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Ben Savage (Clocktower Technology Ventures) - Why the future is Fintech, Fractional Ownership and Lessons Learned from Ray Dalio

The Consumer VC: Venture Capital I B2C Startups I Commerce | Early-Stage Investing

Our guest today is Ben Savage, Partner at Clocktower Technology Ventures. Ben and his fund focuses on investing in Fintech and financial services. As you could image, we're going to be talking about the consumer side to fintech. You'll also learn how his time working under Ray Dalio at Bridgewater shaped him as an investor, why digitally native financial services haven't taken off as fast as digitally native CPG brands, and opportunities in fractional ownership. Without further ado, here's Ben.Some of the questions I ask Ben:I'd love to first hear about your background since you've had a breadth of experiences as an investor. What was your attraction to finance and how did you get your start?You worked at Bridgewater Associates. On this program we always ask each guest what's one book that inspired you personally and one book that inspired you professionally and Principles has come up time and time again. What was it like working there first hand and what did working with Ray and his team teach you? Transparency you deliver for feedback. Pick your battlesReceive honest feedback for founders?How did Clocktower come together? Why the fintech focus?Why has it taken so long for consumer financial services to be adopted D2C models? Is it harder to obtain consumer trust?How are these consumer financial services able to build trust?What is the reason why AlipayHow do you think about this era of new investable assets? What's not currently investable that you think could be become investable in the future?What's the best new idea that you've heard - fractional ownership, technology is allowing us to trade into tradeable wealth.They say that the future of consumer is fintech. What do you think investors don't understand about fintech?How are you thinking about the current state of cryptocurrency?At a macro lends what makes fintech in Latin America interesting and one of your focuses?Why are the margins going upHow are you going to accelerate consumer adoption for banks?We talk about how every consumer tech company becomes a fintech company. Do you think investors are truly prepared for this?Are you also thinking about ways to make private markets more liquid?What was your biggest learning due to COVID?What's one thing you would change about venture capital?What's one book that inspired you personally and one book that inspired you professionally?What's one piece of advice that you have for founders?


17 Aug 2021

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📈 33 Ben Savage of Clocktower Ventures – On Macro Thinkers, Investing in Human Capital, and Why Financial Innovation Will Save the World – Outlier Academy

Outlier Academy

“When we're looking at single founders, there probably is one variable that rises a little bit and that we spent a great deal of time thinking about which is, are they an attractor? Can they attract the things they need to be successful?” – Ben SavageBen Savage is General Partner at Clocktower Technology Ventures, a leading venture capital group focused on fintech investments. He is also Lead Partner for the private sector of Clocktower Group, a global macro investment firm. Before joining Clocktower, Ben co-founded Artivest, an online financial services startup, and spent years in the financial services field at Bridgewater Associates, Gjelina Group, and Bellfoundry Advisors.Show notes with links, quotes, and a transcript of the episode: https://www.danielscrivner.com/notes/ben-savage-outliers-show-notes Chapters in this interview: 00:00:06 – Ben’s background and experience before Clocktower Group 00:03:02 – Ben’s learnings from the culture at Bridgewater Associates 00:12:35 – Clocktower Group and investing at the macro level 00:24:18 – Investing in human capital 00:31:36 – Focusing on fintech investing 00:35:16 – How fintech will save the world 00:43:53 – Why Clocktower does not invest in crypto 00:51:31 – Choosing not to lead deals gives Clocktower an edge 00:56:32 – On weaknesses and clear communication Sign up here for Outlier Academy Weekly, our Sunday newsletter that highlights the latest episode, expands on important business and investing concepts, and contains the best of what we read each week.Follow Outliers on Twitter: https://twitter.com/outlieracademy.If you loved this episode, please share a quick review on Apple Podcasts.

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9 Jun 2021

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Episode 416 Ben Savage from Clocktower Ventures

Bank On It

This episode was produced remotely using the ListenDeck standardized audio production system.  If you’re looking to upgrade or jumpstart your podcast production please visit www.listendeck.com.  You can subscribe to this podcast and stay up to date on all the stories here on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Stitcher, Spotify, Amazon and iHeartRadio. In this episode the host John Siracusa chats remotely with Ben Savage, Partner at Clocktower Ventures. Clocktower Technology Ventures invests in the insurance, payments, personal finance, lending, credit, and asset management sectors.  Since launching, Clocktower Technology Ventures has invested in 96 fintech companies in North America, Europe, and Latin America. Tune in and Listen. Subscribe now on Apple Podcasts, Google , Stitcher, Spotify, Amazon and iHeartRadio to hear next Tuesdays interview with Sam Graziano from Linear Financial Technologies. About the host: John, is the host of the  ‘Bank On It’ podcast recorded onsite in Wall Street at OpenFin and the founder of the remotely recorded, studio quality standardized podcast production system ListenDeck. Follow John on LinkedIn, Twitter, Medium


27 May 2021

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Ben Savage & Adriana Saman from Clocktower Technology Ventures – Reinventing Financial Services

