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29 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Meredith Atwood. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Meredith Atwood, often where they are interviewed.

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29 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Meredith Atwood. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Meredith Atwood, often where they are interviewed.

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#7 | Meredith Atwood - Less Nonsense, More Living

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In this episode we chat to Swim.Bike.Mom, Meredith Attwood.  Meredith is a former attorney, author of 2 books, podcaster of the very popular “the same 24 hours” podcast, speaker, 4x IRONMAN triathlete, and coach.  Meredith founded the brand “Swim Bike Mom” in 2010 and with her popular blog has inspired hundreds of thousands of women to “keep moving forward” and become the best versions of themselves.

Questions we asked Meredith:

1.      Meredith, I took the following quote from your website: 

“In 2010, I was out of shape, addicted to alcohol, seriously overweight and lost in my own body, and mind, and world.”  

I have been following you for years and in fact, you have inspired me to do my first triathlon even though I have never swum in open water and was considerably overweight.  But for our listeners who may not have heard about you, would you tell us your story and explain where, why and how your journey to better health started.

2.      Your first book “Triathlon for the every woman” made the sport of triathlon very approachable for busy women with families and careers.  So also did “Swim Bike Mom”, a blog where you shared race recaps, life achievements and disappointments.  What inspired you to write this book and to share your journey so honestly?

3.      Throughout the journey that you share publicly, you have not been afraid to lay bare the pieces of your life which few others would dare to disclose.  Even having completed full Ironman’s, you were still struggling with alcohol abuse.  Would you tell us the story of how you eventually came to the realisation that you want to be sober and what you did to succeed?

4.      You have overcome several challenges in your life.  What was your biggest personal victory? 

5.      You have completed several 70.3 Ironman distances and 4 x Ironman distances.  You have recently retired your triathlon gear to take up bodybuilding.  It is such a 90° turn from endurance sport to strength training.  What inspired you to do this and would you ever return to triathlon? 

6.      Do you think that anyone can complete an Ironman triathlon, even the busy moms and dads with full time careers?

7.      You have recently launched your second book, “The Year of No Nonsense”.  Would you tell our listeners more about this book?

8.      You wrote an article for “Psychology Today” with the title “Happiness is Nonsense – The nonsense about happiness is really starting to get in the way”.  You wrote: “This fight for (and against) our own happiness is the fight that is inside of us: to never be content, to want more, to hustle harder, and then beat ourselves up about how it’s not enough. We can objectively admit this is silly and unproductive. At the same time, we can find ourselves on the hamster wheel of the same thought patterns. Lather, rinse, repeat.”

In your opinion, how do we break the toxic pattern of the pursuit of happiness?

9.      2020 Feels like the year of total, stupid, crazy unexpected Nonsense!  How did your “No Nonsense” approach help you navigating the global pandemic?

10.   If there is someone out there finding themselves in the situation similar to where you were – i.e. knee deep in diapers, trying to be an attentive wife/husband and juggling a full time career – but they desperately want to feel relief from the stress of everyday life, what advice would you give them?

If you would like to know more about Meredith, visit her website at: www.swimbikemom.com

The books that she has published are:
1. Triathlon for the every woman
2. The Year of No Nonsense

Sep 07 2020 · 1hr 8mins
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SP 280: Meredith Atwood - The Year of No Nonsense

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With no higher power or 12-step work, Meredith Atwood white-knuckled sobriety. After substance abuse, suicide attempts, and binge eating issues, she had realization that she would be dead within a year, and made the decision to stop drinking cold turkey. Growing up in a religious cult, Meredith couldn’t subscribe to the thought of surrendering. After compensating for her behavior with triathlons and Ironman competitions, she came to the point where she had to sit with herself and begin to truly heal. 

As a former attorney, Meredith Atwood is a podcaster, speaker, and author of The Year of No Nonsense, and Host of “The Same 24 Hours” podcast. She’s been featured in The Boston Globe, The New York Post, the Seattle Times, and recovery advocate and contributing writer for Psychology Today.

Holding onto the belief that we all have our own personal brands of “no nonsense,” in this inspiring conversation, Meredith takes us through the exploration of getting out of the way of our own personal happiness. 

“Many of us don’t know how to process uncomfortable feelings and we want to run. Sitting with yourself is terrifying and the hardest thing I've had to do. I’m alive, I made it another day, and it’s really one day at a time.”

For the show notes and links for this episode go to theshairpodcast.com/280.

