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Episode 699 - 20 Foot Vagina with Brian Redban

Video Game Outsiders

Brian Redban is back to talk VRchat and Virtual Redban, Deep Rock Galactic, arcade cabs, Brian's depressing crypto story, The Map of Tiny Perfect Things and fake movie games, Bullet Roulette VR, Sir Lovelot, Little Nightmares, Demon's Souls PS5, Super Mario 3D World, Cyberpunk, Call of Duty, dwarf head ratios, Austin Texas, video game anniversaries, and more OLED Switch Pro rumors! Head to VideoGameOutsiders.com for show notes, or go premium for our back catalog and weekly bonus content. Check Brian out on #KillTony #DeathSquadTV #VirtualRedban #JRE and more!

1hr 42mins

10 Mar 2021

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Episode #068 - A Fart In A Burka with Brian Redban

Can't Get Right with Kurt Metzger

Comedian and Podcaster Brian Redban joins Kurt Metzger on this week's episode of Can't Get Right with Kurt Metzger Podcast. Brian and Kurt talk about hanging with the guys versus the girls, enforcing mask protocols with farts, the new gaming consoles drawbacks, and how Brian is making the most of VR and stand up comedy.  We dive DEEP into Furries, “Rainfurrest”, and a hilarious story of Big Jay Oakerson in an Elmo costume.  All this and more on this week's episode of Can't Get Right with Kurt Metzger!Please Support Our Sponsors:Omigo: Go to http://www.myomigo.com/kurt and take 15% off TODAYYoKratom: If you are over the age of 21, visit http://yokratom.com - home of the $60 kilo. Support on Social MediaFollow Kurt Metzger: https://twitter.com/kurtmetzgerFollow Brian Redban: https://twitter.com/RedbanPlease support the artists that made our new intro:D-Rev - Rapper/Hip-Hop Artist - IG: @_d_revFordy Ounce - Musician/Beatmaker - IG: @ford.k.musicYou can watch LIVE and FREE every Saturday at 7:00pm est ONLY on http://www.GaSDigitalNetwork.com/Live. If you missed the live episode, you can sign up to the network and get our entire archive in full HD, join the live chat, message boards, plus access to every show available on the network! Just visit http://www.GaSDigitalNetwork.com/Kurt and use promo code KURT to get a 14 day free trial and $1 off at sign up.

1hr 20mins

23 Nov 2020

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# 33 – Something’s Burning Uncut – Tony Hinchcliffe, Brian Redban & The Kill Tony Band

Bertcast's podcast

On this episode that originally aired on YouTube Dec 16th, 2019, Tony Hinchcliffe & Brian Redban from the Kill Tony Podcast bring the whole band to make roasted chicken and smashed potatoes! Kill Tony Band: Bandleader: Jeremiah Watkins Drums: Joel "Joelberg" Jimenez Guitar: "Chroma Chris" Dillon Full episode: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r61UUEyeeYA This episode is brought to you by Established Titles. Get 10% off on your Lordship and Ladyship Title packs with the discount code “BURNING”. Go to http://www.EstablishedTitles.com to become a Lord today! For all TOUR DATE & MERCH click HERE: http://www.bertbertbert.com Twitter: http://www.Twitter.com/bertkreischer Facebook: http://www.Facebook.com/BertKreischer Instagram: http://www.Instagram.com/bertkreischer Youtube: http://www.Youtube.com/user/Akreischer 

1hr 50mins

6 Nov 2020

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#1523 - Joey Diaz & Brian Redban

The Joe Rogan Experience

Joey “CoCo” Diaz is a Cuban-American stand up comedian and actor.  Joey also hosts his own podcast called “The Church of What’s Happening Now.” Brian Redban is a comedian and the founder of the Deathsquad podcast network. Also look for him on “Kill Tony” available on Apple Podcasts & YouTube.

