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368: Protecting Our Oceans with Lilly Woodbury

Leaders Of Transformation | Conscious Business | Global Transformation | Leadership Development

Lilly Woodbury is the Regional Coordinator and official Spokesperson for Surfrider Canada and Chapter Manager for the Surfrider Pacific Rim Chapter. She concentrates on designing and implementing campaigns that eliminate single-use plastics and support a shift to a circular economy. For five years, Lilly has been working with Surfrider Foundation to engage a diversity of stakeholders in adopting initiatives for coastal and oceanic protection and stewardship. Lilly has an Honours Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies from the University of Toronto and won Starfish Canada’s Top 25 Environmentalists Under 25 in June 2018. Lilly is has appeared on GlobalBC, CTV, CBC, and numerous other broadcast news stations to weigh in on policy-driven solutions around plastic pollution for ocean conservation. What We Discuss with Lilly Woodbury in this Episode The mission of Surfrider Foundation The issues around ocean protection and plastic pollution Solutions to eradicate plastic pollution and its impact What is a circular economy Barriers to implementing environmental solutions The problem with incinerator plants Episode Show Notes: https://tinyurl.com/2lgoka2m


15 Feb 2021

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Zoom In & Out With Lilly Woodbury To Better Understand Our Interconnected Health, Economy And Terrestrial Ecosystems.


Today we head to the wild pacific west coast of Canada to chat with Lilly Woodbury. She is an environmental activist, speaker and writer with extensive experience with Greenpeace New Zealand and the Surfrider Foundation. She gives us perspective on the single-use plastics crisis, circular economy as well as some powerful words on interconnection and change. She is a true regenerative optimist and leader with amazing connections to the ocean, her community and the terrestrial ecosystems that surround her. She hops right out of the surf to join us and this episode should not be missed. 


27 Jan 2021

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IMPACT Podcast - Lilly Woodbury from Surfrider Pac Rim

IMPACT Podcast

Nigel Bennett and Devon Kenzo discuss our oceans, coastlines, and plastic pollution with Lilly Woodbury from Surfrider Pac Rim A podcast featuring “The Game Changers.” People who are making the world a better place for all life on our big blue planet. Join Nigel and Devon Kenzo and their guests as they share raw and inspiring real life stories that will help you improve not just your own lives but the lives of everyone around you. @surfrider_pacificrim lwoodbury@canada.surfrider.org


20 Nov 2020

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Lilly Woodbury

Their Life Story

My guest this week is Lilly Woodbury. Lilly is an enviromental activist and Chapter Manager of Surfrider Pacific Rim in Tofino.  Lilly has a Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Environmental Studies from the University of Toronto. She has worked as a campaigner for Greenpeace in New Zealand and also does environmental consulting, writing and public speaking.  In this episode we talk about her family, recently losing her Dad and what he was like, how she wishes she was more like her parents in some ways, why she cares so much about the environment and why she's so well suited to protect it. We also talk about the work she's doing with Surfrider: their curriculum for kids, cigarette butts and beach cleans, why you shouldn't drink bottled water, making plastic from mushrooms, seaweed and carbon pulled from the atmosphere, how corporations take advantage of times of crisis to push through their agenda and how racism and poverty play a role in climate change.

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14 Oct 2020

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Lilly Woodbury - Effecting Environmental Change with a Positive Message

Science 360

Lilly is one of a growing number of people I've come to know and respect who now reside on the west coast of Vancouver Island. Lilly combines an incredible knowledge of environmental issues with formal education, a passionate desire to effect change, and an incredible ability to communicate so clearly her mission and love for the planet.Lilly is the manager of the Pacific Rim chapter of Surfrider and takes every chance she can to speak to people about the state of the planet, the climate issues, plastic pollution and any other topic that is a concern to our future on Earth.People like Lilly need to be heard. Her message is poignant yet down to Earth. Young people in schools today need to spend time listening to what she has to say. If enough of them do, we can all have hope for cleaner, more sustainable future. Please share this one widely...it's that good!Follow Lilly on Instagram: @lillywoodbury


