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Key Steps to Starting Your Own Business and Overcoming Adversity with Founder and CEO of MOBOT, Lani Cooper

Fit Food Junkies

On this episode of Fit Food Junkies, I interview founder and CEO of Mobot, Lani Cooper.Connect with Lani:@mobotnation@lani_cooperWe discuss:Key steps to starting your own businessStep 1 to creating a productHow to overcome fear, failure, and adversityHow to not let anything stop youThe mindset of a CEOMorning routine and rituals of a CEO ... and so much more!


24 Mar 2022

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That's Terrifying, I'm Doing It (ft. Lani Cooper)

Total Fitheads

Lani Cooper is a renowned industry leading expert in health, fitness and recovery and is best known as the CEO and Founder of MOBOT, the world’s first water bottle and foam roller in one. Lani’s success is due to a culmination of years as a business owner and three successful exits, as well as her decades of work in the Australian health industry as a sports therapist, a wellness coach, vegan  chef and yoga instructor. We talk about everything from her Grace Face - making sure look composed under pressure, to her ideas about western and alternative medicine, coming back from a TBI, rugby, Australia, crabs in a bucket, foam rolling, hydration, cry chambers, microdosing, hero mushroom journeys, and her favorite Thai yoga instructor TOO MUCH MEAT

1hr 9mins

16 Mar 2022

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How To Heal Trauma, Reduce Stress, and Hydrate More with Lani Cooper, Founder of Mobot EP 163

Forever Athlete Radio

Have you ever noticed how patterns tend to repeat themselves in our life? Like how we only attract toxic, narcissistic relationships or keep relapsing into old habits we told ourselves we were done with years ago.  Today I sit down with Lani Cooper to look at how traumas are stored in our bodies and how we can break the cycle today. Lani is an Australian businesswomen, stand up comic, and founder of Mobot, an innovative wellness and sustainability focused company based right here in Venice. Connect with Lani on IG here: @lani_cooper Follow the Mobot Nation on IG here: @mobotnation Learn more about Mobot on their website: www.mobot.com Stay Up To Date with all things Forever Athlete here: www.foreverathletela.com--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/cory-camp/message


28 Jan 2022

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Episode 469: Lani Cooper - MOBOT Nation

Any Given Runway

Lani Cooper chats about the creation of her innovative health company, MOBOT. 


5 Jan 2022

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62. Expert in Health, Fitness and Recovery, MOBOT Water Bottle Founder and CEO, Lani Cooper

Leadership is Female

Lani Cooper is a renowned industry leading expert in health, fitness and recovery and is best known as the CEO and Founder of MOBOT, the world’s first water bottle and foam roller in one. To know her is to know someone intensely passionate about the power of prevention, having a positive impact and delivering the best results for her community. In this episode Lani covers the importance of wellness, being a woman founder and taking up space as a founder, chasing your dreams, not taking no for an answer, recovery, and product marketing. You'll learn so much! Follow Lani at https://www.instagram.com/lani_cooper/ https://www.instagram.com/mobotnation/ Mentioned in this Episode: The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz https://mobot.com/ Follow Leadership is Female at: https://www.instagram.com/leadershipisfemale/ www.leadershipisfemale.com Host Emily Jaenson at: https://www.instagram.com/emilyjaenson/


25 Oct 2021

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Lani Cooper Founder and CEO of Mobot Nation

Pretty Happy Podcast

Australian businesswoman, stand up comedian, and purpose driven entrepreneur, Lani Cooper, is the Founder and CEO at MOBOT, an innovative and growing company in the wellness and sustainability space, based in Venice, CA.Following a multi-faceted career which includes mining surveyor and flight attendant, as well as fitness instructor, sports therapist, yoga teacher, and raw-vegan chef – Lani began to see a common thread between her athlete’s and clients recovery programs and their performance- something most people need more access too, and that can help reduce single use plastics.Two of the most necessary practices for health and wellbeing, hydration and massage, are actually sometimes the most neglected (by everybody).So, voila! The MOBOT was born, and she knew everyBODY, and the planet could benefit.


