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7 F's to Get Your Life Balance with Mike Bjorkman

Another Way to Play

Today I had the pleasure of speaking with one of the top real estate coaches and property manager Mike Bjorkman. He is also a well-known author, entrepreneur,  national speaker, and trainer for some of the country’s top agents. He has been in the real estate profession for almost 30 years and is also awarded a seat on the Top 5 Advisory Board.With his passion for helping people to bypass the struggle in life, especially in real estate, he has made his biggest priority protecting, serving, and educating his clients.Let’s dive into this episode and find out how to find your ‘Why’ factor and get a balance life mindset to help you elevate your life.Things you will learn in this episode:[00:01 - 09:07] Opening SegmentI introduce guest, Mike Bjorkman, to the showMike talks briefly about his current lifeMike talks about his backgroundFamily backgroundExperience the corporate nightmareServed the community’s real estate since the age of 19[09:08 - 16:34] Finding your true WhyMike talks about the influence that pushed him to start early Eagerness to be more successful than his friendsMoney-motivated Mike talks about the journey of finding his ‘Why’ FactorHe talks about the 7 Levels Deep Exercise Prevent anyone to suffer the pain he had growing upTake care of his friends and familyWants his family to experience a luxury lifeThe importance of finding your purpose in life, happiness, and peace[16:35 - 28:18] 7 F’s to Get Your Life BalanceMike talks about the proper mindset to have a proper balance7 Fs exerciseFaith, family, friends, fitness, finance, future business, and FunMike talks about the importance of Investment and future business Mike shares about the benefits of life balance Mike talks about the challenges and how to keep your balanceGive yourself a check of your balanceMike shares about how to help people learn Use stories or testimonies as an approachWe all need someone else to help us get ahead of lifeHow life balance will attract people and success to youHe uses the example of being the real estate lifeWhat topic of a curriculum would you write for every kid in America had to take in one semester? And what age would they be taking?A Life balance course (7F’s) for kids around 11-12 years old[28:19 - 32:23] The FOCUS FIVE SegmentWhat book have you gifted most often? The Secret by Rhonda ByrneIf you can get an hour of somebody's time and ask questions, who would that be and why?His late FatherWhat is one thing you believe that most people would disagree with you:Be happy all the time and never be negative,Morning routine; How do you start your day?Wake up around 4.30 amDo some affirmation and not touching his phoneJump on peloton or taking his dog for a hikeListen to a good podcast or read a bookTalking to his clientsHave some appointments  What is the best place we can connect with you online?See below for social links.Final words from meTweetable Quotes: “Money doesn’t buy happiness.” - Mike Bjorkman“Mindset is everything; you can not have the proper mindset without a proper balance.” - Mike Bjorkman“When you start to have life balance, you can work clearer, harder, and be more productive.” - Mike Bjorkman“You never going to get ahead in life without the help of other people, whether it’s a connection, coach, leader, or even a mentor.” - Mike BjorkmanResources mentioned in the episode: 7 Levels Deep Exercise The Secret by Rhonda Byrneteambjorkman.info teambjorkman.com You can connect with Adam on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and  Twitter. You can visit his website on teambjorkman.info and teambjorkman.comLEAVE A REVIEW + help someone who wants to explode their business growth by sharing this episode or click here to listen to our previous episodes.Are you working HARD but not really moving the needle on anything? You should check out my POWER LIST and find out how you can get more done to move your business, project, or relationship closer to where you want it to be. Let’s go!To know more about me and all the real estate opportunities you can find, check out my website at Hansstruzyna.com. Get the chance to talk with me for FREE. Set up a call using this link https://calendly.com/h-struzyna/15min See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


10 Sep 2020

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September 3rd | Quick Attraction Tips from Mike Bjorkman

Titanium Agents

1hr 20mins

3 Sep 2020

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Week 22 | Agent Mechanics | Q&A with Mike Bjorkman