3hr 39mins

12 Aug 2020

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Brian Redban

Unlicensed Therapy w/ Ari Mannis

Brian wishes he had made better business decisions in the past so that he could be a home owner in the expensive city of Los Angeles now.

1hr 40mins

17 Jun 2020

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JRE #1450 - Brian Redban

Rogan And Runescape

Review of the Joe Rogan Experience episode #1450 with Brian Redban I am looking for people who are fans of the JRE and listen to every ep to help review them with me, leave a comment or hmu in game if you are down to helpthe best way to review is to listen and take screenshots every time u hear something u wanna talk about, then write down the timestamps on paper or on notepad and once its time to record, rewind 15 seconds of the timestamp and then listen 15 seconds after timestamp.Joe Rogan Experience JRE joerogan joeroganpodcast joeroganexperience Brian Redban 1450 deathsquad Rogan review podcast review comedy RoganAndRunescape Runescape


5 Apr 2020

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155: Brian Redban on The Steebee Weebee Show

The Steebee Weebee Show

Special Thanks To Our Sponsors: Visit https://www.postmates.com. Use code: STEEBEE- for $100 of free delivery credit for your first 7 days when you download the postmates app. Visit https://www.bluechew.com -and get your 1st shipment FREE when you use our special promo code: steebee...Just pay $5 for shipping... Brian Redban joins The Steebee Weebee Show for the first time. We talk about: him helping Joe Rogan start his podcast, the "Deathsquad", his Amazon Affiliate "hustle", filming and editing the infamous Carlos Mencia vs Joe Rogan video, producing several podcasts , "Night Owl" sleeping schedules, and much more!!!Go to: https://www.youtube.com/steebeeweebee to watch. More: Brian https://www.instagram.com/redban** Now on iTunes:  https://goo.gl/CdSwyV ** Subscribe: https://goo.gl/d239POVisit  https://www.postmates.com and use code: STEEBEE for $100 of free delivery credit for your first 7 days when you download the postmates app.   Visit  https://www.bluechew.com and use promo code: steebee-and try it free today...Little Ray promises a Karma Boost if you join our Patreon: https://goo.gl/aiOi7J Or, click here for a one time Karma Boost.  https://www.paypal.me/steebeeweebeeshow/2More Steven: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/quangou Bandcamp: https://steebeeweebee.bandcamp.com/ Itunes: https://goo.gl/PSooa0 WEBSITE: https://www.steebeeweebeeshow.comAnimation Thanks to 2 Bunniez: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/2bunniez Send stuff to: 1425 N. Cherokee Ave P.O. Box 1391 Los Angeles, CA 90093Big thanks to our Patrons: Michael Keski-Pukkila, Dan Catacutan, David Jang, Joseph Lee, Keaton Smith, R Kwak, Nathaniel9one6, Jkyc, Bananasteve.cosplay, nathan costa, Toni Gallardo, Johnny De La Cruz, Dan Irwin, Casey Spindler, Frank, Chodezilla, Sean moreland, Jenny McGhee, Cole, William Robideau, dimtr0, Cameron Smith, Darren Newton, Paul An, Matthias Scholl Rodriguez, Owen Allan, Kyle Webb, Chikako Kanazawa, Tyrone WIlliams, Hana Villar, PIKACHU408, Marion Sassy, Tania Esquer,Timothy Dueno,Mandy,Mike Garcia,Zahedi