10 Feb 2021

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RHP#099. Lani Cooper, Australian Businesswoman, Stand-up Comedian,  Adorkable SmartAss EcoWarrior, Founder and CEO of MOBOT

The Ridiculously Human Podcast

Australian Businesswoman. Role Model. Stand-up Comedian. Adorkable SmartAss. EcoWarrior. Brain Injury Survivor. Yoga Teacher. Therapist. Founder and CEO of MOBOT. Life can sometimes seem like a road of endless speed bumps, or a game of continuous curve balls. It’s your outlook and the way that you handle and deal with those challenges, that ultimately dictate how you act out your life.  Our guest this week, Lani Cooper, is a lady who has had to deal with her fair share of trials and tribulations. However, she also has a lot to thank for those tough times. They conjured up the grit and determination to make a difference in the world and to help her build a world class brand. Lani, was born into an extended family of men! Her Dad got sick when she was young and they ended up losing everything. She became more introverted because she was getting bullied at school, for being slightly overweight and also being a Jehovah's Witness.  As a youngster, Lani was definitely confused that to be accepted she had to be like the boys, instead of being herself and owning her feminine power. So it all went internal and she honestly didn't know, but it led to an eating disorder and then eventually to drug addiction. It was ultimately yoga and hydration that saved her life.  She always had an entrepreneurial flair and spark in her and all these experiences were manifesting into something. Then one day, it struck her like a lightning bolt. A product people could use which combined all the things she was passionate about and had experience in… SMR (Self myofascial release or trigger point therapy), hydration, plastic pollution, and community building. Within 9 months of the lightning bolt moment, she had a prototype and patent for MOBOT. MOBOT is the original foam roller water bottle.  ‘Courage’ should be Lani’s middle name. She moved over from Australia to the US in 2014, with two suitcases and only knowing two people. While playing touch rugby on the beach a guy took the game too seriously and ran straight into her, which ended up resulting in a serious brain injury.  She couldn’t understand voice tones, facial recognition, and would lose clarity. She had no sense of taste or smell, and couldn’t remember what food she liked, and had no filter when speaking. She also became very isolated, angry, and aggressive. To top it off, she almost lost her company and a lot of friends too. Her recovery involved a ton of meditation and other tools like hertz music, acupuncture, essential oils, water and of course SMR. This is a lady who can definitely play with the big boys now, if she so chooses. Her story is one of resilience, aptitude, community, reflection and determination. Her smile and giggle are infectious and her desire to make this world a better place and bring people closer together are second-to-none. We hope you enjoy this conversation as much as we did. Let’s find out what it means for Lani Cooper, to be Ridiculously Human.  Your fellow beings, Craig and Gareth SHOW NOTES Background, Context & Reference Connect with Lani Cooper: Website | Instagram | FaceBook | YouTube | Twitter | LinkedIn | Pinterest | MOBOT Details MOBOT Nation Shop MOBOT Products MOBOT - 20% Discount Code Other relevant points discussed and mentioned:   Jehovah's Witness Anorexia Pyroluria / Crypto Pyrrole Bulimia Reverse Osmosis Water Self Myofascial Release - SMR Trigger Point Therapy Neuro-Linguistic Programming - NLP Hypnosis Naked and Afraid - Series All Gold - Tomato Sauce Alibaba Non-Disclosure Agreement - NDA Concussion Concussion - Film with Will Smith Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy - CTE Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber People Discussed Karen Millsap Darin Olien Emily Penn Jacinta McDonell Alison Teal Places Mentioned Gold Coast, Australia Music By The Bambuseae Rhythm Section - Check them out here The Simon Van Gend Band - Check them out here Right Hook Request HOW CAN YOU SUPPORT THE PODCAST? We know this is always a big one to ask and you hear it a million times but anything you can do to help us get our podcast out there into the ether will be massively appreciated! Please tell Your Friends & Share Online Subscribe, Rate & Review:  Apple Podcasts | Spotify | Stitcher | Soundcloud | Google Play | TuneIn | iHeartRADIO | Follow us on: Website | YouTube | Medium | Instagram | FaceBook | Twitter | LinkedIn | Pinterest | Related Podcasts You Might Enjoy  RHP #062: Emily Penn, Earth Changer, Ocean Conservationist, Artist, Plastic researcher and Assailant, Founder of Running eXXpedition RHP #067: Jody Calitz, Women’s Health Expert, Ex-Pro Bikini Bodybuilder, Nutritionist, Vegan Athlete, Elite Personal Trainer RHP #074: Damara Ryder, Family Lawyer, ex-Investment Banking Director, Dancer, World Traveller, Networking Professional, Founder of Thrive Leadership RHP #096: Jacinta McDonell, co-founder of Anytime Fitness Australia, Founder of Human Kind Project and W1ll Yoga and Meditation Studio

