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Gene Bailey Crashes The Show!

The Lance Wallnau Show

We've got a great interview today as Lance talks to Gene Bailey of FlashPoint! Join us as we discuss what God is doing in media and politics, how this relates to revival! All of this and more on today's show!


30 Aug 2022

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Episode 54: Dr. Gene Bailey Tells Us Why We Might Be At The Start of The Next Christian Revival And How We Can Do Our Part

Your Biggest Breakthrough

Sometimes we find ourselves in a really good place in life. A charmed life where we are amazed by all the blessings we are receiving and what God's doing in our lives.But is it possible that we also sometimes fool ourselves into thinking that life will always be this way, that nothing can break the perfect happy bubble you're living in right this moment. It's easy to get so comfortable in the charmed life that we lose perspective. So what happens when your perfect happy bubble pops and the downfall quickly becomes out of your control? Our guest today has experienced just this. After losing everything, Dr. Gene Bailey found hope and restoration. Dr. Gene Bailey is currently serving as executive director for Kenneth Copeland Ministries, The Victory Channel and is the executive pastor at Eagle Mountain International Church in Fort Worth, Texas. With a long history in ministry, Gene has traveled the world and experienced the power of God first hand. Whether it was dining with Kings in the middle east to being thrown in jail in West Africa for spreading the gospel, Gene has seen God truly open doors for the gospel like never before. In 2016 Revival Radio TV was born out of Gene's hunger to see and experience true revival comparable to the great moves of God in the past. His long history in the media allows Gene to see the history of revival as it applies to outpourings today. In 2020, Gene launched Flashpoint, which is a television program highlighting current events, prophecy and politics from a biblical perspective. Currently, Flashpoint and Revival Radio TV are seen on broadcast outlets and cable systems around the world. In this conversation, you'll hear...-The super simple first step to rebuilding your life after losing everything...04:00-The impact of prayer meetings on an 8 year old christian...06:15-When things started to go sideways for Gene and the key he discovered in moving on...11:20-Then things got worse: What happened to Gene and how he made it through...15:50-"Is there anything else?" A moment of breaking...18:45-Why Gene gave up goal setting...21:30-The birth and mission of Flashpoint...25:10Flashpoint -The biggest lesson Gene's learned about Revival and where Flashpoint fits in to that...28:15Revival TV-3 things we can do now to help our nation through this current revival...30:35-About Gene's new book...36:30Flashpoint of Revival-There's still hope! How we can help fix the nation by helping each other first...39:45-Something interesting about Gene...42:40Call to action:To learn more about Wendie and her Visibly Fit program, visit wendiepett.comTo find out more about Todd and his coaching program for men, find him on the web at toddisberner.com.All the links you need to subscribe to the podcast are at both our websites! And if you feel so inclined, we'd be honored if you were to leave a rating and review of our show. It definitely helps with us being more visible to more people.And if we like it, we might just read your review on the podcast!


12 Oct 2021

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Live With Gene Bailey And Mario Murillo

The Lance Wallnau Show

I'm with Gene Bailey, Mario Murillo, and Larry Sparks for the first ever flashpoint live in person event. There will be special guests General Michael Flynn and Kenneth Copeland. It really will be a landmark event!


1 Aug 2021

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Lance Live With Gene Bailey

The Lance Wallnau Show

I'm joined today with the host of Victory Channel's show, Flashpoint, Pastor Gene Bailey!


13 Jun 2021

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#3 Gene Bailey talks FlashPoint & Ministry, Behind the Scenes

Perspective Podcast

Join us each week as we interview Interesting people with interesting topics! On episode one as we discuss our story of us and the value of dating with purpose in our life. Follow us Instagram @YourPerspectivePodcast


7 Apr 2021

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Eric Metaxas & Gene Bailey Falsehoods: Covid Vaccine & Mark of the Beast

Defender's Voice with Dr.Paul Kattupalli

In this video, Dr.Paul explains why you should take a Covid vaccine. Please visit us www.doctorpaul.org--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/paulkattupalli/support


6 Apr 2021

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Dr. Gene Bailey interviews Lance Wallnau

The Lance Wallnau Show

Dr. Gene Bailey of revival radio TV interviews Lance Wallnau on the current political climate, the upcoming election, and his new book, God's Chaos Code.


8 Sep 2020

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Daily Faith with Philip Cameron: Gene Bailey August 24th

Daily Faith With Philip D Cameron

We’ve been talking a lot about revival and how God uses different circumstances to bring forth revival. Revival is where people turn their hearts to God. When you have a hunger for more of Him. God is looking for a willing vessel to pour out His spirit upon, to change the circumstances around you. Today, Philip, and his guest, Gene Bailey, discuss the history of revival through the years, and the importance of how America needs it today. The key points to revival are simple, but you must be willing. The signs of the times are all around us. It’s time for America to wake up and stir up the gift of God inside of us. To stand up and be the people that we are called to be for the Lord’s Kingdom. Revival starts with you. 


24 Aug 2020

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In Depth on Revivals with Gene Bailey

Strang Report

In this episode, host Stephen Strang interviews longtime friend, Gene Bailey, of Kenneth Copeland Ministries. Listen as Bailey reminds the church of amazing revivals that have shaped history and pointing to how God is moving now.


28 Feb 2019

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Faith Foundations | Dr. Gene Bailey interview Life of Faith

EMIC Audio Podcast

Faith Foundations | Dr. Gene Bailey interview Life of Faith


27 Dec 2015