Wharton FinTech Podcast

Miguel Armaza sits down with Ben Savage and Adriana Saman, from Clocktower Technology Ventures, a fintech-focused venture capital fund that’s also the technology investing affiliate of Clocktower Group, a global macro investment firm.Ben is a fintech entrepreneur turned investor with an MBA from Stanford University and Adriana got her Bachelors from our very own University of Pennsylvania.We discussed:- Their backgrounds and what led them to Venture Capital- Clocktower’s investment strategy and approach- Their decision to focus on fintech and why they are excited about the reinvention of financial services- Why they have invested beyond the United States, with a particular emphasis on Latin America- Navigating COVID- Their outlook for the road ahead of the industry- And a lot more!Ben SavageBen manages Clocktower Technology Ventures and is responsible for all of Clocktower Group’s private market activities. Ben was previously Director, Investment Associate Program for Bridgewater Associates, where he worked with the firm’s CIOs on strategic priorities, talent development and research. Ben began his career as a VC and private equity investor with Wasserstein Perella. Ben also co-founded Artivest fka Resonance Funds, an online issuer of actively-managed exchange traded vehicles, as well as Waterfall Mobile. Ben holds an MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business and a BA in philosophy from Yale University. Ben lives in Bel Air with his wife and two young children.Adriana SamanAdriana focuses on deal sourcing, diligence, and execution. Prior to Clocktower, Adriana was a Strategy Associate in Chase’s Digital Payments team where she worked closely with all consumer-related payment products to develop consolidated roadmaps, business cases, and strategic initiatives. Before joining Digital Payments, she worked at J.P. Morgan as an Investment Banking Analyst focusing on M&A transactions across Latin America. Adriana is originally from Ecuador and holds a BA in Political Science from the University of Pennsylvania.About ClocktowerWe partner with phenomenal entrepreneurs who have the vision and drive to reinvent financial services, investing from the earliest seeds of startup life to businesses scaling for growth. We support leading companies across all sectors of financial services, including lending, credit & banking, payments, insurance, capital markets & investments, personal finance, enterprise financial stack and real estate finance. Our distinctive approach to fintech venture capital is crafted around a curated network of global macroeconomic thinkers and investors. Launched in 2015, Clocktower Technology Ventures is the technology investing affiliate of Clocktower Group, a global macro investment firm. CTV is based in Santa Monica, CA and invests worldwide.


31 Jan 2021

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Episode 173: Ben Savage, I Don't Need You To Get Kicked Out of Q's

Anything But Vanilla Podcast

Do you, dear listeners, have any awkward celebrities run Ins that make you cringe, make you sad or break your heart (In Fran's case) just a little bit? You don't? Well, let us set the scene... it is the mid 2000's, you have never heard of coronvirus, netflix was shipped vis USPS and you got to get trashed at your favorite local haunt on the regular. You don't have a care in the world. Your childhood celebrity crush walks up to you at said bar and propositions you for some bathroom sex. Do you A) take said celebrity crush up on this offer and get down and dirty In the bathroom. B) politely decline his offer, but Instead give him some hot and heavy kisses. C) Tell that fool, give me your wallet and proceed to get kicked out the bar all by your damn self. If you haven't guessed yet, Claire chose C.Welcome in to episode 73, where the ladies are trying not to depressed by the state of this world and have been dodging c-list celebrity bullets, like it's their JOBS since '05. This week in review brings listeners the smoke free skies (friend hangouts and mini vacations) and the terrible AQI's (Vacations are the worst with Infants, are we right?). News of the week is coming at you from Universities hiring college "Influencers" to help establish safety protocols on campus and to make It look "cool". Fran also decided to share a weird article about tickling being child abuse, so there's that.  A listener is seeking our advice on how to handle a situation, where she doesn't really care for the said friends' child. Once again, we shit on a listener, great. The ladies are sharing their awkward, sad and cringe worthy celebrity run-ins in this weeks, ask us anything.  The gals are continuing to share shit they like and this week it is art for a good cause and essential reading material coming from a female Black writer. Lastly, this weeks haters are the hypocrites in our political system running RAMPANT at the moment. FUCK ALL YALL. Adult Orange JuliusLots of ice2 Tablespoons French vanilla coffee creamerVanilla Vodka (Whipped Vodka would be good, too)2/3 cup orange juice1/3 cup milksugar and orange zest for rimming glasseswhipped cream, orange zest and orange slices for servingPut all this into a blender and whir that bad boy up. Enjoy!Did you enjoy the shows intro song? Thomas Castillo and his band Creamline, created ABV’s spectacular music. If you want to hear more from Creamline, you can find them on instagram @creamline916. In need of some advice? Want to ask us something weird or embarrassing and have us answer it live? Looking to slide into our DM’s?Find us @abvpodcast on insta and twitter 


1 Oct 2020

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#249 - Ben Savage, Clocktower Technology Ventures - Financial Services Has Had A Smaller Share Of Venture Capital Dollars Pointed At It…Since The Inception Of The Venture Capital Industry

The Meb Faber Show

In episode 249 we welcome our guest, Ben Savage, Partner at Clocktower Technology Ventures. In today’s episode, we’re diving into VC and innovation in the financial services industry. Ben has had an interesting path, and having spent some time at Bridgewater along the way, we spend a bit of time on high level thoughts about investing, allocation, and risk parity strategies. We get into the heart of what Clocktower Technology Ventures is all about. We talk about the small allocation of venture capital dollars financial services industry has received relative to tech and life sciences, and get the lowdown on why this pocket of the startup world is so compelling. We even get the rundown on a couple of portfolio investments, and what makes them so exciting. All this and more in episode 249 with Clocktower Technology Ventures’ Ben Savage.