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Jul 14 2020 · 1hr 18mins

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Meredith Atwood (Episode 1)

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Louise sits down with Meredith Atwood, a former attorney, podcaster, author, speaker, 4x Ironman Triathlete, and sobriety advocate. Together they discuss body image, diet-culture, addiction, sobriety and recovery and how fitness played a role in it all. Even if drinking isn’t or wasn’t your thing, we all have a recovery story of some kind. Meredith is host of the “The Same 24 Hours” podcast and the author of books: "Triathlon for the Every Woman" and "The Year of No Nonsense".
Jul 01 2020 · 52mins
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Meredith Atwood - Author, Speaker, Recovering Attorney, 4x Ironman Triathlete

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Meredith Atwood is a former attorney, podcaster, motivational speaker, and 4x IRONMAN triathlete. She is the author of the best-selling triathlon book, Triathlon for the Every Woman, and the new book,The Year of No Nonsense. We talk her about what made her pursue being a lawyer (money) and how when she finally had the good paying job, house, two kids, SUV and fancy purse she desired she was the most unhappy.  This led to her calling herself out on all of her nonsense, becoming a triathlete, and her year of no nonsense project that turned into a book!

Meredith is the host of the iTunes Top 50 fitness podcast, “The Same 24 Hours" and has been featured in The Boston Globe, The New York Post, the Seattle Times and dozens of online publications. Meredith is a contributing writer to Psychology Today online, Triathlete Magazine and Women’s Running. She is a sobriety advocate, and the founder of Grateful Sobriety.

You can find more detailed show notes and links to things we mention at https://yourjoyologist.com/podcast-meredith-atwood  and from me in general at https://yourjoyologist.com and @yourjoyologist on Instagram/Twitter/Facebook

You can find Meredith at @SwimBikeMom  www.swimbikemom.com

PS! Share this episode and tag us on social for a chance to enter a copy of her book THE YEAR OF NO NONSENSE

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Jun 15 2020 · 1hr 28mins

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A Year of No Nonsense with Meredith Atwood

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Join us this week where we’ll discuss how to start cleansing our lives of the nonsense we put up with. We’ll learn why failure is actually an important part of growth, and why if you want something bad enough, nothing will stand in your way of getting there. If you want to change your life, you have to make the change. Now’s your time!

Get full show notes and more information here: https://www.thriveinc.com/post/no-nonsense-meredith-atwood

Jun 04 2020 · 33mins
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Ep 075 A Year of No Nonsense with Meredith Atwood

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Meredith Atwood (@SwimBikeMom) is a former attorney, podcaster and speaker. She is the author of two books, the latest: The Year of No Nonsense. Host of the “The Same 24 Hours” podcast. Featured in The Boston Globe, New York Post, the Seattle Times. Contributing writer to Psychology Today and an advocate for sobriety.  

“My purpose in this world is to seek no master purpose: rather, to do the work that is right in front of me, do it well and feel with my whole heart the direction I need to go.”

What you will hear on this podcast:

  • how calm she feels just listening to my voice after a very busy hectic day
  • growing up with helicopter parents
  • the way perspective changes as she grew up
  • the moment she no longer needed to impress her parents
  • healing emotions and true sobriety which only happened in the last month
  • emotional sobriety and being an addict
  • if 1 is good 10 is better
  • if you could heal your addiction what would that life look like
  • the messages we are told that bring us to addiction to try to feel better
  • the idea of emotional sobriety is the way of not always seeking that external hit to feel better.
  • finding the strength within yourself to find that peace.
  • the need for comfort and where does she now get that from
  • the addiction cycle to feel better: pain, need comfort; go get it; the relief followed by the crash and it starts all over again
  • constantly seeking to feel better and emotional sobriety of feeling peaceful inside and not needing to seeing it externally. I feel all of that and yet want to have something sweet to comfort me and the desire to have more of them
  • when you decide to become emotional sober, you become emotional sober
  • are you living a life in conflict to who you say you want to be. if you are you are probably addicted in some way to something that we need to take a look at
  • playing with ordinary and extraordinary
  • the cross between the expectation that we need to be extraordinary and find out purpose and the suffering that creates addicts
  • how pushing people to be extraordinary pushes people into addiction
  • what is a year of no nonsense mean?
  • when people say they want one thing but act as if they don’t want it
  • where being conscious plays in defining what we believe
  • what to do to rid yourself of nonsense
  • start with the truth.
  • a slap to the culture of positive vibes only
  • does perspective change truth?
  • dismantle the truth you think is true and find your real truth
  • the goal of her book, to remove the stigma of addiction
  • what has brought her the peace she now feels and what are the voices that hold us back
  • dream big and do things in the direction of the dream
  • one thing people could do right now

Website: https://swimbikemom.com

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/meredithatwood/

Instagram:  https://instagram.com/swimbikemom (12.6k)

Twitter: https://twitter.com/swimbikemom (4.5k)

Facebook Page:  https://facebook.com/swimbikemom (32k)

YouTube: https://youtube.com/user/mnatwood

Pinterest: https://pinterest.com/swimbikemom


The Year of No Nonsense: How to Get Over Yourself and On with Your Life

Triathlon for the Every Woman: You Can Be a Triathlete. Yes. You. 

