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12: Charged With War Crimes, Roger Hill and Michael Anzalone

Great America

Captain Roger Hill, a decorated combat veteran and former Army Ranger. Roger served as the commander of Dog Company, 1st Battalion, 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment, in the hotly contested province of Wardak, Afghanistan. After months of intense fighting and a thirty percent casualty rate, Roger was relieved as the commander of Dog Company for interrogating spies his command discovered yet refused to take into custody. The spies, which included Captain Hill’s Army assigned translator, were released by the command while Roger was charged with war crimes.Roger has since led a successful career as a senior operations manager and systems engineer for technology firms in Atlanta, Georgia. Roger continues to serve as a champion for our military veterans and first responders. Roger has spoken about his experiences in dozens of public forums including national TV and radio.www.captainrogerhill.com

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27 Jan 2021

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Roger Hill: Innovation & Disruption in the Hotel Industry

The Breakout Room

When Covid shook up the hospitality industry in 2020, thought leaders banded together to form the Hotel of Tomorrow Project, led by the Gettys Group. We’re joined by Roger Hill, co-founder and CEO of the Gettys Group, to discuss some of the key challenges and solutions uncovered in this think tank. Like Roger, we can’t wait to travel in 2021.For more on the Hotel of Tomorrow Project: https://vimeo.com/thegettysgroup/review/492526487/2f1c124130Video detailing the Hotel of Tomorrow Project's mission (13:15).https://www.nytimes.com/2020/10/14/travel/future-hotel-design-virus.htmlThe New York Times takes a look at how the Hotel of Tomorrow Project will influence the future of hospitality.


7 Jan 2021

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Capt. Roger Hill, U.S. Army, Iraq, Afghanistan

Veterans Chronicles

U.S. Army veteran Roger Hill graduated from West Point and earned a Bronze Star in Iraq during some of the worst fighting of that war. Later he served in Afghanistan and ended up battling the enemy and his own chain of command.In this edition of "Veterans Chronicles," Capt. Hill takes us into the harrowing action in both theaters of war and he details the actions he took when given orders to release captured enemy combatants and how his military superiors responded.


18 Nov 2020

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Postindustrial Podcast, Episode 8: Roger Hill

The Postindustrial Podcast

Roger Hill is a filmmaker whose documentaries include "Struggle," about voter suppression and election fraud in the 2004 presidential election and "Flying Paper," a story of youth in the Gaza Strip on a quest to shatter the Guinness World Record for the most kites ever flown. Last year he released a feature film, "Huckleberry," about a young trans man growing up in the Rust Belt. Roger is based in Ohio.


4 Jun 2020

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32. Roger Hill - Writer/Director of Huckleberry

BZ Listening

Today’s episode is the first with a prerequisite. Usually I have musicians on this show, and if you haven’t heard them before, no big deal. Today, however, I’m talking with Roger Hill, director of the film “Huckleberry”, and if you haven’t seen it, then you should save this episode for after you have, because we gonna spoiler. You can buy or rent Huckleberry on Amazon, or it’s free with Prime, or if you want the full movie experience, you can catch an upcoming screening of Huckleberry followed by another Q&A at the Cleveland Cinema in Shaker Square on Thursday July 18th at 7pm.  Please do take the time to rate and review the film on Amazon, it really does a lot to help the visibility of smaller indie films like these. If you’re so inclined, do the same for this podcast as well, though not on Amazon. I don’t think Bezos has his filthy mitts in podcasting yet. Follow Huckleberry: Facebook Instagram

1hr 15mins

10 Jul 2019

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Roger Hill

Catalog of Interviews and Bits

Love triangles are dangerous, they typically end in pain … or conquest. A story spanning the year 1999 to 2000. Huckleberry 18, transgender-male, comes from a poor community in the Rust Belt. A region much maligned and challenging, and often misunderstood. Much like himself. Huckleberry pursues his unrequited love Jolene, adrift in an abusive relationship, in spite of her loathsome boyfriend, Clint. Rebuffed, Huckleberry confronts Clint once and for all, but not before unleashing hell upon him while still cloaked in the lingering shadow of his undiscovered intentions. Huckleberry's actions impact those close to him including his best friends Will and Levon. While Will is supportive at all costs of his friend, Levon is left with lingering doubts as aspects of Huckleberry's story, and the gossip of the townsfolk, don't quite add up for him. In the end Huckleberry discovers consequence follows action, and violence begets violence, as he navigates a particularly intense year, and confronts the life-changing/threatening/affirming aftermath of his decisions.

14 Oct 2018

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Filmmaker Roger Hill

Somewhere in Vegas

Having been a documentary film making, Roger Hill has branched out to feature films with his newest project."Huckleberry" tells the story of the title character, a transgender male who finds love with Jolene in the back drop of Great Lake region of the United States.  We will talk to Hill about the movie, his previous works, and what is next in his future.


