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Wild Hope in Wild Times with Carlos Whittaker

Uncommon [cast]

Have you ever had one of those weeks that just keeps getting worse and worse? Like, no matter what you do, the crazy just keeps coming... Well, our guest, Carlos Whittaker had a wild week like that. And it ended with some wild WILD hope. You will not believe what happened after one of the worst week's his family has ever experienced. We also talk about the power of community and a phrase Carlos uses often: "Don't stand on issues, walk with People." Carlos is one of our favorite voices on the interwebs. He uses his Instagram platform to bring hope, have important conversations, and welcomes everyone to the table with love and respect. This was a great conversation and we are so stoked to share it.Find Carlos on Instagram @loswhitBuy his latest book: Enter WildSupport the show (https://uncommongoodsd.com/give)


14 Apr 2021

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Carlos Whittaker - Race and Reconciliation

Beyond Speaking

People’s Choice Award winner and podcast host Carlos Whittaker shares his story about our part in racial reconciliation in 2020. To learn more about Carlos Whittaker visit: https://premierespeakers.com/carlos_whittaker Beyond Speaking is hosted by Brian Lord and produced by Eric Woodie


6 Apr 2021

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Intentional Conversations: Heather and Carlos Whittaker

Raising Boys & Girls

Do you feel disconnected as a family? Every season of parenting brings obstacles to connection. Join Sissy Goff and David Thomas this week on the Raising Boys & Girls podcast for a fun and hope-filled conversation with author and podcaster Carlos Whittaker and his wife, Heather, on being a connected parent. Grab links, stats, and quotes you want to remember in the show notes at https://www.gominno.com/blog/raising-boys-and-girls-podcast-heather-carlos-whittaker-interview Connect with Sissy, David, and Melissa at raisingboysandgirls.com Connect with Minno at podcast.gominno.com


30 Mar 2021

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Happy Hour #374 - Carlos Whittaker

The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey

My guest for The Happy Hour #365 is Carlos Whittaker. Carlos Whittaker is an author, speaker, and self-professed hope dealer. He speaks at some of the largest churches in the country and at conferences including the Orange Conference, Catalyst, MomCon, and many others. He is also the author of Moment Maker and Kill the Spider, and his newest work Enter Wild. Carlos lives with his wife, Heather, and their three children in Nashville. In today’s episode, we talk about the problem of finding our identity in what we do, and overcoming lies from the enemy. Carlos also talks about stepping into hard conversations in order to better love and understand one another. It’s no secret that there’s a lot of division in our world today, and sometimes it feels like disagreeing with people and loving them well have to be mutually exclusive. But I love so much when Carlos says “We’ve got to learn to not stand on issues, but walk with people.” What an important reminder. I’m thankful for Carlos’ passion to love and walk with people through their individual journeys and experiences. Connect with Jamie Facebook // Twitter // Instagram // YouTube GET ALL THE LINKS FROM THE SHOW HERESee omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


19 Mar 2021

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Finding Peace & Hope Amongst the Chaos With Carlos Whittaker

Speaking Of The Enneagram

Jackie and Eve invite their dear friend, speaker, best selling author and podcast host of the show Human Hope, Carlos Whittaker into a conversation about peace. We all know that in many ways, finding peace is a lost art as our world is often filled with distractions, discord and dissension which capture our attention and can leave some of us feeling depressed or anxious. Carlos, an Enneagram 9,  has spent several years, “killing the spider,” dealing hope and delivering the message of racial reconciliation. In this captivating conversation, discover how finding and feeling a sincere calmness that fills your heart happens through Christ and why being in harmony with the Lord and rooted in His Word can help keep the peace in your spirit.  Also on the show, Jackie explains how all 9 Enneagram personalities can best find and feel at peace.More About Carlos:Carlos Whittaker is an author, speaker,  self-professed hope dealer and host of his new popular Podcast, Human Hope. He speaks at some of the largest churches in the country and at conferences including the Orange Conference, Catalyst, MomCon, and many others. A People’s Choice Award winner, he is also the author of Moment Maker and Kill the Spider, and his newest work Enter Wild. Carlos lives with his wife, Heather, and their three children in Nashville TN.  Here's where you can connect and be friends with Carlos: Instagram:  @loswhit  Twitter: @lostwhit Facebook: Carlos Whittaker


10 Mar 2021

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TSF Network: Welcome Human Hope with Carlos Whittaker!

That Sounds Fun with Annie F. Downs

Let's start here: what's a podcast network? Well, the That Sounds Fun Network is an amusement park of podcasts created to entertain, impact, help and bless you and the people you love. So if you love TSF the show, we think and hope you'll love all the shows on the TSF Network. Today we get to welcome our NINTH show to the network- Human Hope with Carlos Whittaker! Carlos is an all-time favorite around here and we have been DYING for his podcast to come to life! He is a hope guy, a teacher, a preacher, a writer, a farmer, a dad, a husband, a justice advocate- and we'll hear ALL these topics on his new podcast! Go subscribe today! New episodes start dropping TODAY and continue every Thursday! . . . . . #thatsoundsfunpodcast Thank you to our partners!  BetterHelp: As one of my friends, you’ll get 10% off your first month by visiting BetterHelp.com/thatsoundsfun. Raycon: Go to buyraycon.com/THATSOUNDSFUN to get 15% off your entire Raycon order!  StitchFix: Get started today at StitchFix.com/thatsoundsfun and you’ll get 25%off when you keep everything in your Fix!


4 Mar 2021

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Ep. 21 Carlos Whittaker | Rise in order to Rescue

Wild Confidence

A conversation on racial injustice, how to be a better ally and cancel culture. Carlos Whittaker is a People’s Choice Award winner, a former recording artist signed to a major label, a social media maven, and currently spends the majority of his time writing books and speaking on stages around the world. It really began when the Whittaker’s found their family in America’s spotlight with appearances on shows like CBS Early Morning, The Today Show and more when their viral video “Single Ladies Devastation” went viral. But for Carlos, his wife Heather and their three children, this viral moment was just a snapshot of the bigger picture.


17 Feb 2021

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Ranking Viral Videos with Carlos Whittaker!

List It with Jesse Carey

Carlos Whittaker is a writer (Kill the Spider, Enter Wild), speaker, and podcaster (Fill in the Blank), as well as a YouTube star. Today on List It, Carlos and Jesse break down some of their favorite viral videos of all time! 


15 Jan 2021

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Episode 108: “The Lies Holding You Back” with Carlos Whittaker

Heart of Dating

Are lies holding you back? Maybe they're holding you back from your dreams, your passions... or even your dating life! Today Heart of Dating welcomes author and speaker Carlos Whittaker on the show to talk about how we can combat the things holdings us back and replace the lies of the enemy with the truth of God. Some Topics Discussed"-How therapy can help us in our Christian walk.-Combatting feeling like a failure-Breaking agreements with lies-Being cautious of the voices we listen to.


13 Jan 2021

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Carlos Whittaker on living a life of abundance in Christ

Susie Larson Live

**This interview originally aired on September 25, 2020* It is easy to succumb to fear. But Carlos Whittaker encourages you to claim the promises of God for your life and live a life of abundance. His book is, “Enter Wild: Exchange a Mild and Mundane Faith for Life with an Uncontainable God.”


26 Nov 2020