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Episode 244: Love UnFU*KED with Gary John Bishop

The Oh Hell No Podcast

Gary John Bishop is a leading personal development expert, and his approach is very different from the hand-holding we often associate with self-help. He's very Scottish, unapologetically honest, and full of insight which really can change lives. To learn more about Gary and his mission visit www.garyjohnbishop.com. Tell us what you want to hear...fill out our questionnaire! https://forms.gle/pLHjHLtv1SkgHRpF9Shop Bent Beauty 25% off Coupon Code: OHHELLNOSupport the show


7 Jun 2022

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Getting Your Relationship Sh!t Together w/ Gary John Bishop

The Dad Edge Podcast (formerly The Good Dad Project Podcast)

“Love is patient, love is blind. . .” Until it's not. Then what? My guest today is Gary John Bishop, who holds the record for most appearances on my this podcast. He is a NY Times best selling author of multiple books and today we are talking about relationships. No matter how much advice we get or how much work we do on our “stuff,” nothing ever seems to make the difference. The truth of it is, you’re woefully ill-equipped for one of the most life-defining things you will ever take on—being in a committed relationship. Whether you’re currently in one, want to be in one, half in–half out, getting over one, married, single, separated, divorced, or just overwhelmed with the whole thing, let’s cut through the morass of relationship schtick and put you back in charge. No flowery BS, no woo-woo strategies, systems, or techniques, just real talk, for real people who want a real relationship in their life that actually works.

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9 May 2022

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Great Relationships Start with You & Hard Truths – Gary John Bishop : 932

The Human Upgrade with Dave Asprey—formerly Bulletproof Radio

WE APPRECIATE OUR PARTNERS. CHECK THEM OUT!Nature’s Nootropic: https://trukava.com, use code DAVE15 to get 15% offNAD+ for Brain Health: https://innovativemedicine.com/DAVE and save 20%Support Immune & Digestive Health: https://justthrivehealth.com, use code ASPREY to get 15% offIN THIS EPISODE OF THE HUMAN UPGRADE™...…you’ll learn that one of the major life upgrades you can make includes your relationships. Personal development expert Gary John Bishop doesn’t buy into mainstream notions of what makes a happy relationship. Not 50/50 effort, not compromise, not molding yourself into what your partner wants. It’s just you and some hard truths.What this episode is not about;Blame or providing communication tipsHow to change or cope with your partner and personality types Healing past trauma or understanding fear of commitment Instead, you’ll get the ingredients to creating a real, lasting and profound connection with another human being.“There's some, again, cold truths that you have to face and then really have to start to take on,” he says, “but in a way that it's not always going to go your way. You're not always going to get this thing flowing the way you would want it to go, but your job is to keep bringing yourself to this phenomenon in a way that's consistent with you, who you are, what you're about. And powerfully managing all that you might do to undermine it.”Gary, the New York Times bestselling author of the Unfu*k book series, uses an “urban philosophy” approach that’s both simple and enlightening. In his latest book, “LOVE UNFU*kED Getting Your Relationship Sh!t Together,” he puts the focus on relationships. “The quality of your relationships dictates the quality of your life,” he says in “LOVE UNFU*kED.” This conversation gets right to the heart of what you can do to make changes that stick in all areas of your life.See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.

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28 Apr 2022

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How To Let Go & Love Fully In Your Relationship w/Gary John Bishop EP 1251

The School of Greatness

Gary John Bishop is a leading personal development expert and the New York Times bestselling author of Unfu*k Yourself, as well as Stop Doing that Sh*t, Do the Work, Wise as Fu*k, and his most recent, Love Unfu*ked. His philosophy represents a new wave of personal empowerment and life mastery that has caused miraculous results for people in the quality and performance of their lives. Gary is also the host of Unfu*k Nation: the podcast. In this episode, you will learn:How to approach your life in decadesThe key to a healthy relationshipHow to let go and move on from your past traumasOne of the best mindsets to have when approaching marriage For more, go to: lewishowes.com/1251Get Gary's book: Love Unfu*kedDesire in a Long-Term Relationship with Esther Perel: https://link.chtbl.com/1236-podFind Lasting Love with Matthew Hussey: https://link.chtbl.com/811-pod

