives that send them business regularly. (7:13) Cameron opened an independent agency, and he had three years of experience working for a captive before. (7:43) Cameron shares that as far as learning the independent side, building relationships with the underwriters, was beneficial. (9:17) What's the worst thing that happened to Cameron, while learning and setting up? (9:53) Cameron mentions that he has 10 licensed agents working for him as W2 employees, no producers, and he has one VA working for him and he’s ready to bring another VA. (12:48) Is Cameron following any of the other strategies that he typically sees that everybody’s doing? (15:12) David shares that one of the things that he learned about the video, was the sequencing of how to get your content distributed the most efficient way possible. (18:00) David mentions that Ryan Hanley introduced him to the website called Rev. (18:30) What are Cameron and his team doing on the commercial side to generate new business? (20:30) Does Cameron have the niches mapped out? (20:59) David mentions that when you have a lot of your business coming in from referral sources, you have to take the bad with the good and be able to keep the referrals flowing. (21:23) How did Cameron develop his relationships with the 90 captives? (23:51) Cameron mentions that he signed up with Podium at the beginning of the year, and it has made things easier for his team. (32:51) How has technology impacted Cameron’s agency? (34:18) Cameron mentions that they have a voice system called RingCentral. (35:27) What’s Cameron’s biggest win, since he had an agency? (38:57) Cameron shares that joining support groups with a lot of agency owners is beneficial. (42:31) Tweetable Quotes: “Just focus on just being around good people, doing what you can for everybody, and helping where you can and just be a good person, you know? So yeah, that was my upbringing.” - Cameron Brown “For me, it was just that definition of success that just keeps getting pushed back, keeps getting further and further out there.” - Cameron Brown “One day, you just kind of pat yourself on the back. You’ll be surprised at what you've done, what you've accomplished.” - Cameron Brown “Join a group that allows you to see what all is out there. It was huge for me to wake up one morning in 2016, I believe, and find out that there's a support group out there, like I owe a, you know, with a bunch of agency owners that can help you out, they've been there done that a lot of people willing to mentor you and help you.” - Cameron Brown “After 10 or 12 years, I just put my nose to the grindstone blocking everything out. And then aside from that, focus on niches, don't be a generalist.” - Cameron Brown Resources Mentioned: David Carothers LinkedIn Kyle Houck LinkedIn Florida Risk Partners The Extra 2 Minutes Cameron Brown LinkedIn Insurance Brokers of Arizona IAOA Agency Intelligence Mastermind


28 Oct 2020

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262: Realize Your Creative Potential with Cameron Brown

Get Yourself Optimized

The only permanent thing in this world is change. However, changing oneself for the better doesn’t happen in a snap. Life is filled with defining moments, twists and turns, and opportunities to step up. And it’s up to you if you want to unlock your highest potential. My guest, Cameron Brown, started a mission in 2010 to use a blend of education and music to help people. He has been doing it for the last ten years. In today’s episode, he and I talk about changing a belief system that’s not working for you so you can be more open to long-lasting change. Tune in. The show notes, including the transcript and checklist to this episode, are at getyourselfoptimized.com/262

1hr 1min

27 Aug 2020

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High-Performance Strategies for Field Salespeople - Outside Sales Talk with Cameron Brown

Outside Sales Talk

Cameron Brown is a musician, speaker, and motivational coach. Cameron has been featured in the media in 7 different countries, spoken at events across 4 continents, and his videos and music have been streamed millions of times in 195 countries. Through his work, Cameron empowers people to create lasting change. In this episode, Cameron discusses how to stay inspired and maximize your potential as a salesperson. Here are some of the topics covered in this episode: Habits of top-performing salespeople How to use inspiration to stay motivated Actionable tips to increase your productivity Strategies to create your own high-performing sales team About the Guest:Cameron empowers people to create lasting change. He does this through executive coaching & training for c-level executives, sales leaders, and their teams, delivering experiential talks with a grand piano live on stage, and writing music about human behavior and the world we live in. As a result, Cameron has been featured in the media in 7 different countries, spoken at events across 4 continents, and his music has been streamed millions of times across 195 countries and been featured in a range of short films and documentaries. Website: cameronbrown.coLinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/cameronbrownreal/ - Send a personal note to connectYouTube, Instagram, and Facebook: @cameronbrownreal Listen to more episodes of the Outside Sales Talk here and watch the video here!

1hr 9mins

12 Aug 2020

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CP Media Wednesday Night Live 22nd July 2020 - Cameron Brown

CP Media - Endurance Sports Podcast

3:10 This week we kick off with special guest Cameron Brown.  Cam is the consummate professional having won New Zealand IRONMAN 12 times, and 4 Hawaii Ironman world championship podium finishes and was crowned NZ Sportsman of the year 2001.  Cam is now 48 years young and still racing at the highest level.  www.cameronbrowntriathlete.com 34:14 We catch up with Amanda Robinson. Amanda is all about challenging herself she has a big summer ahead with the new Ultra 24hr event and the Kathmandu Coast to Coast Longest day on the cards.    43:27 We catch up with Cushla Holdaway Team CP Dietitian to discuss her nutrition tip of the week.  https://www.holdawaydietitian.com/ CP MEDIA HOSTS Angus Petrie - @gustric  Richard Greer - @ric.greer     THANKS TO OUR AMAZING SPONSORS Pure Sports Nutrition - https://puresportsnutrition.com/ Coffee Culture - https://coffeeculture.co.nz/ Giant Bikes NZ - https://www.giant-bicycles.com/nz  EVO Cycles - https://www.evocycles.co.nz/ Salomon NZ - https://www.salomon.com/en-nz Team CP - Your Endurance Coaching Specialists - www.teamcp.co.nz @teamcpnz   https://www.facebook.com/teamcpnz richard@teamcp.co.nz


23 Jul 2020

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Cameron Brown - High Performance Strategies For A Changing World

The Darren Bruce Show

Cameron Brown empowers people to create lasting change.   He does this through executive coaching for c-level executives and their teams, delivering experiential talks with a grand piano live on stage, and writing music about human behaviour and the world we live in.   In this interview, Cameron teaches leading edge strategies for getting to your next level of excellence both personally & professionally. This was a powerful insight into the steps required to achieve those dreams that seem unattainable. If you're open to living a truly extraordinary life, Cameron's story is one to listen to and learn from.


21 Jul 2020

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6: "What does it take to become the best?" Ben Wilson interviews the phenomenal Cameron Brown QC

The World's Greatest Lawyer: What does it take?

Imagine being a barrister so determined to win for your client in court that you’re prepared to read 350,000 legal documents with your team to ensure that no stone’s left unturned.But therein lies the majesty and grit of this episode’s guest, Cameron Brown QC — and provides a glimmer of insight into why, just as Coronavirus descended, he was appointed QC.Yet what specifically marks out Brown during this particular conversation is his candour and humility as an interviewee, as he describes his ascent from his early years representing Death Row inmates in America — to his current reputation as one of the finest barristers working in Britain today.


2 Jul 2020