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AOF:247 George Briones on how his mind shifted after a weekend of running, on training, and on life!

Athlete On Fire

George Briones has a unique perspective on life. We had a chance to talk about training, mindset, pain, digital detoxes and so much more. George works with fitness, training, and lifestyle brand, Soflete. His words:As a recon marine I live by this principle;“Jack of all trades and master of none.”My will to personally explore the different worlds of fitness has allowed me to have a unique perspective on strength and conditioning. I don’t always train in the gym. Don’t always train outside, preparing for outdoor adventures. However, marrying these two environments together has offered me the chance to explore the depths of what human performance entails. I have a wide range of personal experience and direct coaching experience with tactical athletes, functional fitness, weightlifting, ultra-endurance events, and general fitness enthusiasts.

1hr 4mins

13 Nov 2020

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The Ripple Effect W/ George Briones

stick to the program

George and I go deep into some topics that we share a passion for. We hit the importance of taking care of yourself to to take care of those around you to the best of your ability. We dive into the importance of taking action towards those you claim to care about & how a phone call, conversation, or time spent could be the very thing that gives them the hope, meaning, or purpose to keep moving forward. Which led us discussing the importance of sharing your lessons and experiences with others.

1hr 22mins

23 Sep 2020

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Talk To Yourself W/ George Briones & Arend Macapagal

stick to the program

For episode 71 we kick off by welcoming Arend to the team which led us into a conversation essentially about self awareness. We discuss habits and routines, the idea that time is an illusion, and the importance of communication in general but most importantly with ourselves. What this all came from was the question we continue to ask and explore, “How can I be my best self?"


13 Aug 2020

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Preparation: What, Why, & How W/ George Briones

stick to the program

For episode 70 George and I dig into the idea and action of preparation. We talk about what you can and can’t prepare for, why it’s important to prepare but also why it’s important to know how to deal with being unprepared. We talk through all of this and more using personal events to paint the picture of how preparing physically is what leads to your mental and emotional preparation.


29 Jul 2020

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Breath, Meditation, & Solitude W/ Trevor Hawkins & George Briones

stick to the program

For Episode 60 we were joined be Trevor Hawkins of Breath Centric Yoga to discuss breathing, mediation, and the need for solitude. Trevor shares a great deal of knowledge as well as bringing a since of clarity to how he believes breath is the tool to bring us to the level of awareness necessary we need to perform to the best of our abilities in all areas of life. www.breathcentricyoga.com

1hr 27mins

21 Apr 2020

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BHP 078: George Briones | Resilience, Control and Respsonsibility

The Better Human Project

George Briones is a former Marine Special Forces operator who now provides elite-level training for Special Forces candidates, endurance athletes, weightlifters, and adrenaline junkies all over the world. We caught up during the quarantine to talk about how his military training and endurance experiences can provide tools and strategies to help us stay focused and moving forward despite the chaos around us. A few of the topics we cover: Moving to Utah The allure of running high ridge lines Losing our identity in our pursuits Identifying and destroying Self-made constructs How George’s background in Marine Recon is helping in today’s new normal Setting boundaries to help separate work and home life when you work from home and never leave the house during a quarantine Arts as outlets Stepping up like Kiss My Keto Links & Resources BHP 017: George’s first appearance on the BHP: Sleep and Recovery Get more of George Briones | Instagram | SOFLETE | Stick To The Program Kiss My Keto Follow Ryan & The BHP Ryan Munsey | Website | Instagram Better Human Project on Instagram Master Your Mind Online Course F*ck Your Feelings on Amazon or Audible The post BHP 078: George Briones | Resilience, Control and Respsonsibility appeared first on Ryan Munsey.

1hr 10mins

9 Apr 2020

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Roundtable W/ George Briones, Ryan Munsey, & Brian Marren

stick to the program

For the first roundtable discussion George Briones & I were joined by author and performance advisor Ryan Munsey as well as human behavior specialist Brian Marren to discuss what it means to Stick To The Program during the pandemic and the best ways to do so.


6 Apr 2020

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Awareness, Choices, & Habits with George Briones

stick to the program

For Episode 26 I sat down with George Briones to discuss why people have to hit rock bottom before they see the need for change. We dig into what leads people to rock bottom, what it takes to get out, and how it all ties back to self awareness, and the choices you make. Our conversations centered around health but can and should be applied to all areas of your life.


23 Jul 2019

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George Briones on Chasing the Dragon and Filling the Void

YogiTriathlete Podcast

George Briones is living off the front and ever passionate about sharing wisdom with his athletes. Through presence and patience, George crafts the very best training plan for each athlete by taking the time to get to know them and understand what makes them tick. George has discovered the power of listening and is most recently learning the power of listening from within.George comes to us fresh off his decision to let go of his "A" race of the year. The Tahoe 200 is no longer a 2019 goal to achieve, and he's vulnerable in process with us today as we dive into his reasons to let it go. From teenage drug dealer to reconnaissance marine, George's willingness to be vulnerable add to his street cred and ability to continually walk into the unknown.Thank you so much for tuning in to this week's episode. We are grateful for sharing in community with us.Namaste -Jess

1hr 10mins

8 Jul 2019

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Change Leads To Growth With George Briones & Kegan Dillon

stick to the program

On Episode 11 I had a conversation about change and how it leads to growth and transformation with George Briones & Kegan Dillon. Both are ex-millitary and have transitioned into coaching fitness. We discuss our own personal paths and dive into what it takes as a coach to produce a lasting transformation. As well as the mindset shift that must occur in each individual to set themselves up to experience true personal growth.

1hr 19mins

11 Apr 2019