Guerra,Keanu Maui Gevero,Noels Benzie,Noah Farris,Mona McCune,Deandre Calif,Peta Kirkikiri,Clark McKenzie,Ted Padullo,Troy Garnett,Joe Corall,Tachikoma Rage,Joe Kim,Lenny Guanco,Marco Cid,Richard Meyer,Jake Outrage,Lennert Den Besten,Carisa,Casey Long Bine,Luis Labriola,Marvick Garcia-Ortiz,Ethan Tso,Stefan Bullzing,Paul 88 Pawn,Mary Ann Krail,Lucas Sallee,Shane A,Jordan,Sung Campbell,Michael Collins,Alexander Batsvik,Randall Corcio Jr.,Easy,Kasey Lopez,M. Wildhack,Jess R.,Aaron Koback,Dominic Arcand,Daniel,Xavier Silva,Nicole S.,Gillian Cortes,Kayla Pam,Alyssa,Kevin Chu,Worst Fireteam Ever,Austin Ward,Thomas,T. Gommans,Luis Espinoza,Stephan,Humen,Uncle Tim,Carlos Vasquez,Liam,Bryan Abe,Dominic Becketti,Peter Chavez,Sharon,therealafricangold,Alan Do,Alyssa Stamper,Andy Barr,Ryan Wentz,Stephen Cee,David Lee,James Buff,Hikori Tonosama,Brian Murray,Seamus Conroy,Jose Maldonado Jr.,Brenden,Vegar,Michael Jose,Amber Allen,Damion,Jn-Marie,Gil Flores,Long Xiong,Red X,Joel,Hailey Maxwell,Conor Goggin,Paul G,Oscar Silva,Mathew Pedersen,James Buff,Connor Goggin,Hailey Maxwell,Nicholas Braun,Andrew Hubbard,Damian Scarf,George B.,David Stevens,Dennis K. Lee,David,Angel Perez,Rubert-Bear,Dier,Edmund Chen,Richard Ramirez,Brian Wolfman,Scrotum Philips,Scotty two-Socks,Philip Johnson,Alberto Neri,Damio Lo,Andrew Sension,Ben Atchison,Collin,Pascual,Zach West,Stefan S.,Voistern Comedy,Azeem Ali,Stephen Brandsgard,Lisa Yoon,Collin Pedersen,Lucky Pack,Daniel Allinson,and Carlos lepe-Andrade,Zachary Albright,Jaime Sores,Mark Anthony,Scott Murray,Chris Kizi,Carlos Lepe-Andrade,Tony Adame,Hotpickledsoul,Krystal,Eddy,Steven Tesarek,Asoula Maika,Kevin Gil,Benny B,Lee Kizi,HoboSocks,Wayman,Cody Abel,Pat Libby,Heath Pleasure,Yolo Swaggins,Alan Hermano,Francisco Lopez Pantoja,Spike Right,Haley Samsel,Wabilah Al Falah,DaltonREInvestor,Andrew,Zach Durling,Michael Patrick Rogers,Austin,Marty Cooper,Michael Ryan,Kyle Field,Dylan Arviso,MCLARK33,Sheila Gurung,Alex Couture,Chris Gatterson,Mike Moffet,Jordi Wu,Chris,Carmen B. Lily Hernandez,LaLa,Mike Roi,Bryan,Andrew Lincoln,Benny P.,Tenno xx,Joshua Titus,Ben S.,Sam,Asa Henry,Andrew Sension,JellyBonesss,Jordan Kenny,Hector Colon,Fan Huang,Eric Lezama,Dalton Weinstock,Bri Travis....

1hr 2mins

3 Apr 2020

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#1450 - Brian Redban

The Joe Rogan Experience

Brian Redban is a comedian and the founder of the Deathsquad podcast network. Also look for him on “Kill Tony” available on Apple Podcasts & YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwzCMiicL-hBUzyjWiJaseg

3hr 31mins

31 Mar 2020

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#767 - Brian Redban

Uncle Joey's Joint

Brian Redban, a stand up comedian, the creator of the Deathsquad network, and heard on "The Joe Rogan Experience" and "Kill Tony" podcasts, joins Joey Diaz and Lee Syatt LIVE in studio. This podcast is brought to you by:   DraftKings - Download DraftKings Sportsbook now and use code CHURCH to get $1000 sign up bonus.    Onnit.com. Use Promo code CHURCH at checkout for a 10% discount on your first order.

1hr 36mins

9 Mar 2020

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David Lucas, William Montgomery, Brian Redban – 01/29/2020

12 Feb 2020