21 Sep 2020

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Protecting our oceans, social purpose businesses & leading a sustainable future (Lilly Woodbury)

The Impactors Podcast

Episode #65 of Season 2 of The Social Impactors Podcast features #SocialImpactor Lilly Woodbury, Regional Coordinator with Surfrider Canada, a community of everyday people who passionately protect our playground - the ocean, waves, and beaches that provide us so much enjoyment. Lilly Woodbury was born in Tofino but grew up on the Great Lakes in Northern Ontario, where she cultivated a love for the outdoors and the natural wonders of the planet. As the Regional Coordinator of Surfrider Canada, she concentrates on creating and implementing campaigns that eliminate single-use plastics, implement circular recycling practices for petroleum products and works with youth, the public government and businesses to take positive action the coastline. She has an Honours Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies from the University of Toronto, and also worked for Greenpeace New Zealand. Lilly won Starfish Canada's Top 25 Environmentalists Under 25 in Canada in 2018 and has appeared on GlobalBC and CTV broadcast news to weigh in on policy-driven solutions around plastic waste management and recycling for ocean conservation. In this podcast episode, Lilly and I talk about the importance of corporations and businesses to lead the change on sustainable businesses, what it means to be a leader in the movement to protect the outdoors and the natural wonders of the planet, and how her life has led her to be in a position of enacting positive policy changes for our future. Leave a #iTunes review to help new people find it! Link: https://apple.co/2WI5Ckn Email me if you have a special guest in mind that you want me to host on the podcast! Link: thesocialimpactors@gmail.com #SocialImpactEverywhere--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/theimpactorspodcast/support


22 Apr 2020

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Environmental Activism Meets Love, an interview with Lilly Woodbury

Your Discovery

The first ever episode that I’m doing with such a close friend of mine.Lilly works for an organization called Surfrider Foundation, which works to protect the oceans, beaches, and waves from plastic pollution. Lilly is one of the only paid staff as Surfrider is heavily alive because of the committed volunteers.In this episode we talk about surfing with turtles, drinking the essence of red wine, love, environmental activism, threats of ecosystems in the Pacific Northwest, achieving a successful circular economy, bunny cafes, the importance of bringing in self-love, and everything in between.Lilly is one of the dopest chicks that I know and is genuinely an inspiration to every single person that she interacts with. She vibrates love, positivity, and playfulness and I am so grateful to have had her be someone who is so present in my life the past seven years.If you want to keep up-to-date with Lilly or have any inklings to reach out to her, be sure to find her on Instagram @lillywoodbury or through her website, www.lillywoodbury.comeIf you enjoyed the show and want to stay tuned with some more cool shit, all involving self-development, meditation, and yoga, follow me on Instagram @jenn.ago or go to my website www.jenniferagostini.com

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12 Jan 2020

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Lilly Woodbury & Chloe DuBois ~ Youth Activism Series

WE Earth Radio: Conversations That Make A Difference with Michael Stone and Guests

Lilly Woodbury is chapter manager of Surfrider foundation Pacific Rim. Upon graduating from University of Toronto, Lilly began volunteering for Surfrider Foundation, but took a job with Greenpeace New Zealand, until being offered the staff role of Chapter Manager for Surfrider Pacific Rim. She has now been the Chapter Manager for this organization since the spring of 2017, Surfrider’s mission is the protection and enjoyment of the oceans, beaches, and waves. Surfrider Pacific Rim's current focus is eliminating single-use plastics, implementing circular recycling practices for petroleum products, and working with youth, the public, government, and businesses in taking positive action for the coastline. www.surfrider.org pacificrim.surfrider.orgChloé Dubois is the President and founding member of the Ocean Legacy Foundation, an integrative program where ocean plastics are monetized, plastic pollution concentration zones are cleaned, innovative technologies are built to collect and process plastic, policy gaps are addressed and crucial tools for education and awareness are facilitated. These tools create a leading wholistic approach called EPIC to prevent pollution from occurring while responding to the plastic pollution currently littering our natural environments. Since co-founding Ocean Legacy in 2014, Ms. Dubois has organized more then 30 extensive cleanup expeditions in 4 countries, and has engaged thousands of people in direct-action cleanups, education, and recycling initiatives. oceanlegacy.caFor more information on the Well of Light Global Community, Programs, Radio shows and Services go to www.welloflight.com To offer your gratitude and support Well of Light Productions: www.patreon.com/welloflight