8 Oct 2018

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15: Principal at Deloitte - Roger Hill

People Behind the Innovation


23 Oct 2017

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Capt. Roger Hill / Christiana Holcomb, Esq. - The Tami Jackson Show 4/18

The 405 Radio

My first guest on the Tami Jackson Show* tonight be Captain Roger Hill. Captain Roger Hill is a West Point graduate, combat veteran and Bronze Star recipient who had dreamed of being a soldier since he was six years old. In 2007, Hill takes command of Dog Company, an 89-man unit of the famed 101st Airborne. The unit is full of rough-and-tumble men who are brilliant in combat but undisciplined at home. Through tough love, Hill and his First Sergeant, an old-school former drill instructor named Tommy Scott, turn the company into the top performers in the battalion. In 2008, Hill and Scott lead Dog Company into combat in Wardak, the most violent province in eastern Afghanistan. For six months, the unit faces off against the Taliban. They survive ambushes, rocket fire and IEDs almost daily, and the number of wounded cuts into Hill’s unit by a third. Meanwhile, Hill himself battles his own battalion commander, a charismatic but archly political man who threatens to relieve Hill at every turn. After two Dog Company soldiers die in combat, Hill, Scott and a counterintelligence team learn the reason for the mounting casualties: A dozen Taliban spies posing as local national workers have infiltrated their base. After he captures the spies, Hill is abandoned by his higher command, setting off a ticking clock: he has just 96 hours to either release the spies and expose Dog Company to further casualties — or defy the Army’s rules on prisoner treatment. In a true story that weaves the combat action of Band of Brothers with the military courtroom drama of A Few Good Men, Hill and Scott must ultimately choose: Sacrifice their careers or sacrifice their men. Capt. Hill and Lynn Vincent detail the true story in a new book, sure to be a best seller, Dog Company: A True Story of American Soldiers Abandoned by Their High Command. Listen as Capt. Hill and I discuss how current Rules of Engagement (ROE) are politically motivated and represent a grave danger to troops on the ground. This segment is guaranteed to make every patriot steaming mad! In the second 1/2 hour I will be joined by Christiana Holcomb. Christiana Holcomb, Esq., serves as legal counsel for Alliance Defending Freedom, where she is an invaluable member of the Center for Christian Ministries. Since joining ADF in 2012, Holcomb has worked to protect the freedom of churches, Christian schools, and Christian ministries to freely exercise their faith without government interference. She also advocates for these issues as an Alliance Defending Freedom Regional Legal Academy faculty member and as a conference speaker throughout the country. Holcomb earned her J.D. at Oak Brook College, graduating summa cum laude in 2010. She also completed the Alliance Defending Freedom leadership development program to become a Blackstone Fellow in 2010. She is admitted to the bar in California and the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit. Christiana will be Erik Stanley's Deputy on the “The Playground Case,” the biggest case left on the SCOTUS docket, which will be heard on Wednesday, April 19. Trinity Lutheran Church of Columbia, Inc. v. Pauley, dubbed “The Playground Case.” ABC called it “the most anticipated case in the April sitting.” Fox further described it as “arguably the biggest church-state case in recent memory.” Trinity Lutheran Church of Columbia, Inc. v. Pauley involves a Lutheran preschool in Columbia, Missouri that was denied state funds to improve its public playground due to a law prohibiting government aid to religious schools. This case needs to be watched particularly closely because it will be the barometer for years worth of rulings striking at the heart of America's culture and political war. In fact, on Monday, April 17, just two days before "The Playground Case," the Supreme Court "DISTRIBUTED for Conference" the extremely controversial Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission for possible hearing later this fall. Behind the case representing Trinity Lutheran (and Masterpiece Cakeshop) is Erik Stanley of Alliance Defending Freedom. This will be such a timely discussion: Eric Stanley, Christiana Holcomb, and the rest of the ADF legal team have been working tirelessly on this case, scheduled on the SCOTUS docket for tomorrow morning, Wednesday, April 19. And now that the High Court is at full complement with newly sworn in Associate Justice Neil Gorsuch, Americans will eagerly await the court's opinion. Follow Capt. Roger Hill on Twitter at @CPTRogerHill, Dog Company Book at @DogCompanyBook, Christiana Holcomb at @ChristianaADF, and me at @tamij AND tweet your questions/comments during the show using hashtag #tjrs. *Sponsored by Rentacomputer, your premier source for Server Rentals , by ROBAR® Guns, a True Custom firearms and firearms finishing shop located in Phoenix, AZ, and found online at RobarGuns.com, and by Dispatches, your site for the BEST conservative resources to fight and win the information war.


19 Apr 2017

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Interview with Captain Roger Hill

The Boiler Room

Russ Fine, host of Sons of Lincoln Live had the priviledge to sit down with Captain Roger Hill. Captain Hill is author of the book "Dog Company: A True Story of American Soldiers Abandoned by Their High Command" This very system ambushed Captain Roger Hill and his men.Hill, a West Point grad and decorated combat veteran, was a rising young officer who had always followed the letter of the military law. In 2007, Hill got his dream job: infantry commander in the storied 101st Airborne. His new unit, Dog Company, 1-506th, had just returned stateside from the hell of Ramadi. The men were brilliant in combat but unpolished at home, where paperwork and inspections filled their days.With tough love, Hill and his First Sergeant, an old-school former drill instructor named Tommy Scott, turned the company into the top performers in the battalion.Hill and Scott then led Dog Company into combat in Afghanistan, where a third of their men became battlefield casualties after just six months. Meanwhile, Hill found himself at war with his own battalion commander, a charismatic but difficult man who threatened to relieve Hill at every turn.After two of his men died on a routine patrol, Hill and a counterintelligence team busted a dozen enemy infiltrators on their base in the violent province of Wardak. Abandoned by his high command, Hill suddenly faced an excruciating choice: follow Army rules the way he always had, or damn the rules to his own destruction and protect the men he'd grown to love.Purchase his book here: https://www.amazon.com/Dog-Company-American-Soldiers-Abandoned/dp/1455516244


16 Apr 2017