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4 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Steve Mehr. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Steve Mehr, often where they are interviewed.

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4 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Steve Mehr. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Steve Mehr, often where they are interviewed.

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#6: Skills For Success They Don't Teach You In School -- with Lawyer and Serial Entrepreneur Steve Mehr

The Think Grow Podcast
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Steve Mehr is the chairman of Jacoby & Meyers, one of the largest consumer law firms in the U.S. He is also the CEO of WebShark 360, a full-service media agency that caters to professionals. If that’s not enough, Steve is also an avid real estate investor with around 100 million dollars worth of transactions under his belt! 

But more important than any of that, Steve is a father and a husband with a beautiful family who I’ve had the privilege of meeting. And despite all his various ventures, he somehow makes it all work. We talk about how he makes it work in our conversation.

Something also worth noting is that Steve is someone who I’ve been fortunate enough to consider a mentor of mine for several years now. We initially connected through Instagram and over time, developed a real-life friendship, which I’ve been very grateful for.

In this conversation, we cover topics like:

  • How Steve structures his day for maximum effectiveness
  • The difference between being productive and being effective
  • How to attract a mentor and cultivate that relationship
  • Emotional intelligence and self-awareness
  • His advice to his younger self
  • A foundational belief that has enabled much of Steve's success

...and more.

You can connect with Steve on Instagram @stevemehr.

  Selected Links and Resources From the Episode:

Dominate Your Goals by Steven Mehr

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Mar 14 2018

1hr 4mins


How to be a successful entrepreneur - with guest Steve Mehr

thefountainhead's podcast
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Do you struggle to get results?

Do you always wanted to know what makes a successful entrepreneur?

-> Then listen to my podcast with the inspiring Steve Mehr. We talked about early problems and struggles, self improvement, sales and marketing. 

Feb 15 2018



EP003: Effectiveness is the Secret in the Gamification of Business with Steve Mehr

The Daniel DiPiazza Show
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Agent Steven is a multi-millionaire now, but it’s because he put in the hours.

He figured out early on how to make a buck selling consumer electronics and lived below his means so he had the capital for his next investment. He starts each day like he is still broke and doesn’t get out of bed until he plans his effectiveness strategy for the day. He acts with intention and purpose every day.

Listen in to the interview so you too can feel his passion, hear what it takes to succeed and learn from his extensive experience.

Key Takeaways:

[1:53] Feeding off of young talent, they know where the next big thing is

[3:51] A staff of 50 and we handle marketing budgets for clients from medium to large biz

[5:15] Steven has always been an entrepreneur, starting from age 11

[7:14] His parents didn’t understand his unwillingness to go to USC

[10:16] When he graduated law school he sold his consumer electronics business

[12:20] Everyone needs to go through a period of struggle

[12:32] Focus on business and believe in yourself

[16:10] Steven will live his life on his own terms

[18:43] Steven’s typical day - The gamification of business

[23:13] After your core to do’s are finished, all that’s left is the bullshit

[25:27] You have to make your own opportunities and say yes to everything at the beginning

[28:50] Instagram has become more for the followers than a personal expression

[31:37] Keeping great documentation on your businesses makes them easier to sell

[34:33] Remove yourself from day to day operations to scale and grow your business

[36:08] The most difficult thing in life is to give up control

[38:11] Always put the business first, not the CEO

[41:10] What is Daniel’s end goal?

[42:42] The 20 something mentality - You are still grinding, hustling and putting in the hours

[46:07] Keeping good relationships has to be a conscious effort - You can not be reactive

[52:06] The pear tree, a 7-year fruit analogy for business



Jacoby & Meyers


Nov 03 2015



35: Cold Hard Business Advice & How to Dominate Your Goals with Multi-Millionaire Steve Mehr

Foundr Magazine Podcast with Nathan Chan
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This is not your typical interview where I interview someone well known in the entrepreneurial space.

Steve Mehr is an entrepreneur, businessman, all round hustler and the founder of an Ad Agency called Webshark 360 in Southern California. I met Steve through Instagram via his extremely popular account (@agentsteven) and we have been great friends since. Overtime Steve has actually taught me a lot about life and business, so I thought why not get him on the show to share with everyone how he has built a multi-million dollar empire.

In this interview you are going to learn:

-How Steve built his empire and fortune from the ground up

-How to achieve scale with businesses and grow them at a rapid pace

-Key mindsets required to not stay successful in business and life once you have attained "success" in the eyes of society

-Hiring and Recruitment 101

-Managing a team

-Setting goals and why it's Steve's secret to success

-Instagram and the Importance of it

-The importance of measuring

If you want to learn how to dominate your goals, make sure you check out Steve's book here, fantastic read and I highly recommend it! -


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Mar 21 2015