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Using the Implementation Code to Be More Productive with your Business with Stacy Tuschl

Purpose Driven Mom Show

If you have a spark in your heart OR feel like there is something missing ... could it be that you are looking to start your own business? Be your own boss? Work from home? Move a hobby into a side hustle? Today we are talking about time management AND building a business as a busy mom. ⏱️ Because the question is … Where do you start with both business AND motherhood existing together? Listen in on this episode we chat all about: - Boundaries and making the "work hours" vs. "mom hours" come together? - What do you do if your partner is not on board with you working on your dreams? - How do you bring your partner alongside you to support your vision? - Where do you start when managing your time AND your tasks? Stacy Tuschl is the guest on today’s show and she shares so many great tips about all these things and more! We know you are going to love it … so let’s dive into encouragement and practical tips to get started on your business in a productive way. FREE GOAL SETTING SERIES: https://apurposedrivenmom.com/goals A PURPOSE DRIVEN MOM SHOW NOTES: apurposedrivenmom.com/podcast137/


1 Jul 2021

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Scaling Beyond Your Brick and Mortar with Ease with Stacy Tuschl

The Driven Entrepreneur with Matt Brauning

EP #269 -This week on the podcast, I'm joined by Stacy Tuschl, bestselling author, speaker and founder of multiple 7-figure businesses as we discuss Scaling Beyond Your Brick and Mortar with Ease with Stacy Tuschl. She started her own business at the age of 18 in her parents' backyard and turned that company into a multi-site, multi-million dollar business she still runs today. Stacy is helping small businesses around the world get more customers in the door. The Foot Traffic Podcast now has over 1 million downloads and is frequently on the top 30 of all marketing on iTunes where she’s interviewed guests like Suze Orman.  Stacy was named the 2019 Wisconsin Small Business Person of the Year by the United States Small Business Administration. Learn More About Stacy Tuschl: Visit Stacy‘s website: https://stacytuschl.com/ Get Stacy‘s free book “The Implementation Code” here: https://stacytuschl.clickfunnels.com/implementation-code-free-book4129830 Follow Stacy Tuschl on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/stacytuschl Follow Stacy Tuschl on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/stacytuschl Whether you are new to 'The Driven Entrepreneur' podcast or a recurring fan, please help out by subscribing to the show on Apple, Spotify, or Google, and leave us that 5-Star love and a quick review over at Apple Podcasts! Your support and your reviews mean a lot to me, and really help the show to reach more people. Plus, it provides me with valuable feedback, so that I can continue to bring value to you each and every week. I love hearing from fans and listeners. Please share your feedback, guest suggestions, or ideas for show topics with me on social media. Connect with Matt Brauning On Social Media: Follow Matt Brauning on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mattbrauning Follow Matt Brauning on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mattbrauning/ Follow Matt Brauning on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/mattbrauning/ Check out more on this podcast, PLUS subscribe to my other podcast “Speaking of Getting Booked” This one's for anyone who wants to get booked to speak. We interview people who book and hire speakers just like you, and share all their strategies for you to get booked!" mattbrauningpodcast.com Get a signed copy of my #1 Best-selling book, "The Firebox Principle" PLUS take the Firebox quiz FREE at: fireboxbook.com Want to sponsor the show? Email inquiries to: mattbrauningpodcast@gmail.com


18 Jun 2021

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43. Visibility for Brick-and-Mortar vs. Online Businesses with Stacy Tuschl

