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#19 Shruti Gandhi: Founder and General Partner of Array.VC on early stage investing

Startup Project

In this Episode of Startup Project, Nataraj talked to Shruti Gandhi, GP of Array.VC. Before founding Array.VC a solo fund investing in b2b enterprise companies, she was a founder and an engineer. For more info check out her newsletter at shrutigandhi.substack.com Full Conversation includes: - Transition from engineer to vc - Working at Corporate VC vs running your own fund - Raising first fund for Array.VC - Things to look out for first time fund managers - Push vs Pull investing - Cheque Sizes - Megatrons - Solo Brands in Venture Nataraj is a PM at Azure, partner at NVC & hosts thestartupproject.io podcast. Follow him on Twitter at https://twitter.com/natarajsindam. You can also subscribe to his newsletter at getrevue.co/profile/StartupProject --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/startupproject/message


24 Apr 2022

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The INDUStry Show w Shruti Gandhi

The INDUStry Show

Shruti Gandhi is the founder of Array Ventures - an early stage fund with multiple exits, investing in enterprise deep tech companies. Previously, Shruti invested in early stage companies at True Ventures and Samsung's venture fund. She is a developer on mainframe security, collaboration tools, and data analytics. Shruti completed MBA from University of Chicago and MS from Columbia University.--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/theindustryshow/support


23 Apr 2022

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EP#43 Shruti Gandhi – Investing in enterprise tech startups, the operator VC perspective & differentiating oneself as an emerging VC

The VCpreneur: Startups | Venture Capital | Entrepreneurship | Fundraising

In this episode, Shruti Gandhi (Founder & Managing Partner @Array Ventures), joins our host Digjay, to talk about her path leading up to venture capital, the evolution of Array’s enterprise tech thesis, how engaging with potential customers can help early stage startups to validate their product & help VCs to support their investment decision, what founders should focus on before thinking about going global, differentiating oneself as an emerging VC, staying ahead of the curve in enterprise tech & more. Array Ventures is an early stage VC fund that invests in enterprise tech startups solving problems using big data, AI & ML for large industries. Shruti has a strong mix of operating and investing experience. Prior to founding Array, Shruti was a tech investor at True Ventures, Samsung Electronics, Lightbank, HighBAR Partners, and the i2A Fund. Shruti started her career with IBM as a software engineer & later founded her own BigData company Penseev in 2010. She also has an MBA from the University of Chicago’s Booth Business School and completed her engineering in CS from Columbia University. You can connect with her here on Linkedin/Twitter ---- Show notes: (01:44) Shruti’s background & path leading up to Array Ventures (02:56) About Array Ventures; Evolution of Array’s enterprise tech thesis (06:04) How engaging with potential customers can help a) early stage startups to validate their product & b) VCs to support their investment decision (09:40) Building a global enterprise - What should founders focus on before thinking about going global? (14:34) How can emerging VC funds differentiate themselves & build a strong brand? (16:44) Staying relevant & ahead of the curve as an enterprise tech VC (20:15) How has being a VC influenced Shruti’s personality over the years ---- If you liked our episode, you can subscribe to our podcast on any podcast platforms of your choice (like Spotify & Apple iTunes). We would appreciate if you could leave us a review on Apple iTunes. This helps others discover the podcast organically. You can visit thevcpreneur.com and follow us on Twitter @thevcpreneur_ & Instagram @thevcpreneur for more episodes and interesting insights on the startup ecosystem. You can also follow our host Digjay here on Linkedin & Twitter


15 Aug 2021

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EP 88 : Investing in Enterprise Tech | Shruti Gandhi (General Partner & Founding Engineer, Array VC)

The Startup Operator

Shruti is an engineer and a data and ML enthusiast and is currently a general partner at Array VC. Previously she was an early stage venture capital investor at True Ventures, Samsung Electronics, Lightbank, HighBAR Partners, and the i2A Fund. While at IBM she worked on self learning algorithms that detected user location based on IP addresses, which she later incorporated into the Lotus Sametime product. Later, her company Penseev helped users make better connections with their friends based on social data. Shruti also has an MBA from the University of Chicago, where she polished her finance skills before making the switch from engineer/founder to investor. Shruti and Roshan spoke about investing in enterprise SaaS and the challenges in the space and more; Key highlights below:  Advantages of being a techie in a world of venture capital  Investing in the enterprise   Challenges in enterprise SaaS space  Balancing Build before market vs build with market  How founders can Iterate to find Product Market Fit Navigating through changes in enterprise tech deployment 1 What makes great founders great?  Connect with Shruti:  Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/shrutigandhi/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/atShruti Connect with us:  Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/startup-operator​ Twitter: https://twitter.com/OperatorStartup​ If you liked this conversation, let us know by hitting the like button and share with your friends and family. Please also remember to subscribe to our channel and switch on the notifications to never miss an episode! --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/startup-operator/message