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8 Apr 2022

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Episode 436. How to Create Your Ideal Love Relationship with Gary John Bishop

The Radically Loved® Podcast

We all want to have a happy and fulfilling love relationship. However, we all know it’s not always sunshine and rainbows when it comes to matters of the heart.In this episode, Gary and Rosie discuss why relationships don’t grow and how we can take ownership of change. We often forget that being in a relationship is being with another person — it’s not just about you and your wants! Gary shares how you can change your mindset to build not only your ideal relationship but also learn and grow individually.Don’t miss this episode and learn how you can finally create the ideal love relationship you want!This episode is brought to you by: Athletic GreensVisit www.athleticgreens.com/loved a Free 1 year supply of Vitamin D and 5 free travel packsJune’s JourneyDownload June’s Journey free today on the Apple App Store or Google Play!Here are three reasons why you should listen to the full episode: 1. Learn how we often view relationships and our tendency to think in terms of past experiences without being fully in the present.2. Understand that the purpose of relationships is not to fix our problems.3. Discover how you can create a better relationship by truly connecting with your partner.Episode Highlights:[02:26] About Love Unfucked[06:58] How Exes Play a Role in Your Current Relationships [11:10] Why Relationships Don’t Grow[15:16] Don’t Wait, Take Action[18:01] The Ideal Love Relationship[20:34] How to Overcome Resentment in Relationships [27:02] The Difference Between Connection and Engagement[31:42] Looking at Relationships[36:26] Gary’s Writing ProcessResources- Connect with GaryWebsite: https://garyjohnbishop.com/Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OneInSevenBillionYouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFOYP5qoi5uAiwnpBYXGLiwInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/garyjohnbishop/?hl=enTwitter: https://twitter.com/garyjohnbishop?lang=en- unf*ck nation podcast with Gary John Bishop: https://garyjohnbishop.com/unfucknation/- Check out Gary’s books: Love Unfu*ked: Getting Your Relationship Sh!t Together: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B092VWCVFN/Stop Doing That Sh*t: End Self-Sabotage and Demand Your Life Back: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07GNGY9QR/Unfu*k Yourself: Get Out of Your Head and into Your Life: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B071F7C5NQ/Wise as Fu*k: Simple Truths to Guide You Through the Sh*tstorms of Life: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B083SNWBRP/Do the Work: The Official Unrepentant, Ass-Kicking, No Kidding, Change-Your-Life Sidekick to Unfu*k Yourself: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07PFWTY3T/- Radically Loved Podcast Episode 242: F%@ing UP with Gary John Bishop: https://www.spreaker.com/user/15668788/episode-242-stop-f-ing-up-with-gary-john- Email us your topic at info@radicallyloved.com. Don’t forget to add the subject Wisdom Wednesday topic!- Create a daily meditation ritual in just seven days! Download BUILD YOUR DAILY MEDITATION RITUAL and other freebies here: https://www.radicallyloved.com/free-stuff- FREE Action Guide! Apply the lessons you learn from this episode as you listen! Sign up at https://www.radicallyloved.com/episode-show-notes, and I’ll send it right away!