Real Estate Marketing Show


24 Aug 2020

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Mike Bjorkman & David Golden: Building Wealth in Real Estate

Taylor & Ivo - Made for More

Two of eXp's top-producing agents Mike Bjorkman and David Golden join us to talk all things real estate, mentorship, how to build a team, and the importance of continued education and personal development!Mike has completed over 4500 real estate transactions and currently manages over 600 properties all while running his team that closes about 200 deals a year.  Mike has spoken on stages across the country, his specialty is scripting, mindset and how to thrive in any market at any level of your career. He also enjoys his podcast RealEstateMarketingShow.comDave has also been involved in over 18,000 sales transactions in his career, and was a Double Black Belt Team Leader for Keller Williams Realty,  recruiting over 120 agents in a single year. He’s also been heavily involved in REO / Foreclosures, managing listings for 26 banks and asset management companies with the Realty One Group. After building one of the largest and fastest growing Market Centers with Keller Williams southwest region, he sold his ownership interest and joined eXp Realty in 2018.


4 Jun 2020

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Mike Bjorkman with Jon Cheplack | A Discussion - “Emerging as leaders”

Real Estate Marketing Show

Join Mike & Jon as they lead a discussion about what it will take to take our teams to the next level during the nation's recovery.

1hr 15mins

22 May 2020

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Mike Bjorkman “Secrets of Success”

That Broker Girl Real Estate Podcast

Part 2 of our "Two For Tuesday"... Sandi Burnett interviews a National TOP 1% Agent Mike Bjorkman Mike brings an incredible energy to the podcast and the realtor world.  Listen to this and be inspired! This is a great show.  Please like, subscribe, review, and share. Don't forget to like the That Broker Girl Facebook page!


28 Apr 2020

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The current state of the Real Estate market during the COVID-19 lockdown with Mike Bjorkman

The Hustling Agent

Are you a real estate agent and wondering how you can stay on top of your business during this time of a pandemic?? Well, check out this video where Mike Bjorkman lets you in on all you can be doing with your clients.


24 Apr 2020

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Episode #52 How to Write No-Brainer Offers with Mike Bjorkman

The HyperFast Agent Podcast

Keri Shull, host of The HyperFast Agent Podcast, interviews Mike Bjorkman, Founder of Team Bjorkman brokered by eXp Realty, and Co-Owner of CaliforniaLeasing.com Property Management. Mike, who is running 600 doors in real estate, shares his successful process for writing offers, and valuable ways to help seal the deal. If you are listening from an area where VA loans are popular, make sure to listen at the 36:45 minute mark for a tip from Keri Shull, that Mike Bjorkman calls, “a golden nugget that is life-changing!” Episode Highlights:  Keri Shull introduces Mike Bjorkman  Mike’s podcast gets over 4,000 downloads a month   Mike talks about it being a seller’s market What is Mike’s process for writing offers?   The buyer wants the agent to be strong Copies of credit reports and the liquidity of funds are important Mike builds in a hefty per diem for the buyer  Sweeten the pot for the listing agent for the seller with something you know they want  When you are speaking to the listing agent, ask who their lender is Keri Shull discusses why possession date is important to her Keri shares a tip about military VA mortgage loans that Mike Bjorkman calls, “a golden nugget that is life-changing” Agents need to ask the buyer to gain leverage by putting more money down if they have to 3 Key Points: 30% of buyers that lose with an agent don’t want to use that agent to write their next offer.  Prep the buyer for what the market is like.  Sending a non-refundable deposit to the seller within 48 hours is powerful.  Resources Mentioned: Learn more about Hyperfast Academy Keri Shull: LinkedinFacebook Mike Bjorkman: LinkedinFacebookReal Estate Marketing Show Team Bjorkman: WebsiteYouTube


8 Aug 2019

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How To Become A "Real Estate Celebrity" & Dominate Your Local Market ft Mike Bjorkman