1hr 29mins

16 Sep 2020

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Ben Savage -- Clocktower Ventures

LA Venture

Ben Savage tells us about Clocktower Ventures.  They are fintech specialists who invest stage-agnostically into financial services innovation ($250k - $2.5m).   Clocktower never leads rounds and Ben suggests that VCs often dont make for the best board members anyhow.     Clocktower Ventures: https://www.clocktowerventures.com/   Pasadena VC/founder event: https://bit.ly/35e5Kxc


29 Apr 2020

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Ben Savage – All Things Fintech Investing - [Invest Like the Best, EP.152]

Invest Like the Best with Patrick O'Shaughnessy

My guest today is Ben Savage, a partner at Clocktower ventures. Ben is focused on financial technology, fintech, investing which is the topic of our conversation. I’ve been making the fintech is rounds of late, and plan on making a few of these conversations public. Ben is the first in what may be a mini-series because of the sheer amount I learned in our discussion. We cover all aspects of the fintech ecosystem. I hope you enjoy. For more episodes go to InvestorFieldGuide.com/podcast. Sign up for the book club, where you’ll get a full investor curriculum and then 3-4 suggestions every month at InvestorFieldGuide.com/bookclub. Follow Patrick on Twitter at @patrick_oshag  Show Notes 1:15 (First Question) – The market portfolio and how technology will move us away from liquid markets 7:24 – Businesses that are making assets that weren’t investable, investable             9:11 – Ryan Caldbeck Podcast Episode 12:03 – Most interesting places where technology is creating investment opportunities 18:33 – Assets that are likely to tap into new sources of beta 23:46 – How well are investors prepared for the changes that are coming 28:35 – Trends in asset management with technology 33:05 – View on cryptocurrency and blockchain 36:45 – Places where startups can reduce costs/fees and create efficiencies 40:17 – Views on private equity markets and their future 45:40 – Privilege of access problem 48:50 – Verticals in fintech that are interesting to him 59:53 – The importance of focus and niche 1:02:26 – Kindest thing anyone has done for Ben Learn More For more episodes go to InvestorFieldGuide.com/podcast.  Sign up for the book club, where you’ll get a full investor curriculum and then 3-4 suggestions every month at InvestorFieldGuide.com/bookclub Follow Patrick on twitter at @patrick_oshag

1hr 5mins

17 Dec 2019

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Interview - Hannah Sanders & Ben Savage discuss their music and new single "Hidden Things"

Folk Roots Radio... with Jan Hall

Hannah Sanders and Ben Savage came together as a duo after a chance meeting at their local folk club, the Black Fen Folk Club, in Cambridge, England. Their music is deceptively simple, just two beautiful voices with accompaniment from mountain dulcimer, dobro and guitar - intimate duets around a single microphone, that draw you in and open you up. Since arriving as a duo on the folk scene in 2016, they have released two critically acclaimed studio albums, "Before the Sun" (2016) and "Awake" (2018), both recorded in Toronto with highly regarded producer David Travers-Smith. They've just released a new single "Hidden Things", the first of three written on the road and inspired by their relationship to the spirit of place. For more information, visit http://hannahbenmusic.com. Music: Hannah Sanders & Ben Savage "Way Over Yonder In A Minor Key", "A Thousand New Moons" and "7" from "Awake" (2018, Sungrazing Records / Proper) and "Hidden Things" (single) (2019, Sungrazing Records / Proper).


14 May 2019

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Episode 442 - feat. Hannah Sanders and Ben Savage & More New Releases

Folk Roots Radio... with Jan Hall

UK Americana/folk duo Hannah Sanders & Ben Savage released a beautiful album “Awake” in 2018. Their music is deceptively simple, intimate duets around a single microphone, that draw you in and open you up while accompanied by mountain dulcimer, dobro and guitar. They’ve just released a wonderful new single “Hidden Things” and they’re on tour in North America, with some Ontario dates this May. Hannah & Ben join us on Episode 442 of Folk Roots Radio to chat about their music, new single and upcoming tour. And as usual, we also take a look at more of the new releases we’ve received - and this time around we check out new music from Mary Ann Kennedy, Allison de Groot & Tatiana Hargreaves, Frank Solivan & Dirty Kitchen, April Verch and Benjamin Dakota Rogers. It’s a great episode. we hope you’ll check it out. Check out the full playlist on the website:


26 Apr 2019