Podcast: The Same 24 Hours

www.Same24HoursPodcast.com  / https://pod.link/same24 

Available on iTunes, Stitcher, Podbean, Pandora, Spotify

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May 21 2020 · 1hr 4mins
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209: Tony Hawk Live Podcast with Meredith Atwood

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Tony Hawk, the Birdman, is back on the Same 24 Hours Podcast - this time in a live format (video to post later on YouTube).

We got some great questions from people, including many awesome kiddos, and had a great discussion. A big thanks to Tony for his heart, soul and kindness.  The last minute of the podcast is priceless. 

Learn more about the Tony Hawk Foundation:  https://tonyhawkfoundation.org

Follow Tony everywhere:  @TonyHawk

Limited Edition Prints: https://shop.tonyhawkfoundation.org/products/tony-hawk-autograph-to-support-the-tony-hawk-foundation-and-direct-relief

Listen in to hear Tony Hawk answer all the burning questions that many of his fans were eager to ask. You will also hear the perseverance and resilience that Tony exercised in the early days of his career.

“I never did it for the money, and I was willing to do it and struggle because that brought me so much happiness”- Tony Hawk  

Top Takeaways:

  • Learn the story of a resilient young man who went after his dreams to become a noticeable sportsman even when things didn’t look up for him.
  • The role of skateboarding in mental health.
  • How Tony helps fulfill kid’s dreams of having safe skate parks where they can practice and finesse their skill.

Key Moments

  • [2:26] Intro
  • [3:29] Tony answers a question from Nolan about his favorite trick to do.
  • [4:39] He talks about the mission and purpose of his foundation and their accomplishments so far.
  • [7:04] Tony tells his skating story of never giving up that started when he was 9 years old, how he fell in love with the game, and why he did it.
  • [12:30] He answers a question from a fan on where he got the confidence to sing on The Masked Singer.
  • [14:20] Tony gets to answer Mitchell’s question from the 90s.
  • [16:52] Meredith’s husband James Atwood joins the conversation and asks him to share a story of a park he funded that was important to him.
  • [19:08] He answers a question about a rumor.
  • [19:58] What’s his worst injury?
  • [21:31] How does skateboarding help with mental health?
  • [25:14] Brian reminisces with Tony about the old times and what he’s enjoyed as a fan.
  • [27:22] How can a skater have better balance and improve their gameplay even when not on skateboards or wheels?
  • [28:45] Isaac asks Tony about the first trick he ever did.
  • [29:54] Chris asks Tony if he is still interested in car racing that one of his friends used to do.
  • [31:23] Jake asks Tony about the social media pages that are putting out risky content and how safe that is for kids that follow them.
  • [34:06] He explains how his first-ever competition went down.
  • [36:12] Brian asks how Tony handles his pain after accidents.
  • [37:48] What is the biggest trick that he’s ever done?
  • [39:06] Brooke asks Tony when he started to skate before he went pro.
  • [39:57] Are there are any other tricks he would like to know now as a professional skater?
  • [40:51] What are his thoughts on a fan twitter account about him and his skateboard?
  • [42:01] How does he handle hate on social media?
  • [44:50] Aaron asks if he has ever landed 1260 before?
  • [45:47] Has Tony ever been impressed by Rodney Mullen’s dancing on the skateboard and if he could ever do it.
  • [46:44] Would he ever do mountain boarding?
  • [48:49] What’s his favorite park to skate?
  • [49:52] Sebastian asks Tony about the first trick he ever did and what he did when he got frustrated.
  • [51:16] Did he have a favorite song during his video game days and the one song he insisted on being played.
  • [52:44] Tony talks about his prints that are still available and what cause the money will support.