Founders Club - For Real Estate Entrepreneurs

When you’re a celebrity agent, you don’t have to chase real estate business anymore. Instead, it comes to you. But how do you become a rock star in your community? How do you get media attention? How do you develop relationships with the right people? What does it take to become THE go-to realtor in your market? With 26 years of experience as an agent, Mike has perfected the art of building strategic relationships to become a celebrity in Santa Clarita. He is a well-known leader in the community, supporting business galas and charity events and serving as a board member and volunteer for local nonprofits. Mike is also the co-owner of California Leasing Property Management and the cohost of Santa Clarita Valley Today and The Real Estate Marketing Show. Today, Mike joins Oliver to share his journey to becoming a local celebrity, explaining how he developed the idea of a Mega Open House and leveraged speaking engagements to establish authority in the community. He also describes his approach to developing relationships with the right people and getting your face in the media. Listen in for insight on how Mike uses branded swag to promote his business and learn how to become the center of attention at events and dominate your market! Key Takeaways [0:23] Mike’s early days in real estate 19 years old, not known as professional Back to basics (expireds, FSBOs, farming) Study Proctor & Ferry, attend seminars Strategy to stand out and get known Owned neighborhood within year [4:50] How Mike developed the Mega Open House Flyers, door knock and cold call invitation Promote giveaways and drawings [7:21] Mike’s unique selling propositions Sell in 90 days or free Quick over-the-phone market evaluation Seasonal promotions ‘Buy from me and we’ll buy yours’ [10:59] How to use speaking to become an authority Offer seminars for free ads in newspaper ‘People line up to talk to you’ [12:47] Mike’s advice on attending events Attend 2 to 4 per week Chamber events, nonprofits and charities [14:47] Mike’s approach to taking over a room Pick 4 or 5 people must meet Get cell # and connect on social [17:16] Mike’s strategy for getting your face in media Write free articles, ask to add headshot Volunteer for real estate segment on local TV [22:55] How to develop strategic relationships Connect with business owners Join country club, send kids to private school Fly first class [30:03] How to work social media Film what already doing (e.g.: speaking) Reach out re: life events like vacations [33:26] How Mike leverages swag and gear Free stuff people don’t throw away (e.g.: koozies) Guilt gifts at open house or listing appointment Dickie’s line, people tag on social media [35:54] Mike’s branded moving vans and trucks Serve as rolling billboard ($2K to wrap) Churches and charities use for free Connect with Mike Team Bjorkman Team Bjorkman on Facebook Team Bjorkman on Twitter Team Bjorkman on Instagram The Real Estate Marketing Show Connect with Oliver Big Block Realty Oliver on Facebook Oliver on LinkedIn Resources Craig Proctor Mike Ferry Dr. Tony Alessandra Closing Table Lab Coat Agents SCV Today


30 Jul 2019

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Episode 102: Mike Bjorkman | Are We In For a Real Estate World War 3?

Real Estate Real World

What a blast having Mike Bjorkman on the show! He’s my first guest as I make my comeback into the podcast realm and I think he was the perfect choice. You are definitely in for a treat because we packed this episode full of great insights into the direction our industry is headed. Where do you see real estate going? So many changes have happened in the 20+ years both Mike and I have been in the business. We both remember a time when we had to break out those Thomas guides to get directions when showing property! The internet has drastically impacted our business and that is not going to change. You either need to adapt or you’ll fall behind. Mike shared some powerful insights into where he believes our industry will be in the next 5-10 and what we as real estate agents can do to positively impact the changes our industry inevitably going to experience.  Our role as agents is still vital, let’s keep it that way! Take a listen to find out how you can stay ahead of the curve. Show Features Here are some of the key takeaways you get from this episode. The Future of Real Estate Why Trust is So Important The Most Valuable Thing You Own How Coming Together as an Industry Can Impact Our Business


10 Apr 2019