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Ep 97: God's True Nature, Modern Christianity and Embracing the Anointing on Your Life with Lisa Bevere

We're Going There with Bianca Juarez Olthoff

Do you know God's true nature? Ever wondered how God sees you? Is there a God calling on your life? Lisa Bevere is joining me on the podcast to unpack all these topics. We dive deep into: • God's true nature • The power of your YES to God • Why it's important to speak the truth in love • Being anointed by God and working in partnership with Him Lisa is an author, a speaker, and a leader who has spent decades encouraging and empowering people to walk in their purpose. During our conversation, Lisa shares her thoughts on modern Christianity and the importance of knowing the Word of God. She speaks candidly about being anointed by God and working with Him on purpose and for His purpose. Lisa has her ear to the ground and isn't afraid to give us a reality check. Something I love about Lisa's writing and perspective is that it always speaks to God's true nature. It's the reminder that God made each of us uniquely and cultivated a specific purpose for each of our lives. My heart and my hope is that as you listen, you’ll remember that you are a child of God and that you are significant. There’s an assignment on this earth that only you can fulfil. Tag us @biancaolthoff and @LisaBevere, we’d love to see what you're called to and what embracing God's plan looks like for you. Love you,  B RESOURCES/LINKS Lisa Bevere’s Devotional - Fiercely Loved: God's Wild Thoughts about You Lisa Bevere’s Books WGT Email: podcast@inthenameoflove.org This podcast is sponsored in part by Operation Christmas Child. Pack a shoebox! Learn more by clicking here. Music by: Brad Tsushima, Instagram: @bradtsushima, email: bradtsushima94@aol.com, Spotify: “R.A.D.”


24 Oct 2022

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Honoring Each Other’s Strengths: John & Lisa Bevere

Rhythms for Life

Authors and founders of Messenger International, John & Lisa Bevere, join Gabe & Rebekah to share practical advice and wisdom from their 40+ years of marriage. John and Lisa help us understand how to support and celebrate each other's strengths, how they've overcome profound moments of tension and doubt, and how they've fallen more in love with each other than the day they married. This marriage and parenting series is brought to you by Aro. Aro is offering RFL listeners a $25 discount by using code RFL at checkout AND a free six-month subscription for a limited time. Order your Aro today at goaro.com and use the promo code: RFLGiveaway: Until August 31, Aro is offering the chance to win a three-night getaway to Bolt Farm Treehouse, a luxury mountaintop retreat that, just like Aro, helps people reconnect with nature, their people, and their purpose. To register for a chance to win, text RFL to 66866.Lisa's newest book, Fiercely Loved: God's Wild Thoughts about You is abvailable now!The Rhythms for Couples Retreat is October 21-24. Register now at rebekahlyons.com/rhythmsretreat


13 Jul 2022

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What Every Girl Needs to Hear About Fear, Embarrassment & Rejection | Sadie Rob Huff & Lisa Bevere

WHOA That's Good Podcast

Best-selling author and speaker Lisa Bevere brings out a side of Sadie we rarely see in this conversation full of raw emotion and incredible encouragement. Sadie gets extremely personal about the feelings of fear, embarrassment, and rejection she's faced. Lisa drops wisdom every girl needs to hear about God's deep attachment to you, how to face what you fear, how to move forward when you're afraid to make mistakes, and how to know the difference between what your fear tells you and what God tells you. Friends, God loves you fiercely and always has your back. Lisa Bevere’s new book “Fiercely Loved: God’s Wild Thoughts About You” is available now.https://helixsleep.com/sadie — Get up to $200 OFF AND 2 free pillows!https://www.stamps.com — Get a 4-week free trial + free postage + a digital scale with promo code WHOAhttps://athleticgreens.com/whoa — Get a FREE 1-year supply of Vitamin D & 5 FREE travel packs with your first purchase!- Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


13 Jul 2022

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119 | Lisa Bevere on the Crisis in Discipleship, the Pressure on Leaders, and Deconstructing Versus Destroying

ChurchPulse Weekly

Lisa Bevere (speaker and author) joins Carey Nieuwhof to talk about what has changed in discipleship over the past five years, how to activate the contributions of women in your church and learning the balance for younger generations between deconstructing and destroying.  - Barna’s Resilient Pastor Cohort: Sign up at Barna.com/pastorcohort, and use the code CPW15 for a listener discount! Follow Barna at: Instagram: @barnagroup Twitter: @davidkinnaman | @barnagroup Facebook: Barna Group Youtube: Barna Group Relevant Links: Barna Access Plus Barna’s Resilient Pastor Initiative Fiercely Loved: Discover God’s Wild Thoughts About You


23 Jun 2022

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S8 Ep160: Has God Forgotten About Me? With Lisa Bevere