Go Pitch Yourself

If you have a brick-and-mortar business and are trying to grow your visibility, how should your strategy differ from that of an online business?  My guest today, Stacy Tuschl, has successfully founded and grown both brick-and-mortar businesses and online businesses. Stacy started her own business at the age of 18 in her parents' backyard and turned that company into a multi-million dollar dance studio that she still runs today. She is a bestselling author, the host of The Foot Traffic Podcast, and the founder of the Foot Traffic Formula, which helps small businesses around the world get more customers in the door.  On today’s show, we talk about the differences and similarities of building visibility for both of her businesses, so that you can know if podcast guesting is a good fit for your business.  We also go behind the scenes of Stacy’s own podcast pitching strategy and the role her team plays in supporting her.  As the host of The Foot Traffic Podcast, Stacy’s team both pitches her for podcast interviews and helps manage the incoming pitches that she receives. We chat about what that looks like, and what it means for you when the pitches you send go to a “gatekeeper’ rather than the host. Are you our Action-Taker of the Month? If you’re using anything from this episode in your visibility work - whether pitching yourself, changing up your topic list, or appearing on shows - tag me on Instagram and describe what you’re doing. And if I choose you, you and your business will be featured on the podcast, in my email newsletter, and on Instagram! Topics covered include: The story of how Stacy built her brick-and-mortar business following her experiences in dance How to recognize when you are “expert enough” relative to the people that you’re serving How her experience of setting up a number of dance studio locations led to her advising small businesses, eventually becoming a paid consultant - and moving into the online world The differences and similarities of working on visibility for brick and mortar businesses versus online services and programs - particularly with regards to social media When Stacy first became aware of the value of podcast guesting How Stacy likes to be pitched for The Foot Traffic Podcast, and how the fact that she has a team working for her on this changes things Get a free copy of Stacy’s book, The Implementation Code Resources mentioned in this episode: Get your free downloadable version of Angie's roadmap for podcast pitching success to be notified when the Go Pitch Yourself program reopens Book a discovery call to see if Angie can support YOUR visibility needs Follow Angie on Instagram - and submit your screenshots when you're ready to Go Pitch Yourself Get more info on Angie's website including details of the Go Pitch Yourself program Listen to episode 490 of The Foot Traffic Podcast: Stacy Takes The Hot Seat: Team FTF Interviews Stacy Get your free copy of Stacy’s book, The Implementation Code, at www.implementationcode.co/freebook (you’ll only pay for the shipping and handling) Visit Stacy’s website and listen to The Foot Traffic Podcast Check out Stacy’s Foot Traffic Formula program Follow Stacy on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest Now it’s time for you to get out there and Go Pitch Yourself! Be sure to screenshot this episode and tag me on Instagram @angie_trueblood and let me know that you are ready to #gopitchyourself! I’ll add your post to my story and help you spread the word!  Can’t wait to connect again! Feel like you need a little support in getting started pitching yourself? >>> Get a free downloadable version of my roadmap for podcast pitching success   Follow & Review in Apple Podcasts Are you following the podcast? If not, I’d love for you to do that today so you don’t miss ANY episodes. Click here to follow via Apple Podcasts! And, if you are SUPER pumped about the show, I would be so thankful if you would pop over to Apple Podcasts and leave a review. Crazy enough, reviews help other folks find my podcast and they help me get a real sense of what you love about the show. Just click here to review, select “Ratings and Reviews” and “Write a Review” and let me know what your favorite part of the podcast is. Much love, friend. Special thanks to Steve Woodward at PodcastingEditor.com for handling all the behind-the-scenes tech pieces of production.


30 Mar 2021

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How to be a Social Media Content Machine w/ Stacy Tuschl

Expert Edge Podcast

Welcome to week one of our February Social Media Bootcamp! Social media is a really important part of building your expert business and I wanted to bring on some of the leading experts in this particular field on the show to share their strategies with you. Today is all about building a social media presence and taking the overwhelm out of that. I’m interviewing Stacy Tuschl who is a highly successful expert with multiple businesses who thrives on social media. We break down the phases you need to move through to turn your social media into something that generates clients, how to create content, and how to systemize the process. There’s one hack specifically that I’ll be applying to my own business right away! CONNECT WITH STACY:  stacytuschl.com becomeacontentmachine.com Facebook @Stacy Tuschl Instagram @stacytuschl Foot Traffic Podcast FREEBIES FROM STACY: The Foot Traffic Business Growth Assessment Free Book: The Implementation Code Content Survey CONNECT WITH COLIN:  ww.sellfromstageacademy.com www.expertedgepodcast.com Instagram @colinboyd TOOLS COLIN RECOMMENDS:  Kajabi (Click here to learn more)


3 Feb 2021

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Stacy Tuschl - Why Being at the Top Can Be Dangerous

Authors Who Lead - Learn about writing books from bestselling authors and leaders