Thank you for listening to The Same 24 Hours Podcast with Meredith Atwood. Please subscribe, rate and review the podcast if you loved it - really helps others to find the show! More information on Meredith and her new book, The Year of No Nonsense, is below. BUY The Year of No Nonsense:https://www.amazon.com/Year-No-Nonsense-Over-Yourself/dp/0738285536/ref=tmm_pap_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=1587910738&sr=8-2 ======================================== Follow Meredith & the Podcast on Social: Web: http://www.swimbikemom.com Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/swimbikemom Twitter: http://twitter.com/swimbikemom / https://twitter.com/thesame24hours Instagram: http://instagram.com/swimbikemom / https://instagram.com/same24hourspodcast.com ======================================== Request to Join the FREE Year Of No Nonsense Facebook Group:https://www.facebook.com/groups/YearOfNoNonsense/ ======================================== Want to be a guest on the Show? Have a connection you'd like to make? Email us! same24hourspodcast@gmail.com ======================================== Credits: Host, Production & Hair Pulling: Meredith Atwood Podcast Branding and Web: Moon40 Marketing Copyright 2020, All Rights Reserved, Meredith Atwood, LLC

Apr 15 2020 · 54mins
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206: Dr. BJ Miller: Practical Advice for Living Life and Facing Death

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Today's Special Guest is Dr. BJ Miller, an end-of-life palliative care physician.

He is the founder of the palliative care company, Mettle Health. You can learn more about it here: https://www.mettlehealth.com/  

Watch his famous TED Talk here.  You can buy his book here. You can watch the YouTube replay here.

Dr. Bruce (BJ) Miller Jr. is a hospice and palliative care specialist who treats hospitalized patients with terminal or life-altering illnesses. His expertise includes symptom management for patients with cancer. In his work in end-of-life care, he seeks to connect art, spirituality and medicine.

A native of Chicago, Miller studied art history as an undergraduate at Princeton University. He worked at nonprofit organizations for the arts and disability rights for several years before coming to UCSF to earn his medical degree. He completed an internal medicine residency at Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital, where he was chief resident. He completed a fellowship in hospice and palliative medicine at Harvard Medical School, working at Massachusetts General Hospital and the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. 


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Book by Nir Eyal, Indestractable

Book by Pilar Gerasimo – The Healthy Deviant

Book by Mike Reilly: Finding my Voice

Children's Book by Bonnie Clark: Taste Your Words

Book by Jen Elizabeth: Shape of a Woman

Book by Mirna Valerio, A Beautiful Work in Progress

Book by Emily Lynn Paulson: Highlight Real

Britt Frank’s “Bookshelf”

Anna Woods, SheStrength

Book by Joyce Shulman: Walk Your Way to Better


Thank you for listening to The Same 24 Hours Podcast with Meredith Atwood.

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The Year of No Nonsense: How to Get Over Yourself and On With Your Life is available NOW.


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Apr 08 2020 · 1hr 1min
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#154: No Nonsense with Guest Meredith Atwood

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Meredith Atwood joins Hustle & Flow to share about a dark time in her life and how she dug her way out. A podcaster, motivational speaker, author, coach, sobriety advocate, former attorney and more, Meredith’s goal is to inspire others who she hopes can learn from her mistakes. Listen to learn about Meredith’s inspiring journey as she went from an overweight, depressed litigator to today where she proudly leads a successful life of no nonsense.

Things we’re covering in this episode:

- Acting like a fraud or being a fraud is something most everyone can relate to

- Simplifying your life can help lead to no nonsense

- Looking back at your life, especially your childhood, helps determine what has shaped who you are today

- Why the fear of looking stupid can affect all of us

- Get rid of your nonsense and replace it with contentment

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Mar 03 2020 · 37mins
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Meredith Atwood -104

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I never listened to my intuition. I did what I was expected to do. I made other people proud. That was how I lived my life. -Meredith Atwood

Meredith Atwood remembers working very hard to get into law school, knowing all the while that being a lawyer was not what she was meant to do with her life. She did it anyway. The years flew by, she married her college sweetheart, had babies, and was making lots of money as an attorney, but somewhere deep down inside, Meredith had lost her way. One morning, after drinking too much wine and binging on pizza and ice cream, the triathlete just couldn’t get out of bed. She didn’t even remember the promise she had made to her daughter to help with a project before school. Instead, she pulled the covers over her head and slept through the entire morning. When she woke up, she found a note from her husband with four powerful words on it: GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER. Says Meredith: “When you are in a state of emotional despair, you are not living your authentic life. You are sick.” And so began an open, painfully honest 365 day experiment which is now the title of her book: The Year of No Nonsense: How to get over yourself and on with your life.” Published by Hatchette Books, it reads like a journal and is both heartbreaking and hysterically funny, all at the same time. Determined to figure out what was working in her life and what wasn’t, Meredith gave up both her legal career and drinking wine, and set about the task of adjusting her compass. The result is a book that resonates for any woman who has also lost her way. In this candid interview, Meredith shares her belief that we all suffer losses throughout our lives, but “getting over the past requires seeing it, acknowledging it, and then saying to yourself: hey, I can do nothing about that. I only have today, so let’s get on with it.” For 23 minutes of truth and wisdom, just hit that download button. #yearofnononsense #storybehindhersuccess #triathletes
Feb 18 2020 · 23mins