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2 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Eva Geraldine. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Eva Geraldine, often where they are interviewed.

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2 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Eva Geraldine. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Eva Geraldine, often where they are interviewed.

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#02 Good is the New Cool with Eva Geraldine

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Today I talk to Eva Geraldine Fontanelli. We begin by discussing how Eva is coping with the lockdow then tells me about her meditation practice. She studies a form of Japanese Buddhist meditation that she discovered in her 20’s. While meditating, she recites the mantra, “nam myoho renge kyo” which she roughly translates as ‘I believe in the law of cause and effect.’ Through her meditation, she finds answers to questions from within herself and declares the practice to also have a practical aspect to the results outside herself.

I was curious to ask Eva about her start in the fashion industry and discover what brought her to a cover shoot with Gilles Bensimon for Elle US on the streets of NYC, the moment she discovered that being a fashion stylist could be (or would be) her career. Eva tells me about her journey from unpaid intern to junior editor and how her determination and being the only Spanish speaker in the fashion department really worked to her advantage. She also believes in her own unique style and sense of humor and explains how authenticity and honesty is at the core of how she works.

I then ask Eva where her interest in sustainability began and we discuss the Social Sustainable program, acting as a mentor for brands like the beautiful Orenda Tribe and the UN  Ethical Fashion Initiative headed by Simone Cipriani. She then tells all about  Goooders, the platform she created to sell and to promote sustainable brands, like one of her favourites Parafina, and explains the meaning of the motto: “When you do good, you look good!”

I also ask Eva about conscious travel post-COVID-19. She is optimistic and tells me of an Italian proverb: "Non tutto il male vien per nuocere" which she translates as ‘not all bad things come to damage you.’ She is operating from a place of gratitude and sees the opportunities that this global event provides us.

I conclude the podcast by asking Eva these questions:

1) What is your favorite word?

"Grazie. Merci. Thank you. So, basically it's one of my secrets, because I have always been thankful and I try to be thankful all the time. Something really that keeps me happy. So, I'm really grateful for that time. So it's one of the word I say most. Grazie, grazie, grazie, to people in the street to the vendors, friends. You know, a word I really, really love."

2) What are you not good at?

“Laundry. Unless you like tie & dye style, I would avoid laundry”

3) What brings you happiness?

“I have a little gratitude journal where sometimes I force myself to write at least 10 things I'm grateful for every day.

So sometimes I come up sometimes with superficial things like my coffee but these days, I'm really, really thankful for my body and my health.“

You can find out more about Eva here: Instagram

You can find more about Goooders here: Goooders and on their Instagram

Select Links from Eva on both Buddhism and sustainability: 

Eva's zen buddhist community is SGI.

Eva’s book recommendations for meditation practice

And another suggestion for introduction to buddhism

Eva’s recommendations for sustainability resources:

To read:

This is a good guide

Harvard Magazine

Mission Magazine

To listen to:

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To follow: 

Bandana Tewari

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Jun 08 2020 · 54mins
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Eva Geraldine on getting in fashion, find a job you love, confidence, conscious, dress for the job

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#43 Eva Geraldine is a creative consultant, stylist, fashion editor at large at Conde Nast, the co-founder of the conscious lifestyle brand goooders and she’s even working with the United Nations. The story of how she’s entered the fashion industry seems to have come out of a novel.

After her graduation in Milan, she moved to New York City and one day a fashion editor who worked at Elle stopped her in the street to compliment her for her handmade jewerly that at that time Eva was making to make some money. The editor invited Eva to come to the shooting and, from the moment she arrived on the set of the magazine, she understood that that was what she wanted to do. She didn’t give up and after a couple of months, she got her internship at Elle US. In this episode, we also talk about how to find a job you’re so passionate about that you’d do for free, how to be confident in fashion, dress for the job you want, how she became interested in the impact of fashion on the planet, and if fashion is becoming more collaborative.

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Feb 27 2020 · 43mins