Stacy Tuschl is a best-selling author, speaker, and the owner of multiple 7-figure businesses. She’s the creator of the Foot Traffic Formula, where she helps small business owners get more customers in their door, more profit in their pockets, and more happiness in their homes. What We Discuss with Stacy Tuschl: Not getting attached to the big picture Why is an all-or-nothing attitude dangerous How you can change things by reframing your language Growing out of your circle and growing into your next circle Why being at the top of anything can be dangerous Challenges in writing her book and her book writing process To view full show notes, Click Here! Like this show? Please leave us a review here -- even one sentence helps! Consider including your Twitter handle so we can thank you personally!


14 Jan 2021

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Stacy Tuschl: The Secret to Getting It All Done Without Burnout or Overwhelm (FOF-12)

The Ashley Hann Show

Stacy Tuschl is a powerhouse and she has made a name for herself as an expert in growing small businesses. She started her own business at the age of 18 in her parents' backyard and turned that company into a multi-million dollar business that she still runs today! In addition to being a small business growth coach, Stacy is also a best selling author, founder of “The Foot Traffic Formula" where she helps small businesses around the world get more customers in their door, more profit in their pocket and more happiness in their homes. I'm so excited that she made her way to me because in this episode, we're going to share with you some amazing tools that will support you in optimizing your time so you feel more aligned and in your highest and best self. In this valuable and informative episode, we go over... How she started her backyard business at age 18 that she still runs today (such a cool story!) 2 strategies that will make your business recession-proof The most important key that will enable you to take your business to the next level Understanding perfectionism versus high standards and why this is ultra-important to your personal and business' growth The secret code to getting unstuck and getting things done A powerful process that will help you prioritize and get the results that you want What to do when something drains your energy and doesn't excite you anymore How to optimize your business, your team and yourself for success ...And so much more! “You get unstuck by doing. You get unstuck by trying and putting yourself out there and testing things. It's not going to be perfect but that doesn't mean it's a failure.” -Stacy Tuschl Screenshot your favorite part and post to your IG story tag me @ashley.hann and @stacytuschl so we can see and repost to our stories as well. Checkout her website www.stacytuschl.com to get a FREE copy of her new book “The Implementation Code” Learn more about her incredible system called “The Foot Traffic Formula” at www.foottrafficprogram.com Tune in to her show “The Foot Traffic Podcast” at www.stacytuschl.com/podcast Are you ready to level up and become a fully-expressed, fully-activated Female On Fire? Go to www.femaleonfire.net now! If you find this episode valuable, please please be sure to leave a rating and review! My Website: www.ashleyhann.com Instagram: @ashley.hann Twitter: @itsashleyhann YouTube: @ashleyhann


12 Jan 2021

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Growing TWO Separate Million Dollars Businesses From Scratch With Stacy Tuschl

The New Generation Entrepreneur Podcast

As entrepreneurs we love our businesses, but have you ever loved it so much that you’ve done the work for free? In this episode I’m talking to author and business owner Stacy Tuschl, who before running two million dollar businesses found herself running a dance academy for nothing because of how much she loved it. We talk about the power of truly loving what you do and finding your niche as well as the opportunities that the online space provides for entrepreneurs. No matter where you are in your business journey, Stacy’s story is one you won’t want to miss.

1hr 1min

17 Nov 2020

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How to Use Stacy Tuschl's Foot Traffic Formula & Make Money Every Single Day

Don't Keep Your Day Job

How can you get more customers into the doors of your business? Stacy Tuschl, small business growth coach and expert, bestselling author, podcaster, and creator of the Foot Traffic Formula followed her entrepreneurial spirit and began her first business at 18 years old. Now a multi 7 figure entrepreneur, she's helping other business owners use her tools and strategies to scale their income and impact. She teaches you how to use the 3 T's of her Foot Traffic Formula to reach your audience and bring in money every single day, how to help your leads take small steps to invest in your offers, and how to let go of your ego so you can stop focusing on what you're not - and instead, focus on how you can show up for someone else.- Listen to Stacy's Foot Traffic Podcast wherever you listen to podcasts!- Follow Stacy on Instagram @stacytuschl- Join the free Foot Traffic Community Facebook Group! https://www.facebook.com/groups/foottrafficcommunity/- Thanks Trivia Star! Download Trivia Star from the Apple or Google store and enjoy 2,500 coins and 500 gems for FREE today!