Heart of Dating

Kait has the incredible Lisa Bevere on the show to talk about the love of God and combatting loneliness in dating. Crushing on a cutie? Download this FREE Resource on how to show interest: https://www.heartofdating.com/resource/how-to-show-interest Want to further your dating knowledge? Check out our ultimate dating library! https://www.heartofdating.com/resource/ultimate-dating-library Kait wrote a book! Snag Thank You For Rejecting Me on Amazon: https://amzn.to/3E59cLQ Want to meet some epic Christian Singles? Join our huge HOD Family on FB: https://www.facebook.com/groups/heartofdatingpodcast Come hang with us on the gram: http://instagram.com/heartofdating http://instagram.com/kaitness . . . . .  A quick thank you to some of our friends! Faithful Counseling: Our #1 resource for affordable, reliable, Christian therapy. You can get 10% off your first month by going to http://faithfulcounseling.com/heartofdating Compassion International: Do you have a burning desire to be a parent but feel stuck in singleness? Do you want to make a lasting, powerful impact in your life as a single? We are a proud partner of Compassion International. Our community of singles has sponsored hundreds of kids all around the world, and we’d love to invite you to join us on this compelling mission. http://compassion.com/heartofdating Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


1 Jun 2022

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Lisa Bevere on the love of God

Susie Larson Live

Speaker and author, Lisa Bevere, shares from her new book "Fiercely Loved: God's Wild Thoughts about You." She talks about how most people feel fiercely judged, but we're actually fiercely loved by God and that we need to have people in our lives who are willing to ask hard questions.


31 May 2022

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Episode 272 | Lisa Bevere On Being Fiercely Loved

The Jennifer Allwood Show

Friends, what does it look like to be fiercely loved? On today's podcast, Lisa Bevere joins me to talk about her brand new devotional, Fiercely Loved. I often wonder why so many women second guess themselves and don't know their true worth, so join Lisa and I today as we dive into this really important subject.  Hit the Highlights (06:30) The title of the new devotional, Fiercely Loved (09:15) The implication that you're 'less than'   (11:00) Why do women second guess themselves so much?  (15:40) Why should I think that God's hand is on my life?  (25:10) In the game of life, we are not enemies About Lisa Bevere  Lisa Bevere has spent over three decades empowering women of all ages to find their identity and purpose. She is a New York Times bestselling author and internationally known minister.. Her books, which include without Rival, Godmothers, Girls with Swords, Lioness Arising, Strong, and her recent devo Fiercely Loved, are in the hands of millions worldwide. Lisa and her husband, John, co-founded Messenger International, an organization committed to developing uncompromising followers of Christ who transform their world. Messenger International has given away nearly 50 million resources in 116 languages. LisaBevere.com MessengerInternational.org facebook.com/lisabevere.page twitter.com/lisabevere instagram.com/lisabevere/ >>Other Episodes You Might Like


25 May 2022

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Episode 162: What is God like? (feat. Lisa Bevere)

Becoming Something with Jonathan Pokluda

In this episode we talk to New York Times Best Selling author, Lisa Bevere about how her perception of God has changed over the course of her life. We discuss how our perception of God affects how we live our lives. We also talk about how to hear from God. To pick up her new book “Fiercely Loved” follow this link:https://www.amazon.com/Fiercely-Loved-Gods-Thoughts-about/dp/0800741706


15 May 2022

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Lisa Bevere - From The Archive | Life Without Rivals

See Hear Love

Join Host Melinda Estabrooks, the See Hear Love team and Special Guest, New York Best-Selling Author, Lisa Bevere, as they talk all about HOW to stop seeing others as rivals – which limits our purpose and connections with others – and start seeing how God’s love breaks these limits and promises true identity and intimacy. It’s time to stop comparing yourself with others and competing against them - and start living the amazing life that God has for you!


18 Apr 2022

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Mentoring with Lisa Bevere [Ep 358]

Don't Mom Alone Podcast

Have you ever wished for a fairy godmother? Someone to wave a wand and make your troubles disappear? The next best thing just might be a real godmother - a woman to see you in your distress and to offer help and encouragement. What’s hard for you in this season of motherhood? Your reactions to your kids? Seeing how your kids react to one another? Maybe you need to break free from life centering around your kids.  In this mentoring episode we take a proverbial walk with author and speaker Lisa Bevere through anger, growth, idolatry, guilt and hope in the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives and sibling rivalry. Her most recent book, Godmothers: Why You Need One. How to Be One encourages women to live with and for one another and to ask for help from those who have gone before you - which she graciously does with us in this episode! Lisa and her husband John raised four boys and she has written numerous books on womanhood, identity, anger, and much more.  Connect with Lisa Bevere:  Website:  https://lisabevere.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lisabevere.page Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/lisabevere/ Links Mentioned:   Godmothers: Why You Need One. How to Be One by Lisa Bevere Related Episodes: Focus on Growth vs Guilt :: Lisa Bevere [Ep 291] Centering Truth :: Lisa Bevere [Ep 204] Anger Management, Hollywood, & Sacrificial Faith :: Amber Lia [Ep 75] Featured Sponsors:  Rothy’s. Step up your shoes and accessories this spring and get $20 off your first purchase at rothys.com/DMA. Prose is the healthy hair regimen with your name all over it. Go to Prose.com/DMA for your FREE in-depth hair consultation and 15% off. Athena Club Razor Kit! Show your skin you care, sign up today and you’ll get 20% off your first order at AthenaClub.com and use promo code dma for 20% off.


14 Mar 2022