1 Apr 2022

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How to Let Go of Blame, Shame, and Baggage to Attract Your High-Quality Guy With Gary John Bishop

Life Check Yourself

Marni welcomes author and personal development expert Gary John Bishop into the Life Check Yourself studio to discuss the impacts of his books and teachings. Gary John describes how we can uncover our personal truth and venture into relationships without blame or baggage.  Key takeaways from this episode:  Let go of the need to be right Living an authentic life How to accomplish extraordinary things Forgiveness equals progress   Writing Unfu*k Yourself [1:47] Gary John did not want to write a book. He resisted when a marketing representative approached him with the idea. He didn't want to write a book called 'Be Great' because that is not his style. He was self-publishing, so he thought who cares what the title is. He was unwilling to do anything or write anything that felt inauthentic.  If you want to live an extraordinary life, you have to do something extraordinary. Most people look at others who do extraordinary things and believe the other people have something special that propels them forward. But people who do extraordinary things are just people who were called to do something bigger and then took the necessary actions to get it done.  For those called to do extraordinary stuff but don't act, they have to tell themselves the truth. That is when they start to identify how full of shit they have become. When we embrace who we are and what we are about we chip away at the conditioning and programming to expose our authenticity. It's not about how successful you are with your venture. It's about taking the steps for yourself. Get clear about who you are and what you care about. This is what unfu*king yourself means. People will be drawn to your authenticity.  Love Unfu*ked [14:51] In relationships, most of us are trying to fix something about ourselves from our past.  We believe a relationship will be the answer we are looking for. Gary John says it is a big part of what draws us to people. It is not that a person is the love of our lives, it is that they are the solution of our lives. They solve something for us. Sometimes they solve problems for us we didn't know we had.  The first thing to do before you get in any relationship is to get clear about the kind of ‘you’ that is getting into the relationship. You can't go into a new relationship with junk from the past. Consider what you are walking in the door with and what things trigger you? It's not rocket science. When we look back at all of our crappy relationships the common denominator is always us.  If you take away the bullsh*t you can figure out what drives you to do what you do.  The Life You Are Willing to Put Up With [19:20] Marni questions Gary John about people who claim to have done the work but just don't implement what they have learned? Gary John says that knowing something doesn't really mean sh*t. Knowledge does not equal awareness. You can know something but still not have come to terms with it or understand the ways it impacts your life.  You have the life you are willing to put up with.  We can move, evolve, and change in the face of anything. The secret ingredient is us. If we want our life to be different, we have to be different.   The only thing that keeps us rooted in the past is blame. We become attached to being right, but we need to move past it.  It is not hard to forgive ourselves. Make a Connection: Visit Our Website Join Our Dating Den Facebook Community Here! Learn how to attract your perfect equal...watch our latest training here! Interested in working with us? Book a Breakthrough session at DWDVIP Get a Free Coaching Session with Marni on Our Podcast - Sign up Here to Be a Guest On Our Show Download a Complimentary Copy of our Book - How to Find a Quality Guy Without Going on 200 Dates Love Unfu*ked


18 Feb 2022

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NYT Bestseller Gary John Bishop is back to talk relationships and more!

Claim It! with Tricia Huffman, Your Joyologist

Back in 2020 I had Gary on and we went through his life journey - like I do with all my guests.  In this episode I am sharing a shorter conversation we just had talking relationships and what prompted his newest book, Love Unf*ked AND because I loved his story so much I also edited in our original conversation after that!  So either just listen to the new conversation (about 25 minutes) or listen to the whole thing, old and new! GARY JOHN BISHOP is one of the leading personal development experts in the industry. He is the New York Times bestselling author of Unf'ed Yourself, as well as Stop Doing that Sht, Do the Work, and Wise as F. He is also the host of UnF'ed Nation: the podcast. More at https://garyjohnbishop.com/ Please subscribe and live a review! Screenshot it and send it to podcast@yourjoyologist.com and I will send you a gift from my shop.yourjoyologist.com For all things me go to https://yourjoyologist.com and @_triciahuffman and @yourjoyologist on social media Go get + gift my daily inspiration app OWN YOUR AWESOME and check out my product line here! Interested in working with me? Go here  https://yourjoyologist.com/coaching-options Go check out my amazing podcast partner Blissoma and get a FREE gel mini cleanser at https://blissoma.com

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31 Jan 2022

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How to UnFu*k Your Relationship Before It's Too Late with Gary John Bishop