24 Sep 2020

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Leveling Up to the Next Stage of Business with Stacy Tuschl

Go-To Gal with Jaclyn Mellone: Online Marketing + Mindset for Female Entrepreneurs

Episode #129. Whatever stage of business you’re in, you’ll find so much value in taking a step back and looking at the big picture. That’s why I’m so thrilled to share this conversation with Stacy Tuschl. Stacy helps brick and mortar businesses get more customers in the door and scale live never before. But no matter your business model, you’re going to learn from the pitfalls and speed ramps of each business stage that Stacy shares. You might just find that having a map of where you are, shows you exactly what you need to do to get where you’re going. Listen now for actionable insights that will help you climb to that next stage of business!In This Episode You’ll Learn:Why it’s OK if your brand name changes (once, twice or more!) over the yearsCommon brick and mortar mistakes that keep you from successThe ‘probationary stage of entrepreneurship’ and why you need to evolve from it fastHow to tell when you’ve picked the wrong niche and what comes nextWhy it can be a smart idea to look at what your competitors are doingMoving your business through different stages - and why it’s OK if you move backwardFavorite Quotes“If you're still doing the same thing you've been doing for the last 5 years or 10 years, it's probably time to assess. Has the business grown? Have you grown? Have the people following you grown?”“I started to realize the longer I was in that niche, the more people were jumping in the niche with me. I was getting better but my numbers were starting to go down. I could tell immediately I picked the wrong niche.”“You didn't realize you had to go through all these other steps to get to that profitable stage first. So now you're disappointed and you're discouraged and you're like, ‘I'm just trying to get something going.’ But we all have gone through the struggle to make this work. This is part of entrepreneurship.”More About Stacy:  Stacy Tuschl has made a name for herself as an expert in growing small businesses. Put it this way, Stacy started her own business at the age of 18 in her parents' backyard and turned that company into a million-dollar business she still runs today (The Academy of Performing Arts has two locations in her home state of Wisconsin). In addition to being a Small Business Growth Coach, Stacy is a bestselling author, and founder of the Foot Traffic Formula – helping small businesses around the world get more customers in the door, more profit in their pocket and more happiness in their homes. When local area businesses started asking Stacy how she grew her company so rapidly, it sparked the inspiration needed to launch The Foot Traffic Podcast. Her podcast now has almost 700,000 downloads and is frequently on the top 100 of all management and marketing on iTunes.Stacy was recently named the 2019 Wisconsin Small Business Person of the Year by the United States Small Business Administration. She was featured in Inc. Magazine as one of the top 10 podcasts for moms looking to grow a thriving business and has also been featured in the Huffington Post and popular podcasts like Online Marketing Made Easy with Amy Porterfield, Eventual Millionaire, and Social Media Marketing.Find Stacy:FacebookInstagramYouTubeWebsite


28 Jul 2020

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How to Take Your Offline Business Online with Stacy Tuschl

The Jasmine Star Show

Let’s face it: we’re living in a virtual world. For the last several years, online businesses have been coming in hot and with COVID-19 still hanging around like that unwanted party guest, more and more businesses are having to pivot with the times.If you’re a brick and mortar business and have been affected by the shelter in place order or you're a service based business who’s thinking about expanding your services to be offered virtually, there is something in this interview for you!In this episode I interview Stacy Tuschl on growing and adding to your online business. She drops some truth bombs on:  First steps to taking your business onlineFour phases of sending traffic to your site Building a marketing funnelGetting creative during a crisis2020 has shown us that we’re a little bit more fragile than we realized. But the reality is we are always going to have to try new things and put it out there so we might as well start getting good at that now. Stacy and I are excited to come alongside you as you do! Click play to start making the most of this season and learn how to take your business online.If you loved this episode, shoot me and Stacy a DM on Instagram with your favorite part of the episode, because we would love to hear from you, @jasminestar and @stacytuschl. 


30 Jun 2020