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Ep 121: Laura Diaz Munoz - Ehlers Estate

The Inside Winemaking Podcast with Jim Duane

This episode features Ehlers Estate Winemaker, Laura Diaz Munoz. Laura and I talk about her winemaking roots in Spain, her work around the globe, the singular focus of estate winemaking, organic farming, and growing the Bordelais varietals up-valley in Napa. LINKS AND RESOURCES MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE Ehlers Estate - Napa, CA Terrratorium Wines Send me an email if you want to join the Zoom meeting about building Terratorium on 4/16/2021 jim@insidewinemaking.com This podcast is brought to you by Bucher Vaslin North America. At Bucher Vaslin North America, we offer the highest quality equipment and winemaking supplies to assist you throughout your entire process.  Bucher Vaslin North America is the exclusive supplier of Bucher Vaslin and Sutter Presses, Delta Reception Equipment, Cazaux Pumps, Costral Bottling Lines, Lamothe-Abiet Winemaking Products and ALIEN Robotic Optical Sorter.  Our service team and technicians are professionally trained and certified to provide you parts, maintenance, and field service support throughout the year. Your success is our priority! For more information and to contact us please visit  www.bvnorthamerica.com/contact.  Interested in reducing SO2 usage? Excellence B-nature is a great solution and alternative to SO2 to protect your grapes and juices from microbial contamination. B-Nature is a non-Saccharomyces, non-fermenting, pure Metschnikovia pulcherrima yeast species that helps to control microbial development. It protects grapes from spoilage microbes and prevents VA, ethyl acetate, the production of volatile phenols, it also prevents the depletion of nutrients thus improving Saccharomyces dominance, health, and fermentation capacity. To use B-Nature Sprinkle directly on grapes at 30 g/ton as soon as possible after picking In the harvest truck, before transportation During tank filling, before maceration, or cold settling During juice lees maceration Works for Sparkling, whites, roses, and reds B-Nature is produced by Lamothe-Abiet and distributed by Bucher Vaslin North America. For more info, www.bvnorthamerica.com/lamothe Questions?  Comments?  Let me know what you think: jim@insidewinemaking.com if you learn something from the collection of podcasts at Inside Winemaking, please considering donating to support the show.  Paypal links at the bottom of the Inside Winemaking homepage.  Every small donation is helpful.   The Inside Winemaking Podcast on iTunes And Stitcher Radio Too

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1 Apr 2021

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Ehlers Estate - Laura Diaz Munoz

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The story of Ehlers Estate is one of passion, patience, and hard work, intertwined like the tendrils of robust vines that have been part of the landscape here since the mid-1800s. It was the lure of winemaking that tempted Bernard Ehlers to buy a small, dying vineyard in the late 1800s and embark on a quest to create the winery that continues to bear his name. He replanted his newly-acquired 10-acre vineyard, established the olive grove that still thrives today and in 1886 completed construction of the stone barn that is now our beautiful winery building. His original Bale Mill Winery continued to operate long after his death, run by his wife until the 1920s and then by successive new owners who took advantage of its prime location and unique terroir.A century later, another husband and wife team discovered the lure of this idyllic spot in the heart of the Napa Valley. French entrepreneurs and philanthropists Jean and Sylviane Leducq saw the potential for this region to produce wines with the power, balance and structure of the finest Bordeaux bottlings they knew and loved. Over several decades they patiently built a contiguous wine estate – common for French chateaux but increasingly rare in California.With the help of renowned enologist, Jacques Boissenot, they gradually acquired individual local vineyards as they came up for sale and replanted with the most suitable clones and rootstock. By the turn of the century they had created the 42-acre estate we farm today, with Bernard Ehlers’ original stone barn and vineyard at its heart and the Ehlers name once again poised to grace wine labels. The 21st century began with the release of the very first vintage from the Leducqs' new Ehlers Estate.


16 Nov 2020

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On the road episode — Laura Diaz Munoz is called the queen of Napa Valley’s Sauvignon Blanc, but she’s much more at Ehlers Estate

The Vine Guy

Madrid native Laura Diaz Munoz learned her craft in Spain but honed her skills at one of the most prestigious wineries in Napa Valley before being tagged as the head winemaker at Ehlers Estate, on the border between St. Helena and Calistoga. There, she is making remarkable red wines and stellar sauvignon blancs.  Wines tasted in this episode: 2018 Ehlers Estate Sauvignon Blanc, St. Helena, Napa Valley 2017 Ehlers Estate Cabernet Franc, St. Helena, Napa Valley


27 Mar 2020