The Fit Mess

ABOUT THE EPISODE: Everyone wants that amazing, fulfilling, and profoundly connected relationship we’ve all read about and dreamed of with someone who gets you and you get them, and all is wonderful in the world.  But what is the reason some of us don’t have it? Maybe you don’t know shit about having an authentically great relationship! That's according to our guest this week. The “Sex Pistols of Self-Help,” Gary John Bishop is also the author of “Love Unfucked: Getting Your Relationship Shit Together.” It’s the latest title from his “Unfuck Yourself” series.  In this episode of The Fit Mess, Gary shares why you need to stop shifting blame in your relationships, take responsibility, and face yourself first if you truly want a real relationship that actually works. What We Discuss with Gary: 00:00 Intro 2:22 Thoughts create reality 5:36 Why Love UnFu*ked is an important book now 9:58 Which relationships need help 11:22 Self-reflection leads to growth 14:21 Don’t change for other people 19:06 People don’t change but relationships do 24:39 Why you keep attracting assholes 28:17 Can you be loved if you don’t love yourself 30:08 What Gary’s wife thinks about his relationship advice Like this show? Please leave us a review here – even one sentence helps! Post a screenshot of you listening on Instagram & tag us so we can thank you personally! Resources: Guest Website Connect with The Fit Mess Podcast on: Website Twitter Instagram Facebook Facebook Group YouTube info@thefitmess.com


25 Jan 2022

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Gary John Bishop on Coping with Whatever Challenges Life Throws Your Way

Keen On

In this episode of “Keen On”, Andrew is joined by Gary John Bishop, the author of “Wise as F*ck: Simple Truths to Guide You Through the Sh*tstorms of Life”. Gary John Bishop began his life journey in Glasgow, Scotland. The grit and wit of his early life have contributed to his tough-love, in-your-face approach to people and what it takes to change their lives. Coupled with world-class training and development, Gary has created a potent brew of effectiveness and the ability to reach through the crust of people’s circumstances and root out the deeper issues that consume them and tie them down. Thank you to our sponsor, DeVry University! Visit our website: https://lithub.com/story-type/keen-on/ Email Andrew: a.keen@me.com Watch the show live on Twitter: https://twitter.com/ajkeen Watch the show live on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ankeen/ Watch the show live on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lithub Watch the show on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/LiteraryHub/videos Subscribe to Andrew’s newsletter: https://andrew2ec.substack.com/ Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


21 Jan 2022

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All the Bad Traits Your Kids Have Come from You with Gary John Bishop

The Dad Edge Podcast (formerly The Good Dad Project Podcast)

Gary John Bishop is one of the leading Personal Development coaches in the world. He is an Urban Philosopher and a NYT Best-Selling Author of the books Unfu*k Yourself: Get Out of Your Head and Into Your Life, Stop Doing That Sh*t, and Wise as Fu*k: Simple Truths to Guide You Through the Sh*tstorms of Life. Gary is famously known for his direct, no BS method of speaking and coaching. Originally from Glasgow, Scotland, Gary uses his childhood lessons and events in his life to teach others how to analyze themselves and get real about what they really want in life. Gary is also a public speaker and commands audiences with his authentic, transformational lessons.  Today, Gary is going to be talking to us about the self-limiting beliefs we have about ourselves, how we can deal with our own BS, and how we can interact with ourselves at a higher level. Finally, Gary is going to be revealing to us why searching for your purpose is flawed. Our purpose is right in front of us, we don't have to go find it. Gary tells us that people "search" for their purpose when they really need to get real with themselves about what they want out of life.  For the show notes and exclusive links mentioned in this episode go to https://thedadedge.com/332/ ———— Join the Free Dad Edge Facebook Group at gooddadproject.com/group. Apply for The Dad Edge Alliance at gooddadproject.com/alliance. Watch this interview on YouTube gooddadproject.com/youtube. Follow us on Instagram at @thedadedge! FREE RESOURCE – 21 Days to an Extraordinary Marriage

1hr 14mins

23 Aug 2021