9 Oct 2019

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Episode 16: Meet Lilly Woodbury, Environmentalist, Writer and Chapter Manager at Surfrider Pacific Rim

The Oceanriders Podcast

I have always dreamed of interviewing someone from Surfrider for this podcast. I was really interested in finding out what you have to do or be to get employed full time by the NGO and what the job entails. This week, I got to sit down for a chat with Lilly Woodbury who is an environmentalist, a writer and a media specialist making waves within the non profit organisation Surfrider Pacific Rim. She’s based in Tofino, which is off the West Coast of Vancouver Island, Canada. This Saturday (16 Februrary), Surfrider Pacific Rim is organizing a massive beach cleanup in Tofino, BC, Canada. This is perfect timing to get up to speed with what Surfrider is doing and to meet one of their key leaders: Lilly Woodbury. Lilly is bubbling with energy and ideas and you could say that her Chapter, Surfrider Pacific Rim, is really setting the standard for all Surfiders around the world. From film festivals, to straw campaigns and sewing workshops, this Surfrider antenna is incredibly creative and is shaking things up in a very efficient manner. In this episode we get to talk about the different campaigns that Surfrider is leading, we learn what cradle to cradle and voluntourism mean, and discover the wild remote cleanups that Surfrider organises in the beautiful surroundings of Tofino and Ucluet Britis Columbia. If there's anything to take from this episode, I would say, "be the change you want to see". This weekend there are loads of beach cleanups being organized and I may add that Bye Bye Plastic Bags in Bali is organizing their annual "One Island One Voice" beach cleanup too. If you’re out there, do join in. To get in touch with Lilly, you can contact her on Instagram @lillywoodbury or on her website lillywoodbury.com and you can get in touch with Surfrider Pacific Rim at pacificrim.surfrider.org and @surfrider_pacificrim All the people and events mentioned in the podcast can be found in the show notes that you can find in your podcasting app or on theoceanriderspodcast.com There’s an illustrated article about Lilly on Medium.com You can subscribe to my profile. Just look up @theoceanriderspodcast or Imi Barneaud. The Oceanriders Podcast is a weekly podcast and I would be so thrilled if you could give it a few stars and a review on Apple Podcasts (Click here to connect to the Apple Podcast page). If you would like to share your story, you can connect with me at hello@theoceanriderspodcast.com or via my Instagram account @theoceanriderspodcast. This episode can be played and replayed on most of the podcast apps such as Stitcher, Spotify, Iheartradio, Overcast, Deezer and Apple Podcasts. You can also stream the episodes directly on your computer by connecting to www.theoceanriderspodcast.com I’ve created a Facebook group so if you fancy joining the conversation after the episode, you’re welcome to: you can find the group on Facebook at The Oceanriders Community. I have also started posting some job offers that would be perfect for surfers there. You never know, maybe you’ll find your dream job? The Oceanriders Podcast is also a twitter account and a Facebook page, so you should be able to connect with me somehow! Use my link tree to pave your way to your preferred social platform. The address is www.linktr.ee/theoceanriderspodcast. All the links will be available in the Shownotes that are on your podcasting app. You will also be able to find an article on Medium.com with photos of Al and his incredible accomplishments. Thank you Lilly for being such an inspiration. Thank you guys for listening. Until next week, take care, have fun and enjoy the waves. Ciao! Imi


15 Feb 2019