1hr 38mins

11 Sep 2019

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Lani Cooper, Founder and CEO, MOBOT

Soul of Business with Blaine Bartlett

Lani Cooper is an Australian entrepreneur and founder and CEO at MOBOT, an innovative and growing company making a difference in the world by creating sustainable products and services to serve mind + body + planet.  As the creator and leader, she is passionate about what she does and why. One of her most important accomplishments is staying true to her vision for sustainable products and services, while building her dream team of people and a positive culture and community. It was her background in sports therapy and yoga led her to the invention of MOBOT - a patented travel-friendly foam roller water bottle to help people reduce muscle pain, recover faster and heal the environment. It is her business acumen, drive, resilience and sense of humor that has helped her handle the hard business decisions to balance immediate profitability and long term potential to be where she is today. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


5 Aug 2019

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230 Lani Cooper - Recovery, Confidence, & Foam Rolling Water Bottles

Are You Being Real? | The Authenticity Podcast

Listen & Subscribe on iTunes We're all chasing our vision for happiness, wellness, and success. And for most of us, getting to where we want to get to require a great commitment to making relatively simple changes and habits.  But for Lani Cooper, experiencing accidental brain damage from a game of rugby has made her pursuit for wellness and entrepreneurship anything but easy. After a grueling recovery period of re-learning how to be human (use language, basic human functions, recovering memories, etc), she has become a successful stand-up comedian and entrepreneur through her company MOBOT (the first foam rolling water bottles available on the market).  She's a great example of the power of a positive spirit, hard work, and the ability for humanity to overcome life-changing trauma. If you're curious to hear how exactly she overcame this trauma, the philosophy behind MOBOT and her foam rolling water bottles, how she manages her recovery and her business at the same time, and what she likes to joke about the most in her stand-up comedy routines, check out Episode 230 of People Being Real! Enjoy!! Connect with Mark: Instagram | Facebook | Twitter Connect with Lani: Instagram | Facebook | LinkedIn Show Notes: -Lani shares the experience that caused her brain damage and the process she went through to recover. -What it was like living with this damage and how she related to her external world. -Lani's definition of authenticity. -Habits and processes she applied that helped her catch momentum in recovery. -Why 'feeling good' is a fundamental human right. -How she has educated her customers to realize they needed MOBOT. -How she manages short term emotional needs vs long term health and wellness. -Her favorite things to joke about as a comedian. Things to check out:• MOBOT NATION • MOBOT.com - The Original Foam Roller Water Bottle • Episode 206: Samuel Ian Rosen


9 Jul 2019

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LANI COOPER /. Mental health and recovery

AUST.’s 'Radical Australians, Meaningful Conversations'

In this episode, Lani Cooper, founder of MOBOT, talks about her struggle with mental health issues and how overcoming an eating disorder has helped shaped her path to self-love and self-care. Lani shares how she was able to go deep within and understand what tools she needs to not only support her health but also fuel her personal and professional growth.Read more: https://www.aust.la/blogs/magazine/lani-cooper-mental-health-and-your-self-love-toolboxInstagram: @aust.la


28 Apr 2019