6 May 2021

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Shruti Gandhi (Managing Partner, Array VC) :: Lessons from VC a Decade in the Game | the full bloom 1.18

the full bloom

Shruti Gandhi, Managing Partner of Array VC, joins Bart Macdonald on this episode of the full bloom  to share the lessons she has picked over the last decade successfully backing enterprise software ventures at the earliest stages of company building! Array's portfolio companies have gone on to raise follow on capital from Sequoia, Founders Fund, and the who's who of Sand Hill Road. She dives into how Array leverages her thesis-driven approach and hands-on approach has helped set her up for success. Shruti Gandhi, Managing Partner of Array VC :: Twitter + LinkedIn Bart Macdonald, Managing Partner of Bloom Venture Partners :: Twitter + LinkedIn


22 Apr 2021

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How to break into VC and how Array ventures invests in solving big problems. By Shruti Gandhi

Fundraising Radio: Early Stage Startup Fundraising

Shruti Gandhi, General Partner and Founding Engineer at Array Ventures talks about how she managed to get into the VC space and what are the most valuable skills needed to do so. We also discussed investing in Deep tech and the big problems that it's solving and how Shruti approaches it. Shruti's SubStack: ShrutiGandhi.substack.com Shruti's LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/shrutigandhi/ Array Ventures: https://www.array.vc/#/ How Shruti broke into the VC field: https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:6739646432044711936/ Extremely detailed book on becoming a VC from the ground up: https://docsend.com/view/dvufhb27r5bzrpym


19 Feb 2021

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S02E02: Reverse engineering—blending technology with venture capital (ft. Shruti Gandhi)


In this episode, Shruti Gandhi, the founder of Array Ventures and a Professor at Columbia University, discusses with Aishwarya about her journey into investing being an engineer. She uncovers the challenges she incurred as a South Asian woman in this is field that's so far outweighed by men investors. She explains the concept of reverse engineering in VC, along with her passion to work with entrepreneurs in the AI and ML space.


21 Jan 2021

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A Conversation with Shruti Gandhi | Founder, Array Ventures | Investor, True Ventures & Samsung's Venture Fund | Founder, Penseev | MBA @ Chicago Booth | MS @ Columbia University

Women in Venture Capital

In this episode, we talk to investor-founder Shruti Gandhi about her journey from being an engineer to founding her own company, Penseev and eventually, deep tech fosued fund, Array Ventures. Shruti also addresses the importance of having decision makers without bias in the industry and focusing on the give and take in networking.Shruti is the founder of Array Ventures, a fund focused on enterprise deep tech early stage companies. She is also a professor in the CS department at Columbia University. Shruti started her career as a software engineer at IBM and spent her early career as a developer on mainframe security, collaboration tools, and data analytics building a big data startup Penseev. She has been an investor at True Ventures and Samsung's venture fund, investing in early stage enterprise startups. Shruti has an MBA from University of Chicago and MS from Columbia University. 


23 Oct 2020

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Shruti Gandhi, Array Ventures on taking SaaS companies from Zero to $10 Million ARR

100x Entrepreneur

Shruti is one of the few Indian-origin VCs in US who invest in Enterprise focused Startups globally.After spending 9 years of her career at IBM as an Engineer, she joined Samsung Next as a Principal, where she spent the next 2 years investing in early-stage startups. This was probably what worked out as a perfect mix of (a) Her understanding of Enterprise focussed SaaS businesses & (b) Venture funding ecosystem, which helped her start Array Ventures.Some of her notable investments are CasaOne, Blumira & Modal among others. In this podcast, Shruti shares her experience of supporting founders building early-stage SaaS businesses focussed on solving problems for Large Enterprises.Notes - 00:57 - Her journey from Mumbai to the US and transitioning from an Engineer-cum-Founder to a VC02:35 - How and why did she choose to start a fund to cater to startups selling to Enterprises?05:20 - Changing growth & opportunities for SaaS startups focussed on Enterprises in India & the US08:19 - Her thesis of investing in Blumira based on how their automated threat detection can benefit companies09:53 - Is the recent IPO of 6 Enterprise companies including Palantir, Snowflake, Sumo Logic, Bentley Systems, creating real value or is it a bubble?11:20 - Her learnings from Array VC exits: Passage AI, Hivy, & Simility13:10 - What would be an ideal exit for her - Large Acquisition (in 5-6 years) or IPO (in 10 years)?14:13 - What value does Array VC bring to its portfolio companies?16:10 - How’s the growth trajectory for her portfolio SaaS companies from 0 to $10M and then from $10M to $100M ARR?19:02 - What are things which worked for her portfolio companies for exponential ARR growth?


13 Sep 2020

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#8 - Shruti Gandhi

Dollar Gujarati

Show Introduction: Welcome to Dollar Gujarati, A show about Gujarati entrepreneurs and businessmen, and the stories behind their success in America. We talk about their struggles and opportunities on the road to success in the land of opportunity. About Guest: Shruti Gandhi is the Managing Director of Array VC, a venture capital firm that invests in early-stage startups Computer Science professor in the CS department at Columbia University. She is the founder of Array Ventures. Array invests in startups that are built on Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Big Data. Shruti deep tech early-stage companies. Six of her portfolio companies have exited to companies such as Apple, Paypal, and Samsung with 10x returns. Post engineering, she was investing in early-stage companies at True Ventures and Samsung's venture fund. LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/shrutigandhi/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/atShruti Array VC: https://array.vc/#/ Listen to more episodes here.--- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/appSupport this podcast: https://anchor.fm/dollar-gujarati/support


23 Aug 2020